2019-2020 Season TV Cancellations/Pilots: Hasta La Vida


Oct 25, 2017
What the hell does the rating has to do with it being an horror movie? There are plenty of great horror movies that are PG 13.
Everywhere it is mentioned as an horror movie, the director says it is a scary movie.
New Mutants throws much darker than the core X-Men movies, just look at the trailer and see all the horror iconography. Also, there are tons of PG-13 horror movies so I'm not sure what the age rating has to do with anything.
It not being a horror movie and having a PG-13 rating were two separate statements, one wasn't meant to correlate to the other so I'm sorry for giving that impression.

I'm aware of how the trailer is marketing it, but it still isn't a horror movie. And I am sure eventually it will end up on Disney+, even if they don't dump it there for an initial release.

I apologize for derailing this topic, which isn't about New Mutants or movies in general.


Oct 25, 2017
Fox’s ‘Deputy’ Canceled After One Season
I kinda wanna use that one song but don't know how to work it. "I shot the sheriff but I did shoot the deputy"? Idk
More like "DePEE-YEWty" since it stunk so bad it got cancelled.
Lmao. It's cheesy and I love it


The Flagpole is Wider
Oct 25, 2017
That was a nice Hawaii Five 0 series finale, I though, teared up a bit at the end. Went by fast though.

Thought it was going to be 2 hours.

Also, I really wish Chin and Kono was there too, they have been there since the beginning.