2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP Please


Oct 28, 2017
Positive seller feedback for digitalrelic

Very quick delivery. Packaged well. High ticket item in excellent condition. As good a trade as one could hope for.

Positive seller feedback for AkumaNiko

Quick to ship. Delivery issues through USPS but very responsive and helpful in resolution through no fault of their own. Great price and great condition. Would trade again.
Positive Buyer feedback for stimpack

Great buyer, thanks!
Oct 27, 2017
Positive buyer feedback for PKMNTrainer
Positive buyer feedback for Foltzie
Positive buyer feedback for Patita
Positive buyer feedback for yyr
Positive buyer feedback for Phoney McRingRing
Positive buyer feedback for Lekyl
Positive buyer feedback for Simulator
Positive buyer feedback for htp314
Positive buyer feedback for Tommyguns
Positive buyer feedback for Stiler

Positive seller feedback for OldSocksAndShoes
Positive seller feedback for LaunchpadMcQ
Positive seller feedback for Fulsome
Positive seller feedback for bestpersonevar
Positive seller feedback for delalaser
Positive seller feedback for htp314
Positive seller feedback for Euman
Positive seller feedback for electroflame


Nov 2, 2018
How would I go about dealing with a situation where I agreed to trade digital codes with another user, that user asked me to send first, then redeemed the code and refused to send their code to me? Just negative feedback and life goes on? No repercussions or a process to handle this? I verified the code was valid and unredeemed, sent it to the other ResetEra user, now the code shows as redeemed.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.


Oct 25, 2017
Negative Buyer Feedback for Vinsanity.


The Bloodstained game code he was trying to trade me was already redeemed...and said I redeemed it...now he's saying I scammed him.