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2019 Console Screenshot Thread (READ RULES IN OP)


Oct 31, 2017
Not America
Hitman | X

Borderlands 3 (PS4 Pro, Resolution Mode)
Thanks! I really liked it too though the low poly spine kind of messed it up a bit.
Ah, so that's what it is. I had no idea what I was looking at on the ground. Still, it feels like it would make a fantastic piece for a piece of fan-art or promo-art.

Control One X Ingame (without film grain and cinetic blur)
J'adore film grain. Still looks okay without it.


Oct 24, 2017
I wish Hitman had some better idle poses. Every single screenshot shows everyone standing rigid as a stick and it looks goofy as hell lol


Assassin's Creed Origins - Curse of the Pharaohs (PS4 pro, photo mode)