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“Happy days” new single from blink 182


Oct 27, 2017
We allowed to ask for a link/PM here? I know we can't post a link, but if someone can PM, that would be great.

Mods, I'll edit this out if asking isn't allowed. Thanks

Toler Supreme

The Fallen
Nov 15, 2017
Savannah, GA
1. The First Time
This tracks feels closer to the untitled sound than all of california. Really strong start to the album. Some of Mark's best verses in a while and the lyrics actually seem like he put work into them. And the chorus hits the old style while blending in some real honest/melancholy work from Matt.

2. Happy Days
I didn't dislike this song as much as others apparently did. I thought it was catchy and fine, but not a standout.

3. Heaven
I've given the album 2 listens and this one hasnt clicked yet. Lyrically its ahead of california and i really enjoy the verses but the chorus doesn't do it for me. We'll see after a few more listens.

4. Darkside
I really like darkside

5. Blame It On My Youth
I really find Blame It On My Youth Meh

6. Generational Divide
A really solid, short track

7. Run Away
This one has got an odddd vibe but I dig it. At first i thought it would be an instrumental reminiscent to the one on Untitled. Got some dark vibes in the intro.

8. Black Rain
The most Skiba track on the album and I love it. Totally different sort of sound for Blink but it works well. Feels like an evolution of where Blink could have went immediately after Untitled. Very experimental. Might be my favorite.

9. I Really Wish I Hated You
Another track that some didnt like but I LOVE this one. The lyrics hit really close to me om a personal level and its catchy as fuck.

10. Pin the Grenade
Another favorite of mine from the album. Sounds like Blink and its one of my favorite mark choruses on the album.

11. No Heart To Speak Of
Damnnn good tune. At this point in the album its clear that wayyy more work went into the album lyrically. Miles ahead of california. Amazing work by Matt in this one.

12. Ransom
A short little jam, I prefer generational divide though.

13. On Some Emo Shit
This is another standout track. They really saved the best songs for the release but this should be a single. Sounds like something that could have been written during the Tom era.

14. Hungover You
Intro reminds me of violence. This is another more experimental one and doesnt quite sound like blink but I really like it.

15. Remember To Forget Me
A really beautiful slower song to close out the album.

Nine is wayyyy better than California and id say better than Neighborhoods and Dogs Eating Dogs. Gonna give another listen soon.


Oct 25, 2017
When is the album coming out? I can wait.
Glad to hear it's good though. I really like Darkside (but hate the clip).

Also, I don't remember in what thread it was but a big thank you to the people who posted about Simple Creatures, Mark's side project/band. "Special" is fucking dope, can't believe how good it is.
Oct 27, 2017
Yeah, not feeling this at all after a few spins. Maybe I’ve just grown out of blink-182 after 23 years of being a huge fan of them. I was there at their first reunion tour and balled my eyes out when they started playing Feeling This. I remember being blown away by the change in direction from TOYPAJ to Untitled. I still remember being nine and hearing Dammit for the first time and begging my mom to get me the CD.

Ransom and Generational Divide are my favorite of the bunch, and of course those are the two short songs. I can see why people are in love with this, but I’m just so disappointed in everything outside of the lyrics; and this is coming from someone who liked California but disliked Neighborhoods. Hell, right now it’s probably my least favorite album from them.

I dunno. Maybe PUP has just spoiled me in the last few years. I’ll try to take a few more listens to it.


Oct 25, 2017
Boise, Idaho
Album is okay, songwriting is for sure better than California(no weird "meet me at the Target curb" shit), biggest complaint I have is how drab most of it sounds. I like my blink to be upbeat, most songs on this record are downers.


Oct 27, 2017
Just heard the whole album. *cough*
Its damn good outside the 3 singles which are the weakest.
They clearly showed their weak hand.
So if the singles soured you I can promise the other 12 tracks are miles better.
No heart to speak of is godly.

Joey Ravn

Oct 27, 2017
I'm trying my hardest not to listen to the leak. I'll wait until it hits Spotify and listen to it there.

But, man, how the mood has turned! So many people were, ehrm, "worried" about blink after Tom left...


Oct 25, 2017
I treat them like a different band since Tom isn’t in it.

I like it fine, but haven’t really heard anything too amazing from post-Tom blink. There’s a couple good songs don’t get me wrong.

Would love an album with “new versions” of their popular songs in the catalog with the Alkaline Trio guy.

Why didn't they just revive +44 instead? You already have half the members and that sounded like Blink 182 already.
I mean, isnt that what it is now? Blink 182 is a much more marketable name for them


Oct 25, 2017
Well just finished listening to the album and it wasn’t good. Had low expectations bc majority of the singles released were bad.
My friends and I really liked California and were hoping for a good follow up but we didn’t like the singles and they won’t like this like me.
Hoping Tom comes back for the next album.