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“I don’t think I like Prestige Games”

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Oct 25, 2017
i find myself kind of only caring about "prestige" games and playing less and less indie games as i get older and dedicate less time to video games

am i good? or canceled?


Oct 31, 2017
that's because gears 5 is a shooter. it shoots. its primary function throughout gameplay is shooty bits. the last of us is more of an action adventure game, it's trying different things. gears 5 never puts the gameplay in the way of the story or vice versa, the last of us does it all the time with the dumb ladder mechanics and such.

You might as well ask me why I'm not judging Resident Evil 4 like TLOU because they're both third person horror games. It's like... well, Resident Evil 4 is an action horror game and it's real fuckin good at being an action horror game. Not my favorite game due to the controls, but every single mechanic in that game is meant to convey one very, very specific sensation.

The Last of Us' primary goal is to Be Like A Movie. it's a different target. I think that when games try to do this, they fail
No. No, it's not.

I mean sure there are definitely cinematic influences but TLOU does reinforce and utilize its mechanics in ways that are unique to video games:
  • The emphasis on resource management and scrappy fights where the game puts you positions to make the best out of bad situations.​
  • The way it handles environmental storytelling from notes to placement of certain sets in the game (This is actually a cliche in video games but utilized extremely well in TLOU. See Ishmael's story & development with that underground settlement)​
  • Long stretches of the game that involve nothing but exploration and resource gathering which also helps set the tone of this long journey with Ellie. This would be terrible in a well paced film but actually works in TLOU's favor since its not adhered to the pacing of a film.​
  • Stealth that encourages hit-and-run tactics and sells the desperation of a situation of being outnumbered.​
Like I'm surprised you haven't noticed these elements in your playthrough and just came up with that conclusion.
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