22 games are hitting Switch this week (in North America), the most in a week since it launched

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by chronomac, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. chronomac

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    22 games over four days, from Tuesday to Friday:

    Tuesday, December 5th
    Wednesday, December 6th
    Thursday, December 7th
    Friday, December 8th
    For comparison's sake, we had 10 new games on launch week (from just March 3 to 4) and 8 the week after. The second biggest week for the system was from September 24 to 30 when we had 18 games. This trumps all of that.

    I pulled the information from my own Switch schedule thread. Here are the numbers graphed, week by week:


    This train ain't stopping anytime soon.
  2. Nintendo

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    Never heard of any of these except WWE. Human Fall Flat looks nice though.
  3. steveovig

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    Gunbird for me
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    All aboard the Vita 2.0 train, choo choo!

    In all seriousness, it's taken the spot that the Vita had which was the home for small, weird, interesting games. Glad to see developers giving it support.
  5. JJAwiiu

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    Cool information and graphs. But are we getting mostly shovelware?
  6. Casual

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    Goes a long way to prove the quality > quantity argument.
  7. OrbitalBeard

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  8. CaviarMeths

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    Getting Phantom Breaker for sure, maybe Yodanji too.
  9. Phantom Thief

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    In for Sexy Brutale
  10. Savinowned

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    Anyone want to sell me on one of these? I'm curious if any of them previewed well.
  11. Aktlys

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    many nice games
  12. pswii60

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    Didn't realise Gunbird was coming to Switch. Great stuff, remember playing that on the DC back in the day.
  13. Raijinto

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    The Sexy Brutale is a clever if a little short puzzle/adventure/point-and-click game, very reminiscent of Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, if you've ever played that game (probably not). Definitely a quality game.
  14. Asbsand

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    I know maybe two of those games. I hope the Switch store won't end up looking like previous eShops at the end of the cycle. So much filler.
  15. steveovig

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    That was the sequel actually but that'll probably end up on the Switch too, I imagine. Same basic gameplay.
  16. Toon Link

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    I only found out that The Sexy Brutale was coming to Switch today, but I'm excited. I'll be picking it up on Switch.
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    When is that online shooter that has players bodies shrinking and enlargening coming out? Thought it would be this year on Switch?
  18. Bjones

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    It’s the steam problem for me. A few of those games are great, but will get lost in th crowd.
  19. Dynamite Cop

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    Same here. The page mentions it's the third volume of Psikyo content.. I don't remember what the first two were.

    Edit: Looks like it was Strikers 1945 and Gunbarich!
  20. MrValtor

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    Uhm, except most of these are actually good to very good games
  21. BDGAME

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    Lots of games for sure. Now is time to choose well... And find time to play.
  22. MagiKestral24

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    Sexy Brutale is based on a majora's mask time system in which you have to solve puzzles, Human Fall Flat is a Gang Beasts-esque physics based 3D platformer, and Teslagrad is a beautiful 2D platformer. All three got good to amazing reviews, and I can recommend them all. I'm sure there's gems other than those (9 parchments looks nice), but those are the ones I have experience with.
  23. Stuart

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    Not shovelware, but games which released on other consoles years ago.
  24. borghe

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    I was looking at the Sexy Brutale on PS4 a couple of months back. Totally forgot about it. Switch version it is!!

    a ton of great games on there (check MC). the worst that can be said is that the really good ones are ports from consoles where they've been around for a couple months or years.

    Though scoring Nine Parchments as a timed console exclusive is definitely solid.
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    TouchBattleTankSP is news to me, it also seems to be localized by Silver Star themselves for the first time ever, rather than Circle or the still MIA Agetec.

    Great thread idea BTW! Honestly wouldn't mind weekly threads so these don't get lost in the shuffle.
  26. tyraniboah

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    Teslagrad or Steamworld Dig 2? I need help deciding lol
  27. No Depth

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    Please don’t let Gunbird have a garbage tile.
  28. Emily

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    Next week is building a decent lineup of indie games too.

    Yooka-Laylee, Never Stop Sneakin, Bleed, Unepic, The End is Nigh, Poly Bridge.
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    *keeps waiting for hollow knight*
  30. OrbitalBeard

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  31. sredgrin

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    And really, not even particularly good ones. Not all neccessarily terrible, but a lot of "bundle fodder"

    Sexy Brutale is the only real standout (and possibly Nine Parchments). Riptide isn't bad in a "good for its mobile origins" way.
  32. Asbsand

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    By all means, I believe you and it's good everyone has a lot of little good gems to play but it's just, I'm really snobby with games and I hate browsing through 10 carbon copies of other popular games every page to find something worthwhile. It's so greedy of me to say, but I wish there were less "merely good" games lol.
  33. srtrestre

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    Even more appropriate now than last time I posted it:

  34. m43lstr0m

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  35. borghe

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    ehh... I'd say Teslagrad, Slain, Nine Parchments and Gunbird are all pretty notable. Human Fall Flat also looks really good.
  36. AM_LIGHT

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    Switch has become my go to console for indies
  37. herbchamberz

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    Oh shit! Sexy Brutale!

    Edit: Oh shit! Floor Kids!
  38. Irate Bandit

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    Teslagrad is a really good game.
  39. chronomac

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    I could probably do that. Probably worth it at this point too.
  40. maximumzero

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    The eShop is turning into a dumping ground of software a bit too quickly. It's not quite Steam levels of bad yet but the Wii U and 3DS eShops are absolutely inundated with trash and I was hopeful the Switch eShop wouldn't get that bad so quickly.
  41. Tizoc

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    Who is publishing these Psikyo games on the Switch?
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    I wish WWE 2K18 was actually good because I'd probably be in the market for it.
  43. sredgrin

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    Slain is pretty, but even after the patching I would hesitate to call it a good game. It's okayish? It's certainly BETTER than when it launched, at least. Teslagrad I found bland. Gunbird I haven't played so will give you that.
  44. OrbitalBeard

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    Well, that hasn't happened yet. There is very little "trash" on the Switch eShop as of now. It's not comparable to 3DS or Wii U at all.
  45. cw_sasuke

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    Everything you dont know = shovelware ? Thats a bit easy.
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    Slain: Back from Hell is one of my favorite action games on Steam. It's (somewhat justly) overlooked because the devs released it in a bad state and it reviewed poorly. The 'Back from Hell' subtitle was added upon its greatly improved re-release. It's for fans of Classicvania games, and plays comparably to Odallus or Volgarr. Big emphasis on parrying attacks.
  47. Bigg

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    I have heard too many good things about Sexy Brutale to ignore it. Might wait a few months until I'm not so inundated with games to play, though.
  48. maximumzero

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    Still, 22 games in one week is just too much. Anyone looking to have their game stand out on a recent releases page is fucked.
  49. OrbitalBeard

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    Not sure what Nintendo can do then. There's another thread on this site talking about how NoA is curating too much. I tend to agree with that viewpoint a bit more, but both points are worth discussing.
  50. Sardello

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    I need some reviews to understand what this “floor kids” is.

    I want it even if I can’t really understand the gameplay... the “choose your style” approach scares me. I hope it’s a clever rhythm game