Era Clear
Clear ads from the site
Removes all advertisements when logged in
Directly support the community you love
Cancel anytime and receive the length of time you paid for

Era Clear

As an Era Clear subscriber you can retain the cleanest possible browsing experience while taking pride in giving something back. However, while we appreciate your support, we cannot offer any other benefit or consideration over other members. You will still be expected to follow the rules. This is strictly about ad removal. If you happen to get banned, we will cancel your subscription for you.

Frequently asked questions

What does this subscription get me?
You will remove all ads from the site, including on mobile, as long as you are subscribed and logged in to your account
How does it work exactly?
We offer two types of subscriptions: Era Clear Monthly Era Clear Yearly Era Clear Monthly is $3.99 per month. Era Clear Yearly is $39.99 per year. These are subscriptions which will charge you on a regular basis, every month or year respectively, after you sign up. You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time and still receive the full length of time you paid you for. Example: If you subscribe to Era Clear Yearly and 5 months later decide to cancel the subscription, you will still receive the remaining 7 months that you paid for. The subscription will then expire and not be renewed.
How quickly will the subscription take effect?
Within a matter of minutes all ads should be removed from the site while you are logged in. This will apply to both your desktop and mobile browsing experiences! Because we use PayPal to handle payments, the system is connected to your forum account and will automatically make the change.
What about ad block?
We hope that you will consider whitelisting us. We do everything we can to try to ensure that our ads are as safe and inoffensive as possible. That said, we will not ban you for using an ad blocker. Just try not to brag about it; that's rude not just to us but also to the paying subscribers.
What happens if I get banned from the site?
Hopefully it never comes to that! Just in case, the system does account for the possibility. Members cannot access the site while banned, meaning that the usual avenues for cancelling a subscription will be unavailable. Therefore, depending on the length of the ban, the subscription will be cancelled for you. Example: If you are subscribed to Era Clear Monthly, have 25 days left, and get banned for 1 day, your subscription will not be cancelled as you will still have the opportunity to come back and do it yourself. However, if you have 2 days left and get banned for 1 day, your subscription will be cancelled to prevent you from being charged again.
Why don't I get anything other than ad removal?
We have made the decision not to gate any special features, functions, or status behind a paywall. The idea is that members should feel equal and have access to the same forum experience. We offer Era Clear to serve those who don't want to see ads but still want to support us.
Who do we contact if we have issues?
Your first point of contact should be to email us at [email protected] Any staff member will be able to relay a message to us but it'll go faster if you cut out the middleman. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns before, during, or after the subscription process.