2019 ERA TV Show of the Year + TV Fail of the Year Voting Thread! Cast your votes!


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017

- Each person makes a list of up to 10 entries. No more than 10, please. Their #1 will get 10 points, #2 will get 9 points, #3 will get 8, and so on. Unranked lists will not be tallied. Do not list more than one show per number (eg. no ties).

- Editing is permitted for as long as the thread stays open.

- After voting ends, I will compile a single list based on the established point system.

- Add your thoughts for each show and some of them may be included in the results thread!

Sample Ballot

You don’t have to follow this format strictly, but it will make the thread a lot easier and avoid any complications. Thanks!

1. TV Show A ; Your thoughts on TV Show A.
2. TV Show B ; Your thoughts on TV Show B.
3. TV Show C ; Your thoughts on TV Show C.
4. TV Show D ; Your thoughts on TV Show D.
5. TV Show E ; Your thoughts on TV Show E.
6. TV Show F ; Your thoughts on TV Show F.
7. TV Show G ; Your thoughts on TV Show G.
8. TV Show H ; Your thoughts on TV Show H.
9. TV Show I ; Your thoughts on TV Show I.
10. TV Show J ; Your thoughts on TV Show J.


Any new TV series or miniseries, or any season of an existing series that aired in 2019 is eligible.

TV Movies, Foreign series, Reality series, and Documentaries (e.g. Planet Earth, Ken Burns Country Music) are all eligible.

Anime is not eligible, seeing as how there's already a separate voting thread that is specifically for the best anime of the year.

Sports are not eligible, nor are comedy specials.

Here's a list of 2019 TV shows for reference.

Voting will end at 12 am on February 24.
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Fail of the Year


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017

- Each person makes a list of up to 3 entries. No more than 3, please. Their #1 will get 3 points, #2 will get 2 points, and #3 will get 1. Unranked lists will not be tallied.

- Please try to include a comment for each fail so people can get a sense of why you thought it deserved to be mentioned in this category.

- Make sure to clearly distinguish between your two lists (Best/Fail), so as to avoid any confusion.

- Fail of the Year isn't just limited to TV shows, so feel free to talk about broader aspects of the TV industry - concerning trends, disappointing networks, etc.

- This is a completely optional category, so if you only want to list your top 10 best shows of the year, then feel free to do just that!

Voting will end at 12 am on February 24.
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Dec 7, 2017
Cool. Thanks for doing this Ratsky. Hoping to have caught up on my "must watch" list by Feb 5th.

I've given up on participating in GOTY and MOTY threads since I'm always so far behind...but TV *cracks knuckles*...let's do this.


Oct 27, 2017
  1. Chernobyl
  2. The Naked Director
  3. Watchmen
  4. Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020
  5. Apocalypse - War of Worlds 1945-1991
  6. Vernon Subutex
  7. Mouche

Fail of the year: Game of Thrones
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May 17, 2018
I see it's that time of the year again where I'm somehow supposed to cram about two dozen shows into a top ten. Damn you peak TV!

Was the deadline in feb last year too? Feels late. Not that I'm complaining, still plenty of stuff I need to catch up on.


Oct 25, 2017
1. Mr Robot ; This show fires on all cylinders this season and feels like an artistic masterpiece. I have no idea how Esmail got such a blank check from USA but it’s clear he’s doing whatever he wants and it’s amazing to see.
2. Chernobyl ; Captivating and horrifying all the way through. Atmosphere was second to none.
3. Watchmen ; Captured the spirit of the comic and kept me theorizing and guessing. One of the most socially engaging shows of the year.
4. When They See Us ; Should be a mandatory watch. Just utterly shattering.
5. Unbelievable ; Another mandatory mini-series. I was internally screaming so many times. You just feel for the main character so much.
6. The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance ; Amazing and fun fantasy. The puppetry is unparalleled.
7. The Witcher ; A fabulous adaptation of one of my favorite fantasy properties.
8. For All Mankind ; An interesting premise topped with great character drama that sucked me in throughout.
9. Succession ; A captivating season of continued rich people fuckery. So many great moments throughout.
10. Stranger Things ; Just pure fun. Love the characters and setting.
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Arrogant Smirk
Oct 24, 2017
I didn't watch that many shows this year, so my tentative list would probably be:

  1. The Witcher ; as a non-reader and non-gamer (I played very little and a long time ago), I am enjoying this way more than I thought I would.
  2. Lucifer ; Solid comeback after a weak cliffhanger season, glad Netflix saved it.
  3. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee ; Show continues going strong despite some occasional hit-or-miss gags, and I continue to watch it religiously.
  4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ; See above.
  5. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah ; See above.
  6. Stranger Things ; It's more Stranger Things, so... it's cool. Evil Russians though, really
  7. The Mandalorian ; It's not over yet, and the show has glaring problems, but it's still a fun watch.
  8. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance ; hmMMMMMMmmmm!
  9. Veep ; a decent send-off/finale to a great show. I will miss its biting commentary and satire.

Fail of the year:

  1. Game of Thrones ; I don't think I even need to elaborate. Everything about it is just a spectacular failure. But, in the spirit of the rules, I can mention the completely nonsensical and unearned plot twists, the multiple character assassinations, the insulting plot holes, the ridiculous way to terminate the white walker menace, the grotesque incompetence behind the writing and production... it just never stops. The only good thing about it was the scene where Brienne gets knighted by Jaime which was genuinely touching, and, shockingly and against all expectations, Emilia Clarke actually acting her ass off despite being handed her worst material.
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Oct 27, 2017
Lot of backlog I never got around to so I’ll leave at this 😑

1. Barry ; One of the previous years sleeper hits continues to entertain. A surprisingly engaging dark comedy. Hader and Anthony Carrigan are great in it.

2. Russian Doll ; Close second for favorite show of the year. Very fun groundhogs day-esque comedy drama starring Natasha Lyonne(she’s fucking awesome).

3. The Witcher ; Very flawed but very fun cheeseball action show. Surprisingly endearing characters/performances and a song you’ll never get out of your head.

4. The Umbrella Academy ; I didn’t really care about the plot of this show but I really liked the individual stories.

5. Carnival Row ; Beautiful looking show with an interesting fantasy world. Hope it improves in season 2.

6. Gotham ; This basically became an absurdist action-comedy after a shaky first season and it was a joyous ride. I’m gonna miss the zany performances tbh.

7. Veep ; Not what it was but shows have ended worse. Still some hurt your gut funny moments here and there.

Fail of the Year:

1. Game of Thrones ; After how terrible the show had gotten by Season 7, I was actually surprised D&D proceeded to sink to new lows in creative bankruptcy that even the zeitgeist couldn’t ignore anymore. In a way, it ended appropriately. A true reflection of it’s show runners.
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Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
(btw, almost nobody who says they'll edit in votes later ever follows through)

Was the deadline in feb last year too?
Not initially, but the thread had so few votes that I just kind of kept it open until I felt like there were enough. This year probably won't see very high participation either, so I figured keeping it open through Feb again would be long enough to accrue a decent number of votes.


Oct 25, 2017
1. The Expanse ; People need to stop messing around and just watch this. It's such a great show
2. The Boys ; Interesting and different take on the whole superhero thing.
3. The Mandalorian ; Best Star Wars related thing I've seen in a long time.
4. The Witcher ; It's rough and rather confusing at times but overall it's a fun show for fans of The Witcher.

And that's it. Not watched much this year and of the few things that I did watch these were the only four I really liked.
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May 17, 2018
(btw, almost nobody who says they'll edit in votes later ever follows through)

Not initially, but the thread had so few votes that I just kind of kept it open until I felt like there were enough. This year probably won't see very high participation either, so I figured keeping it open through Feb again would be long enough to accrue a decent number of votes.
Yeah makes sense. Let's hope for a better turnout this time around. And more actual top 10's so the shorter lists don't influence the tallying too much.



Oct 25, 2017
I haven't gotten to some critically acclaimed seasons of shows I love like Mr. Robot but I'll list my favorites of the year anyways

  1. Fleabag ; Phoebe Waller Bridge is a genius and the second season of this show was still as witty, vulgar, and slightly heartbreaking as the amazing first.

  2. Doom Patrol ; Surprise of the year as I didn't expect much from DC but my god was this show good and probably my favorite TV comic book adaptation of all time. All the characters are so well fleshed out with some fantastic performances while still staying true to the wackiness of the source material and it is also such a looker of a show.

  3. Impulse ; The second season of this Redtube series based on the world of the sci-fi book, Jumper, is backed by an incredible lead actor performance from someone relatively unknown and it really checks all the boxes on what makes a thrilling story about an ability to teleport anywhere while still keeping things grounded.

  4. Killing Eve ; Another amazing show by Phoebe, the continuation of a cat and mouse rivalry and strange romance/obsession between a hitwoman and a British Intelligence officer didn't fail to keep me entertained throughout.

  5. Deadly Class ; Another comic book adaptation that is fantastic with amazing visuals and great performances from a young cast. They really hit that late 80s punk rock mood with a twist of being based around a school for assassins and it sucks that it won't be getting more seasons.

  6. The Boys ; Kinda showing off my taste for comicbook/superpowered stuff and this show could have ended up a disaster but Seth Rogan and his writing partner know what they're doing. This was the perfect world of superheroes gone celebrity doing awful, awful shit.

  7. Dark ; This German Netflix Original had another awesome season that moved the mystery along and finished with an interesting new direction.

  8. Hanna ; I enjoyed this adaptation more than the film and they pulled off the action scenes really well with such a young actress.

  9. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ; Not quite as consistently good as the previous seasons it still had some really cool long takes full of clever comedic lines from the fast talking and beautiful Rachel Broshanan. The show managed to address its lack of PoC as well with the main plot revolving around a black singer that Midge is touring with. The entire cast for this show is so damn good. Highly recommended.
Edit: I haven't even started Patriot season 2 and it probably would have ended up in my top 3. Maybe I'll finish it before the deadline.
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The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
  1. Chernobyl ; A tale of terrifying bureaucracy and stupidity, along with a lot of courageous people who tried to keep things from falling apart. It made me alternately jittery and weepy every other ten minutes.
  2. Watchmen ; Not at all what was expecting, this was more in the vein of The Leftovers that happened to have heroes. Regina King and the rest of the cast were amazing.
  3. Mr. Robot ; They really stuck the landing on most everything except certain side characters, whose series-long storylines were snuffed out early with no good payoff. At least they finally pushed Carly Chaikin the forefront and gave her more chances to shine.
  4. Dark ; I wasn't too enamored by the Season 1 ending, but S2 dug deeper into the screwed up townspeople so well. You still need an encyclopedia to understand it, but at least it makes more sense now.
  5. Fleabag ; Such a hilarious show that doesn’t too dip too far into depressing storylines. I didn’t care that much about the Hot Priest storyline and as such felt Season 1 was slightly stronger.
  6. The Expanse ; Season 4 was solid sci-fi, but overall this was one of the weaker ones. The characters are entertaining as always and each got some cool moments.
  7. The OA ; Season 2 deep dives into the weird. I preferred the quieter road trip storyline with OA’s core group from S1 as I found the San Francisco plot kind of sputtered out towards the end.
  8. Jett ; Such a slick, well-made show that has a bunch of puzzle pieces you don’t realize fit together until the end of the episode or even the season. It’s a shame this might not come back, but it makes for a great miniseries if it comes to that.
  9. Marianne ; An unexpectedly funny horror show with a protagonist who sometimes wasn’t that great to root for. Some plot sequences didn’t make a lot of sense, but the chilly Stephen King-ish, but distinctly French coastal town made for a fun ride.
  10. Russian Doll ; Natasha Lyonne finally gets out of her prison outfit and sinks her teeth into Groundhog Day-type of series. The season picks up some steam when she gets a companion to bounce off of. I never knew where this show was going and that was okay!
Honorable mentions:

Big Little Lies S2 - I liked it overall, but it felt like it was treading water and repeating themes too much. Maybe it should have been shorter, I don't know.
The Righteous Gemstones - Running through the house with a pickle in my mouth! This show really grew on me and was surprisingly sad.
Castle Rock - Much stronger overall compared to S1 and Lizzy Caplan was amazing as Annie Wilkes. The supporting cast was great too, but I felt like the two main storylines didn't quite gel together enough.
Undone - An unexpectedly touching series that floated around tiny little moments in time between the main character Alma and her family. I can’t imagine what it was like writing and planning some of the scenes, but they pulled if off.
Stranger Things S3 - Much stronger than S2 with lots of fun character interactions.
Game of Thrones S8 - They did a bunch of characters dirty, but it was a grand time watching.
The Witcher - Honestly I wasn't expecting to care for it much, but it comes together pretty well and has some pretty strong performances from the main cast.
Veronica Mars S4 - Loved seeing the oldies back doing their detective thing. The main plot was entertaining and kept me guessing. The old supporting cast felt wasted or plain unused. Way too much Patton Oswalt, he's only good in short bursts.

Fails of the Year:

  1. Fear the Walking Dead. Never have I seen a show so eviscerated from its original quality. First you kill off your lead cast member, then you neuter everyone who was ever interesting and turn it into a Morgan Cult. These showrunners need to work on sitcoms or anything else. Just kill the show already.
  2. Netflix cancelling all the Marvel TV shows. They were bloated, but I liked them, damn it.
  3. The OA getting cancelled and being left on a cliffhanger.
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Oct 25, 2017

1. When They See Us
There is no better programming on television you’ll see this year. Absolutely harrowing - maddening. There were times I wanted to just turn it off because it made me so enraged that this atrocity was happening to these children. Jharrel Jerome won the Emmy for this - and when you see it you 100% understand why. It’s almost unbelievable how he is able to portray this person as both as a teenager and an adult. My wife didn’t even realize it was the same actor.

2. Watchmen
Perhaps one of the only perfect seasons of television I've ever seen. Listening to the accompanying official Podcast made me realize how many more layers and contextualization are present in each episode of this series. It is meticulously constructed and wholly satisfying in it's conclusion. It's reverential to the original source material while blazing it's own trail. The most brilliant stroke of creativity in regards to this show was realizing that in order to evoke Watchmen-you didn't need to adhere to it's own political themes from the 80s. Setting the 80s book agains the largest political and social issues of the time-the Cold War sets the tone for everything. Instead of setting a modern story from that universe in 2019 STILL focusing on the same material-they wisely tie in what is most heated in our current world-race, white supremacy, the rise of fascism and most importantly-the idea of inherited generational trauma. This is really beautiful and executed perfectly-while at the same time still building off the established Watchmen mythos. A fully realized masterpiece.

3. Chernobyl
The most chilling horror story you’ll ever see. Watching this unspool knowing the fate of these people is almost nauseating. Every episode is filled with personal tragedy and almost unfathomable nightmarish fates-but the heroes of this story are the ordinary citizens, doing their thankless jobs for the greater good-all to serve the brutal country that is desperate to save face on the global stage. Bureaucracy leading to one tragedy after another, simply because no one in the chain of command ever wants to take the blame or deliver bad news for fear of damaging their careers.

4. Mindhunter
It’s remarkable how perfect this show is. It looks so perfectly cinematic in every shot, the score is FUCKING CREEPY and the characters are just out of this world. This is a show about “serial killers” - for it’s hook - but it’s really just great character studies for these three first class actors. Holt McCallany as Bill Tench is my favorite character on TV currently. He’s a real Man’s Man-being pulled in every direction - and trying his best to keep his family life from being affected from the monstrous work he goes to. There’s some really chilling stuff this year but nothing sticks with me more than him coming home from a long day to his house where his family is sleeping and finding the back door unlocked.

5. Barry
I was late to the game watching Barry-and when I started watching it I had a grin on my face almost the entire time. It’s as if someone created a show perfectly tuned to my own sense of humor and sensibilities. It also has that ratcheting up tension that Breaking Bad did well-where every episode you sit there wondering “How the hell is he going to get out of this one this time?” And that literally happens EVERY episode. The second season finale shows that this show really does have stakes and consequences-Barry can’t keep covering his trail. And I’m almost dreading seeing how this cliffhanger will pan out.

6. Castle Rock
If this show were on any other network than Hulu it would be massive-capturing the same audience that thrives on the puzzles & mysteries of Lost or Stranger Things. This show is beyond amazing. Season 1 was a really pleasant surprise, but Season 2 is on another level-one of the best seasons of television I’ve ever seen. It’s remarkable that this is simply different writers creating Stephen King stories, but they feel 100% like his structure, pacing and character. Lizzy Caplan plays Annie Wilkes this season and her performance deserves to be seen.

7. Russian Doll
Far and Away the biggest surprise for me of the year. It came out of nowhere and I really didn’t have any idea what the show was about and it completely blew my mind. The premise of someone being caught in a time loop isn’t necessarily unique, but the way it’s pulled off here is….the reveal that happens a few episodes is the perfect twist.

8. Mr. Robot
Supremely satisfying and profoundly sad. Mr. Robot was a show that I don't think truly got the respect, accolades and audience it deserved. The ending of this show resolves all the long standing mysteries and plot points-that said, whether they are rewarding or not is a matter of integration. For me-I felt it ultimately stayed the course remembering that this is a show about characters - and the crazy world they inhabit was all peripheral. Everything in the end came back to Elliott-his trauma, his mind, his personalities, and his ultimate redemption. The world is a lesser place without a show of this genius no longer in it.

9. Stranger Things 3
This is a show that has a very focused narrative-and doesn't stray from it. One thing Iv'e appreciated about this after the fact from watching other shows like Locke and Key-is that all the supernatural shenanigans and otherworldly threats mean nothing unless you care deeply about each and every one of these characters. I could honestly watch an entire season of these characters just going about their lives with no slimy monsters in their way-because I just love them and this world. My family and I found it impossible not to binge watch this season because it’s just so damn fun to watch. Season 4 can’t come soon enough. That finale set piece was properly epic and it had a damn fine old-school cliffhanger. Every emotion that sprang up from that finale was well earned.

10. The Mandalorian
This show clearly has appeal-what with it’s massive popularity and secret weapon of The Child. But I really love the restraint that this show has. There isn’t a lot of dialogue. There isn’t a twisty, labyrinth plot with massive cliffhangers. It’s a straightforward “western” adventure with a semi-silent masked protagonist who gets in over his head each week. The creators know exactly what strengths to play with on this series. It’s quick and lean and always leaves you wanting more.

Shows that would probably be on my list if I had the time to finish them:
Dark Season 2
The Crown
The Expanse

Honorable Mentions:
The Boys
Star Trek: Discovery
Brooklyn 99
Living With Yourself

Fails of the Year
- I don’t get it. Honestly I don’t. I see people going absolutely apeshit bananas over this show, doing backflips telling me how great it is. I gave it a shot, I really did. But by 4 episodes I’m not seeing anything here that connects with me whatsoever. I’ve never been more perplexed by a show’s popularity and appeal. More power to the people that like it but for me it falls completely flat. It’s like being stuck in an elevator with a completely annoying stranger who’s just completely pleased with themselves and continually lets you know it.

More Streaming Services -
It's getting ridiculous, Hollywood. I'm not going to be subscribing to a streaming service for every channel out there. Get real.

Love, Death and Robots-
The idea of an anthology animated series by a different team is appealing but I found just about very one of these to be juvenile and annoying.

Killing Eve Season 2
It was gripping when I watched it but about halfway through, the entire game changes. And from that point on everything just seems pointless and really silly.
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Dec 6, 2017
Los Angeles
1.The Boys. Glad they went their own way with the source martial while staying true to it.
2.The Mandalorian. BABY YODA!
3.Impractical Jokers. This show is always guaranteed a laugh for me.
4.Life in Pieces. Great show Great cast sucks that CBS canceled it.
5.Watchmen. They actually found a way to continue a story that i thought could never be continued.
6.The Detour. Funny show that no one else watched.
7.Superstore. One of the best cast on television right now.
8.Preacher. Went away from the source material but I still loved it.
9.Bob's Burgers. As long as its been on it still feels fresh to me.
10. The good Place. I will cry watching the finale.

Fail of the Year. To many damn new streaming services.


Oct 25, 2017
Best of the Year
(with fan art because why not?)

1. Marianne
I can be hyperbolic in praise at times but I'm clear eyed as can be when I say Marianne is the high watermark of horror on television. It is moody and unnerving, perfectly paced, and with a fantastic cast. The acting alone is enough for me to sing its praises, there is a scene with two characters in the back of a car just talking and it is electric. Aurore saying that she had a mohawk, that she was cool, is just a minor blip in the story of the show but it is one of the most indelible moments of the whole thing for me.

And I mentioned this way back when I first watched the show but there is a scene in an early episode where a group of childhood friends with a traumatic past meet again as adults and it is such an achievement. This scene lasts pretty much 10 minutes and despite the fact that we don't know any of these people(this is the first time the audience meets them) and we know absolutely nothing about whatever tragic event impacted their friendship as kids, this perfect scene manages(in 10 minutes!) to outdo however many hours the two IT movies had trying to do the same thing.

This is a nearly perfect show.

2. The OA
What is there to even say? Brit Marling's The Dark Tower aka The OA is an idiosyncratic masterpiece, one that doesn't bend one centimeter in any direction that the creators did not want it to go, and for that alone it should be championed. It is also a font of positivity and warmth in this garbage world we live in, valuing empathy and connection as the greatest of virtues. And, unlike pretty much every other show in existence, it can actually surprise you.

No one saw Old Night coming. No one.

3. Lodge 49
Another show exploding with warmth and humanity in this soul-sucking reality we call home, Lodge 49 is the laid back, less ostentatious, comedic cousin to The OA. Smart as a whip, perfectly cast, and with a jaundiced eye that still chooses to see the world as a worthwhile place despite that very same world kicking you in the balls and then kicking you again while you are down.

4. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
A fantasy epic that is, true to its spiritual origins, as epic as it is intimate, The Dark Crystal: AOR is the perfect counterpoint to the other fantasy works of the year. It took a well-established original work and did everything in its power to not only do it again and continue it but also to be better than its predecessor, to grow it. It is hard not to look at TDC: AOR and marvel at the fact that Hup, a puppet who doesn't speak a completely understandable language to the audience, is a better understood, better realized, more human character than anyone in the final season of Game of Thrones.

5. Black Spot
Black Spot aka Zone Blanche is a moody French police/mystery/paranormal show that is kind of hard to explain. I once saw an infograph that tried to break it down into percentages of other shows that make up its "DNA" as a sort of shorthand for what it is, but I thought the picks were kind of off but it was a good effort and, at the very least, it was nice to see someone else out there who understood the weird slipstream nature of the show.

If I were to sell it as any one of the things I would describe it as, I don't think people would necessarily be satisfied. It is a cop show and it is a mystery and it has a paranormal element(and small town mafia and ecoterrorism and...and...and...) but if you tuned looking for a cop show, or a mystery, or a paranormal show it would probably fail to satisfy. I am fully aware that none of this is going to sell anyone on it or even makes much sense but it is what it is. It is not a particularly crazy show, it isn't weird or esoteric, but it definitely feels off when you try to distill for someone else. Fortitude + Hannibal? Maybe? I don't know.

Regardless, it has a great cast, excellent cinematography, and is dripping in atmosphere, I highly recommend it.

6. In The Dark
The most underwatched show on, so much so that my fan art search was a complete failure, ITD is a fantastic mystery show that everyone shot give it a shot(it is easily the best show on the CW).
The story of a blind woman trying to solve the murder of her friend, the show works beautifully on multiple fronts. It excels on the mystery front, being well thought out, carefully paced, and with a strong climax. It also works marvelously as a character piece, with some of the best, most well realized characters on TV. Our lead, Murphy, in particular is an amazing character anchored by a great performance from Perry Mattfeld.
Great characters, great story, great acting, one of the best shows of the year.

7. Killing Eve
It is Killing Eve. It is still excellent. Jodie Comer still gives one of the absolute best performances, on the small or big screen, around. Watch it if you don't already.

8. Evil
Oh, Evil. Such a wonderful little show, it is like if the Kings did Millennium. But as I mentioned in the thread for it is a show that is hard to really talk about: "Sadly, I don't have much to say about it though. I like all the characters(literally all of them, I would watch a show just about the four daughters), it is fun and weird(the birth in the field a few episode back!), refreshingly topical(the incel stuff was excellent), and it really excels at making the 'case of the week' feel vital and not like something rote that they have to do because it is a TV show. The Kings might be the best around at doing longform storytelling while still keeping to the procedural/case-of-the-week structure."

9. The Doom Patrol
It is an adaptation of The Doom Patrol and it is good. Flex Mentallo was taken off the page and it was good. Danny the Street was taken off the page and it was good. This was an impossible task, not because it couldn't be done but because the prevailing wisdom is that the suits in charge would want to iron out all the wrinkles to make it more palatable to audiences, which is a problem for the DP because they are made of nothing but wrinkles. Miraculous.

Cyborg still sucks, though.

10. Insatiable
The saga of the most unfairly maligned show continues! Unfortunately I felt that the second did a little bit too much course-correcting presumably due to the backlash(pre-lash?) so it wasn't quite the same shade of darkly humorous, but it was still a great time and Patty continues to be one of the better anti-heroes to grace our screens in some time.

Fail of the Year

1. Cancelling The OA

Why do this, Netflix? You have actively made the world a bleaker place and that is the last thing we need.

2. Cancelling Lodge 49
Oh come on. Why is everyone allergic to positivity?

3. Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones had been getting worse and worse for some time, the dreadful handling of Dorne and the Sparrows and their whole religious uprising being complete nonsense should've clued everyone onto this fact. So it going out in an unsatisfactory way wasn't necessarily surprising but, my gods, the degree to which they botched it was truly impressive. Not a single satisfactory moment happens and if something even came close it was thrown in the dirt before long.

Marianne fan art - link
The OA fan art - link
Lodge 49 fan art, this is by David Ury the actor of the character! - link
The Dark Crystal fan art - link
Black Spot fan art, can't believe I found some - link
In The Dark fan art - :(
Killing Eve fan art - link
Evil fan art - link
The Doom Patrol fan art - unknown :(
Insatiable fan art - link
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Oct 26, 2017
1. Watchmen
2. Succession
3. Chernobyl
4. Russian Doll
5. Dark
6. Unbelievable
7. Top Boy
8. Umbrella Academy
9. The Other Two
10. Stranger Things

Thanks for this thread and the 12 monthly TV threads this year RatskyWatsky all you hard work is very much appreciated!
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Oct 25, 2017

1. Succession
A masterfully written and acted show. Topical, cynical, biting humour, pathos. I really enjoyed the first season but the second has elevated it to my number one must watch show. They way the writers transition from awful tragedy to gut busting humor is nothing short of amazing but the bigger surprise to me is how much they manage to make you identify and in some cases even feel bad for such reprehensible people. Credit to the actors as well. There's not a single weak link on the show. I'd give a particular shout out to Jeremy Strong who plays damaged goods as well as anyone on TV right now. In a time in which the wealth gap is widening and right wing media is ruining the world it's nice to see some billionaires miserable for an hour a week, even if it's not real

2. Fleabag
It may not be my favorite show (it's close) this year but I have to put it at number 2 for the craftsmanship alone. PWB has to be one of the most talented people in Hollywood right now. She writes, directs, and acts up a storm in the second season of this hilarious dark comedy and she does it as well as I've ever seen. The first season was a fun, occasionally bleak diversion but here in season 2 she puts her characters fears, desires and neurosis on full display in a way I don't think I've ever seen done before. It's as true to a character as you're going to get in television. The plot is well served by expounding on season one flashbacks involving a friend of fleabag, and an added romance opens up a slew of opportunities for PWB to show her extraordinary talent as an actor and writer. If you haven't seen this gem seek it out now you won't be disappointed

3. Watchmen
As a huge fan of the comic I was more excited for this than any other show on TV this year and thankfully it didn't disappoint. The series takes an episode or two to find it's footing but by the latter half of the season is firing on all cylinders. Lindelof managed to make the show more timely than I would have thought possible all while keeping the "feel" of Watchmen intact. His reverence for the comic shines through in virtually every scene without ever pandering. Great performances all around, killer soundtrack, and wraps everything up with a neat bow. A special shout out to one particular episode "a god walks into a bar" for writing one character in the episode as so perfectly on point with their previous iteration. I truly felt as though it could have been ripped from the Alan Moore's pages. This, this is how you do genre work.

4. Chernobyl
Wow. Wow. I am old enough to remember when Chernobyl happened, and the talk about it for years following, yet I truly had no idea the level of disaster. Right from the first moment the direction, set design and costumes transport you to Russia in the 80's and you can feel the anxiety and oppression. The show instills in you a sense of dread that only compounds your fear of what you know is happening. I don't think I've seen a show as astounding and profound as this in many years. Walking you through the extraordinary sacrifice the regular citizens made to save their fellows and the rest of Europe, a while never losing sight of the personal stories, this show is an astounding piece of history. Jared Harris is of course a master of craft but the show wouldn't have worked nearly as well without excellent work by every bit player and co-star. A message of what happens when our government shirks it's responsibilities is not lost on anyone this year either. A side note RatskyWatsky wants you to know it's a BBC/HBO co-production. Let's not give HBO all the credit here ;)

5. Mr Robot
My avatar-sake. The showrunner, Esmail, continues to be one of the most creative show runners in the business and the freedom USA has allowed him in his final season is paying dividends. A tour de force of directing with (this is a theme with my faves) fantastic acting this is a show that continues to be criminally underrated. The final season has exceeded expectations after an amazing penultimate season. The stakes have been raised, long lingering questions are answered and everything has fallen into place. Esmail splits up the season into individual stories following different characters giving us a deeper insight into them and allowing for some extremely compelling storytelling. All the while he never loses sight of his endgame. One of the few showrunners that can get away with silent episodes and the occasional novelty without cheapening his creation. Goodbye friend. We'll miss you

6. What We Do In The Shadows
The funniest show I've seen all year bar none. Taika took his hilarious movie and made a show that, surprisingly, bests it. A weird, gory, angry comedy that hits almost every joke it sends your way. Wonderful running jokes, a fantastic group of characters (energy vampire?!) And a clear embrace of it's schlocky setting elevate this from a good comedy to an amazing one. Matt Berry is one of the funniest actors working and Mark Proksch absolutely kills it. Seriously. Watch this show. They're only 30min episodes. It's worth your time.

7. Mindhunter
One of the best shows on Netflix was even better in it's second season. Shifting the narrative from our junior FBI protagonist from season one to the grizzled vet in season two was a gamble that paid off handsomely. Holt Macallany portrays Bill Tench's world weary doggedness incredibly well and it helps ground everything else around it. Fantastic directing from everyone involved. They manage to ape Finchers style exceedingly well and it gives the show that wonderful muted feel that zodiac had. Amazing guest turns by virtually every actor/killer they interview with a barn burning performance by Damon Herriman as Manson. He's only in it for a short bit but not does he make the most of it. There's a couple loose plot points that probably could have been excised but on the whole it's a great show. A shout out to the show, and many others this year, for handling race issues respectfully and bringing attention to the plight of African Americans in America still today

8. Star Trek Discovery
Caveat; I'm not a huge trek person. I watched TNG as a child and I've seen every movie but I'm lost on Canon and a lot of the lore but phew boy what a blastI had with this show.They amped up the production values to 1000 and it shows. Often it feels like a mid budget movie and that allows it to really dive in on the space aspect of Trek. Full of bombast and spectacle the show stays grounded with it's characters, following their growth and journey. Sonequa does well as Burnham again and Hollywood royalty Ethan Peck kills it as Spock. In it's second season it manages to lose a lot of the dead weight from season one, introduce some old fan favorites without feeling fan servicey, and stay mostly true to the spirit of Treks past. It doesn't nail every stand alone story but the bulk of the series is cohesive and an absolute joy to watch. I can't wait for season 3

9. The Boys
Amazon has finally found it's first bona fide hit. Adapted from the popular comic the show carves its own path, avoiding the cynicism and mean spiritedness of the comic. Both hilarious and disturbing this show is a wild ride from start to finish. From the littleI remember of the comic it's actually quite a bit toned down on the gore factor which will be surprising once you watch it. Urban's accent drives me crazy and there's some leaps of logic but it's a comic book show what do you want? Funny, irreverent, and a welcome skewering of our current movies du jour, The Boys is a dark comedy filled with heart and spirit. Shout out to Anthony Starr who does a wonderful job as Homelander. One the most psychopathic characters you're ever going to see on television. I didn't even recognize him from Banshee (to be fair I only watched half the first season so far) he transforms into Homelander so well.

10. See
Okay, so I decided to bump See up a couple of spots because I knew it was unlikely to get any recognition otherwise. I picked up Apple plus on the advice of a friend on discord and based on See alone I'm happy I made the decision. A gloriously silly plot glued together with magnificent on location shooting, a monster budget (seriously it's the biggest budgeted show ever),and amazing fight choreography elevate this show from harmless fun to must watch. Mamoa gives probably his best performance yet, although he's not asked to do a lot besides fight in most episodes, and the show is better for it. The post apocalyptic world they've created feels real and lived in and after one episode I was able to suspend disbelief where the blindness is concerned. There's plenty of neat little touches they show you to explain how people get around in the world. It doesn't always jibe but if you're like me you won't care after the first big battle. It drags a little in itlatter half but the last episode delivers and it looks to be setting up bigger and better stories in the future. As an aside the creator is Steven knight who also did Peaky Blinders and Taboo with Tom Hardy. It shows. The series isn't quite as smart as peaky but the spirit is very similar. If you're on the fence but you like sci-fi or post apocalyptic settings you should really get the free trial and give See a shot. It's a great show and season two looks to be even more exciting

Honorable mentions:
Peaky Blinders: while not hitting the heights of earlier seasons Peaky makes a big return from the muddled overacted mess of last season. The show continues to be great fun

The Last Kingdom: just missed the cut off date here, the show aired in Nov of last year, but any chance I get to plug this show I do. It's one of the best shows on television right now and every season has gotten better

The Good Place: this season didn't work as well for me as last season but mostly only in the comedy department. It's still the sweetest, most heart warming show around and while I'm not laughing as much as Jeremy beremy it's still a lovely dose of comfort

Brooklyn 99: another comedy. Saved from extinction by NBC BK99 found it's groove again and went back to the ensemble episodes that always worked best. I love Amy and Jake but the show is better when they come with a heavy dose of the rest of the crew.

True Detective: thank God for the return of this fantastic genre work. After a mega disappointing second season Nick pizzaman is back with a vengeance in season 3. Two amazing performances by Ali and Dorff, ominous tone throughout, an excellent noir feel and crisp sharp writing herald a return of Nicks earlier heyday. While not up to the task of beating season one in other ways it exceeds it.

Russian Doll:
Who knew Natasha had it in her. She's always been a great whirling dervish of an actress, filling the screen with her anxiety and boisterous persona but here she shows her skill at writing too. A twisted, surreal, love story/comedy bookended by tragedy and depression this show was another hit for Netflix and one well deserved. Season 2 should be coming soon and I for one will be there with bells on

1. Game of Thrones
How could it be anything else. Even when it was straining against dumb writing I loved the later seasons. In fact, as a book reader, I'm probably in the minority with just how much I enjoyed season 7. The final season started out strong, with the exception of the awful lighting and blocking in the winterfell battle, but alas it wasn't a sign of things to come. Perhaps you can blame some of this on GRRM, it is likely his end game after all, but the method by which D&D took us there ruined any Goodwill they'd built up. Characters acted against their established personalities, plot holes were glaring, whole side stories quickly lobbed off at the elbow. Just a total mess of a final season and a textbook example on how to piss off your fans

2. Yellowstone
I don't even actually know if I'd like this show because I haven't seen it yet but for someone as talented as Taylor Sheridan it's a shame that this show has been so made fun of. Perhaps I'll get around to it at some point but I'd had extremely high hopes until I heard all the negativity

3. Streaming TV
Amazon, Disney plus, (the new)Hulu and HBO all look set to offer very compelling shows and stiff competition to Netflix in the coming years. I'm personally excited for their future but the landscape as a whole is going to be cluttered as hell with far too many options. Quibi, anyone? Anyone? I'm confident the Streaming platforms will consolidate again but it's going to be several years of fractured viewing and bad options for the consumer
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Oct 29, 2017

1. Mr Robot
- Sam Esmail has done a fantastic job at piecing together the picture piece by piece. While the final, ultimate episode is still yet to air at the moment of writing this, I'm confident will deliver. Mr Robot is an incredible audiovisual experience that doesn't shy away from experimenting. Wether its an episode thats shot in a continous take style, or an episode where nobody talks, or an episode that utilizes anamorphic aspect ratio for a more cinematic presentation - the bottomline is that it always works. While there may be a few blemishes when it comes to writing, the story itself is thrilling enough to overlook some of the flaws.

2. Watchmen - Lindelof's storytelling style is just a joy to watch as all the storylines slowly unravel themselves. Watchmen might have some of my favorite world building moments of any show ever, as well. Brilliant themes, characters and just a brilliant show all around. Ultimately I found the finale good, but a bit of a letdown compared to the rest. If it was as good as the episodes before it, It'd be my number 1.

3. The Grand Tour - It's hard to deny how fucking entertaining this is. Season 3 was able to match peak Top Gear, and that's saying something. The Mongolia episode is straight up the most entertaining piece of media Clarkson and co has ever produced.

4. Game of Thrones - Look, yes, this season had a lot of problems, and I was very vocal about them. But I don't think there's going to be anything in the near future that will come close to the level and scope of this. The production values, music, CGI, battle scenes -- it was all high budget summer blockbuster quality and that made this, despite all of its problems, an absolute joy to watch. Very entertaining, a true spectacle.

5. Succession - I am kind of shocked how much I ended up liking a show about rich, spoiled assholes. But it's such an amazingly well crafted show in its every aspect. It simply doesn't miss a beat - incredible performances, dialogue, and, surprisingly, amazing comedy. The show may primarily be a serious drama, but it's probably the funniest tv show I've seen all year.

6. Mindhunter - Contrary to others, I actually found the 2nd season to be more compelling than the first. I thought that the character arc, story arcs were more clearly defined, and, while it had less of what made the show truly special in the first case (the interviews), the deep dive into the child murders was absolutely fantastic. The finale did an incredible job at communicating how frustrating and desperate the situation must have been at the time.

6. Chernobyl - Amazing mini series. I only wish it was longer.

7. The Witcher - Lots of potential to grow for the next season. Great casting for the main three, and some episodes were really good.

8. The Boys - Good stuff, even if it ran out of steam towards the end.


1. The Mandalorian -
It starts well and ends well. But the middle portion is largely forgettable, directionless, and felt like an episodic 90's tv show with higher budget - in all the wrong ways.

2. Supernatural - Absolutely terrible way to kick off the final season, and it's honestly not been getting that much better either. This show already had the perfect ending arc TWICE (s5 & s11), so the fact that the actual end is so far so underwhelming, is a huge let down.

3. Game of Thrones - It may be on my best of list, but there's no denying that the final season was a disappointment overall. D&D has essentialy written themselves into a corner with the Night King storyline, and the solution to it was one of the most underwhelming conclusions to a major story arcs I've ever seen. It's a shame.
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Oct 27, 2017
1. Chernobyl ; Gripping and unforgettable, brutal and too real. It finds a great balance between documentary and dramatisation and Jared Harris’s performance is amazing.

2. The Affair ; I was skeptical they would be able to remove so abruptly from the show two important characters like Alison and Cole, and yet make up for it and stick the landing. Even the arc of Joannie, which felt too brief and weak to me most of the season, paid off in the end. This season felt to me as engaging and consistently good as the best previous ones. The finale in particular was surprising and bittersweet and I will miss greatly a heavily serialized tv drama as compelling as this one.

3. Our Planet ; Equally spectacular and heartbreaking, much like every other series by David Attenborough.

4. Schitt’s Creek ; This season was a delight, not just for the good comedy but also for the tangible, meaningful growth of David and Alexis as characters.

5. True Detective ; The peak moments of season 3 are, for me, as good as the peak moments of season 1. Great chemistry (and acting) between the main protagonists. I think I still prefer the first season but just by a tiny bit.

6. Poldark ; I will never not be entertained by lighthearted period piece drama set in bucolic Cornwall. Some story arcs felt loose and the ending rather abrupt, but I hope that leaves room for a return at some point.

7. Bojack Horseman ; My favorite horseman is preparing to say farewell (sadly) and I loved every minute of this half of a season. So far it lacks a heavy hitter like 'Showstopper' or 'Free churro', but I'm sure some of those peaks are lined up for towards the finale.

8. Game of Thrones ; I was genuinely entertained, warts and all. Beautiful pieces of cinematography, music and solid acting. Some story arcs ended nicely afaic, like for Arya, The Hound, Ser Jorah or Theon.

9. Animal Kingdom ; Very solid season, especially loved the introduction of young Janine (very good acting throughout the season from both Leila George and Ellen Barkin), the two timelines added a lot of characterization that ended with a bang (!)
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Oct 30, 2018
What a great thread! Here are my choices.

Show of the year:

1. Euphoria:
I loved everything about this show: the cinematography, the music, the acting... It made us discover the sublime Hunter Schafer, and had a jaw-dropping acting performance by Zendaya. The whole original score (made by Labrinth) was also nothing short of spectacular. Special mention to the last episode of the season (And Salt the Earth Behind You) that to me was one of the best episodes in TV this year. This episode was exceptionally well-crafted and had such a phenomenal ending.​
2. The Politician:
A very beautiful homage to the style of Wes Anderson, this show had me hooked from beginning to end. Great writing, impressive cinematography, and wonderful acting. It also had a lot of heart in the way the story unfolded. And I'm definitely looking forward to season 2. With the ending of the first season, I think this show can go in very interesting directions.​
3. Chernobyl:
I don't know if I'm delusional and need to be taken to the infirmary, but I have been utterly horrified by this show and yet couldn't stop watching. The genius of this limited series is how it could so successfully show the genesis of an avoidable man-made disaster caused entirely because of the worst human traits. The direction and acting were outstanding. This is an important show.​
4. Stranger Things (S3):
What a fun season! I love Stranger Things, and I think season 3 was the best yet. Awesome new characters (Robin!), and the writing continues to be spot-on. This is a great example of a show that knows exactly what it is, and how to deliver.​
5. Fleabag (S2):
This show was fantastic. I was captivated by Fleabag's second season from beginning to end. What Phoebe Waller-Bridge did really is impressive. There's a kind of honesty to this show that makes the 4th wall breaking aspect really work and interesting. This season was so hilarious and touching. And even though the ending was perfect, it breaks my heart that we will probably never see a third season.​
6. Warrior:
This thing was so fun! The action was exhilarating, and all the characters were great. Very good acting performances all around. Special mention to episode 5 (The Blood and the Shit). With its western setting, it was among my favorite episodes for a TV show this year.​
7. Veronica Mars (S4):
I really like how they could "modernize" Veronica Mars while also keeping the heart and soul of what made it highly enjoyable. I loved what they did with this revival, even the more controversial parts in the end, and cannot wait to see what's next for Veronica Mars. I just wish we could have seen Mac! Maybe next time.​
8. Marianne:
Most horror TV shows are not really horror. But Marianne is. This show is a full-blown horror TV series, and one of the best I've ever seen. The acting and writing were spot-on, and made you really care for the characters. With many genuinely scary scenes, as well as some comic relief parts that don't treat the viewers like idiots, this is the show that surprised me the most this year.​
9. Killing Eve (S2):
The interaction between Eve and Villanelle continues to be one of the most entertaining things on TV right now. And while I think season 2 was maybe a bit weaker than season 1 overall, it was still very well made and fun to watch from beginning to end.​
10. The Loudest Voice:
I was surprised about how much I liked this show. Russell Crowe delivered an outstanding performance, and the series did a very good job telling its story in a very efficient way. The Loudest Voice was great at portraying the monster that was Roger Ailes, and the direct influence he ended up having in the current US society.​

Fail of the year:

1. Game of Thrones (S8):
Immediately after watching the final season of GoT, I wasn't as outraged as most people. I really liked Arya, and the Daenerys arc didn't bother me that much. But it was after a first rewatch of the early seasons a few weeks later that it jumped at me: the scenarios for this last season were utterly and unforgivably lazy on so many levels. And it was immediately apparent when making quick comparisons with the genius of what the writing was before. It's especially maddening when putting this show in context: Game of Thrones was a full-blown cultural phenomenon, it was what everybody talked about for a good 8 years. While the show might have reached a point where it would have been impossible to satisfy everybody, the last season should have at least been respectful to the phenomenon it built. Especially when everybody else involved in this project, like all the different crew and actors, are shown putting in so much love, blood, and sweat. In this context, that level of lazy writing is just unforgivable. And the saddest part? While everybody was passionately talking about GoT for so many years, a few weeks after the last episode aired nobody was talking about it anymore. What a waste.​
2. Big Little Lies (S2):
The first season of Big Little Lies was so great, it oozed with style! But with S2, the show transformed into a weak and heartless imitation of itself. And learning about what happened during the making of the second season just puts another layer of deep disappointment into this whole thing.​
3. The Witcher:
What a complete mess... I think the main problem is the show not making you care about the characters. The whole thing is basically just a series of gruesome slideshows, and you’re never given any reason to feel anything about the characters involved. Because of the interesting source material, some things happening on screen may briefly be intriguing, but they are quickly buried by bad direction and bad writing. And the writing really is mediocre, it makes some events completely incomprehensible at times. There is absolutely no sense of time and space in the narrative, it’s so maddening! Apparently, a lot of the nonsensical stuff can make sense for people familiar with the books, or even for people having played the games, but here's the thing: you shouldn't need to be deeply familiar with another version of the same story/universe available on an entirely different medium to understand what's going on. Narratively and structurally, the show should stand on its own. So it would be a lot better for someone to go into The Witcher universe by reading the books or playing the games. It would be a much more enjoyable experience than watching this show.​

Edit log since first post:
- Removed The Rook to make place for The Witcher in the Fail of the Year list.
- Removed Gotham (S5) to make place for Fleabag (S2) in the Show of the Year list.
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Oct 25, 2017
1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ; Another great season of a great show. Rachel Brosnahan continues to be such a charming and fun personality to watch, and Alex Borstein continues to do an amazing job as the tough, but lovable Susie. The side characters are just as good too, and this season had some great guest spots as well with Zachary Levi returning and the new addition of Sterling K. Brown. Overall, the show is just really good at what it does, from the writing to how it just nails the "feel" of the 60's. I can't wait for the next season.

2. Stranger Things ; Again, it was another great season for Stranger Things. The shift to a summer setting with traditional summer elements like the public swimming pool to the 4th of July Fair really helped to make this season stand out, as well as the great returning characters and new characters (especially Maya Hawke's Robin.) The storyline was just as entertaining too, having both fun and humorous moments to the more dark and sad moments. This is easily one of Netflix's best properties, and this season just further showed that.

3. The Crown ; I binged both seasons of The Crown about a year ago, and absolutely couldn't wait for the third season because of how good the show is, but more specifically the change in the cast and seeing all of these characters be portrayed by new faces. The new cast did a wonderful job, and I think the cast of this show is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. Olivia Colman did a really good job as the main face of this show, but I think the MVP of this season was Josh O'Connor and his portrayal of Charles, Charles' story easily being my favorite to watch.

4. The Boys ; The Boys was addicting to say the least. When the season premiered I was glued to my screen for every episode and now I'm left waiting for the next season, which will be a hard wait. It was very fun watching this dark comedy and seeing how dark and twisted these superheroes could be. It can be gory, funny, and exhilarating to watch, and is probably one of my surprise hits of the year in terms of television.

5. The Mandalorian ; I honestly wasn't sure what to make of this show when it was first announced, but as we saw more and more of it leading up to its release I grew more and more interested. When it landed, I realized I should've never had doubts, because the show is great and it's really fun to see a new story in the Star Wars universe and root for this wondering bounty hunter. The show also has probably one of the cutest characters of the year in Baby Yoda, who you can't help but go "aww" at everytime you see them. It's been a fun ride for its first season, and I'm excited to see what they'll do with it next.

Fail of the Year:

1. Game of Thrones ; It's heartbreaking for me to see how my favorite show ended. There was a lot of buildup to how it would end and overall what the final season would be, and to put it plainly the ball was dropped very, very hard. Everything felt like it was hurt by this final season, with the characters getting the most damage overall. This final season of Thrones really just disappointed me and damaged my overall opinion of the show so much that I've lost a lot of interest in ever rewatching it because you're then reminded of season 8 and how it ended. At least we still have the rest of the books to look forward too...if they release in the first place.

2. The Walking Dead ; The reason why I'm putting The Walking Dead here is because of the first half of its tenth season. The first half of its newest season disappointed me in just how slow it felt, and how nothing really seemed to happen or with just the general story moments and what happened to some of the characters. The show has largely improved since they finished the Saviors arc which was one of its lowest points, so it's just sad to see it take more steps back so far with the tenth season than steps forward. I hope it's better when it comes back next year.

3. Survivor 39: Island of the Idols ; This last season of Survivor that just wrapped up was quite the doozy, with it being just a boring season with an equally as boring (and predictable too) winner. However, one of the biggest issues that ruined this season for many was the single castaway in Dan Spilo and his actions of inappropriately touching multiple women, who was eventually forcibly removed from the game. It's disappointing to see one of my favorite reality shows go further and further down hill, and I'm really crossing my fingers that season 40 will move the show back into a better direction after this disappointing season as well as the just as disappointing season 38.
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Oct 25, 2017

1. Stranger Things ; My favorite show of the last five years. It just hits all the right notes for me. I'm more invested in the characters on this show than any other show on tv right now and season 3 was a wonderful and heartbreaking ride. Also loved the introduction of Robin, who is now one of my favorite characters on the show. There's a scene between her and Steve that was just incredibly well written and acted. It felt like something out of a John Hughes movie and I loved it so much.

2. Watchmen ; A very interesting take on Watchmen that really surprised me. Stellar performances from the whole cast but Regina King and Jeremy Irons were the standouts.

3. Dark ; I wish more people watched this because it's just fantastic. Mindbending sci-fi story with lots of twists and excellent cinematography. I loved S1 but S2 was even better.

4. Barry ; Ronny/lily is the best episode of 2019 IMO. Bill Hader never ceases to amaze me. Great season.

5. The Boys ; Didn't have a whole lot of expectations for this going into it, but it was really great. Homelander is the most terrifying tv villain in years.

6. Love, Death, & Robots ; I guess this counts? It's a bunch of animated shorts but I really enjoyed it. Zima Blue was my favorite of the lot.

7. True Detective ; A nice return to form after the abysmal second season. Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff give some of their best performances in this, especially as their older selves. The scene on the porch between them was heartbreaking.

8. The Righteous Gemstones ; Another hit for Danny McBride on HBO. The dynamic between Danny McBride / Adam Devine / John Goodman is hilarious. Edi Patterson is probably the highlight of the show though, she's a national treasure.

9. What We Do In The Shadows ; As someone who adores the film, I have to say the show is just as good if not better.

10. The Mandalorian ; I've wanted a bounty hunter centric Star Wars movie or show for ages, and this definitely hits the spot. I do wish the eps were longer and were allowed to be more violent, but it's still so much fun.

Fail of the year

  1. Game of Thrones ; Started out pretty good, but from ep 3 until the series finale it essentially made the whole show not worth watching anymore. Such a shame.
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Oct 28, 2017
1. Euphoria
2. Doom Patrol
3. Castle Rock
4. Mr. Robot
5. Mr. Inbetween
6. Succession
7. Perpetual Grace, LTD.
8. The Righteous Gemstones
9. Boys
10. Pen15 Jett(should be higher but I forgot it and don't want to redo the whole list. :P)
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dead souls

Oct 25, 2017
Ooh, nice to see some Euphoria mentions. That reminds me to make it one of my fails of the year.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017

CallMeShaft's official top 10 TV list of 2019 (note: subject to change based on mood)

#1. Barry
Bill Hader's Barry is parts Breaking Bad and parts various HBO comedies over the years (think Eastbound and Down or Silicon Valley). A show that can make you laugh one minute and go full on WTF the next. Barry is a complicated character with a dark past of violent behavior trying desperately to live a new life as an actor while his inner demons are constantly calling him back. If you are looking for a good show to binge during a weekend, I cannot come up with a better answer than Barry. It is THE best show on TV right now.

#2. The Good Place
While the current season, season 4 (otherwise known as the final season), has not been gripping me as much as the show's amazing second season, it still is not devoid of laughs and originality. Created by Parks and Rec creator and Dwight Schrute's cousin, Michael Schur, The Good Place is a story about a woman named Elenaor trying to justify being in a sort of heaven like afterlife, despite her asshole-ish actions on Earth. That's more or less all I can say about the storyline without giving anything away. It'll constantly surprise and if you look closely enough, you can see the similarities in comedic tone to shows like Parks and Rec and The Office. Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and the rest of the cast kills it every single episode.

#3. The Mandalorian

Finally, a live action Star Wars show. It's what we all have waited decades for and it's almost completely worth it. No, there are no Jedis or Siths to be found (not ATM anyways), but the Boba Fett like Mando holds his own well enough. The Mandalorian is likely the best looking show I've seen, visually speaking, and has some fantastic action scenes for a TV show. Yes, the 4th and 5th episodes are totally filler episodes that I could've done without, but the first three episodes and the last two as of this writing have been phenomenal (as of this writing, the season finale has yet to air). If an Old Western being mixed with the Star Wars universe interests you, then give it a watch (Disney does offer a week free trial to Disney+, so when the finale airs, feel free to give the platform a try if you haven't already).

#4. His Dark Materials
Based off the book series, His Dark Materials follows a girl, chosen to alter everything, in a fantasy world where your soul is represented as an animal that will stay by your side for it and your entire lives. Featuring Dafne Keene (Logan's X23) as the lead and big names like James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda, not to mention a high budget, you'll be forgiven if you mistake this as a big blockbuster film at first glance; thankfully however, the TV format gives this series a lot of room to breathe and to explore (something the 2007's The Golden Compass (based off the same book) struggled with).

#5. The Righteous Gemstones
Were you a fan of Eastbound and Down? How about Vice Principals? If you said yes, you're probably watching this already. If you weren't a fan of those shows, you probably won't like TRG. If you've never heard of those shows, then let me tell you why you should watch these three Danny McBride created and lead shows; it's because they are very strong, smart comedies. In TRG, Danny McBride is a member of a family of televangelists who are willing to screw over anyone and everyone to be rich and powerful. When McBride's Jessie gets blackmailed, his and his family's reputation is put in jeopardy, leading into a very funny first season with some nice twists and turns along the way.

#6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Arguably my favorite show currently running and my #1 from last year, AOS took a few steps back with it's sixth season. There were too many narratives going on in most episodes this season (the first few episodes had 4 different stories that took forever to intertwine) and the story suffered for it. The twists and turns the series was known for after the first season's Hydra reveal, took a back seat a lot of times in favor of an over convoluted seasonal plotline. So why is this show still in my top 10, let alone 6th? Because as much as I had issues with some of the narrative this season, the cast and characters are still among my favorites in all of television and this season's best episode, a Fitzsimmons centric, high-concept episode is among my favorites for any of the shows in this year's top 10. Let's just hope season 7 ends the series on a bang.

#7. Stranger Things
Truth time, I hadn't watched this series until I binged it during the summer. And I'm glad I did. One part adventure story about a group a kids and another part 80's horror flick, Stranger Things is a delight. With likeable characters (Steve and Hopper are both OP), there is more than enough to keep you invested throughout it's three seasons. Season 3 is more of the same for the series, but ends on a note that'll leave fans looking for clues and hints about the fate of a fan favorite.

#8. Saturday Night Live
Almost worthy of an entry in 'biggest TV fail of the year' for it's momentary hiring of a guy who was hired despite clears signs of bigotry ("but they were just jokes!"), SNL had ups and downs this year, like every year for them. But you always take the good with the bad. I won't recall the sketches that went down in flames 5 years from now, but I will certainly remember the classics that the show gave us. Also, the show had it's best episode that I've ever seen to cap off 2019 (thanks Eddie Murphy!).

#9. Watchmen
At first I didn't get it. It had been years since I saw the movie, and I never read the comics. But there were enough there, whether it be the acting or the world building, that I kept trying to figure the show out. And to the show's credit, or lack thereof, some of the plot that I was struggling with understanding were by design, meant to throw you for a loop until the last episodes start to put the pieces together. And when those later episodes hit, along with a quick look at the comics' synopsis on Wikipedia, I finally started to appreciate the series for what it is. This season featured an episode almost exclusively in black and white and was one of the episodes, of any show, that'll stick with me years from now. Fair warning though to those with a history of epilepsy, one episode is hard to watch due to a flashlight constantly being switched on and off; I've never had a seizure myself, but I didn't feel all to well during these scenes and did my best to look away.

#10. Bob's Burgers
The best cartoon comedy currently on air (shoutout to Rick and Morty, South Park, and American Dad), Bob's Burgers is about the lives of the Belcher family, who owns a burger restaurant below where they live. The best Fox animated show since the first few years of The Simpsons.

Honorable Mentions (meaning shows I won't be voting for this year, but I still enjoyed):
Brooklyn Nine Nine, Gotham, Whose Line is it Anyways, The Imagineering Story, Rick and Morty, South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, Silicon Valley, Always Sunny
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Oct 26, 2017
Los Angeles
1. Succession ; this show is pretty much flawless.

2. The Morning Show ; the show builds up to an incredible finale that leaves you wanting more.

3. Watchmen ; the finale kinda disappoints but the journey there is incredible.

4. See ; controversial choice, but I really loved this show and cant wait for next season.

5. Barry ; another amazing season for this.

6. Sex Education ; fresh and unique.

7. The crown ; class show through and through, if a bit slow.

8. Stranger Things ; not as good as SEASON 2 but still great
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Oct 27, 2017
Southern California, Mexico
The season ain't even over for His Dark Materials yet!!! I'll probably put something up after that ends so I can decide where it ends up, but I have been absolutely loving it so far. Unless they royally fuck up the finale it will be at the very top of my list, or at least very close.


Jul 4, 2018
New Zealand
Top tv shows

  1. The Mandalorian - It’s Star Wars and it’s damn great! Love the Mando, love Baby Yoda and love travelling the galaxy every week. Also shout out to Deborah Chow, so happy she will be doing Obi-Wan she is one of the greatest directors Star Wars has ever had.
  2. Running Man - A return to form for this South Korean Variety Show, have laughed a lot more this year than the previous couple. One particular episode that stands out is episode 473 - Joker’s House, the scene where Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo weren’t allowed to laugh had me damn near dying.
  3. Kingdom - This show is phenomenal and had the most oh shit moments of any show I’ve seen in a while. A truely special show both in terms of setting (a Joseon set Zombie show) and pure production value l.
  4. Kim’s Convenience- One of the most wholesome funny shows I’ve ever watched, it takes me back to some of the 90s and early 2000s sitcoms but in this case revolves around a Korean family in Canada which makes it better for a modern time
  5. The Imagineering Story - a fantastic insight into the Disney theme parks that had me tear up multiple times.
  6. Game of Thrones - Didn’t hate it nearly as much as most people sure it was step down from the first 6 seasons but I really enjoyed the first 5 and half episodes but the last half an episode really brings this down the list for me.
  7. What we do in the Shadows - A very funny show, that’s pretty much it.
  8. The Boys - a great anti-Superhero show that has some strong acting performances, in particular Antony Starr, and a strong message about idolising heroes as well as being anti big corporations (interestingly enough it was an Amazon original made by Sony television which I guess is a little ironic)
  9. When They See Us - Very powerful and made me angry cry numerous times.
  10. Rick and Morty- even though it’s still on a downturn along with Season 3 in my opinion made me laugh enough to make the list.
Honourable Mentions:

The Witcher
Stranger Things
The World According to Jeff Goldblum
Our Planet

TV fail: Netflix raising its price in New Zealand, the 4K plan now costs $22 which is pretty audacious considering other costs here in NZ are Amazon Prime Video $4.50, Disney+ $10 month or $100 year and Apple TV+ $9, so I could get all three for cheaper than Netflix. On top of that all the competitors I have listed offer 4K at no additional cost.
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Oct 26, 2017
Making a non-definitive list, will edit later :)

1. The Deuce
2. Mindhunter
3. Glow
4. Chernobyl
5. Fleabag
6. Killing Eve
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Oct 26, 2017
Patriot Act
Big Mouth
Killing Eve
The Mandalorian
Stranger Things
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Russian Doll
Sex Education

Something like this, unless Witcher sneaks in there. Will sort the positions later with more thought put into it. Sucks leaving Umbrella Academy out, but its a testament how much stronger this year was for me personally, I struggled to make a top 10 last year.

The lack of Sex Education in all your lists is a goddamn bummer, you have failed me Era.


Jul 4, 2018
New Zealand
The lack of Sex Education in all your lists is a goddamn bummer, you have failed me Era.
Ah I gave it go, watched the first episode and to me it seemed like a B-tier version of The Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat. I’m assuming you are both huge fans of the show so is there any clips you can share that are highlights? Could be talked into giving the show another go but have a huge backlog already so want something like a funny scene to get me invested.


Oct 27, 2017
1. Watchmen ; The last show that had me captivated through every moment and then thinking about it for the following until the next episode since Breaking Bad.
2. Mr. Robot ; Same as Watchmen but it had a few more episodes that swung and missed for me.
3. The Boys ; After a few years of Superheroes saving the day this was very refreshing.
4. Godfather of Harlem ; Forrest Whitaker is a bad ass mofo.
5. Chernobyl ; It was a very hard show to watch because of the subject material but the acting was fantastic.
6.Succession ; I binge watched all of this and Brian Cox is a dis-likable pr**k (in a good way).
7. The Handmaids Tail ; Another binge watch but its one of the few shows that makes you root for the protagonist.
8. The Expanse; It was a slower season than previous but the production value and scope of the show is fantastic.
9. Stranger Things ; Just a feel good show.
10. Billions ; Season 4 had what equates to the hart/Austin double turn from wrestling

Fails of the year

1. Game of Thrones - ummmmm yea
2. The Man in the High Castle - wtf was that ending

All in all a very good year for HBO.


Oct 27, 2017
  1. Chernobyl - A masterpiece. No show since Breaking Bad was this consistently good, every single detail was tuned to perfection, every performance was on point. It helps that this was a real event and the fear is real, but the overall package is of insane value. No show this year captivated me as much.
  2. Mindhunter season 2 - They already got the style from season 1, but they managed to deliver a better story and characters. No other show kept me on the edge of my seat quite like this. It's actually a statement to Chernobyl's quality that this season of Mindhunter is not number 1. Overall I still think Mindhunter is the best show of the last few years.
  3. Watchmen - I must confess that I had trouble figuring out where I would put this on the list. On one hand it has 2 episodes that I have no trouble seeing as the best episodes of the entire year (one in particular will go down as one of the best episodes in TV ever). On the other hand the first episodes left me a bit cold and I expected more right from the start. That ending stretch though. And best soundtrack of the year by far.
  4. The OA: Part II - The most original and mind-blowing show of the year (sorry Watchmen). It's crazy, it's stupid, it's phenomenal, it's transcending, it's nuanced, it's a clusterfuck, it's a joy...The OA is all those things and more. The creators stayed true to their visions and I loved the ride. It's a shame that this was canceled.
  5. Sex-education - The standout surprise of the year. This show was a comfortable blanket of joy and laughter. Funniest show of the year with relatable characters, a great soundtrack and moving stories. Can't wait for more.
  6. Dark season 2 - This show had all the potential to be higher on the list but there are some pacing issues that stop it from reaching those heights. When the show is at its best, it's mind-blowing. If they manage to iron out the lows for next season, they will have a masterpiece on their hands.
  7. The Boys - Most of the time I was watching the Boys I was having more fun than with any other show on this list. This was the super-hero story I've been craving for years. Nothing was held back and it was one hell of a ride.
  8. After life - I know Ricky Gervais can be rude and cheap sometimes, but it's hard to find another big time comedian that bends comedy and drama so well as he does. I didn't expect this show to be so charming and funny at the same time. It was a pleasure to go through
  9. Barry - Bill Vader is funny as hell and the show has some great moments (episode 5 is the best episode in a comedy series since The Office, fight me) but sometimes things get too stale (specially the theatre parts and the relationship between the 2 main characters).
  10. His Dark Materials - This doesn't have the mind-bending twists and turns that Watchmen has but I feel number 10 is not where this show would be and it will probably be higher when I finish the season. Growing up I always felt that His Dark Materials was better and way deeper than Harry Potter. Then the movie came out and it was meh. This show does the book series justice. The CGI is probably the best I've ever seen on TV and the main cast is superb.
Honorable mentions: Living with yourself (if the year wasn't so packed this would easily be in a top10); Silicon Valley (I liked the final season); ____, explained (I can't get enough of these little documentaries, so good); The toys/movies of our childhood (very well done, funny and touching documentaries about the things we love); Hasan Minaj's Patriot Act (the next john Stewart); Succession (it was good, but not that good); Killing Eve (Main actresses knock it out of the part but the show is too much in love with its basic premise for its own good).

Uff...Such a stellar year of TV. And I still have so much to watch. It's funny how some people say Netflix has "nothing to see".
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May 17, 2018
Oh man I'm in full catch-up mode over here; binged The Expanse S4 and episodes 7 & 8 of Mr. Robot. Will continue with the rest tonight in anticipation of the big series finale. No idea why I even put this on hold because it has been great. It might even topple my current number one ranked show, something I did not think was going to happen anymore.

After that it's on to The Witcher, right before Lost in Space S2 drops and since I'm still on Netflix I might as well finally check out Marianne, Unbelievable and The Naked Director.

Then I will start the Disney+ free trial for The Mandolorian and make use of the one week free Apple TV+ trial for all of the shows on offer. It was surprising to see how positive they have been received around here.

Oh and Watchmen. And who knows what else. What I'm saying is that my list is gonna be last minute lol

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Oct 30, 2018
I really didn't think I would update one of my lists just because I watched a newly released show, but I absolutely had to edit my Fail of the Year list to include The Witcher. I tentatively put it in spot #3 as it's a lot worse than the other show that was previously there (The Rook).
Oct 27, 2017
The lack of When They See Us here is pretty disappointing. And telling.

A lot of people just don't care about our stories. Black and brown stories.

It's funny how some people say Netflix has "nothing to see".
You can't take anybody who says that seriously. May have been true a few years ago, but certainly hasn't been the case for a long time.

I mean they just released Dolemite Is My Name, The King, The Irishman, Marriage Story and The Two Popes in like a 3 month span.

Add in critically acclaimed shows like Dark, Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Sex Education, The Crown, BoJack Horseman, Sex Education, Ozark, Haunting Of, Russian Doll etc. and it's a ridiculous sounding argument.
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