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‘Gambit’ Has Been Delayed to Summer 2019 for A Very Unexpected Reason

Oct 25, 2017
Took them ten years to just give up on this stupid spin off. To the point that the character never appeared in the actual main film series (of 19 years) because they were "saving him" for this.
Apr 12, 2018
Tatum can do comedy so this would have been interesting to see, I’m ok with it RIP though. I want Feige guiding anything leading up to and including Dr. Doom. He’ll do it justice.
Hope they include Gambit in the Disney X-Men reboot, then they can proceed from there if it pans out.

I'd prefer they hold off on starting any new X-Men related projects until the Disney thing is finalized anyway. Exception would be Deadpool, since they can easily weave that into whatever they eventually decide to do thanks to its breaking the third wall comedic style... they can explain away anything with jokes.
Weren't there people excited about the Doom movie due to who was writing or directing it? I also totally forgot about it. Feels like it's truly the end of the Foxmen, they had some good moments but they ruined my boy the Silver Surfer.