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2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP Please

Oct 28, 2017
Hey i did not want to clog up the BST Thread so i thought i would ask here. I told something on a different form (reddit hardwareswap) and their rules are, goods and services payment only. I sent a money request from paypal to the buyer (new user, 3 days old) but instead of paying via G&S, he paid via F&F and messaged me saying he "trusted me" Citing that iv been on reddit for a while and i have a few confirmed trades.

I dont know why, but it seems fishy, do i have any risks in sending the product? can he charge back or paypal dispute?
Oct 25, 2017
Positive seller feedback for ExoHazMatt

Sold me a laptop, and it arrived safely and on time. It arrived as described, and the laptop had zero issues after a week's use. Also, he held it for a few days to allow me to save up for it which was really generous! Thanks again.