‘I’m going to put a Trump sticker on my car,’ say business leaders fearful of Sanders

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Oct 26, 2017
“I'll tell you that there's concern from the business community if a guy like Bernie Sanders were to get the nomination,” said Ted Pitts, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce CEO. “So as I've talked to Democrats, they're really concerned, and I think you've seen a last-minute push here to try to coalesce support around Vice President Biden.”

Sanders’ policies have caused many in the business community to bristle, as he has threatened aggressive wealth taxes for anyone whose net worth is over $32 million. The Vermont senator also plans to eliminate right-to-work laws, which prevent unions from receiving money from workers.

And while businessman and billionaire candidate Mike Bloomberg might be appealing to the small business community, Pitts says both Democrats and Republicans alike are happy with “anybody but Sanders.”

“When you look at the business community as a whole, we're doing really well. And there's obviously, in South Carolina, a lot of folks that are big Trump supporters,” Pitts said. “But I'll tell you, I've talked to a few Republicans who may not be the biggest Trump supporter who said, if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination, I'm going to put a Trump sticker on my car.”

“There are a lot of folks that I guess are buying into what he's saying,” Pitts said. “But I think when you talk to business folks, Democrats and Republicans, they would tell you that all the other options are better than Sen. Sanders.”

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Oct 25, 2017
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