2K on NBA 2K18 Switch sales: "Very pleased with the performance so far"

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Mpl90, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Also, there's this answer for a question about Rockstar on Switch beyond L.A. Noire

    Slam me if old
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    So what happened with FIFA 18 then?
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    And here I thought that Fifa 18 proved that all third party must find failures on a Nintendo consoles no matter the circumstances. At least that's what experts told me.
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    Perhaps, NBA2K was more enticing due to feature parity? It was basically the same game with worse (but still good) graphics and 30fps.
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    I used my one refund on the Nintendo E-Shop courtesy of customer support to get my money back on this one. Was not a fan of this port, was utterly broken at launch, no idea where it’s at right now.

    EA said they’re not going to support the Switch again anytime soon, so take that as you will.

    EDIT: Sorry, misread the article I originally read. They’re waiting to see how the Switch performs after a year on the market to decide if they’re going to move forward with more support. Sounds like it’s still up in the air meaning FIFA didn’t exactly cement their confidence in the console (but of course, EA is known for high expectations and what not).
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    The game didn't even have the same physical release than the other versions. It is very good to here and a good sign of further 2K support.
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    They did not say that.
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    Was waiting to hear this.
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    I wanted to buy it but my primary interest was casual play in career mode which seemed like a mess with this one.
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    2k18 wasn't missing parts like fifa
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    I expect 100k+ for this. Everyone is overperforming on Switch except maybe FIFA.
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    Good question. The NBA2k18 wasn't some sort of shining beacon of quality when compared to the FIFA port either, so there's some other disconnect. Perhaps the Switch has attracted a more mainstream audience in US, while Europe has a more niche-oriented core audience? Alternatively, maybe EA and Take-Two's expectations were different, and maybe 2k18 is also about 2%-3% of total sales. The latter option sounds implausible, though.

    But it was. NBA2k18 missed online with friends for a couple of weeks before it got patched in.

    Didn't we hear that 2k18 total sales were over 6 million? 100k+ would mean only 2% of total sales, which I don't think quite warrants the "very pleased." I think you can go a decent bit higher, at least over 200k.
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    Despite framerate parity, the first impressions of it being an earlier build engine and possibly even the lack of friend matching probably blew the wind out of its sails.

    Or they both sold similar and EA clearly expected a lot more sales than it did.
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    This game was in the top to eshop chart in NA for weeks, it had to have sold well
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    That's not what EA said, they said they want to wait until the Switch has been out for a full year.
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    It is. That’s the one reason I got it and it was pretty disastrous.
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    While Ubisoft was able to sell 20% of its software for the quarter on the back of Switch I don't expect the same for a basketball game. 2-5% is the best I think Switch can do right now.
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    With FIFA, what else can you expect from EA?

    I assume knowing that nba2k and la noire are related, is a fact known from the hardcore but i have more confidence in them. Especially compared to, 'we have to release this one game yearly but we are still waiting to see if something develops'.

    Every year that passes by without your games, i more time for me to find a game or series i like.
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    Great news, here's hoping for more games in the future!

    EA happened.
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    I think EA's expectations for FIFA are way bigger than 2k's expectations for NBA 2k.
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    Considering they're launching specific ads for the physical Switch release during basketball game now, I think the sales percentage is a bit higher if they're trying to market it harder.
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    My bad, misread the article as saying where the FIFA 18 sales are in one full year. That makes more sense, so maybe there’s a chance we get another FIFA on Switch.
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    Good to see another test passed
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    I was thinking more along the lines of previous Nintendo hardware, which barely reach even 1%. Switch is a monster, even the Wii couldn't deliver numbers like this I think. If they are heavily advertising the Switch version, I could see 10% of sales then, which is still absurd.
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    Not launching another FIFA next year is the ultimate message that they're not supporting the system. Once they make that decision, it's basically over for the Switch generation in terms of EA support. I personally don't think they will pull away that hard, and I do expect FIFA to come next year.

    I think 5%-10% is a reasonable range in which to expect the NBA sales personally. That would mean 300k-600k of sales, a great number that will rise as the holidays go on, and also promises good things for next year as more people get a Switch.
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    The SD requirement didn't have a negative influence on sales then.
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    If so, too bad they didn't act accordingly (beyond lack of ability to play online with friends, things like availability of physical version in various EU countries on day/week 1)
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    I personally believe this is an issue quite like DLC was. People complained a lot, but in the end there was no visible impact on the performance of titles that people complained about. I think most people see a micro-sd card as a reasonable investment and don't let it influence their purchasing behaviour.
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    Fifa Switch was called a bomba because it sold about the same as the PS3/X360 Legacy Edition in Europe. It is dismissing the fact that these versions are still selling well. The PS3 version is a million-seller for example and that would be a good result for a first iteration.
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    How the hell.
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    I love the game. Great graphics, tons of options and sleek Interface.
    And this is portable too. Perfect.
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    Maybe people are jumping the gun on fifa?

    EA haven't actually said its performed badly.
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    I am not so excited with the game.
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    PS3 was massive in Europe last gen. As a result, even the legacy sales of PS3 will be quite sizeable.

    i think there's some truth to that. On the other hand, EA didn't want to say it was a success either, so I think they are awaiting the SKU's legs to judge its ultimate performance (hence the "wait for Switch to be a full year on the market" I think).
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    Xenoverse 2 was sold out for weeks in Japan because Bamco under shipped the crap out of it. It also was consistently in the top 10-top20 charts worldwide on eshop. FIFA has none of that hype going for it, and only really topped European charts, as DBZ has worldwide appeal.
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    A lot of people only buy a console to play Fifa. So for some, upgrading to a PS4/XBO with best graphics isn't worth the price.
  41. Zedark

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    FIFA 18 actually was supply constrained for about a week in a number of countries in Europe, including Germany and UK (to some extent).
  42. phantomx

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    2k had lower expectations for NBAlive2k attachment rates on the Switch than EA didnfor FIFA.
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    It is doing quite good in Japan too. It is around 25k, while the PS4 is at 85k, the PS3 <5k and the XBO isn't charting.
  44. Zedark

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    As of last week according to Famitsu:
    30./26. [NSW] Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch <FTG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.09.07} (¥6.800) - 1.879 / 47.098 <80-100%> (-7%)
    Edit: But you're probably talking about FIFA now that I look at it again.
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    It's been my most played game on the Switch. I have close to 150hrs on it
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    Does it? And FIFA doesn't? Football is a game that's popular everywhere except US.
    I only ever read stuff about DBZ on videogame forums with strong American presence. There are some hardcore anime fans here in central Europe but other than that the franchise is basically nonexistent around here. I believe that's true for the whole of Europe (could be wrong there).
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    I was talking about Fifa ^^
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    Exactly what I think, they want to see the legs, especially during the holidays.
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    Hoping to get this with a good black Friday deal. I no nothing about basketball but it looks so good on switch. Used to play the dreamcast and Gamecube versions.
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    Aren't EA contractually obligated to put a FIFA on every console? I wouldn't be surpirsed if this was just them fulfilling their end of the deal and that's the end of it.

    However what I will say from experience is that in the UK I know a bunch of people that buy consoles based on a few factors. Does it have FIFA? Does it have shooters and GTA? Are the graphics good?

    The Switch isn't really on their radar. Now I imagine the market for FIFA in the UK is huge, and if it's not going to sell here then that's a big drawback. If Europe is even remotely similar to the UK market then I can see why FIFA failed on Switch.