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2018-19 Season TV Cancellations/Pilots: CBS is at last getting rid of their Criminal Minds, I mean besides the harassing execs

Oct 26, 2017
Tuesday night's ratings:

Gifted continues to drop. I was comparing numbers from last season, and wow the numbers are almost half now :/ I'll be super surprised if this gets an S3, honestly. Especially with the Disney deal and hearing that Dark Phoenix and New Mutants will be the last of Fox's X-Men movies, with the others cancelled.
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta, GA
I'm getting close to stopping watching it.

Just watched the newest episode (aired yesterday I think) and I'm really getting tired of the atory/mystery. The characters aren't good enough to drive the story (which was one of Losts biggest strengths), and since the story isn't hasn't been getting very interesting either I'm pretty bored by the show whenever I watch it.

The last "event" show i really tried to get into was Flashforward I think it was called, the one where everyone in earth passed out for a few seconds and got a vision of their future. That show was canceled after one season I think and I get a similar feeling from this one too sadly.
This happens with every Lost type show. The story and characters aren't strong enough to carry the mystery part of it. :/