52 Games. 1 Year. 2018.


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Oct 25, 2017
Not working on closing out a game this year, so hopefully, I get to actually play more games this year. Let's do it!


Oct 25, 2017
I'm in! I jump into this at the start of every year but I get worse at it every time. Last year I beat 1 game out of 52. Yep.


Oct 27, 2017
I've really been slacking on updating my post, but I've been keeping a log on my PC. It's April so I guess I should start taking this seriously.

  1. Octodad (PS4)
  2. Bulb Boy (Switch)
  3. Mario Odyssey (Switch)
  4. Bloodborne (PS4)
  5. Yellow (Android)
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)
  7. Cryptark (PS4)
  8. Prey (PS4)
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Oct 27, 2017
Claiming this post.
Alright, I am ready to hit it this year. Last year was a rousing success with 60 games completed so I am aiming to do the same.

Currently Playing:
Yakuza Kiwami
Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Oct 26, 2017
PC unless stated otherwise

Game 1: Picross e8 (3DS) - started on 26.12.2017, finished on 23.01.2018 (13:47) - 5/5
Game 2: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - started on 17.12.2017, finished on 26.01.2018 (85:55) - 4/5
Game 3: Chaos;Child (PS4) - started on 17.01.2018, finished on 04.03.2018 (60ish hours) - 4/5
Game 4: Pictopic Anniversary Update - started on 24.01.2018, finished on 05.03.2018 (27:25) - 5/5
Game 5: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - started on 05.03.2018, finished on 12.04.2018 (91:43) - 4/5
Game 6: Journey (PS4) - started on 12.04.2018, finished on 13.04.2018 (2ish hours) - 5/5
Game 7: The Order: 1886 (PS4) - started on 13.04.2018, finished on 15.04.2018 (7ish hours) - 3/5
Game 8: Tacoma - started on 15.04.2018, finished on 17.04.2018 (2:54) - 5/5
Game 9: Event[0] - started on 17.04.2018, finished on 18.04.2018 (2:15) - 2/5
Game 10: Butterfly Soup - started on 18.04.2018, finished on 20.04.2018 (2:56) - 3/5
Game 11: Subsurface Circular - started on 20.04.2018, finished on 21.04.2018 (2:36) - 5/5
Game 12: Box Boy (3DS) - started on 21.04.2018, finished on 29.04.2018 (9:46) - 4/5
Game 13: We Know the Devil - started on 29.04.2018, finished on 30.04.2018 (1:42) - 2/5
Game 14: Life is Strange: Before the Storm - started on 30.04.2018, finished on 06.05.2018 (13:34) - 5/5
Game 15: Yakuza 0 (PS4) - started on 06.05.2018, finished on 03.06.2018 (81:06) - 5/5
Game 16: The Curse of Monkey Island - started on 03.06.2018, finished on 07.06.2018 (7:40) - 5/5
Game 17: King's Quest - started on 08.06.2018, finished on 16.06.2018 (15:12) - 3/5
Game 18: Quantum Break - started on 16.06.2018, finished on 23.06.2018 (12:58) - 3/5
Game 19: Titanfall 2 - started on 23.06.2018, finished on 26.06.2018 (5:51) - 5/5
Game 20: The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit - started on 26.06.2018, finished on 27.06.2018 (2:16) - 5/5
Game 21: What Remains of Edith Finch - started on 27.06.2018, finished on 30.06.2018 (2:21) - 5/5
Game 22: Firewatch - started on 30.06.2018, finished on 01.07.2018 (3:57) - 4/5
Game 23: Gorogoa - started on 01.07.2018, finished on 03.07.2018 (1:58) - 2/5
Game 24: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone (PS4) - started on 28.12.2017, finished on 06.07.2018 (42ish hours) - 4/5
Game 25: Quarantine Circular - started on 03.07.2018, finished on 08.07.2018 (3:41) - 5/5
Game 26: Grow Home - started on 08.07.2018, finished on 10.07.2018 (1:46) - 2/5
Game 27: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS4) - started on 08.07.2018, finished on 15.07.2018 (8ish hours) - 3/5
Game 28: Utawarerumono - started on 23.06.2018, finished on 15.07.2018 (30:13) - 4/5
Game 29: Last Day in June - started on 10.07.2018, finished on 16.07.2018 (2:48) - 5/5
Game 30: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4) - started on 15.07.2018, finished on 22.07.2018 (10ish hours) - 4/5
Game 31: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4) - started on 22.07.2018, finished on 29.07.2018 (10ish hours) - 4/5
Game 32: Batman: The Telltale Series - started on 05.08.2018, finished on 11.08.2018 (8:00) - 3/5
Game 33: Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (Vita) - started on 15.07.2018, finished on 15.08.2018 (38:58) - 3/5
Game 34: Picross 3D - started on 02.05.2018, finished on 18.08.2018 (48:31) - 4/5
Game 35: Batman: The Enemy Within - started on 15.08.2018, finished on 19.08.2018 (9:19) - 3/5
Game 36: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - started on 19.08.2018, finished on 21.08.2018 (8:31) - 4/5
Game 37: Old Man's Journey - started on 21.08.2018, finished on 21.08.2018 (1:48) - 4/5
Game 38: Refunct - started on 21.08.2018, finished on 21.08.2018 (0:30) - 4/5
Game 39: Virginia - started on 22.08.2018, finished on 23.08.2018 (1:50) - 2/5
Game 40: The Bunker - started on 23.08.2018, finished on 24.08.2018 (2:11) - 4/5
Game 41: Sanrio Characters Picross (3DS) - started on 21.08.2018, finished on 01.09.2018 (13:29) - 4/5
Game 42: Hook - started on 02.09.2018, finished on 02.09.2018 (1:06) - 4/5
Game 43: Zenge - started on 02.09.2018, finished on 05.09.2018 (1:41) - 4/5
Game 44: klocki - started on 05.09.2018, finished on 06.09.2018 (1:10) - 5/5
Game 45: Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth (Vita) - started on 18.08.2018, finished on 07.10.2018 (57:50) - 4/5
Game 46: Push - started on 07.10.2018, finished on 07.10.2018 (1:21) - 5/5
Game 47: Art of Gravity - started on 08.10.2018, finished on 09.10.2018 (1:53) - 4/5
Game 48: Scalak - started on 09.10.2018, finished on 12.10.2018 (2:56) - 4/5
Game 49: Up Left Out - started on 12.10.2018, finished on 13.10.2018 (1:20) - 3/5
Game 50: Delete - started on 13.10.2018, finished on 14.10.2018 (2:34) - 5/5
Game 51: LineWay - started on 14.10.2018, finished on 15.10.2018 (1:07) - 4/5
Game 52: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - started on 06.09.2018, finished on 29.10.2018 (85:25) - 5/5
Game 53: PT(PS4) - started on 02.11.2018, finished on 02.11.2018 (1ish hour) - 2/5
Game 54: Escape Goat 2 - started on 03.11.2018, finished on 06.11.2018 (5:35) - 3/5
Game 55: Umineko: Answers Arc - started on 07.10.2018, finished on 25.11.2018 (80:44) - 5/5
Game 56: Umineko: Tsubasa - started on 25.11.2018, finished on 26.11.2018 (5:27) - 4/5
Game 57: Umineko: Hane - started on 26.11.2018, finished on 26.11.2018 (0:43) - 3/5
Game 58: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) - started on 26.11.2018, finished on 03.12.2018 (11:09) - 3/5
Game 59: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) - started on 04.12.2018, finished on 08.12.2018 (6:26) - 5/5
Game 60: SteamWorld Dig 2 - started on 09.12.2018, finished on 11.12.2018 (10:17) - 5/5
Game 61: BoxBoxBoy - started on 24.12.2018, finished on 31.12.2018 (10:43) - 4/5

Game X: Picross 3D DLC - started on 01.09.2018
Game X: The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence - started on 11.12.2018

68 games completed in 2017
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Oct 27, 2017

01: Axiom Verge (Switch) 01/11/2018 10:59:24

Excellent game, it truly scratches that Metroid itch. I didnt like the music very much, but it is a graphical beauty, with great bosses and a tons of very fun weapons.

02: Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PS4) 01/17/2018 20:30:00

Game is okay, the problem is that it is very repetitive, and the humor and fanservice wears off quickly. Story is nonsense. Overstays its welcome.

Currently Playing:

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)
Dishonored 2 (PC)
Xenoblade 2 (Switch)
Yooka Laylee (Switch)
Bloodborne (PS4)
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Oct 27, 2017
I'll give this a go...

Completed 6/52

Game 01
: Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4) - (9 Hours)
- Completed: 01/02/2018
Game 02: Doki Doki Literature Club (PC) - (4-5 Hours)
- Completed: 01/14/2018
Game 03: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (PS4) - (15 Hours)
- Completed: 01/15/2018
Game 04: The Evil Within 2 (PS4) - (24 Hours)
- Completed: 02/03/2018
Game 05: Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1 (PS4) - (12-13 Hours)
- Completed: 02/06/2018
Game 06: Telltale's The Walking Dead: 400 Days (PS4) - (1.5 Hours)
- Completed: 02/07/2018
Game 07: Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne (PS4) - (4 Hours)
- Completed: 02/10/2018
Game 08: Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - (10 Hours)
- Completed: 02/13/2018
Game 09: Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 2 - (9 Hours)
- Completed: 02/20/2018
Game 10: Telltale's The Walking Dead: The New Frontier (PS4) - (9 Hours)
- Completed: 02/25/2018
Game 11: Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones (PS4) - (7 Hours)
- Completed: 03/12/2018
Game 12: Assassin's Creed Origins: Curse of the Pharaohs (PS4) - (15 Hours)
- Completed: 03/24/2018
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Oct 28, 2017
1: Tekken 7 (PS4) | 1/1/18
I'm marking this complete as I just got the last few trophies for the platinum. It's a great fighting game and I had no idea I had missed Tekken so much. If you have fond memories of playing any of the earlier Tekkens and are even a tiny bit curious about this one, I highly recommend picking it up.

2: Doki Doki Literature Club (PC) | 1/7/18
The less said, the better. Check it out.

3: Divinity: Original Sin 2 (PC) | 1/13/18
Best RPG ever, 200 hours and I still want more.

4: Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale (PC) | 2/14/18
Really great shop management/dungeon crawler game.

5: Snake Pass (PC) | 4/2/18
Pretty charming and fun game, but gets to be a real slog in the last couple levels.

6: Ys 1 Chronicles (PC) | 4/3/18
Took me a couple tries to really get into it, but I wanted to check this series out and stuck with it. I'm glad I did.

7: Ys 2 Chronicles (PC) | 4/4/18
More of the same but better than the first in pretty much every way.

8: Slayaway Camp (PC) | 4/6/18
As a huge horror fan, this is one of my favorite puzzle games
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Oct 27, 2017
1: Kero Blaster - PS4 (1//1/2018)
# Finished the final levels and bosses.
2: Hitman: Patient Zero - PS4 (1/1/2018)
# Wrapped up the final two missions of the Patient Zero campaign. I need to do some reading up but I had to mass murder everyone on the final level due to the infection spreading.
3: Wolfenstein 2: The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe - PS4 (1/1//2018)
# And I thought the main campaign was dull. Recycled levels, low production values, and unimaginative combat scenarios.
4: Star Fox - SNES Classic (1/7/18)
A little surprised how well this holds up with the frame rate issues and low polygon models. Playing this brought memories from my time in Korea flooding back.
5: Gorogoa - IOS (1/7/18)
Thinking about what it took to design the puzzles in this game is mind-bending.
6. Super Castlevania IV - SNES Classic (1/7/18)
As good as I remember with the exception of the music which exceeds those memories.
7. Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain - Xbox One (1/18/18)
8. Soul Calibur - XBLA (1/20/18)
It is amazing how well this holds up visually.
9. Wolfenstein 2: The Diaries of Agent Silent Death
As bad as the last DLC episode.
10. Shadow Warrior 2013 - Xbox One (2/11/18)
Uninspired bosses? Check. Level design that is all too often confusing? Check. Lack of enemy variety and enemy dull encounters? Check. The combat is good enough even if it wears out its' welcome early in the game. This isn't a bad game by any means but it is exactly what I'd describe if I had to tell the story of why the FPS genre has become as rote as turn-based RPGs.
11. Metal Slug - Switch (2/23/18)
Fucking awesome. Such delightful sprite work.
12. Metal Gear Survive - PS4 (2/25/18)
It's a solid (free pun included!) title that has a lot of unfulfilled potential.
13. Metal Slug 2 - Switch (3/2/18)
Still beautiful but a ton of slowdown and the last level is a quarter theif.
14. What Remains of Edith Finch - PS4 (03/02/18)
15. Shadow of the Colossus - PS4 (3/6/18)

One of my favorite games of all time. I still hate the last boss.
16. Forza Horizon - XBox One x (3/9/18)
My first time playing this is via the enhanced patch for the X. This is now my favorite Horizon game and could easily pass for a current generation title.
17. Crackdown - Xbox One X (3/12/18)
Collecting Orbs and transversal are as fun as ever. The combat and auto lock-on are a tad rough.
18. Overwatch - PS4 (3/13/18)
Level 601 (Silver Portrait)
19. Alienation - PS4 (3/18/18)
20. Wolfenstein 2: The Deeds of Captain Wilkins - PS4 (3/22//18)

As bad as the other DLC.
21. Monster Hunter Wolrd - PS4 (3/23/2018)
Early Game of the Year contender.
22. Trials of the Blood Dragon - Xbox One (4/2/18)
Weird but not in a good way. The off bike stuff isn't great and most of the levels are not memorable.
23. Red Dead Redemption - XBox One (4/14/18)
I love westerns and I loved this game back when it launched. The presentation is still wonderful but the mission design, most characters, and dialog don't hold up very well.
24. Leo City Undercover - Switch (4/15/18)
Charming and fun to explore open world with a lot of the downside to most Lego games.
25. God of War - PS4 (4/23/18)
Kratos is still a shitty character but they've done a lot to "humanize" him and make him far less one-note. All of the supporting cast outshines our hero and his son. Really fun combat and one awesome early boss battle but lack of enemy variety hurts and none of the later boss battles live up to the first nor previous battles in the series. The loot and skill tree system feel a little out of place as do the open world elements. I think t his game would have been better served as a more linear experience. Still, the good far outweighs the bad.
26. Jedi Academy - Xbox One X (5/7/18)
That has aged incredibly poorly. I ran past most of the enemies for the last third of the game.
27. Panzer Dragon Orta - Xbox One X (5/9/18)
Still a beautiful game.
28. Owlboy - Switch (5/12/18)
Amazing to look at, if only the gameplay weren't so terribly average.
29. vvvvvvv - Switch (5/13/18)
A quick replay. As fun as it has always been.
30. Street Fighter - PS4 (5/28/18)
Don't think I've played this game since the arcades in the 90s. This was a really rough start to one of my favorite game series.
31. Street Fighter II - PS4 (05/29/18)
Slower and clunkier than I remember.
32. Street Fighter II Championship Edition - PS4 (05/30/18)
33. Metal Slug XX - PS4 (6/3/18)
34. Assassin's Creed Origins - Xbox One X (6/6/18)

I have such mixed feelings about this game. Outside of the visuals and the cast, I didn't love anything about this game. And yet, I played it for 80 hours. The Story isn't satisfactory, but I enjoyed the series origin payoffs. I really hated the change of pace sections with Aya, but I'd totally play a game focused on her. It's just strange going from an overpowered, high-level loot character to someone with generic gear. The open world design is checkbox'y, but I visited and cleared every location. The world is mostly uninteresting to explore and the payoff is more about experience points or the chance at the next loot upgrade which is fairly unsatisfactory, but there I was scouring the map for question marks. My relationship with Assassin's Creed has always been luke-warm at best and often times much worse. Origins left me on the higher end of that scale and is competent enough that the grip my OCD has to do everything wasn't broken.
35. Hitman: Sniper Assassination - Xbox One X (6/9/18)
36. Assassin's Creed Origins: Hidden Ones - Xbox One X (6/10/18)
37. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - PS4 (7/1/18)
38. Late Shift - Xbox One X (7/4/18)
39. Dicey Dungeons - PC (7/6/18)
40. Dicey Dungeons - PC (7/7/18)
41. Spec Ops: The Line - Xbox one X (7/21/18)

Wish this was a more slid game mechanically. It's not bad by any means, but the gameplay is the weakest link in the game. Great soundtrack and story though.
42. Alan Wake - Xbox One X (7/25/18)
My first replay since it launched on the X360. I didn't care for it much the first time around and I can't say much changed after this playthrough. I love Max Payne 1 & 2 and this is a disappointing follow-up to those tremendous games. The environments are dull as is the combat. It's not really scary and the implementation of the light mechanics are silly at best. Barry is awesome and one of the few redeeming qualities of the game. I also think the buddy AI is done really well. I wish there were more sequences involving them.
43. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Switch (7/25/18)
Cute game. Not sure why I skipped it on the Wii U.
44. Mario Tennis Aces - Switch (7/25/18)
A few rough matches towards the end, but the gimmicks were neat enough to keep me engaged. I miss tennis games.
45. Yoku's Island Express - Switch (7/30/18)
Neat concept, I just wish I loved it instead of merely liking it. The art style reminds me of Amantia Designs work.
46. Chasm - PS4 (8/1/18)
Tight controls, but is a game that really suffers from being procedurally generated.
47. Donut County - PS4 (8/28/18)
Probably a better toy that it is a game. Makes you appreciate the brilliance of Katamari Damacy.
48. Guacamelee 2 - P24 (9/2/18)
Fun Metroidvania with the chicken sections being the highlight. Controls never fully clicked with me but I'm playing a ton of similar styled games so that probably contributes to the my issues.
49. Spider-Man - PS4 (9/19/18)
Amazing traversal, story and performances. One of my favorite games of the year.
50. Minit - Switch (10/8/18)
51. Overwatch - PS4 (10/16/18)

Level 701.
52. Spider-Man: CTNS - The Heist - PS4 (10/27/18)
53. Tetris Effect - PS4 (11/09/18)

Journey Mode - Normal
54. Diablo 3 Eternal Collection - Switch (11/11/18)
55. Super Street Fighter V - PS4 (12/12/18)

Super Silver!
56. Rocket League - PS4 (12/1718)
10,000 Saves
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Oct 29, 2017
Here I go finishing 52 games again. 52/52. Finito!

Game 1: Hob (PS4) - 12hours 45min COMPLETED (Feb)
LMAO, I was close to finishing it in January but the game crashed by the time I got the ending and I just gave up after that pretty crap boss fight.

This game is super under the radar. The world is living, breathing and constantly changing and moving around like the changing house section from Dishonored 2 but that idea applied to the whole world. The combat and platforming can be a bit wonky and stiff at times, dying either due to lag or controls wonking out. Still had fun with both the systems though. The worst part of this game is the horrid frame drops in like 30% of the map, especially in the lightning section and the boss fight.

3.5 out 5, performance problems but the exploration of this moving puzzle pieces world with straightforward and mostly not confusing paths and a decent enough combat make it pretty fun. RIP to the studio though :C

Game 2: Insecticide Part 1 (GPD WIN) - 3hours 30min COMPLETED (Jan)
An interesting concept of bug world meets detective story that has some rather weak 3rd person shooting and very wonky jumping mechanics and one particular level that had a solution set on a near invisible walkway, if it weren't for Critical's playthrough, I'd been lost forever. The puzzler aspects were quite neat and fun but all rather short. Music was pretty damn good, if not similar and just as catchy as the Sly series OSTs.

2/5 an interesting bug world detective story but gameplay wise subpar.

Game 3: Dark Souls 2: SoTFS (PS4) - 58hours 30min COMPLETED (Jan)
Yeah, I can definitely see why this was the most unliked of the DS series. It took quite a long time to get to healing and rolling that I liked in the other souls games, it also has a lot of annoying gunk around a pretty solid game like odd geometry, Estus stopping you in tracks, some really annoying levels but despite that, I didn't come out of it hating the game, just more annoyed by some of the changes. It still does a good job of giving that sense of exploration and fighting your way but I would say its at least better than Demon's Soul but not better than Dark Souls 1. There just wasnt enough memorable enemies, levels, bosses, soundtracks that made it top DS1.

Overall 3.5/5, a fun enough souls game but with more grime around it that nearly made it a slog at times to play through.

Game 4: Tales of Berseria (GPD WIN) - 1hours 48min
This game is starting off strong albeit with a lot of cutscenes and tutorials that repeat at times. Enjoying Velvet's story so hopefully I can finish this Tales game unlike Xilia 1.

Game 5: Resident Evil 4 (PS4) - 21hours 30min COMPLETED (Feb)
I finally finished this since I last stopped thanks to my DVD crapping out at the Krauser intro part.

The controls are archaic as hell but in the context of the game, its pretty perfect. Shooting parts of enemies to stun and make them fall or even cause weapons to drop, using melee when the time is right, fighting not just hordes of infected villagers but also against your inventory space which in turn made me always switch out weapons with the thought of, 'I've got tons of this ammo so I'll use this gun'. The camera can be problematic at times since its always facing forwards. I also had problems with the Salazar and Krauser boss fights but everything else was fun and good, especially mixing up sections such as the minecart section. Also the music later on can get annoying as hell.

Overall, the gameplay is still damn fun, the atmosphere is freaking ace and the story is all that cheesy zombie action storyline. 5 out 5, MUST PLAY. FYI, its also 60FPS on PS4 but oddly no subtitles despite the option being available.

Game 6: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (PS4) - 12hours COMPLETED (Feb)
This felt more like a demo for a Dishonored game.

Its an interesting story with Billie from D2 being the main character and would be a good conclusion to the Dishonored world but the pacing feels rushed. There's just like 2 new levels to play around with and 3 new enemy factions where 1 of them is interesting to fight/kill while the rest were just boring. I was hoping the Oraculum Sisters would've been able to see or feel Billie to shake the game up but nah, they just wear blindfolds.

Powers wise, its a mixed bag. Sure you can stop time, mark enemies and objects of interest at the same time but I still rather have the heart from D2. Its also a step up in comparison to the heart, the rats talking in a whimsy voice felt so boring compared to the talking dead lover/mother, depending on who you play as in D2. The only power that felt remotely interesting was neat twist on the Blink ability but other than pretty meh. Weapons were actually quite more interesting than D2's though so its got that.

Overal, if I had to give in a play of order, it'd go D1 -> D:DoTO -> D2.

A 2.5/5 for me, feels like demo to the full Dishonored games.

Game 7: .Hack GU Vol 2 (PS4) - 18hours 22min COMPLETED (Feb)
Just like the first but not much different, aside from some gameplay changes to combat. Nostalgia can only carry a game so far. Repetitive dungeons with repetitive combat with a somewhat interesting story doesnt make this an overall great experience.


Game 8: .Hack GU Vol 3 (PS4) - 15hours 45min COMPLETED (March)
Same like the second with some changes here and there. I finally finished the game and some thing story wise made me scratch my head. Xth form was dope though, dual guns is fun so upped the score just for that new form.


Game 9: .Hack GU Vol 4 (PS4) - 3hours 15min COMPLETED (March)
Such a short game but with some new drips of content, hearing all the voice actors with their years after voices just made it especially nostalgic. I dont really like this new Avatar form, I do enjoy it being hilariously OP. Also a pretty nice end to the GU franchise, I'll miss this series for a lot of reasons, mostly being nostalgia.


Game 10: Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4) - 40hours 11min COMPLETED (April)
There's so much charm when it comes to visual and character presentation but the story is rather lacking which is odd with the Ghibli styled designs. Combat is quick and fast and also pretty fun, mostly sticking with Roland throughout the game, the kingdom manager was pretty neat and the mini RTS game was fun albeit easy to mess with the AI. OST was solid too.

A pretty good 4/5.

Game 11: God of War (PS4) - 42hours COMPLETED (May)
This was such such a good game and a hell of a start to perhaps a trilogy?

The graphics and art style is amazing, from the start to the end, the game was just b-e-a-utiful to gawk at, especially with each uniquely designed realms and areas to them. The story was pretty good(started out strong but kinda fizzles out by the end), I actually cared bout Kratos and his BOY, plus the supporting cast and enemies were just as good as the main characters. Combat is just absolute fun to mess with, the leviathan axe and other tools and skills never made any battles throughout my playthrough dull.

My only gripes with the game boils down to the annoying fast travel system and travelling around via boat(slightly made better with Mimir and Atreus chatting), quite a number of sound cuts issues especially in Alfheim and Nifleheim. Oh and also Nifleheim sucks ass due to endless loot grinding and annoying health time count down.

A strong GOTY contender for me, at a solid 4.5/5. Must play!

Game 12: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4) - 35hours COMPLETED (May)
Damn, I missed out on a solid, sci fi stealth RPG.

Main plot is pretty straight forward but nothing mindblowing, those side missions with their own sets of rewards and consequences though make up for a rather ok main story, it also started out quite weird. The amount of options in terms of sneaking through missions is pretty great, the hacking was a bit confusing at first and not really that fun. I'm also glad they got rid of that shit yellow theme visual from the first one. The studio also deserves major props for the great amount of detail when it comes to NPCs, side bits like pocket secs, bodies, emails etc that made the world so much fun to explore and look around and interact with.

Overall, I really dug this game and would love more. 4/5, the main plot being rather ho hum.

Game 13: Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 18hours COMPLETED (June)
Had to play at least twice, changing some initial choices since my first endings kinda sucked.

This is easily QD's best game so far, with the amount of choices, sometime subtle, with their consequences and aftershocks later with in or as the story progresses. I greatly each of the characters with their own storylines, memorable set pieces and OSTs but out of them all, I'd say I enjoyed Connor's story the most out of the tree, surprisingly, when I was expecting to like Kara since she was the kickstarter to this game lol. Game is no surprise a looker, up there with the rest of PS4 exclusives out there, especially when it came to character models. My few problems is the camera can get annoying to play with and the writing isnt exactly amazing and can be at times, way too in your face but ultimately, I really enjoyed whatever good and mediocre writing there was.

A really enjoyable sci fi game/movie where you get to choose your outcomes, I'd say a 4 out of 5 for me.

Game 14: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (PS4) - 9hours COMPLETED (June)
For an indie produced game, it's close to being a AAA looking game, just below the likes of GoW and Detroit. It does however that janky aspect when it comes to combat gameplay thanks to a camera that doesnt do well when in tighter areas or worse case, surrounded by close by enemies plus what seems to be rather slow button inputs. It can also get way too easy to break the enemy's combat by spamming dodge and stuns. Mostly unremarkable soundtrack aside from one well executed piece towards 95% of the game. Story wise, I didn't feel all that connected with Senua and her journey, perhaps thankfully due to me having no sort of mental problems/illness so far. Doesn't help that the game can feel a bit too abstract to me but god damn, did I feel the anguish whenever the actress felt pain.

Kinda similar in a couple of ways to God of War IV so if you enjoyed that and can stand a game making you feel uncomfortable at times, you'll enjoy this one. A strong 3.5 out of 5.

Game 15: The Surge (PS4) - 43hours 12minute COMPLETED (July)
I feel Deck 13 did a decent job planting The Surge among the Souls genre unlike their previous attempt.

I enjoy the dismemberment aspect, the sci fi themes albeit nothing amazing to their usage, armor and weapon sets felt great and exploration is good too. What I didnt enjoy was the lack of enemy variety, clunky aiming, same-ish looking hallways leading to me getting easily lost and confused, crappy bosses and it's way easier to break/abuse compared to any other Souls-type games.

A solid 3.5 out of 5, I'm now a fan of the Surge despite its problems and would love to play more!

Game 16: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep remaster (PS4) - 33hours 10minutes COMPLETED(August)
The final bosses here suck, especially the last ones at Terra's section.

Combat is way, way more fun and not too easy to break the game compared to KH2's combat with the triangle win button. The more you fight quick, the more you can access your other faster modes of attack and cap that mode with awesome finisher attacks. Story wise, it was pretty intriguing but kinda tiring going through the same sections/worlds even with a different perspective of character. Music was really great to listen to, especially Disney Town. Visually, it's a port of a PSP game with sharp looking models but low res textures.

Overall, 3.5 out of 5. The different worlds repetitive visiting and crappy teleporting bosses made this feel slightly weaker to KH2.

Game 17: Marvel's Spider-man (PS4) - 32hours 45minutes COMPLETED(September)
I definitely enjoyed this but it's somewhere between good to great. Spidey's is easily my favorite with just how versatile it is when it comes to combos, gadgets usage, and dodges, everything just felt great when it comes to fighting. Swinging can get a bit tiresome and dull but thankfully, once I unlocked the double web pull and boosted point launch, it became much more fun.

Story wise, I felt a bit let down by the main story, they could've done so much more once the sinister six were assembled with good solid build up along with side missions but instead they just sent you straight into the boss battles, aside from Scorpion and the Vulture+Electro fight was pretty dope. I will admit I did enjoy the involved side cast such as Miles, MJ and Aunt May. There was only like 3 to 4 side missions that felt unique and memorable where as the rest were just averagely dull method of collect this thing a lot of times to finish the side mission.

Visually, it's amazing and spectacular with how living the city can look, especially at night. I'd place 2 or 3 places below Watch Dogs 2 open world. The suits are also looking swell aside from handful that looked meh.

A solid 4/5, close to great but it's a 1.5x better inFamous Second Son.

Game 18: OneShot (PC) - 7hours 15minutes COMPLETED(October)
Damn, this is one PC game that I'm sure will never make it to any sort of console or handheld for what the game entails with its unique gameplay.

Visually, it's got a lovely and charming looking pixel artstyle, game wise, it's simple walk around and complete puzzles but how you do it can sometimes be literally thinking outside the box or in this "window". Story wise, I liked every character I met throughout the journey and Niko was a fun and neat main character to have.

Pretty solid game, a strong 4/5, a score less thanks to one certain area dropping frames super bad for seemingly no reason.

Game 19: Darksider 2 (PS4) - 25hours 32minutes COMPLETED(November)
I'm not much in love with the visual design, the combat is decent and platforming can at times but annoying and other games pretty fun to pull off. The puzzles however were probably one of the better highlights of the game. Some really good brain teasers in here. Story wise, pacing is pretty messy and way too noticeably going the route of hey you want this thing? Well go collect these things to unlock that thing, happening 3 or 4 times, made the game overstay it welcome. Plus the only good character was the Death himself for all his sass.

2.5/5, could've been better.

Game 20: Magic Knight Grand Charion (PS4) - 5hours 25minutes COMPLETED(November)
Eh, it's a fun lil time waster, some wonky bits here and there and nothing amazing or much to it. Plus it was free.

2/5, it's free so ok I guess.

Game 21: Thumper (PS4) - 9hours COMPLETED(November)
Visually, it's one of the most trippiest looking games I've played this year but mechanically, I enjoyed the game at the beginning but the more they introduce more rhythm mechanics, the more I really started not liking the game. Doesn't help that there were sections where there's two of those ring things in those super quick like swerves. And the music just seems to not vary that much or it's just the genre that I dont really like or listen to often.

3.5.5, wont be playing this in VR lol, hell no.

Game 22: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) - 65hours COMPLETED(November)
Probably one of the best Rockstar games out there, besting GTA 5 and up there with Bully. Loved the setting, the living thriving world with strangers to meet, the side characters(oh so memorable than any character of GTA V's) and Arthur Morgan(one of Rockstar's and gaming's best main characters to control) with a decent enough story with a somewhat dragging epilogue backed with beautiful songs and OSTs. Visually, no brainer, it's a hell of a looker, played most exclusively in first person just to appreciate all the details. Gameplay wise, it's all right, shooting's not amazing but just ok. Controls can be so clunky though and UI can be messy at times.

4.5/5, strong and I won't be forgetting this game in the future.

Game 23: Evoland II (GPD WIN) - 18hours 15min COMPLETED(November)
It's way better than the first one, with having decent enough character with some bits of personality unlike the first ones 'hey, check this character lol, a parody of that other game/genre's character' style. Gameplay is more or less like the first one but slightly improved and having that jank around the combat and movement. The amount of variety when it comes to puzzles, time travel and genre switching was much handled here compared to the first one. Music's just there. Visually, it's nothing amazing, just there you go, nostalgia bomb styled graphics for them 8-16 bits retro graphics and odd janky 3D visual style. Story gets interesting but ends up confusing me leaving quite a few number of questions unresolved.

3.5/5, way better than the first one, looking forward to third one if it comes out.

Game 24: Chronicles of Teddy (PS4) -16hours COMPLETED(December)
A neat twist on the castlevania genre slightly ruined by annoying later common enemies, two crappy boss fight and a shite boss rush finale. Combat makes it worse since you have to be so close to swing an attack, like 2 or 3 pixel distance which btw can damage you if you're close to enemies/bosses. Story is forgettable.

2.5/5, fun enough but lots of jank get in the way of what could've been solid and great game. Also fuck that final boss, whoever designed it can eat shit.

Game 25: Heroine Anthem Zero (PS4) -12hours COMPLETED(December)
Oh my god, this game feels so horribly janky. The combat is shallow as hell, the translation is atrocious, the story takes a looong time to get even going, the voice quality is crap.

1/5, avoid this game or buy dirt cheap if interested enough.

Game 26: We Know The Devil (GPD WIN) -1hour COMPLETED(December)
Um, uh, what, it's interesting to say the least but felt too abstract for me. I liked the character designs though. It's a VN, and a short one too so not much too say on that.

2.5/5 interesting but rather short, could've expanded more on some of the story elements.

Game 27: Burly Men at Sea (PS4) - 5hours COMPLETED(December)
Well, this game was super short and not much to it aside from a neat choice of using human noises as sound effects and an interesting take on replayability. A cute art style too.

1.5/5, again not much to this game.

Game 28: Mark of the Ninja (GPD WIN) -13hours COMPLETED(December)
Damn, now I get why folks praise Mark of the Ninja. It's got tight controls, a decent enough art style. The story aint anything amazing though. Loved everything gameplay wise though and the game does a good job changing things through the game so it doesnt get stealth.

4.5/5 one of the best stealth games out there.

Game 29: Nex Machina (PS4) -8hours 30min COMPLETED(December)
This is Housemarque at its peak Housemarque. Visually chaotic mess that works and also stunning to see in motion and really solid tight controls.

5/5 just as good as ResOgun.

Game 30: Behind You!! (Mobile) - 4hours 30min COMPLETED(December)
Fun enough rhythm game with a neat hiding twist to it's gameplay. Some lag but that might've been my fun.

3.5/5 it's a simple mobile rhythm game, what else to say.

Game 31: Nora (Mobile) - 2hours COMPLETED(December)
It's a decent rhythm game that has some nice art to it, music is mostly all right.

3.5/5 another mobile rhythm game but better art, that's about it.

Game 32: Jotun (GPD WIN) -12hours COMPLETED(December)
Lovely hand drawn art is easily the highlight of this game. The combat however is too slow paced and of the six boss battles, all of them are so slow and so annoyingly time consuming and where most games I'm frustrated and angry but still energized to finish them off, here, the boss left me more annoyingly frustrated thanks how little each hit takes, of which you can land.

2.5/5 Interesting Norse themed game with great visuals but monotonous and slow and not fun combat.

Game 33: Dandara (GPD WIN) -9hours COMPLETED(December)
Oh man, this game feels like one of the most least talked about indie game this year. The cool teleporting/super quick jump mechanic is super fun to move around with despite being basically unable to walk at all. While the jumping works great and is always fun to mess with, the shooting however needed some bit of adjust, like IMO adding in a reticule for aiming(the game doesnt) but besides, it's just as great blasting enemies and making some salt. Exploration is good too, loved going around here and there around lovely looking pixel graphics. Story is as abstract as it can get about creation and destruction as it goes. There are however some annoying problems like tossing tons of enemies in on place but that's IIRC like 2 or 3 combat encounters that are that annoying.

4.5/5 Great pixel art, great exploration mechanic and slightly wonky aiming but overall, damn good fun indie.

Game 34: Epistory: Typing Chronicles (GPD WIN) -7hours COMPLETED(December)
As far as typing games go, this one's presentation is pretty good. Visually a lovely looking game with its papercraft motif and some basic but fun to use typing mechanics but there are times where some combat typing arenas feel like they overstayed their welcome. Music is also charming enough. Story is very predictable and wish they'd use the typing motif more to tie in to the story besides someone speaking.

4/5 Solid typing game with great visuals.

Game 35: Soda Girls (GPD WIN) -6hours COMPLETED(December)
Ok to be honest, I wasn't expecting this to be fun or even decent but surprisingly, it's a really fun 2D brawler. Ugly UI aside, it's got a weirdly kinda nostalgic PS2 graphics charm to it's visuals and a nice cartoon style to its characters. Combat is real fun, being able to adjust the combos to how you like it and I enjoyed customizing it despite being about pressing the single attack button so much. Helps that not only is every unlockable fighter come with their own unique combat styles and dodges but the variety of enemy types, bosses and level designs help make this game stand slightly above mediocre IMO.

3.5/5 Fun fighter and near broke my thumb at times lol.

Game 36: The Lion's Song (GPD WIN) -5hours 30min COMPLETED(December)
Really loved this game, it's not a consequence kind type of choices kind of gameplay, just different choices lead to some changes to the next episode. Each episode also brings their own unique stories and characters along with their own problems that each character has to resolve themselves. Although it kinda ends on a somewhat heavy episode but aside from their, I had not much gripes to it.

4/5 Pretty great episodic game with great stories.

Game 37: Majotori (GPD WIN) - 2hours COMPLETED(December)
What a fun trivia game with general enough knowledge that I never had to look up most of the questions. It's got great presentation and neat simple look to it's art style. I also quite enjoyed the little stories and some of intersecting ones despite being quite short and simple.

5/5 Don't have much problems with this

Game 38: Kio's Journey (GPD WIN) - 2hours COMPLETED (December)
What the fuck was this game, it's a mish mash of a supernatural game but trying to be RE along with failing at what seems to be a meta game. What's worst is the localization is so badly done but still decently enough to understand the tone and vibe of the character's and story. It should've stick to one thing instead of being a mix pot of ideas.

2/5 Needed so much more focus.

Game 39: Masky (GPD WIN) - 1hours 30min COMPLETED (December)
There's not much to this where you move left and right and I guess neat enough visuals.

2/5 Not much else to it.

Game 40: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drops Distance HD (PS4) - 8hours 30min (December)
This has the most fun combat and traversal of all the KH games. Story is utter dribbling nonsense though. Quite surprised this was a 3DS game, it's much more than what the PS2 could ever do.

Game 41: Calvino Noir (GPD WIN) -5hours 30min COMPLETED(December)
Brilliant looking visuals, an ok story and rather janky walking game play gets in the way of a somewhat decent noire detective story.

2.5/5 Not much else to it.

Game 42: Albert and Otto (GPD WIN) -3hours 30min COMPLETED(December)
This was a pretty interesting and fun take puzzle-platformer but is especially ruined by a shitty fast paced as fuck final section where as the most of the other puzzle sections were at least take your time puzzles. Fuck that last level, fuck whoever decided that was a good idea, since the physics in this game can be sooo floaty at times. Story is abstract to the point i didn't care.

2/5 Like Limbo but with a gun and shitty physics.

Game 43: Not the Robots (GPD WIN) - 4hours 30min COMPLETED(December)
Good enough graphics with a bit of a fun neat idea but there aint much to stay for. Not much else to say.

2/5 You eat things, you try to run from getting shot or lasered, that's it really.

Game 44: Midsummer Nights (GPD WIN) - 1hour 30min COMPLETED(December)
Boy, this was one of the worst games I've played this year. Not worth the time at all. The worst kind of game where trial and error was the most way to play this, some instructions would've helped make this less frustrating and less confusing.

0.5/5 I hate this game.

Game 45: Puzzle Agent 2 (GPD WIN) - 3hours COMPLETED(December)
As a sequel to a game I didn't enjoy all that much, this was pretty much better. A concise, intriguing and clear story and improved more for general audience instructions and puzzles, there are 2 or 3 that instructions wise is a bit hard to understand.

4/5 Fun mystery puzzle game that pretty much lifts the mystery vagueness of the first game.

Game 46: The Last June of June (GPD WIN) - 3hours COMPLETED (December)
Oh my god, this is so much better than their previous Murasaki. Emotional, fun enough puzzles and weird but oddly lovely charming art style that I won't ever forget. I'm also quite impressed how expressive they were able to pull of with expressionless faces but body movements. Pretty powerful story too.

4.5/5 My only grip is the seeing the repeating unskippable cutscenes but slightly redeemed with smart gameplay skipping so that we don't have to redo certain sections over and over.

Game 47: Card City Nights (GPD WIN) - 11hours COMPLETED (December)
A solid silly strategy card game and great enough variety of cards and deck builds. The art and story doesn't take itself seriously and the game really embraces it's parody of card based shows. My biggest gripe with this game is the sometimes slow animation which are unskippable and some opponents feel like they're cheating whenever they can draw the same cards and strategy every time.

4.5/5 AI can feel like they're cheating.

Game 48: Pony Island (GPD WIN) - 2hours COMPLETED (December)
I can see why this was talked about for a while, I think last year. Dig the whole meta compute vibe and the story is pretty interesting albeit predictable. The pony section is surprisingly hard, the kind of gameplay where you pat your head and rub your stomach kind of thing. Visually, it's pretty interesting looking.


Game 49: Fortnite: Battle Royale (PS4) - 48hours 30min COMPLETED (December)
After I think 2 or 3 years of FBR, I think I'm done. I need something fresh MP wise to play for a while, probably uncharted 4 mp. The Battle Royale side is IMO real polished, smooth working with a fun cartoony look that makes what everything you do kinda less ridiculous to pull off for eg. floating with a balloon and shooting guys down with a minigun hijinks. It's even more fun with friends via squads. Shooting wise, it's decent enough though I'm not the best at it. I also liked the building as it's not just for cover but extremely useful for daring escapes or flanking. Sounds are also especially well done, almost just as good as Battlefields sounds.

4/5 Needed a new map in 2018, as much as I loved evolving living Island, I still would like a new map.

Game 50: Blade and Bones (PS4) - 10hours 30min COMPLETED (December)
God, this is just straight up a terrible souls like game. Probably just as bad as freaking Lords of The Fallen, ugh. Janky movements, combat and cruddy looking visuals.

0.5/5 Waste of space on my ps4.

Game 51: Mountain (GPD WIN) -30min COMPLETED (December)
It's a game where you see random thoughts and spin and zoom in on a mountain. Should've been free IMO.

0/5 Those goddamn reviews are either lies or some folks left their pc on way too long.

Game 52: Pan-Pan (GPD WIN) - 1hour 30min COMPLETED (December)
A fun and neat enough point and click based movement game with most of the puzzles decent and others abit too complicated for me at least. Loved the visuals and low poly look.

3.5/5 Would've preferred controller options instead of point and click.

Game 53: Detective Grimoire (GPD WIN) - 3hours COMPLETED (December)
I really liked the art style, the characters but the puzzles can be dumbfoundingly easy. Neat enough story but predictable.


Game 54: VR Chat (PC) - 40hours COMPLETED (February)
I remember this when it was the talk of the internet. This is an insanely fun social game even without having any sort of VR equipment with me. Met all kinds of folks and chatted with some rather interesting folks too. All for free too. Might not ever come back till I actually have VR stuff on me.

4/5 Fun as hell during it's time of popularity, not sure how it is now though lol.
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Oct 26, 2017
I'll take part this year, let's see how many games I'll actually play.

1: Rush (09.01.2018)
# Challenging and fun Puzzle game by the makers of Toki Tori.

2: The Whispered World Special Edition (13.01.2018)
# Loved the hand-drawn artwork, the humour and the story. The puzzles felt creative and were very fun to solve.

3: World of Final Fantasy (16.01.2018)
# Pokemon meets Final Fantasy, had a great time with the gameplay, though some of the characters were annoying and the story seemed aimed at a younger audience.

4: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (27.01.2018)
# It's a shame there is so much hand-holding in the game, it tells you exactly where to look for clues next and which answer to present during the trial most of the time. There are also far too many flashbacks, sometimes even directly after it happened. Basically, the game assumes you are a complete idiot who cannot possibly remember anything. Some characters are incredibly over-the-top annoying and the mini-games felt very random.

5: The Little Acre (28.01.2018)
# Lovely adventure game with a charming story. It was very short and the puzzles were incredibly easy, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

6: Beholder (04.02.2018)
# Interesting premise and your choices actually matter for how the rest of the game progresses. It's a bit annoying that it only saves after accepting/finishing a quest, though there are lots of them so it is usually not a problem.

7: The End is Nigh (04.02.2018)
# Addictive platformer with precise controls and a beautiful soundtrack. I died countless deaths and it never stopped being fun. Didn't try to go for all the collectibles though, so I didn't play 100% of the game.
I absolutely hated the juvenile narration though, just not my thing at all.

8: Paint it Back (02.03.2018)
# One of the best Picross-like games I've ever played. Very challenging, polished game with tons of levels.

9: Mini Metro (24.03.2018)
# Excellent puzzle game, who'd have thought it would be so much fun to make subway maps?

10: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (04.04.2018)
# The writing was a let-down and the game felt kind of bland. Too much "power of friendship", repetitive turns and far too many people falling in love with the main character. And too many lines started with someone laughing briefly before their text starts, it felt unnatural. Still had fun overall, but it was the worst in the series for me so far.

11: LiEat (06.04.2018)
# Short, easy and charming game with a nice soundtrack but disappointing ending.

12: Little King's Story (08.04.2018)
# Unfortunately it crashed multiple times right after beating a boss and I still don't know what I did differently on the last try so that it didn't crash again. Gameplay was really fun overall, though I'm not a fan of the gimmicky boss fights.

13: Darkest Dungeon (19.04.2018)
# Fun, randomized dungeon crawler that keeps you on your toes.

14: Celeste (23.04.2018)
# Great platformer with tight controls and a nice setting. One boss chase was a bit too long for my liking, but that might have been because I died too much.

15: Rusty Lake: Roots (27.04.2018)
# Disturbing adventure game that follows the story of a family across three generations. Weird story with fantastic puzzles, it was fun to play.

16: kuso (13.05.2018)
# Perfect platformer. Precise controls, atmospheric music and fun, challenging level design. Even though it is quite short, I would have liked a save option.

17: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (26.05.2018)
# Nice short game with some awkward jumping. The last level was super stressful on veteran because of the knockback. I think I finished that one part of the game by pure luck.

18: The Pillars of the Earth (19.06.2018)
# Story driven Point-and-Click with very little puzzles, but your decisions affect some details of the story. It was an interesting and fun experience.

19: Super Mario Odyssey (26.06.2018)
# Buying a Switch was worth it for this game alone. A game hasn't brought me this much joy in ages.

20: Golf Story (18.07.2018)
# Funny and imaginative golf RPG with some bugs and glitches.

21: Puyo Puyo Tetris (20.07.2018)
# Fun mix of Puyo Puyo and Tetris, that gets really hard in the later levels because of the garbage that is thrown on the screen.

22: Little Inferno (29.07.2018)
# Creepy little game in which you burn all your toys to find out more about the bizarre world you live in. Definitely recommended.

23: Yakuza 0 (08.09.2018)
# My first time playing a Yakuza game: An engaging story meets fun minigames and substories, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this.

24: Four Last Things (11.09.2018)
# A very original Point and Click game with an interesting Rennaissance artstyle about the seven sins. I expected a bit more from the game, but it was an amusing way to spend an hour.

25: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (16.09.2018)
# Loved the game when it first released and greatly enjoyed playing through it again in this remastered version.

26: Dragon Quest XI (14.10.2018)
# Simply spectacular. Charming enemy animations, fun to explore and emotional stories. The hours just fly by while playing. I was a little bit let down by Act 3, since I feel a lot of the impact of Act 2 was destroyed here.

27: The Lion's Song (13.11.2018)
# Charming little stories set in Vienna right before WWI, told in 4 chapters. The pixel art was beautiful and it was nice how some of the decisions you make impact the later stories.

28: The Banner Saga 3 (25.11.2018)
# This game didn't really click with me and the ending was disappointing. Apparently it could have been more fleshed out if I had played worse, since you seem to be able to
return to Arberrang multiple times and continue the story there if the counter goes down to 0 on the way to the white tower. I had a ton of supplies and lots of clan members, so that never happened for me.

29: Chuchel (28.12.2018)
# Adorable, whimsy game with great art . Quite short with about 2 hours playtime, but I didn't feel that detracted from the experience.

30: The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker (30.12.2019)
# Insane FMV game that is definitely worth a play, or even multiple replays since how you interact with your patients changes all of their stories and the outcome of the game.

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Oct 26, 2017

1: Fantasy Life - 3DS (05/01/2018)
# Amazing ARPG game, highly recommended

2: Watch Dogs - PC (08/01/2018)
# Decent open world game

3: Torchlight - PC (08/01/2018)
# Diablo clone with a bad story and too repetitive

4: The Whispered World Special Edition - PC (13/01/2018)
# Great point and click adventure game, highly recommended

5: Keyboard Sports - PC (22/01/2018)
# Cute little game

6: The Order 1886 - PS4 (27/01/2018)
# Great action adventure game with too many cutscenes and ending in a cliffhanger

7: Quantum Break - PC (27/01/2018)
# Great action adventure game with annoying final boss fight

8: Resident Evil 6 - PC (22/02/2018)
# Great action game, a ton of fun specially in coop

9: Picross e - 3DS (28/02/2018)
# Amazing puzzle game

10: Dragon Quest Heroes - PC (28/02/2018)
# Decent musou game with a huge difficulty spike in the last two missions

11: Portal 2 - PC (03/03/2018)
# Amazing puzzle game

12: Mercenary kings - PS4 (11/03/2018)
# Fun game in coop

13: The Little Acre - PC (02/04/2018)
# Amazing point and click but short game, super cute too, highly recommended.

14: Dark Souls III - The Ashes of Ariandel - PC (08/04/2018)
# Very hard DLC.

15: Knack - PS4 (08/04/2018)
# Great action platformer.

16: Rise of the Tomb Raider - PC (27/04/2018)
# Fantastic action adventure game that kept randomly crashing for some reason, would get 5 stars if it didn't crash so often.

17: Lieat - PC (28/04/2018)
# Nice small JRPG.

18: Dark Souls III - The Ringed City - PC (05/05/2018)
# Great but very difficult DLC.

19: Dark Souls III - PC (05/05/2018)
# Good souls game but inferior to Dark Souls 2.

20: Assassins Creed IV - Black Flag - PC (03/06/2018)
# Great game, much better than 3.

21: Horizon Zero Dawn - PS4 (03/06/2018)
# Amazing game, great story and world, highly recommended.

22: Ruiner - PC (07/06/2018)
# Fun game but with too little variation.

23: Vanquish - PC (10/06/2018)
# Great third person shooter with a cliffhanger for a sequel that never happened.

24: The starship Demrey - 3DS (17/07/2018)
# Nice little exploration adventure game.

25: Deus Ex Human Revolution - PC (20/07/2018)
# Decent game but too long.

26: Poi - PC (03/08/2018)
# Nice old style 3D platformer.

27: DmC - PC (03/08/2018)
# Good action game but too easy maybe.

28: The Surge - PC (12/08/2018)
# First part of the game was great, second half was annoying.

29: Little Inferno - PC (14/08/2018)
# Nice little puzzle game about burning lots of stuff.

30: Freedom Planet - PC (25/08/2018)
# Great Sonic like game, bosses can be a bit tricky but not impossible.

31: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - 3DS (27/08/2018)
# Awful game, nonsense difficulty, really badly balanced and designed.

32: Styx - Master of Shadows - PC (30/08/2018)
# Very well designed stealth game, recommended.

33 - Ghost 1.0 - PC (03/09/2018)
# Nice mix of metroidvania and dual stick shooter.

34 - Consortium - PC (03/09/2018)
# Amazing experience, super inmersive and well written, highly recommended.

35 - The Walking Dead: Michonne - PC (06/09/2018)
# Decent but short.

36 - Manual Samuel - PC (27/09/2018)
# Really original and funny game about manually controlling a human called Samuel.

37 - Battlefield 1 - PC (07/10/2018)
# Good but short single player.

38 - Adventure Escape - Dark Ruins - Mobile (17/11/2018)
# Decent escape room game with crappy story.

39 - Adventure Escape - Haunted Hunt - Mobile (24/11/2018)
# Decent escape room game with interesting story.

40 - Adventure Escape - Framed for Murder - Mobile (28/11/2018)
# Good escape room game with interesting story and good puzzles.

41 - Adventure Escape - Hidden Ruins - Mobile (01/12/2018)
# Decent escape room game.

42 - The Haunted Graveyard - PC (25/12/2018)
# Very good VR experience but short.

Hand of Fate
Trillion God of Destruction
Pokemon X
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Oct 25, 2017
January Report.

1. Dragon Quest (iOS)
2. Pokemon Ultra Sun
3. NHL 94 (SNES)
4. God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)
5. The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 1 (PS4)
6. Mortal Kombat (SNES)
7. The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 2 (PS4)
8. The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 3 (PS4)
9. Injustice 2 (PS4)
10. Pokemon Leaf Green

February Report

11. What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4)
12. The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 4 (PS4)
13. The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 5 (PS4)
14. Bayonetta (Switch)

March, April, and May Report.

15. Kirby Triple Deluxe
16. Kirby Star Allies
17. God of War Ascension
18. God of War (PS4)
19. Bioshock (PS4)
20. Bioshock 2 (PS4)
21. Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den (PS4)
22. Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 4 (PS4)
23. Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 5 (PS4)
24. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PS4)
25. Bioshock Infinite (PS4)
26. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 (PS4)
27. The Walking Dead Season 1: 400 Days (PS4)

June Report

28. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 (PS4)
29. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS4)
30. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4)
31. Pokemon Go (iOS)
32. Onimusha Warlords (PS2)
33. Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny
34. Super Mario Odyssey
35. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 (PS4)
36. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
37. Mega Man 5 (Switch)
38. Mega Man (Switch)
39. Mega Man 6 (Switch)

July, August, and September Report

40. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 (PS4)
41. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 (PS4)
42. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 (PS4)
43. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 (PS4)
44. Mega Man 4 (Switch)
45. Mega Man 2 (Switch)
46. Mega Man 3 (Switch)
47. Dragon Quest IX (DS)
48. Diablo 3
49. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4)
50. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (PS4)

October Report

51. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (PS4)
52. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD (PS4)
53. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage (PS4)
54. Darksiders Warmastered Edition (PS4)
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Oct 29, 2017
2017: 34 Games
2018 Goal: 35 games

2018 Complete: 52 games!!!!

Game 1. Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent ★★★ 4 Hours (Jan 1st to Jan 6th) - PC

Cheesy goofy story. Some puzzles were head scratchers mostly due to awkward wording.

Game 2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix HD ★★★★★ 30 Hours 30 Minutes (Jan 1st to Jan 10th) - PS4

Been slowly playing thru all the Kingdom Hearts games in the HD collection and so far this may be my favorite. Love the command system, love most of the characters and it was probably the most fun to play. The only fault I can give it was that playing the same worlds 3 times got tiring but the stories were kind of different enough. It really added a lot to the series and tried to make sense of the overarching mess of a plot it built and think it's crucial to even start understanding the series.

Game 3. TIMEframe ★★ 1 Hour (Jan 14th to Jan 14th) - PC

It wasn't bad for what it was but there wasn't much too it. Ran pretty sloppy for what it was. The single music track was good and the story was interestingish but pretty blank. The main flaw I would have to say is that it was a nifty experience but it really wasn't a game, which is why I gave it a 2 star.

Game 4. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD ★★★★ 21 Hours (Jan 12th to Jan 21st) - PS4

Getting near the end of my Kingdom Hearts run. This is probably the hardest of the games but I kind of enjoyed the weird Pokemon element. The flow of combat could be good but sometimes flow motion really damaged the combat for me at times but once I got a hang of it, it got better. The story really made the universe complicated for me but it had some good notes.

Game 5. Kingdom Hearts: 0.2 Birth By Sleep Fragmentary Passage ★★★★★ 2 Hours (Jan 21st to Jan 21st) - PS4

The graphics were off putting at first because it was quite different than what I was used to after just playing all the games but wow. It was gorgeous, the combat was quite smooth and just....incredible. If this is what Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be like, I am even more excited. The story was really sad to be honest and I really loved it. There was a lot to like about it and Aqua as a character might be my favorite in the series. Game is short but all the improvements and I have no faults I can point out...except the weird Aqua dress up you can do but I just ignored it.

Game 6. Monster Loves You ★★ 1 Hour (Jan 22nd to Jan 22nd) - PC

I wanted to like this game more but it was much to simple, much to straight forward. It was kind of a choose your own adventure book in game form but the story wasn't very good and every option led to very obvious results. The concept was fine but there was so much more they could of easily done to make this game a much much better experience.

Game 7. Q.U.B.E Directors Cut ★★★ 2 Hours Hour (Jan 23nd to Jan 24nd) - PC

I got major Portal vibes from the gameplay and it was something I had been looking for in a while. Some of the puzzles were hard but in a way that you could still easily figure out with some thought. Nice and varied and the game ran pretty well for the most part. Some stuttering when it would load a new zone but other than that ran smooth. The story was kind of tacked on but I felt it enough to keep you going and the puzzles themselves was the main attraction anyways. If you liked Portal I would recommend it.

Game 8. Star Wars: Republic Commando ★★★★ 9 Hours (Jan 25th to Jan 30th) - PC

It was a fun FPS. Definitely a port from a console so the aiming was a bit rough but there was fun moments and the story was pretty good. Loved how if you were downed you weren't immediately dead and your unit could save you, unlike other games where if your guys were down, you could save them but they couldn't save you. Hope we get a sequel for it some day but I won't hold my breath.

Game 9. VVVVVV ★★★ 2 Hours (Jan 30th to Jan 30th) - PC

I am not the best at platformers and god it took me a while to get a grasp on reversing gravity instead of you know, jumping. But once I figured it out I had so much fun. Loved how often save points were. Loved it.

Game 10. Papers Please ★★★★ 4 Hours (Feb 13th to Feb 14th) - PC

Such a unique game. Kind of zen with how simple it was. Got the 20th ending which I guess is the "best one" and the whole thing I did for my country. I screwed up quite a few times but nothing too bad. Damn fake papers.

Game 11. Thirty Flights of Loving ★ 30 Minutes (Feb 16th to Feb 16th) - PC

I absolutely hated this. I know at the time it was released reviewers liked it but.....the story was odd, the game play was just walking. The end the graphics looked like they just forgot to finish and I thought it was a glitch? Maybe there is something I am not getting but awful awful awful.

Game 12. The Last of Us: Remastered ★★★★★ 14.5 Hours (Jan 31st to Feb 17th) - PS4

I do not understand why it took me so long to play this but holy shit. This was probably one of the greatest games I ever played. The story was moving and unique. The gameplay (on hard) was challenging at times and completely fair. Such a masterpiece.

Game 13. The Last of Us: The Left Behind ★★★★ 2.5 Hours (Feb 17th to Feb 17th) - PS4

Not quite as good as the main story, gameplay was a bit more frustrating at points but the story still held up. Filled in some blanks from the main story and showed some of the past as well. A short experience but definitely worthwhile.

Game 14. Super Mario Bros ★★★★ 2 Hours (Feb 18th to Feb 18th) - NES

I had played this when I was a child but never ended up beating it. It's amazing how tight of a platformer they created back then. Every mistake was my own so I was never too angry when I fell down the same pit for the 10th time.

Game 15. Firewatch ★★★★ 3 Hours (Feb 18th to Feb 20th) - PC

Narrative was really good. Honestly it really showed how isolation can really effect people. It was honestly incredibly wonderful and can't wait to play the next thing from the developer.

Game 16. Super Mario Bros 2 ★★★ 3 Hours (Mar 3rd to Mar 10th) - NES

Did not enjoy this as much as the first one. More detail, multiple characters and actual boss battles. That said the game felt...almost unfinished. I still enjoyed it for the most part.

Game 17. Batman Arkham Knight ★★★ 30 Hours (Feb 27th to Mar 19th) - PS4

Felt GTA but everyone everywhere is a bad guy and out to kill you. I know some people didn't like the vehicle sessions much but I quite enjoyed it. Knocked it down a peg because of a "intentional" glitch. If you complete all but 2 of the big sidequest chains before you beat the main game, you CANNOT finish the game without 100% it... which is absolutely bull shit. I had to watch the games ending on youtube because of it.

Game 18. Ratchet & Clank ★★★★ 11 Hours (Mar 19th to Mar 26th) - PS4

Really enjoyed this. It was kind of shallow story was but gameplay was solid and fun. Using all the weapons was super exciting and interesting. And overall it was just....really really enjoyable to play.

Game 19. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ★★★ 35 Hours (Mar 26th to May 8th) - PC

I thought nostalgia would of made this better but man...even with mods and the like I just had a hard time enjoying it. Tried exploring and stuff but I just...didn't enjoy it. I then mainlined some main quests and the writing somehow got worse. I don't understand why cause I know it is a good game just, couldn't really enjoy it.

Game 20. Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age ★★★★ 43 Hours (May 8th to June 5th) - PS4

When I first tried to play this game when it originally came out I found the game painfully slow and really hard to get into. Square listened to that complained and now allows you to speed everything up. This allowed me to really get into it and it had me immersed. I then got to a point in the story where I just...wanted to complete it. I no longer wanted to hunt for summons or do more hunts, I just wanted to finish it. I don't know why. I think its cause the actual gameplay kind of gets....stale after a certain point. Thankfully the speed up really helps with that.

Game 21. Duck Tails ★★★★ 2 Hours (June 7) - NES

The picture says Remastered but I played the original. Hit a point in the first level with the helicopter that for some reason...I couldn't get past that damn bee. Went, had a coffee and came back and just....destroyed it. Its a short game and it took me longer than a lot of people but I really really enjoyed it. I am not good at platformers and never grew up with a Nintendo system. I didn't really get into gaming until the Gameboy and N64 so this era was completely missed for me. I am really amazed by how well some of these games still hold up. Lack of check points and saving definitely dates it but with the game being short I can understand why.

Game 22. Contra ★★★ 1.5 Hours (June 8th) - NES

Game 23. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare ★★★ 7 Hours (June 8th - June 9th) - Xbox One

Game 24. Horizon Zero Dawn ★★★★★ 45 Hours (June 13th to July 20th) - PS4

Game 25. Chroma Squad ★★★★ 10 Hours (July 24 to July 25) - PC

Game 26. Limbo ★★★★ 4 Hours (July 26) - PC

Game 27. Battle Chief Brigade ★★★★ 10 Hours (July 26 to July 28) - PC

Game 28. Owlboy ★★★★ 8 Hours (July 29 to August 2) - PC

Game 29. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare ★★★★ 9.5 Hours (August 3 to August 4) - Xbox One

Game 30. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune ★★★★ 6.5 Hours (August 8 to August 10) - PS4

Game 31. Castlevania ★★★ 4 Hours (August 11 to August 14) - NES

Game 32. Kirby's Dream Land ★★★★ 1 Hour (August 16) - Wii

Game 33. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ★★★★★ 9 Hours (August 11 to August 16) - PS4

Game 34. Kirby's Adventure ★★★★★ 4 Hours (August 17 to August 20) - Wii

Game 35. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception ★★★★ 6.5 Hours(August 17 to August 23) - PS4

Game 36. Kirby's Dream Land 2 ★★★ 4 Hours (August 21 to August 25) - Wii

Game 37. Kirby: Super Star Ultra ★★★★ 6 Hours (August 26 to August 30) - DS

Game 38. Pokemon Omega Ruby ★★★★ 29 Hours (August 27 to September 14) - 3DS

Game 39. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ★★★★★ 16 Hours (September 15 to October 1) - PS4
Game 40. Gears of War 4 ★★★★ 12 Hours (October 10 to October 20) - Xbox One

Game 41. Final Fantasy VI ★★★★★ 47 Hours (August 1 to October 22) - SNES

Game 42. Pokemon Leaf Green ★★★★ 30 Hours (October 1 to October 25) - GBA

Game 43. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D ★★★★ 30 Hours (January 1 to November 20) - 3DS

Game 44. Middle Earth: Shadow of War ★★★ 28 Hours (October 23 to November 22) - PS4

Game 45. NHL 18 ★★★ 50 Hours (March 3 to November 24) - PS4

Game 46. Kirby's Dreamland 3 ★★ 4 Hours (August 30 to November 11) -Wii

Game 47. Pokemon Soul Silver ★★★★ 34.5 Hours (October 26 to December 2)

Game 48. Monument Valley ★★★★ 2 Hours (December 6)

Game 49. Manual Samuel ★★★ 2 Hours (December 9)

Game 50. South Park: The Fractured But Whole ★★★★ 21 Hours (November 26 to December 12) - PS4

Game 51. Tacoma ★★★★ 3 Hours (December 16) - PC

Game 52. Kirby 64 ★★ 5 Hours (December 16 to December 23) - Wii
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Oct 25, 2017
Looks like my first one this year's gonna be South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and I may as well knock out Fire Emblem Echoes when i'm done with it. Progress so far is nothing but it's day 2 so we'll see!


Completed: 1/2/18
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
4/5 Stars
Game was fantastic all around. Story and characters were exactly what I expect from modern south park and I adore modern south park. Super Craig was by far the MVP in terms of dialogue. Mackey's Counselling session in the gym might be propping this game up for me but I still laugh when i think about that opening. So great all around.

Completed: 1/9/18
Doki Doki Literature Club
4/5 Stars
I'm not going to rag on the game's length or anything. I knew what to expect from the game length wise. The story was fantastically not as cliche as i would expect and after the first act I was fully invested. Haven't gone back and done the perfect run yet but it's definitely on the list for now!

In Progress:
Yakuza 0
I'm on chapter 7 and i've completely fallen in love with Goro and Kiryu. This game might stretch into February for me so i may need to find some more short games like Doki Doki to keep my count afloat. Absolutely trying to take in all the sites along the way. Game does a good job of dissuading me from a rush job. Excited to see where my life as a realestate agent takes me.

Breath of the Wild Master Mode:
I finished the base game last year and never really dove in to the DLC or bothered to 100% it, not including seeds. This is going to be a 100% run. Currently sitting at 1 beast and 48 shrines and I'm having a blast. Goal right now is work my way to a second or third stamina wheel(bum rushed hearts to get the master sword asap.) and do the master trials before moving onto the other beasts. 170+ hours in and i'm still loving every minute. No Arrows in the shop definitely was stumbling point for me, but i'm getting creative about it. Game is a 4.8/5 for me, i'm let down by the lack of story after how much i loved skyward sword's take on the usual Zelda bits.
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Oct 28, 2017
South Africa
Won't hit the 52 most probably as I'm 100% all the games. But so far completed 20/52

#1. The Final Station (19.8hrs):
The base game has a nice side scrolling take on survival/resource management with a interesting universe to boot. The game started falling apart with the DLC though... having to refinish it 11 times to get snippets of "lore" was nothing but tiring. 6.5/10

#2. Crimsonland (12.8hrs):

A classic I played in the early 2000's. Wide variety of weapons and perks to pick from which both adds strategy and different spins on each run. I was really sad there was no achievement for the Typing Mini game which was always my favorite part :p 7.5/10

#3. Black Mesa (7.5hrs):

Was nice revisiting Half-Life with a new coat of paint. I must admit though, that for every new piece of scenery they added to flesh out the world, there were a couple gameplay changes that just seemed off. Glowing assassin eyes, mew ladder mechanics, breaking the tentacle fight. 7/10

#4. Replica (2hrs):
Saw this game advertised on a newsletter mentioning it kinda like "Papers Please". I can kinda see where they were coming from, but this isn't really a game. It has handful of clever puzzles but it feels more like a proof on concept then a actual game. 5/10

#5. Hexcells Infinite (7hrs)

A nice little puzzle game that reminds me a lot of minesweeper. The constant calculating solutions and seeing it pay off is nice and rewarding. Until the dreaded "?" tiles appears and it becomes a crap shoot half the time. 8/10

#6. Squarecells (7hrs)

This game ended up being a twisted a demonic combination of minesweeper and Sudoku. A lot of fun if not frustrating at times. 7/10

#7. Bioshock Remaster
Was nice going back to rapture and reliving where it all started. The gameplay has aged a bit but overall it is still a solid game. The added challenge maps were nice even if they were only a handful. 7/10

#8. Into the Breach
This was such a fun game to play. A turn based puzzle game, with different teams each with their own unique play style and upside/downsides. Really hope this turns into a series of some kind. 9/10

#9. Portal
I originally played a pirated copy of portal so decided to finally go back and play it properly. Still just as fun, and the challenge maps like the step count is way more fun then it should be. 8/10

#10. Millie
A small indie game that combines classic snake with some power ups like cutting off excess length, ice skates to turn on ice floors and so forth. The flying sections though can go to hell. 6/10

#11. Hunie Pop
Match 3 type game with overarching dating story line. Game is a hell of a lot harder then you'd think it would be, as you really need to pay attention to questions, items and requirements to not get stuck. 8/10

#12. Mini Metro
This is my go-to when I need to relax. The music and sound effects work really well with the minimal design aesthetic to offer you a unique little puzzle game revolving around optimization.

#13. Mafia 3
Such wasted potential on this one. An atmospheric game set after Vietnam, and delving into the KKK and how far their influence reached. But it just never hit its full potential. Also Burke's overall backstory was really well done. 7/10

#14. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
A throwback to Castlevania of old. Multiple characters you can either recruit or swap for abilities gives a surprising amount of replay value. 9/10

#15. Batman Arkham Knight
The last of the Arkham Trilogy that tried tying up all lose ends with such haste that a lot of it just came off as so-so. As every encounter has this do or die feeling about it, but at the end of the day you realize that the story never went anywhere. It is mostly fan service and tomorrow all the villains will be out and about again. 7/10

#16. Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Edition
A remaster that does not add anything of note (no new campaign/races/skirmish maps). At its heart though it is the same game I grew up playing day in and day out. 7.5/10

#17. SteamWorld Heist
This game was actually a treat to play. It is a strange mix of XCOM like turn based combat where cover plays a massive roll. Yet it is a 2D sidescroller that relies on actual aiming from the player. Random gear drop and unique encounters makes this a very fun little game to play. 8.5/10

#18. Dead Rising 3
My first venture into Dead Rising games and it was a lot of fun. Story was as over the top as I could have imagined, clothing to look like the dumbest savior ever. 8/10

Finally made the time to go back to MGS5 and actually finishing it properly. I forgot how many little things the game did right and how improvising can make a bad run turn into something of legends. The animal collection portion though was terrible beyond belief. 9/10

#20. Thumper
I had very little idea what I was getting myself into with this game. I thought it would be a simpler Audiosurf where you can't use your own music. I was so very wrong. Pure dread at the objects speeding towards you not being sure if your reflexes would be fast enough for that S-Rank. Level 9-27 was just something else. 8.5/10

Currently playing:
- Hitman 2
- Thronebreaker
- 4 Player Coop Divinity 2
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Nov 8, 2017
Reserving a spot. My backlog is ridiculous because I'm terrible at finishing games, so maybe this year I can turn that around.


Oct 27, 2017
Reserving a spot, I'll try my best lol.

Completed: 1/52
Game #1

Watch Dogs 2 (PS4) - 26 hrs.

This was on my backlog for a while, but I've finally got around to finishing the main story. Coming from someone who actually enjoyed the first game, the sequel surpasses it in so many ways. The story was quite lacking though, and the characters were mostly forgettable, especially the terrible antagonist. Despite that, it's a great open world game to play around in.

Currently playing:
Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)
SteamWorld Dig 2 (Switch)
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Oct 27, 2017
Completed 54/52

1: Nier Automata (1/6/2018) - PC
Liked the story hated the gameplay, could have been half as long. I finished the three main ending plus a few additional ones.

2: Ronin (1/8/2018) - PC
Great game. An awesome reward system for doing the extra objectives. Final level threw in a cool mechanic. More people should play this game.

3: Neon Drive (1/8/2018) - PC
Nice short palate cleanse. Really enjoyed the look, which is what this game is about. I also liked after you finished a level there's a none fail mode which is great for my two-year-old wants to play.

4: Trine 2 (1/13/2018) - PC
It was ok, the last few levels I was just playing to get through it. I forgot how swimmy the jumping is, and the puzzles feel janky like I'm breaking the game not solving it. I'm sure some people like these physics puzzles, but they don't feel satisfying.

5: Player Unknown's Battle Grounds (1/24/2018) - PC
Not for me mostly because I suck at the game. Maybe I came in too late but I am not enjoying my time with it. I feel like it gave it a good shot but wish I could have my $30 back. Every time I would boot it up I would gravitate towards something else after one match. I'm glad it exists and people enjoy it but I probably will only check in occasionally so people can kick my butt.

6: Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 4 - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood (1/30/2018) - PC
The jokes are good but the puzzles are not fun.

7: Batman The tell Tale Series - Episode 1: Realm of Shadows (2/3/2018) - PC
Great start to the series. Exciting to see where they take it.

8: Ratchet and Clank 2016 (2/5/2018) - PS4
Asweome game. I remember loving the first few games and this brought back a lot of those memories. I love the dual upgrading system via crystals and just using the guns. Also, it looks amazing.

9: Kamiko (2/8/2018) - Switch
Cool little game. The three different characters are cool and mix things up just enough to make it interesting. I wish there were more games like this, short, fun, $5.

10: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2/18/2018) - PC
Awesome game. I missed it when it first came out. Really enjoyed the last third of the game when you start being able to brand orcs and order them to do tasks for you. I was having a really hard time with one of the last war chiefs and I Branded all of his closest followers and then was able to wipe out that war chief with ease. Very satisfying moment. Probably won't play the second game anytime soon since I heard it was too much of a good thing.

11: Batman The tell Tale Series - Episode 2: Children of Arkham (2/19/2018) - PC
Wow, some crazy choices. I really want to know what difference my choices would have made in the game if any. I'm a lot more invested in the story.

12: Owlboy (2/20/2018) - Switch
Simply beautiful game. You can tell the developers put their heart into this game. Every part of the game is well thought out and plays wonderfully. I can't imagine pixel art being better than whats shown in this game, the pleasing aesthetic looks great throughout the entire game. The story is well thought out and good from beginning to end. I usually don't care much about music but it's perfect for the game. There isn't any padding and I never could tell where the game was going, the opposite of Zelda when you know how many dungeons there are going to be depending on how many pieces of whatever you've collected. I hope more people play this game.

13: Tales of Monkey IIsland: Chapter 5: Riise of the Pirate God (3/8/2018) - PC
Glad to finish up this series. I enjoyed the jokes and the puzzles were kinda cool but mostly frustrating because I'm no good at riddles. I thought it was funny they had a cliffhanger since I doubt this series will ever have another game.

14: Titanfall 2 (3/16/2018) - PC
Tight Package. I picked the game up for $5 which is crazy. I knew I only wanted the play the single player and I enjoyed it start to finish. This is what a game feels like when there is no padding. The story was surprisingly good and BT the robot was excellent. I love that they would introduce new mechanics and they throw them away before they got old. I'm excited about the next game.

15: Mario + Rabbids (4/4/2018) - Switch
First time I've been able to finish a turn-based strategy game. I usually burn out after a while and never am interested in going back (except XCOM, I will conquer that game sometime). Mario + Rabbids is like candy; fun, bright, exciting, colorful.
Things I liked about it, new characters on par with existing characters. The easy mode and that I can turn it on per battle basis, I never finished turned based strategy games because that last quarter of the game is always so hard. Points redistribution for perks at any time, why don't more games do this? The simple puzzles that were never too hard. The battlefields were not some random location that was separate from the rest of the world but that you could backtrack through the same battlefield you were just in, it just made the game feel cool.
Ah, so many cool things about this game. Hope they make another one.

16: Sea of Thieves (4/14/2018) - PC
Cool game, played about eight hours and had my fill and am just going to count it as finished. I Played a bunch with my nephew who loves it, and I'll play some more with him if he wants to play more but I'm not interested in this game anymore on my own unless they add a bunch of new cool stuff. Overall a fun first few hours learning the mechanics out then it feels like a slog. Also, I rarely ran into other pirates which was really disappointing.

17: Gears of War 4 (4/14/2018) - PC
Was ok, every time I play a Gears of War game I'm very quickly reminded that I don't love this series and should stop playing them. They feel and look like a quality game and can be really fun at times but overall I'm just bored with the gameplay. It feels shallow, which can be refreshing if played after playing a long complicated RPG but I've been playing Sea of Thieves with is a very show game despite being on the sea most of the time.... Anyway, unless Gears five is dramatically different I don't need to play it.

18: Steam World Dig 2 (4/17/2018) - PC
I really enjoyed SWD2, I played the first game not too long ago and liked it but wasn't as satisfying as the second iteration. The game only took me about six hours to finish and I played it on my work computer on my commute in. The constant loop of upgrades comes in rapid succession and make the game very satisfying. By the end of the game, the dirt is barely an obstacle and you literally are rocketing through it. Can't wait for the next game.

19: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (4/21/2018) - PC
I remember seeing this game when it first came out and wanting to play it back then. I finally got the game and played through it the Arcade mode, really fun and Galactus was freaking hard. I played using the simple mode which I'm not sure that was in the original version of the game but it was great for someone like me to just pick it up and enjoy the cool looking moves without spending a lot of time trying to execute the cool stuff.

20: Batman The tell Tale Series - Episode 3: New World Order (4/23/2018) - PC
Not as interesting as chapter three, none of my decisions seem important since it's obvious how they write about my choices to have a similar result. I'm still amazed at the choices you can make in the previous episode but this one not so much.

21: Psychonauts (4/25/2018) - PC
I 9played this game in two chunks separated by a few years, yes years. It took me half hour to figure out the controls and what was going on in the story. Overall it's pretty clever game. Not very many games are made with so many different mechanics with every world. Sounds like a lot of work to make it all come together. Its an older game but it held up really good. The only real gripe I had was some platforming challenges were pretty bad near the end that made the game frustrating and not fun.

22: Batman The tell Tale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham (4/26/2018) - PC
The story is heating up, about all the Batman tech not working. I like that the game doesn't shy away from violent acts and explores some dark topics including child abuse.

23: Kirby: Star Allies (4/27/2018) - Switch
This game only took me around five hours to finish, and this game is $60. Glad I didn't pay that much for it luckily my brother in law let me borrow it. It was fun and didn't overstay its welcome with the shallow mechanics but I doubt I will ever play it again.

24: Batman The tell Tale Series - Episode 5: City of Light (4/27/2018) - PC
I'm happy with the story. My favorite part of the game is when you can choose to tackle an issue as either Bruce Wayne or Batman. Those choices could create some replay value but I usually don't go back. I like that they sewed up the storyline. Obviously, the other game is already out, not sure if I will play it since the Joker is so overdone.

25: Batman Arkham Knight (6/1/2018) - PC
Great story, really fun, loved the car combat. I hope they remaster it in five years to run better on PC.

26: Mega Man 7 (6/6/2018) - Switch
Finally got around to this one after finishing the first six games for the first time over a decade ago. I like it. The end gets really dark with Mega Man trying to kill Dr. Willey. There's not much story but I didn't see that coming. Hopefully, now that I got the 2nd legacy collection it won't be another 13 years before I finish 8.

27: Hollowed (6/19/2018) - PC
Short, Sweet, Free. No reason you shouldn't play this game. Introduces some cool mechanics and moves on. I wish there were more game like this, and they don't even have to be free.

28: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (6/21/2018) - PC
The more I played the more I enjoyed it. The story was cool.

29: High Hell (7/4/2018) - PC
Awesome short shooter. The last boss was a pain.

30. Manual Samuel (7/7/2018) - PC
Funny game, the mechanic was old after half an hour, good thing it only took an hour to play through. Just glad got to land his kickflip.

31. Mass Effect (7/20/2018) - PC
The Mass Effect trilogy is my favorite game. I love all three for different reasons but they are the greatest games ever made. The game holds up great. Combat is a little buggy but I've played it so much I'm used to it and know how to work with it. The story is amazing and is so interesting even though I know it so well. Can't wait to move onto 2.

32. Prune (7/22/2018) - Android
Pretty game, I felt cultured after playing it.

33. Battle Chef Brigade (7/23/2018) - PC
Huge surprise. I got this game for free and decided to just look at it to educate myself on what it was, but ended up really liking the game. The mix between the match three type puzzle and brawling was awesome. The hand-drawn studio Ghibli look with sharp high def UI was pleasant and will never look out of date. The creators did a lot with a little. The combat wasn't the deepest thing in the world but I wouldn't have had it any different with the type of game it was. The combat was satisfying but simple. I like that the air juggles were really easy to pull off. The one gripe I had with the game is the lack of a third playable character. I was surprised when they initially changed the playable character and the way he felt made the game feel fresh. I was sure they were going to make the third character playable in the story but my guess is they ran out of money, but I could be wrong. I always love it when a game like this comes along and really surprises me.

34. Headlander (8/1/2018) - PC
I'm glad I finished it, the humor was good like all Double Fine games are. The gameplay didn't feel as tight as I would have hoped. The aesthetic is what sold me on it in the end. The story is whatever, I kinda lost interest in it halfway through.

35. Lumines Remastered (8/30/2018) - Switch
At first, I didn't really like it but once I started to understand how the patterns work it became a lot more entertaining. Never actually got all 100 skins but I got my fill.

36. God of War (9/8/2018) - PS4
What an amazing story, I'm already excited for the sequel. I played the first two game and I think a PSP game and they were ok, kinda mundane. Every part of this was great, the best part was the last boss battle, usually, games end on a low note but I really enjoyed the ending and it left things in a cool place.

37. Donut County (9/15/2018) - PS4
I loved this game, I really wish there were more chill games like this that didn't take long to finish. I played through the entire game with my three-year-old son and he really enjoyed it. The controls were simple enough that he understood what was going on and played more of the game then I did. I had to help him with most of the puzzle parts but it was a fun bonding experience.

38. Super Mario Bros. 3 (9/21/2018) - Switch
First NES game on Switch I finished. The game is still amazing.

39. Monument Valley 2 (9/24/2018) - Android
Just as good as the first one. Really enjoyed my time with the game. I'll happily play a third game. The best part of the game is the puzzles are a perfect difficulty.

40. Iconoclasts (9/25/2018) - Switch
Fantastic game, the look of the game is amazing the gameplay is tight especially liked fighting the boss'. The story was hard to follow at times and the dialog dragged at times but I'm really happy about the game overall.

41. Metal Slug 3 (10/5/2018) - PC
mmmmm not so great. The port was bad, it kept slowing down and crashing to desktop. My wife played the game with me but we finally just watched the last 3 minutes because the game kept crashing so I technically didn't beat this game but I'm counting it anyway. Not recommended.

42. Portal (10/7/2018) - PC
The third or fourth time I've finished this game. This time I starting playing on a Saturday evening with the intention of finishing the game in one sitting but I got so nauseous from the game that I layed down and fell asleep on the couch.

43. World of Goo (10/25/2018) - PC
This game is still very good. My three year old loved it as well. I enjoy it a lot because the puzzles weren't too hard.

44. Marvels Spider-Man (10/27/2018) - PS4
Peter Parker says a lot of stupid stuff and I loved it. I never played spiderman 2 the game so I don't have that love for the swinging like everyone kept talking about but I really loved this game. The gameplay was amazing and just getting around was such a blast. The story was better than any of the movies and the ending really hit hard. I can't wait for the next one. I might actually play the DLC.

45. Full Throttle Remastered (10/31/2018) - PC
Finally finished this game. I've probably pirated this game 3 or 4 times in my life and never could get through it, mostly due to technical issues with the emulation. For the record, I did pay for the remaster. The game is very funny and some of the puzzles are pretty clever. My favourite is early on when you use the lock on the door to climb the chain. Also love the switching between old and new graphics. I'm surprised how good the original graphics look.

46. Forza Horizon 4 (10/31/2018) - PC
Other than Mario Kart this is the best racing games since Burnout Paradise. Usually, start a racing game and only play about the first three hours or so. This one was a blast. Its the first horizon game I've played and I'm already looking forward to Horizon 5. The best part was the showcase events. Also, I loved how fast they got you into the game, they had that cool montage at the beginning and it threw you right in.

47. Super Mario World (11/8/2018) - SNES Classic
First game I finished on the SNES classic and I got it when it came out. Of course, the game is still great.

48. Celest (11/14/2018) - Switch
I started playing Super Meat boy again an nearly finished it when I realized I hadn't played Celest yet. Both games have a lot in common but I think I like the cohesive nature and the simple story more in Celest. Also, the part where your "fighting" your shadow is amazing and I felt so cool.

49. Florence (11/17/2018) - Phone
Very cute, barely a game but it gave me the feels. Going to make my wife play it.

50. Minit (11/23/2018) - Switch
If a legend of Zelda game had to but under two hours long you would get Minit. The time gimmick is perfect because it makes you think different but the gated progression works well and the charm of the game worked really well on me.

51. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void (12/05/2018) - PC
Fantastic RTS, felt like no one was talking about this game so I just passed it when it first came out, finally got it due to a Black Friday sale. Loved the first two episodes/expansions and the Zerg campaign is still my favorite of the three but I would have played this much sooner if I would have realized how much fun it is. The only part I didn't think was that great was the story.

52. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (12/10/2018) - Switch
Another Smash Brothers game, a lot like the last one but ya know, its Smash Brothers. I'll continue to play it because my three year old loves the game. Didn't play any of the online, but not that interested in getting my butt kicked. Another thought, I don't like the continuing trend of making the levels small, it's obviously an intentional design decision but I miss Hyrule castle on melee being this huge map and the last few games they shrunk it down.

53. Journey (12/12/2018) - PS4
The second time I finished it, better than I remember. I didn't run into any other players but I think I think I prefer it that way because I didn't feel pressure to keep moving forward, instead I took time and made my scarf real long.

54. Syndicate 2012 (12/27/2018) - PC
This game was rad, bummed that more people didn't talk about it or buy it. I would have played it much sooner if I would have know how good it was.

Stopped Playing
Kill Zone Shadow Fall
- Booooooooring. Played for about two hours. Did not enjoy it at all. Maybe I'm not in the right headspace right now for this type of game. I'll have to try again in a year or so.

Enter the Gungeon - Really like it, I've put about 15 hours into it but hit a wall. The game doesn't have enough of a drip feed for progression and I just couldn't get any further than beating the third boss. The fourth level cleaned my clock every time. Wish I could cheat engine my way through the rest but I bought it on the switch.

Songbringer - This game is cool but I just couldn't get myself to keep playing. Not in the mood for this type of game right now. Maybe in a few years. Was a Kickstarter backer on the game.

Flinthook - My favorite Roguelike in a while. Played up through the 3rd world. Like Enter the Gungeon I hit a wall with the difficulty.

Dark Siders - Played a good chunk of the game but just got bored with it.

Tales of Bersaria - didn't grab me, would be a better game when I was 15.

Assassins Creed Odessey - I was apart of project stream which worked quite well. I'm excited about what that's going to mean for the future of games. The game I just so daunting. They need to make the game about a fourth the length or something. I have a hard time committing to a game I know is going to be 80 hours long. Maybe I'll pick it back up before the year is out.
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Oct 25, 2017
Failed to make it to 52 two years in a row, let's try this again.

Completed 2/52

Currently Playing:

COD WW2 Multiplayer
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight
Icewind Dale 2

1. Icewind Dale: EE
PC - 04/01/2018 - 30 hours - 8.0/10

Classic dungeon crawler, kinda overstays it's welcome near the end. The Heart of Winter expansion is good. Trials of the Luremaster is not (nothing but annoying monsters and damage sponges).

2. Planescape: Torment EE
PC - 06/01/2018 - 21 hours - 8.5/10

Last time I beat this game was more then 10 years ago. The story, dialog and companions are still the best ever put in a video game imo. But I found the game a lot more flawed then I remembered gameplay wise. There's a bunch of combat but it's pretty much all brain dead. There's a ton of cool spells but, as a mage, I maybe cast a dozen during the entire game because fights would end so fast there was no point. Why does the Thief class even exist? You can bash 99% of every locker and door open and there are very few traps. This version of the game also would crash on average once an hour.
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Oct 26, 2017
I've attempted this twice before and usually lose pace, but I hope to actually finish this year and play through a lot of shorter games that I have backlogged.

Progress: 0/52

So far I've started:

1. The Evil Within 2
2. Nioh
3. Dream Daddy
4. Pyre


Oct 27, 2017
I managed to do it last year, and felt like I hadn't played many games in comparison to previous years, so I assume I've been doing this successfully for some time without posting it. I don't know if I'll continue that trend this year, as I may take a break from gaming -- at least lessen my gaming and try to do other things -- but we'll see.

Completed: 21/52

Game 1: Road Rage
: Awful game, but I don't like starting things without completing them.

Game 2: Super Mario Galaxy 2: I finally played this game, after buying it on day one. It's really good, but I prefer the first one.

Game 3: Albert & Otto: This was supposed to have four episodes, but it doesn't seem like anything other than the first will ever be released. It was a decent LIMBO-style game.

Game 4: Dead Horizon: A very short game about gunslinging, with retro visuals. Kind of like an interactive visual novel. It was very short, but relatively enjoyable for the several minutes it lasted.

Game 5: Juniper's Knot: I guess I'd downloaded this sometime when it was free, but never really played it. This isn't my normal type of game, or something I'd ever spend money on, but it was okay and was very short.

Game 6: OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes: A decent brawler/RPG based on a popular TV show on Cartoon Network. It's just really repetitive.

Game 7: Gravel: It's fun, but has issues. I enjoyed my time with it despite them and would play a sequel. I'll probably go back and finish the events I didn't.

Game 8: Dead Rising 4: I beat the Frank Rising DLC the first time I played through it, last year, but didn't bother this time. I completed the main game in about 9 hours. Different version.

Game 9: Burnout Paradise Remastered: It's aged, but it's still a fun and frantic racer that keeps you on your toes. I had fun revisiting this one, even if it did get awfully repetitive after a while.

Game 10: The Count Lucanor: I didn't know what to expect from this one, but it was an interesting and enjoyable little indie. Recommended.

Game 11: Far Cry 5: A very good game, and one of the best I've played in a while.

Game 12: Batman: The Enemy Within: The second season was a rather good addition to an already good game. I wouldn't call it great, but well above average.

Game 13: Tesla Versus Lovecraft: I never expected to play a game with this title or subject matter, but its works! It's a fun little twin stick shooter, and one that provides a good challenge.

Game 14: God of War: I really liked it.

Game 15: Monster Energy Supercross: It's a decent motorbike game.

Game 16: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: This one is a standout. I'm glad I played it.

Game 17: Detroit: Become Human: A very cinematic and rather good game.

Game 18: Unravel Two: Decent, but certainly not memorable or as good as the first one. Kind of bland at times.

Game 19: LEGO The Incredibles: Better than most LEGO games.

Game 20: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit: Good storytelling, great visuals and a good backstory. It was charming but had kind of boring gameplay.

Game 21: Far Cry 3: Classic Edition: One of my favourite games. It was nice to play it again.
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Oct 27, 2017
Failed last year but I'll go for it again this year because why not?

Currently lined up for January

1. AC Origins
2. Uncharted Lost Legacy
3. Hellblade
4. DmC DE

I'm actually putting them in a folder named for the month. On the first of every month the name will change and all the games inside will replaced with new ones irrespective of whether I finished them or not. Hopefully solves the procrastination issue.


Finished games

1: Assassin's Creed: Origin
Completed 2/1/18 - 36 hours
Took longer than I expected but enjoyed the romp from start to finish. This is the first AC game I finished since Revelations.

2: Uncharted Lost Legacy
Completed 6/1/18 - 8 hours

Absolutely loved it, even more so than UC4. Totally did not expect a full fledged campaign like PS3 UC games. I can't believe they developed it in just over a year.

3: DmC DE
Completed 31/1/18 - 11 hours

Much better than I expected. The story is still bad and characters unlikable, but what saved it is the revamped combat with Hardcore mode and 20% boosted speed. Will do Virgil's Downfall sometime later.

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Nov 1, 2017
Let's do this again, reserving a spot.

Hopefully I'll have time to fix my PS2/get a new one this year, I have a stack of games I'd like to play on it. I'll try and focus even more on clearing up my backlog. All those games in my Steam library, whew...

1 | Little Nightmares | PC
3.5 hours | Completed Jan. 3rd

A dark and disturbing little adventure, reminded me of Inside quite a bit. The game sort of had an "adults' bedtime story" vibe which I really liked, it didn't go full on horror but was genuinely creepy during the stealth and chase sections. The controls and physics felt pretty good, like they had some weight to them. The camera perspective made some jumps a bit difficult but other than that I liked the pseudo-2.5D view. The story was pretty vague and mysterious but I don't really mind games leaving things open to interpretation. Overall I enjoyed Little Nightmares and I'll probably check out the DLC at some point too.

2 | Darkwood | PC
28 hours | Completed Jan. 7th

I didn't know much about this game but I picked it up during the Steam winter sale because of the high praise it was getting and it definitely didn't disappoint. It's a pretty harsh survival horror game where your goal is to escape from the woods that consume anything and everything around you. The 2D top-down perspective might be a bit off-putting at first glance but the game plays really well and it's seriously scary. The world of Darkwood is rotten, disgusting and hopeless - and so are the characters and creatures you encounter throughout the game. The story is really intriguing and the game does a great job fleshing out the world with notes, photos and other tidbits of lore you'll find while exploring. The game is quite challenging but not straight-up unfair, it doesn't spell everything out for you so you have to experiment what certain items do for example by experimenting for yourself. The main character also keeps track of main story events in his journal and scribbles locations/landmarks on the map when you're near them but it's up to you to make sense of it all. The game has a day and night cycle and when it's night-time you really don't want to be outside. The nights in this game are no joke - you never know what will happen even if you're glued to the wall in a well-lit room and armed to the teeth. The nights are eerie and dangerous and the sound design honestly rivals the likes of Silent Hill in my opinion. I could go on and on about this game and the terrifying moments I had with it but I'd rather people played it for themselves so if you're a survival horror fan, please give Darkwood a chance, it's a fantastic game and it's an amazing accomplishment considering it's mostly made by only three guys. They have crafted something truly special and I wholeheartedly recommend this game.

03 | SteamWorld Dig 2 | PC
~9.5 hours | Completed Jan. 11th

Relaxing and fun, an all-around nice package. I haven't played the other SteamWorld games and I always thought the art style was a bit off-putting but this game had a neat, polished look to it which I didn't mind. The main gameplay loop consisting of digging, going back to the town, buying a few upgrades and going back digging was quite satisfying. Also the little challenge dungeons brought some nice variety to the game. The soundtrack was pretty tight too, loved the town music. Cool game for sure!

04 | Machinarium | PC
4.5 hours | Completed Jan. 12th

After playing Samorost 3 I felt like playing Machinarium again. I had forgotten how difficult some of the puzzles were, especially that damn tic-tac-toe game at the bar, grrr... This is still my favourite Amanita Design game, the characters are wonderful, the story is funny and the art is great. Great point and click, play it if you haven't already!

05 | This War of Mine | PC
14 hours | Completed Jan. 19th

I've been returning to this every now and then and decided to do a couple of playthroughs again with different survivors. Really good survival game that portrays war in a more realistic manner than most games do. Surviving day by day while trying to keep everyone happy, healthy and fed is really tough especially on your first playthrough but it feels super rewarding once you actually manage to survive the war. The main gameplay mostly consists of scavenging, crafting, sneaking around and trading (and managing your inventory, haha) and it's pretty easy to just sink a couple of hours into it in a single sitting. There's a lot of replayability and every playthrough is at least a little different but you definitely start to memorize the different locations and how to deal with certain situations/enemies after a while. I don't have many pet peeves with the game but I will say that the combat (and especially escaping from combat situations) feels really clunky sometimes and the game should also save when it's night-time. Great game nonetheless and I'll most likely return to it again in a few months.

06 | Max Payne | PC
6.5 hours | Completed Jan. 23rd

Really solid third-person shooter with a great dark and grimy noir story. The game still holds up quite well even if the characters' faces look ridiculous - in a good way of course. Bullet time is still very fun and makes you feel like a badass when you pull it off just right. I absolutely love James McCaffrey's voice-acting in this game; all the graphic novel cutscenes and the narration are just top notch. But yeah, Max Payne still rocks, going to play Max Payne 2 next since I've never actually beat that one.

Games in progress:
- Botanicula
- A Boy and His Blob
- Dishonored
- Dragon Quest Builders
- Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
- Nioh
- Observer
- Puppeteer
- Thief
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Oct 31, 2017
Going to try again this year. It's going to be hard because work is going to be crazy this year but I'll see where I end up.

1) Superhot VR - 4/5
2) Picross S - 4/5
3) Nex Machina - 3/5

Currently playing:
Danganronpa 2
I Expect You To Die

Previous Years:
2015: 28
2016: 52
2017: 25
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Oct 27, 2017
Palm Desert,CA
Really gonna tackle this hard this year!

1. I am Setsuna finished on 1/3/18 15+ hours.
Truly forgettable RPG was short but still ultimately feel the story was far from captivating and never felt like your world saving mission was important.

2. Sonic Forces finished on 1/4/18 4 hours.
Was not the best game I’ve ever played but also not the worst. Dialogue was cheese but fun.

3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole finished on 1/14/18 18 hours. Was enjoyable humor was on point and genuine South Park ending fell a bit flat but will see where DLC goes!

4. Battle Chef Brigade finished on 1/20/18 9 hours. Good little indie game great mix of puzzle and combat. The combat was really shallow and the puzzle stuff got a little convoluted but it was fun. Really didn’t like the switch up towards the end... but still finished.

5. DMC: Devil May Cry(2013) finished on 01/24/18. 8 hours! Wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be combat was solid. Variety of weapons and combos was a bit shallow but story was good enough feel like the demon designs especially bosses could’ve been a bit stronger.

6. DMC: Devil May Cry Vergils Downfall finished on 1/25/18. less then 2 hours! More of the same

7. Monster Hunter: World finished on 2/4/18. 65 hours! Amazing game... huge fan of the series finally making its return to consoles was everything I wanted it to be and more. A bit too easy but still gonna put lots of time into end game. And will probably count Hunter Rank grind from level 25 to 100 count as an entire game. Only seems fair since I’ll put another 100 hours into it at least it seems like!

8. Kingdom Hearts finished on 2/22/18. 25 hours!
Was ok been meaning to play the series and had been hung up on the first game for a long while... had issues with one of the final bosses and just kept failing but pushed on and finally finished... looking forward to the rest of the games now finally finishing the first... lots say to skip it because it only gets better but really wanted to complete it and not just watch it on YouTube!

9. Nex Machina finished on 3/3/2018. 1.5 hours!
Great bit of fun played it with a buddy of mine and completed it. A little short seems like a bit of extra levels but not too many unlockables or levels glad I bought it on sale.

10. Tower Madness 2 finished on 3/09/2018. 15-20 hours! A fun little tower defense game I was playing while work was slow and on the toilet! Had 70 levels some classic with pathing some open areas that you make your own maze. Sorry tower choices and I didn’t need to spend a dime on upgrades was able to earn them. Only thing forced but not needed would be a 2x currency earner and I didn’t purchase that either.

11. Ni No Kuni finished on 03/14/2018. 29 hours and 56 mins! Eat that 30 hours! Games story was fantastic and really the selling point the combat system was a bit bothersome. The switch and defend on some spells and issueing an all defend was very rigidly timed sometimes and other issues kinda made the combat a slog. Looking forward to the sequel is the story is as good and if the combat system rework is as positive as early previews we are in for a treat!

12. A Way Out finished on 03/27/18. 5 hours!
Fantastic game completed it online with a friend and plan to play it two more times through couch Co-Op with my wife and other friend.

Working on Titanfall 2 PS4 and Earths Wars On Switch.
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Oct 28, 2017
1: Kirby's Dream Course (07/01/2018) - SNES Classic - 8/10 - 5 hours
I LOVED this. Hadn't played before. Surprising level of depth in the control system and in the physics. What let it down for me is some of the holes are quite gimmicky - there isn't quite enough pure golfing for my tastes. Still, really fun game. May return to it at some point to try and earn some medals.

2: Graceful Explosion Machine (13/01/2018) - Nintendo Switch - 7/10 - 5 hours
This was a neat game. It's clearly designed for score attack replays of each level, but I just tried to get to the end - I'm not much of a 2D SHMUP player. Still, it was fun. There is no progression as such - you get all the weapons right at the beginning. But I was surprised by how much my skill level went up as I played through it. Plus, it looks beautiful, especially when it gets hectic.

3. Mega Man X (22/01/2017) - SNES Classic - 9/10 - 6 hours
This game is toight. Perhaps the best wall jump ever? Intense, short levels. Really nice, chunky sprites and cool music. I played each level twice to root out all the pick ups which added some meat to it. I'm a big fan of the NES games and haven't played the X series before. Looking forward to playing more of these on Switch.

4. Pyre (13/02/2017) - PC - 8/10 - 14 hours
Great but slightly flawed game. Love the story, the setting and the characters. Really dig the sports mechanic. I felt like it got a little repetitive towards the end, as the number of story revelations fell and the 'rites' got a bit routine. Still, an impressive achievement and has made me go back and start playing their last game, Transistor.

5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (20/02/2017) - Nintendo Switch - 10/10 - 85 hours
XB2 wont be for everyone but it is for me. Probably my favourite RPG combat system of all time. The story and characters are engaging, top-notch music, and any number of systems to dig your teeth into. I'll probably wait until the story DLC to pick this up again

6. Bayonetta (08/03/2017) - Nintendo Switch - 8/10 - 15 hours
It took me a while to figure it out, but once the combat clicks in this game it really really clicks. Learning 'dodge offset' basically opens up a whole new world of combos and high scores. I'm not a high score chaser so I'm going to leave the game there, but it was a lot of fun while it laster

7. Bayonetta 2 (14/03/2017) - Nintendo Switch - 8/10 - 8 hours
Coming straight off the first game I found this one a lot easier. But I enjoyed it just as much because I felt so empowered through the early portions of the game. It never got impossible, just more of the same epic spectacle and fluid combat. Looking forward to the 3rd entry!

8. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (16/03/2017) - Nintendo Switch - 9/10 - 5 hours
This is my sort of game. Fairly easy difficulty but some challenge in learning enemy patterns, the layout of the world, and finding all the secrets. Mainly though, the presentation, art and music is really top-notch for a 2D game like this. I want more retro remakes from these devs.

9. Sine Mora EX (19/03/2018) - Nintendo Switch - 7/10 - 4 hours
I don't play many shooters like this - although two this year so maybe I'm getting into them! I liked this a fair bit, I found it difficult to follow the story and some of the sections felt a little cheap - but maybe I just need to practice more.

10. Butcher (26/03/2018) - Nintendo Switch - 7/10 - 3 hours

Rad game. Hard but rad. Really feels like a lost early 2D DOOM game.

11. Kirby's Adventure (07/04/2018) - NES (Retron HD) - 9/10 - ? hours

A classic. Love the last world - great boss rush, fun callback level and cool final boss (es).

Currently also playing Mighty Gunvolt Burst and Kirby: Star Allies
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Nov 1, 2017
What the Hell?! :D I can barely get through three different games a year and you guys are pulling off 52?!!?


Oct 27, 2017
Last year I've beaten 50 games, so this year I'm aiming for more than 52 and I hope that will include less filler short games. However, as I've just purchased PSVR, start of the year will be dominated by such games.

I suppose my scoring warrants an explanation. Anything 5.x is an average game. Would probably be 3 stars or 7/10 on a journalist scale. Most of my favorite games of all time are 7+ (or good), 8+ (great) games I would consider for GotY and I would very rarely call a game 9+ (for me only GTA V (9.8), Vice City (9.2) and Persona 5 (9.0) have been 9+ and they are at the top of my favorite games of all time list). And 10 does mean it would be a perfect game, at least for me.

1. Batman: Arkham VR (Score: 5.8)
2. Persona 4 Arena (Score 6.3)
3. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (Score: 4.2)

Currently working on:
Persona 3 Portable

Wasting time on:
Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris
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Oct 27, 2017
I'm in for the 3rd time.

2016: 56 games with 1700 h played
2017: 38 games with 1518 h played

I think I'm going to do what everyone does and count DLC separately this time, unless they're short.


Oct 25, 2017
Not sure how many games I’ve played last year. Stopped tracking due to forums changing. This year will be different.

Currently playing: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Tiny Hawk

Oct 25, 2017
This is my spot. I didn't get super far last year (21 games), but I want to keep going
and start trying to clear this backlog. Doesn't help I keep buying more games either, but I'll try my hardest to get it done with.


1. inFamous First Light (PS4)

2 hours | January 3rd | ★★★½
I love Sucker Punch. They make really fun titles. inFamous First Light is no exception. I really enjoyed playing as Fetch and seeing her story unfold. I find it a bit weird that Shane's voice actor also played Reggie in SS. Weird. Anyway, I found it to be pretty great and it was definitely worth the purchase, especially now that it's on sale. I think it's also great that you can play as Delsin in the arena too. Definitely going to be revisiting to get those trophies one day.

2. Guitar Hero II (X360)

5 hours | January 4th | ★★★★ ½
Harmonix developed Guitar Hero was the shit. That's not saying that Neversoft wasn't good, I just enjoyed the sharp cartoony style more than the more detailed one presented in GH3 onward. Anyways, this game is fantastic. The setlist is just right, the visuals are great, and above all else - it's just fun to play. Glad I finally got to beat it after all these years (and on Expert no less!)

3. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PC)
8 hours | January 5th | ★★★★
I remember being in the 4th grade and calling GH3 super ugly. But, looking at it now, it's probably one of the best looking games of that year. I mean, when you boil it down, the game is still five colored frets and strumming. But this game is superb. Easily one of the best rhythm games to date. Raining Blood and that final boss battle against Lou really kicked my ass.

4. Rayman Legends (PC)
15 hours | January 9th | ★★★★★
Everything about this game is perfect. Controls feel nice, the gameplay is varied with gimmicks that don't overstay their welcome and boss fights that are pretty challenging, and an overall amazing presentation. I'm calling it complete as the credits rolled, but I'm well aware there's more that needs to be done here. I love this game so much.

5. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PC)
8 hours | January 12th | ★★★½

I really don't know where I picked this one up, but wherever I did, I loved this game. A post-apocalyptic take on Journey to the West that was really enjoyable. Everything felt balanced - pacing, the combat/puzzle segments, and the overall story. I like that the combat actually has you wait and evade to get an opening so you can't really bust right through the enemies. You really have to stop and think about your actions before getting into it. This game was fairly solid, thought it would be a bit longer, but I thought it was fun.

6. Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls (X360)
3 hours | January 13th | ½
I picked this game up in Seattle for 10 bucks as a joke and man, that was actually pretty worth it. It's a dumb romp through the woods as you avoid snake bites to the dick, bury yourself within a camel, and it was actually fairly enjoyable. I had fun going through it, seeing Bear Grylls do flips between cliffs (yeah really). Probably wouldn't revisit anytime soon. Also, this was probably the easiest 500GS I've received.

7. Night in the Woods (PC)
10 hours | January 16th | ★★★★
That game was amazing. A solid story driven by its' colorful cast and wonderful artwork. I wish it was a bit longer, however, I could always replay it to see alternate routes.

8. Persona 5 (PS4)

76 hours | January 19th | ★★★★★
While not an avid fan of turn-based RPGs, I'm in love with the Persona series. There's something about all of it that just feels right at home with me. The loud and incredible sense of style the game has, the fantastic music, the incredible cast of characters you meet all make this one stand out above any other game I got to play in 2017. I've been anticipating the game for years and finally being able to play it is a blast. Even in it's lowest points, Persona 5 continued to challenge me to no end, making the encounters and the success you receive all the more worth it.

9. Puzzle Agent (PC)
3 hours | January 19th | ★★★½
If I remember correctly, this was one of the first Steam games I picked up as it was in a Humble Bundle. Puzzle Agent puts you in the role of Nelson Tethers, the FBI's only Puzzle Agent, as you solve puzzles to help put a small town eraser factory back to work. It's a simple, yet very challenging game with a variety of puzzles. Nothing too difficult, but they will stump you if you're not prepared for them (I surely wasn't). Also, this game has a very lovely artstyle. It's simplistic and rough, just the way I like my art.

10. O.K. KO! Let's Play Heroes (PS4)

7 hours | January 30th | ★★★
So, I've only seen a handful of episodes of O.K. KO and I do really appreciate the passion the team behind it has. Everything is a nod to something and despite all the references it can make, it's still incredible on its' own, even if you don't know the references. Combine the colorful cast with fun stories and you've got yourself a winner. I get concerns when I see a game adaptation of a show and often I hope for it to not be garbage. This game is a real winner. It combines point and click adventure game exploration with fun beat-em-up brawling. It feels like an episode of the show and it's just overall the best game adaptation of a TV show I've ever played. I wish Gumball got something like this, that'd be cool.

11. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (PC)
27 hours | March 3rd | ★★★
While not the best game, I found myself enjoying Fatal Bullet quite a lot. It's a pretty grindy third person shooter that actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not a real big fan of SAO, though I would categorize it as the best worst anime I've ever seen. This game's overall presentation is pretty great and has some very solid gameplay, however, the thing that brings it down is a lackluster story with pretty mediocre characters. I felt like more should have been fleshed out, expanding the game to be a bit longer. I had fun listening to Mega64 and playing this game and if you aswell like anime, you may get a kick out of this game. Also Kureha a qt fight me

  • DragonBall FighterZ (PC)
  • Persona 4 Golden (Vita)
  • Sonic Unleashed (X360)
  • PaRappa the Rapper (PS4)
  • DOOM (NSW)
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NSW)
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwam
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The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Did 70+ last year, I'll take part in this year's as well.


Game 01: Yooka-Laylee - 4/5 - 24:48 hours (09/01/2018)

Got all pagies, achievements and beat Capital B. The biggest problem is that the game tries way too hard to ape Banjo, way too hard, yet it doesn't really have the charm and personality to compete: it borrows simply too much. The menus are reskinned Banjo-Kazooie menus, same with the the dialogue boxes and most of the moves, Yooka has the same exact personality of Banjo, Laylee has the exact same personality of Kazooie, etc.; they could've borrowed things from the past while reworking and modernizing them at the same time: the game simply doesn't stand on its own, it's too much of a homage that it ends up lacking identity. The gameplay is in-between Tooie and Kazooie, worlds are bigger than those of the former but filled better than in the latter. The first world falls kinda flat, not that inspired or visually appealing, especially with how empty it was before the expansion, the second one is way more interesting and has cool lighting and atmosphere, the fifth one is amazing in terms of creativity and variety of challenges, the third one is a little too dark and samey, while the fourth one, which I thought I'd hate due to the pre-release vids, I liked a lot, you can see the improvements and I appreciated the unique mechanic. Graphically the game is nothing exceptional: some textures are legit worse than N64 Banjo ones and the art direction is all over the place, with very generic effects, yet super curated NPCs, janky animations, but smooth frame rate. I also encountered several bugs and glitches and the last move you learn really breaks the game: you can bypass half the platforming challenges with it and travel beyond the usual scope of the levels... to meet your doom by going out of bounds. In 2017 the many invisible barriers and going out of bounds using an in-game mechanic signify really poor design, especially since there are super hidden collectibles not even tracked in the menus, that you're not incentivized to search, because you never know where you can truly go. The hub in particular lacks a unique atmosphere, the OST alternates between great and mediocre and the arcade games are trash. That said, the characters quickly grow on you with each encounter, useless doctor aside, and the expanding mechanic kinda works. Also the levels are very rich and feel much more adventurous than those of other 3D platformers, like Super Mario Odyssey, that are built around platforming, more open-ended and give out rewards like sweets. It's a game clearly stuck between past and present, but I had plenty of fun after the initial shock; going in with lowered expectations helped a lot, I guess. I think Playtonic learned a lot from making the game and their next project will turn out much better thanks to this one.

Game 02: Human: Fall Flat [with friend] - 3/5 - 07:54 hours (21/01/2018)

Reached the credits, got more than half the achievements. Physics based puzzles have reached a prominent presence in videogames ever since Half-Life 2 release, so they could risk to be obvious or overplayed, but it goes to the game's merit that I found them fresh and unique instead; of course, there are a few box on switch ones, but the vast majority are fun to tackle and feel new. When the game starts you feel clumsy and lost, due to the sparse environments floating in the sky, the eerie atmosphere permeating the world and the way you control your featureless humanoid blob; soon though, you'll master the movements and you'll be introduced to the most important mechanics: climbing and clinging. Everything is seamlessly built around these two mechanics and your interactions with the environmental props you find in each level: from simple buttons, levers and sticks, passing by swinging lanterns, wooden carts and electric wires, to reach rowing boats, forklifts, catapults and even a cargo ship, all elements operated by hand and adhering to physics. The levels themselves, especially the later ones, are structured in an open way, with different possible routes and plenty of shortcuts and skips, hidden with various degrees of secrecy; this makes the game feel like a sandbox to play in and has you feel rewarded for figuring out the smartest and quickest way to pass an obstacle. The presentation of the game is cubic and polygonal, with simple colours and a flat, cartoon like, shading, the game lacks any kind of narrative, besides a few maxims in the intro, the music rears its head seldom, when you enter new areas, and has a misterious vibe; that coupled with the dreamscape-like levels, give an enigmatic air to the game. A game not very varied in its content, very focused on what it tries to do, which succeeds in presenting it in a compelling way.

Game 03: SteamWorld Dig 2 - 3/5 - 12:05 hours (23/01/2018)

Finished the story, got all treasures and gears/unlockables, even though you have to grind enemies quite a bit for money in the end, which is a shame. The adventure feels more structured and variegated than what the first game offered, with long randomly generated shafts alternating with meticulously designed challenges and sections. The story covers the gap between Dig and Heist, offering some narrative interconnections, but nothing more, besides being set in the same awesome steambot world. The main character and her interactions with NPCs are surely more interesting than what Rusty could offer, the game feels more like an adventure with many different chapters. The presentation is very similar to the prequel, but more colourful, the music is nice, but simply background noise. The customization and gear system is where the game gets addictive and rewarding: you unlock new upgrades, that need more gears to be equipped, so you search for more gears and you get more money to buy new equipment at the same time, and the cycle continues; an excellent gameplay loop that sucks you in and won't let you go. The new traversal options are also interesting, but the last one in particular renders traversal trivial, and in general, by the end of the game you feel simply too overpowered. The main gripe I have with the game is that it's simply a better structured "more of the same", with a super rushed and unsatisfying conclusion, but damn if the journey isn't addictive.

Game 04: Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 4/5 - 39:42 hours (25/01/2018)

Solved all the mysteries of Labyrinthia, went through all the extra episodes. The beginning is a bit shocking, with the two artstyles and worlds clashing together: the cartoony and lighthearted one of Layton and the serious yet comic one of Wright. After that initial shock though, the two sides of the game mesh well together, and you soon forget the main characters are from different series, especially since they're thrown in a new setting, new to both cast of characters, that acts as a middle-ground where everyone can acceptably exist, with an artstyle that takes bits from both worlds. The structure of the game doesn't manage to achieve that same mix: the Layton sections and Ace Attorney sections are clearly confined and autosufficient: the overworld travel plays like a Layton game, the brief investigations and the trials play straight out of an Ace Attorney game. This brings forth a problem: sometimes you'll wish to solve some riddles, yet you'll be locked in a long trial section, some other times the opposite will happen; almost nothing of Layton leaks in the Ace Attorney parts, absolutely nothing of Ace Attorney leaks in the Layton sections. The end result is that the Layton part of the game feels much more underwhelming than the Ace Attorney one: the puzzles are all but a few action based, unlike previous games, so it's a matter of moving things until you get it right, instead of guessing the correct answer: there's way less tension involved; the Ace Attorney part is much more tense, offers an interesting, albeit underdeveloped, new mechanic with the multiple witnesses and offers more depth (but still require some weird leaps of logic at times, as usual for Ace Attorney). This is also due to the fact that Layton's characters are pretty monotone and stereotypical, with the professor and Luke being the most boring of the bunch, while the Ace Attorney cast and the original characters are more layered, quirky and offer some needed comic relief: it's a case of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, where it's easier to get attached to the unlucky, more human character. The plot is more akin to a Layton game, and it's definitely better than most of Layton's stories and setting; the game succeeds in making you care about the characters, and even though there are some super obvious twists, that you see coming miles away, the conclusion has you on the edge of your seat. The special downloadble episodes are bonkers in terms of writing but super fun to read. In the end the adventure is a successful joint of two series that you play side by side, but don't mix at all mechanically.

Game 05: The Sexy Brutale - 4/5 - 09:00 hours (27/01/2018)

Completed the game andgot all achievements. I'm a fan of time mechanics, so I loved the game, despite the clear lack of complexity put into the few puzzles. What stands out in the game is rather the characters and beautiful setting, which are perfectly contextualized through the collectibles you find, that give access to lots of interesting background information. Every element of the game feels in its right place and is given an explanation as for why it is there and it does what it does; discovering the meaning of these elements little by little, through your own gameplay achievements, is super rewarding and feels natural: it's like unraveling an incredibly messy tangle. The environments are marvelous pre-rendered artworks interwoven with polygonal elements, and surrounded by a bombastic jazz soundtrack, that changes and adapts to the various sections of the mansion. The plot is pretty simple in the end, but it's charming to see how each chess piece fall into place by freely acting through the twelve allotted hours; the devs successfully try to lure the player into believing in several wrong outcomes, but the ending doesn't feel forced or bad due to that. The theme of the game, once again, like in Rime, is grief, its overcoming and the acceptance of your own past wrongdoings, a point that comes across quite well. A timed adventure with plenty of character and charisma to sell.

Game 06: Lume - 2/5 - 01:30 hours (27/01/2018)

Returned the power back on. Short interactive adventure with puzzles that go from hyper easy to maddening: you go from connecting a few circuits, identifying objects from their shadow and using a few items, to cyphers and the frustratingly obtuse hidden numbers puzzle. The adventure is clearly thought to be nothing more than a bite sized flash game, but the difficulty level is all over the place, hampering the enjoyment of the lovely handmade pre-rendered cardboard backgrounds.

Game 07: Chibi-Robo! - 5/5 - 24:20 hours (28/01/2018)

Got to the end of the story, found all stickers. In the beginning you feel quite lost and you end up wandering somewhat aimlessly, due to the rather cumbersome controls, unexplained mechanics and obtuse game structure: you keep working towards trivial tasks, such as cleaning stains and throwing garbage, in a vastly inaccessible world, which is far too bigger than you, without an obvious objective in reach or in the distance. This soon changes as you get comfortable with the reward-based progression system, the day/night cycle and the way exploration works. The gameplay loop shows its face and works just fine: you clean to get rewards, which are in turn used to increase the distance you can traverse to explore, so that you can clean even more and so on. Exploring has you meet the vast cast of crazy characters, who are the main dish of the adventure; in fact the house that's the setting of the game is gaming's version of Toy Story's house: all the toys are alive and personality-wise would feel at home in a psychiatric ward. You're quickly deep into their stories, trying to help them solve their personal problems, while also keeping up the exploration and the householding. What's interesting is that you're never quite certain if what you achieve serves to progress the main plot forward or if you're just playing into one of the countless sidequests: the various parts of the game are interwoven seamlessly. The game opens up with the introduction of more and more weird characters, the structure of the game feels truly organic and new things happen all the time, without you ever noticing what triggered them: you can get a cutscene simply by entering a room at a certain moment, you may find a character in an unexpected place or stumble upon new tasks simply due to the game's inner cycle of "events" having place periodically. The most surprising fact is that you never end up roaming around in search for new things to do until the very end of the game, when going for 100%, and there's only one instance of a cryptic progression element you have to trigger three quarters of the game in, needed to put the last piece of the main plot in motion. The longer you spend with the quirky cast, the less time you'll spend actually cleaning: the rewards for helping the characters, progressing the story and exploring are much heftier, and you'll honestly be curious about how each toy's problems will reach a final resolution. Exploration is done by degrees, you always get a bit more but not everything at once, due to the time and battery limit, making you come back to go further and further. It's fun to search for new paths in this colossal, yet cozy, setting, to wonder how to get to something high up, only to be caught by surprise by unlocking the actual way to do it through an item or a character changing something. The plot itself is simplistic but doesn't really need to be anything other than that, there's fun to be had in following the daily lives of the toys and family members, there's no need for some bigger, complicated storylines; the conclusion feels nice and adequate to the adventure, giving you a sense of closure but leaving you the option to do more if you want to. Speaking of which, there's a massive amount of tasks to perform, missions to accomplish and collectibles to find: the game gets significantly lengthier if you try to do everything, but loses some steam by the endpoint. The sound department features mostly happy go lucky music and upbeat sound effects; one fantastic idea put into the game is that each material you walk on and each action you perform with an item results in a distinct but abnormally musical sound, as if you're composing the soundtrack itself with your actions. Graphically the game holds up to this day, mostly thanks to the low-polygon, clean looking approach: everything is blocky but super solid in appearance, with vibrant colours and simple yet distinctive animations. I was blown away by how different the game is from everything, and how full of content it is, still managing to make the process of playing through that content always fun and interesting in new charming ways.

Game 08: Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut - 3/5 - 04:06 hours (31/01/2018)

Concluded the campaign, found all secrets, tried and got a few golds on time trials. A short first person puzzle adventure that borrows heavily from Portal for the setting and structure, with inventive physics based cube puzzles that feel a little more rigid than usual. The puzzles themselves strike a perfect balance between boring and complex, I've never felt frustrated, but still felt I achieved something when I completed them; new mechanics are costantly introduced and seamlessly linked with previous ones. The environments are all too familiar and don't change much till the very end, and even then they're still far too samey; that's in part probably due to the low budget, but in part surely due to the need of keeping the atmosphere oppressive and alien throughout the whole game. The plot starts as the same old trite "you're imprisoned/stranded, you have no memory and someone's lying to you", but the ending subverts all expectations in a clever, unexpected way; the voice over is nicely done and, especially in the ending, it really brings the point across. A cool take on the genre that doesn't try anything too innovative.


Game 09: The Silent Age [with friend] - 3/5 - 05:24 hours (02/02/2018)

Stopped the never-ending cycle. The various chapters the game's divided in don't all feature the same quality and difficulty, you can single out the ones without any time traveling as being particularly weak: the puzzles in the game are all rather obvious, bar a few, but that's mostly masked by the time jump element, which makes them appear more complex than they actually are. The voice acting is par for the course and doesn't add much to the experience; the same applies to the insignificant characters, but not to the plot, which is at least interesting and offers a few hooks that keep you playing to see what's next. The problem lies in how the whole storyline resolves and in how everything lacks internal coherence: time traveling and time paradoxes are treated with clear superficiality, and the developers never seem to get their minds straight about casuality and possibility to change a timeline or not. The presentation is clean and somewhat minimalistic, the soundtrack haunting, the settings scarcely populated and giving off a sense of dread, especially in the future time period. A game which joins traditional point and click adventure gameplay with an interesting time traveling twist, without reaching new heights.

Game 10: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Remastered - 5/5 - 11:25 hours (09/02/2018)

Saved the world, found a little more than half the treasures. Having never played this game, that was so influential for the HD era of gaming, I was surprised by how mild the cinematic aspects are in the end. I thought the game would've been cut-scene after cut-scene, being hardly in control through lots of long set pieces and so on, but I was proved very wrong. The pace of the adventure follows an incredibly natural rhythm, with explorative sections, where you climb and solve puzzles, alternating to shooting parts and everything sewn together tightly by by well directed cut-scenes. In comparison to the first title in the series the shooting sections have more of a coherent and interesting direction: each time you're in a gun fight there's something slightly different and the environments always offer clever ways to do away with the enemies. Another improvement is that the unending hordes of enemies coming at you in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune have been toned down: encounters are much more meaningful and less aimless as a result, even though late game features too many bullet sponges, and the pace of the game slows down a lot due to it. The climbing feels a little more free-form and less restrained, the collectibles are mostly placed in interesting places and it's nice to pause, look around and scan your surroundings to find the route you have to follow to progress. The characters are well crafted, both the returning cast and the new additions, bar the main baddie, who's disappointingly stereotypical and clashes with the rest; it's also cool the way your allies alternate a lot between chapters, keeping the banter fresh. The plot is grounded in reality till the conclusion, not unlike the first Uncharted, nothing exceptional but still serviceable, it's the script that shines instead, also thanks to a stellar cast of voice actors. During the campaign the player visits some awe inducing locales: beatiful cities, marvelous natural sites, cryptic architectures from the past, which are highlighted by the great visuals, still holding up pretty well from a technical standpoint, but lacking in art direction in some areas. Everything comes together in armony, underlined by a majestic orchestral score, giving off the sense you're really on a long globe-trotting adventure with long-time friends.

Game 11: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light [with friend] - 4/5 - 05:29 hours (15/02/2018)

Completed the game, got lots of relics, weapons and artifacts. So, the game has basically nothing to share with the "Tomb Raider" series, aside from Lara herself, who feels shoehorned into an adventure that isn't hers; that said, the game could very well stand on its own, without Lara as a protagonist. In fact the level design is surprisingly great, the puzzles challenging till the end and the top-down twin stick shooter gunplay engaging enough. Each character has its personal skills that must be joined with those of the other co-protagonist in a continous collaboration, to overcome the various obstacles blocking your way; sometimes a puzzle can even have more than a single solution. The graphics are serviceable, as is the sound design, the enemy design is particularly uninspired though. There are collectibles and points to rake up, so to incentivize re-playing a level, as well as tim,e attacks. The plot is terribly cliché and has no redeeming qualities, you may as well skip the cut-scenes completely, but that's not the focus of the game anyway. A surprisingly good adventure mixing puzzles and action, at least in co-op, the single player is duller and more "cumbersome".


Game 12: Sara Is Missing - 2/5 - around 1 hour (??/03/2018)

Got to the end. Brief little horror game, has some kinda creepy moments but nothing too out there. A nice diversion with a "reality show" take on the genre.

Game 13: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Remastered - 4/5 - xx:xx hours (24/03/2018)

Finished the story. The game has the problem of keeping to close to its predecessors, both mechanics-wise and in terms of plot progression: the shooting gameplay is exactly the same, bar the fact they tried to address the bullet sponge problem the second game had during its later acts, mostly by introducing different, weird types of enemies, the story has the same highs and lows of the previous installments as well, and is completed by a rather obvious ending and few telegraphed plot twists. The graphics are still very inspired, the voice acting still om point, and some of the acts really stand out, like the young Drakes segments, the cruise ship and the desert ruins. While trying a few new things, especially location and story--wise, Drake's third adventure fails to live-up to its excellent prequel.


Game 14: Golf Story - 3/5 - 19:54 hours (07/04/2018)

Reached the ending, got all story collectibles. Everything in this game is solved though golf, in fact, even though there are many different takes on the main mechanic (disc golf, galf, mini golf, etc.), maybe the game relies too much on the same set of skills. That's why one of the principal problems becomes the length of the campaign itself: after a banging start, things begin to grind to a halt and quests keep repeting themselves, with every new course having only a fairly inoffensive gimmick to set itself apart from the others. Things change a little with the last few courses, in particular with the haunted cemetery and the murder mystery detour, but aren't enough to fight the monotony. That said, the game offers plenty of content to play with if you love the golf mechanics. The plot is simple but elevated by the very humorous writing and by the weird situations you end up in; the characters are very hit and miss, with a few more developed ones, while the biggest part is made up by one note caricatures. The graphics are cartoony and loveable, the music apt and relaxing. One of the biggest disappointments has to be the experience system, together with the relatively few role playing elements: the scarce equipment you get has no stats, when you pump up your power your other stats decrease proportionally, forcing you to keep putting points in stuff you don't care about only to avoid big disadvantages, the amount of money and exp you get isn't really that accurate to the feats you accomplish, and that's it: the game's pretty much a funny golf journey with the extremely light RPG elements.

Game 15: God of War II - Remastered - 5/5 - xx:xx hours (22/04/2018)

Completed Kratos' quest for vengeance. Let's start with the plot, which is mostly laughable and can be summed up to: "argh, revenge"; that goes hand in hand with Kratos and how one-dimensional and little characterized he is as a protagonist. That said, the game's a blast: great action combat that make you always feel in control, without exceeding in complexity, well paced with explorative sections and balanced with nice environmental puzzles. The locations are one of the highlights of the game: never boring, never clichè, always imaginative and unique in their composition and aesthetic. Another strong aspect is the enemy design and the individual interactions you can have with them, especially when using finishing moves. There's way too many QTEs for my tastes; at the time of release they were just brought back by Shenmue, so it's understandable if there are so numerous, but they're definitely overplayed. The bosses are hit or miss, with the human ones in particular being underwhelming, while the monstrous ones are more cleverly implemented. The game is of a perfect length not to get repetitive, the graphics are old but stand the test of time thanks to a careful art direction, the sound design is ace. A cohesive package that never bores and costantly engages with the player in new, interesting ways.

Game 16: Ratchet & Clank (2016) - 3/5 - around 12:00 hours (29/04/2018)

Reached the credits, got all weapons and collectibles. A nice reimagining of the first game, though unbalanced towards the action and shooting gameplay of the "Future" series, rather than the platforming of the original. The graphics are top notch, both artistically and technically: it feels as if you're literally playing an animated CG movie; in fact there are a few scenes from the movie itself interwoven with the gameplay and normal cutscenes. The plot feels a tad too basic and streamlined, with less side characters and worlds to visit than the original, worlds that also feel too straightforward and samey at times. The shooting mechanics work almost flawalessly, too bad for the Groovitron, that is simply broken, letting you keep the enemies, bosses as well, on a long standstill while you empty your weapons on them; that lessens the already low base difficulty: it's a game that has to be played on hard if one wants a slight challenge. The card system adds very little to the gameplay and I didn't appreciate that you can't fully power-up the weapon on your first playthrough. A beautiful remake of a classic that has been rushed through the gates.

Game 17: New Super Luigi U [with friend] - 4/5 - 13:44 hours (29/04/2018)

Found all exits and got a five star savefile! Very different yet similar to its "Mario" counterpart, the level design aims at brevity with pretty straightforward obstacle courses, with little deviations and few secrets: you're almost always on the run, fostering a feeling of excitement and heightening your reflexes. The co-op could feel worse due to the stress put on rapidity, but thanks to well paced levels and the introduction of Nabbit, a vastly different character for player two, I've had less troubles than in the original title. The amount of content, for what is basically a standalone DLC, is staggering: dozens upon dozens of new levels, which are modified versions of the classic ones, but still different enough to be satisfying, secret exits and collectible coins. A super enjoyable, unusually quick paced, Mario platformer.
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The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017

Game 18: The Last Guardian - 2/5 - around 10 hours (01/05/2018)

Concluded the pair's journey, got 42 out of 48 barrels. Ueda's artistic vision and poetic narration comes through, even though the project has seen so many setbacks. From a narrative standpoint, you get the meat of the plot from the interactions between the boy and the beast and from the environments you traverse; this lore-based narration is interjected by explicit story cut-scenes, mostly flashbacks or flashforwards, which aren't usual in Ueda's games, and help explain what's happening much more in detail. The ending is very powerful but also pretty cliché. From a presentation perspective, the game is a beautiful mess; the locations and architectures you interact with are inspired and stylistically cohese, Trico is a sight to behold and really feels like a live creature with its own will, but the framerate is a problem, the camera is terrible, constantly gets stuck and its blurred movement is headache inducing, and most important of all: everything seems slow and clunky. The characters' movements in Ueda's games are never precise, trying to mimick the clumsiness of a normal human being, but it's usually something you can learn and eventually master, while in this game they straight out don't work at times and you keep stumbling through all the game. The adventure is rather linear, the puzzles very basic and the places all look way too similar: everything's straightforward, which is one of the worst things about the game, it gets boring. One thing which is absolutely commendable about the game, is the way in which it gradually builds the bond between the two protagonists, and grows the player's attachment to Trico until the final emotional payoff. It's one journey where you don't feel like you're ever completely in control, where you don't learn anything in the end, and all the poetic storytelling and lore-based environments are squandered on boring mechanics design.

Game 19: Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone - 2/5 - around 2 hours (05/05/2018)

Finished the episode and made my choices. I guess that not being a Minecraft fan really detracts from the experience, that said the game's lore is developed nicely and even those unaware about the mechanics of the building series can grasp how the world works. The cast of characters along with their interactions are rather predictable and archetypical; the graphics don't exactly scream "production values", the choices and consequences don't seem that interesting compared to other Telltale games. You can appreciate it for what it is, and it's mostly an enjoyable ride till the end, but it's much more simple and straight-forward than other similar games.

Game 20: Bioshock - 5/5 - around 20 hours (08/05/2018)

Rescued all Little Sisters and beaten the game. The atmosphere you breath in every dimly lit corner of this fairly long journey down is absolutely mind bending: from the (literally) crazy splicers, to the relationship between Big Daddies and Little Sisters, from the ADAM induced powers, to the accurately reconstruncted living and shopping quarters of a once thriving city. Context and lore are dominating the game, through visual indications, straight up narration and the voice recordings you can pick up, which at the time were a pretty big innovation in a genre that now uses them extensively. The graphics feel technically old by today's standards, but the 50s inspired art direction is so meticulously applied to every single brick and trashcan of Rapture the blemishes quickly disappear. The sound design is also excellent: haunting voices can be heard when enemies are nearby, rusty voice recordings and megaphone messages accompany you throughout the adventure and the ambience noises are top notch. The FPS gameplay mix perfectly with the magic elements and with the experience progression and morality systems: many different genres mesh cohesively in "Bioshock" (subpar hacking mini-game aside), letting you pick your own adventure through different routes, with multiple solutions, granting you a vast amount of optional content, to finally reach one of three possible endings. The mysterious plot unravels slowly, and with each revelation things get more and more surreal, until a frankly lackluster final boss fight, preceded by one too many twists. That said the story is muddy on purpose: you never know who's telling the truth and what's the right and wrong thing to do until the very final showdown... and perhaps not even after that point.

Game 21: Picross S - 3/5 - more than 55 hours (12/05/2018)

Perfected all standard and mega picross levels. It's picross, the new co-op feature is nice but not life-changing, and coming from the DS/3DS versions, you feel the lack of touch control, which were perfect for this kind of game. Still, plenty of content to enjoy if you're into it.

Game 22: NieR: Automata [Route A] - 4/5 - 21:17 hours (31/05/2018)

Completed route A. I was very surprised to see the game had an open-worldish approach, because the demo gave me a vcompletely different vibe. The setting finds a good balance between being too big and sparse and too little and boring: it's varied from zone to zone, it changes through the course of the story and has the right amount of side content. The main quest gets to the point quickly and is well paced, can't say the same for the side quests: while the philosophical and sociological concepts hidden behind each one are interesting, the execution is oft pretty boring, ranging from fetch quests to escorts, from hidden objects hunts to delivery missions: forgettable. The fact that some become suddenly unavailable while you're progressing through the main campaign doesn't help, I wish the game at least gave you a warning beforehand. The graphics suffer the same fate: artistically exceptional but with a technical execution that ranges from a PS2 to a PS4 era level; same locales are amazing to look at, like the Amusement Park, others like the desert and a good part of the city are drab and monotone. The combat is pretty good, especially at first, but later you notice its shortcomings: you get too strong too quickly and the enemies hardly put up a fight anymore; still you have vast customization options and you always feel empowered during the flashy fights. The ending leaves to be desired and explain very little, but that's a given considering the game's structure.


Game 23: NieR: Automata [Route B] - 3/5 - 16:38 hours (13/06/2018)

Completed route B. I wasn't too bothered by re-playing the game as 9S: I appreciated the fact that all the character's progress is kept, that you can now finish the missions you missed and that you are offered a different point of view on crucial story moments. I liked hacking, but then again, after a while the new stages stop appearing and you're left endlessly replaying the same few. Still an enjoyable ride.

Game 24: God of War III Remastered - 5/5 - more than 11:00 hours (16/06/2018)

Destroyed Olympus, beat all the challenges of Olympus and Exile. Fuck the deities, fuck the titans, fuck the humans, that's basically Kratos's motto during its adventure; can't say I'm a fan of the character, it's too monotone and focused on vengeance, he can't see anything beyond its goal and tramples everyone who stands in his way, be it someone innocent or guilty. The last few hours try to redeem Kratos and you can see a change in him; it's appreciated but it's kinda too little too late as far as character development goes. Mechanically the game is more of the same, with some slight improvements over the prequels, especially in the main weapons category: they all feel better and actually useful, moreso than in the previous installments; the combat in general feel at the best it has ever been: fluid, satisfying and impactful. The side weapons are less exciting, another bow, a what's basically a scripted way to climb and nothing else, a worse variant of the medusa head and that's it. The characters and setting is where the game shines: every locale, and there's a lot, is interesting, connected to the lore and awe-inspiring in terms of looks, it's incredible how there are no reuset tiles and assets, the attention to detail is brought to the highest level. The plot gives a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and finally puts an end to the cycle of revenge tormenting Kratos for so many games. The bosses are almost all amazing, but the final boss is kinda underwhelming, something usual for the series. The voice over and music are spot on, the graphics hold up even now, many years after it originally released. All in all a fulfilling way to lower the curtains on Kratos's greek journey... onto the north next!


Game 25: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - 3/5 - around 2:00 hours (08/07/2018)

Completed all awesome tasks. It's got quite the heavy story crammed in such a brief and quirky framing: I felt engaged into the two characters' lives and really wanted to see a happy ending for them. It's a game about exploring the context of that framing, and being brought back into the mind and life of a 10 years old. Every object in the house is masterfully handcrafted, and nothing ever feels out of place. The graphics are nice, but the animations are somewhat stiffs; the sound effects and music are relaxing, especially the voiced songs. Completing the tasks and finding out what you have to do is fun and enticing, asid from one absolutely impossible puzzle that you'll have to look up. Cute prequel to what will be a surely meatier story.

Game 26: Jazzpunk: Dirctor's Cut - 3/5 - 3:18 hours (10/07/2018)

Finished the adventure. Such a surreal, almost dada, game, that yet sometimes offers a weirdly poignant meaning. There's really not much to do in it, yet there's a lot to do in it, depending on if you're into that crazy nonsense humour of the devs. It harkens back to noir and yet it looks forward to cyberpunk at the same time. Its humour is rooted in classic pop culture but very specific gaming jokes keep popping up unexpectedly. You feel driven forward, not to see the ending of it all or die to the gameplay itself, but only because you're mad curious about what crazy thing will happen next and, boy, there's literally something crazy around every corner of this unhinged adventure. One thing I'll say against it, it could really do without the (I'd guess consciously) terrible voice over.

Game 27: Lara Croft GO - 4/5 - 7:48 hours (15/07/2018)

Conquered all puzzles and discovered every artifact. I was astonished by how high the production values were for such a simple puzzle game: the graphics are solid and stylish, the music offers a soothin background to reflect on the next move. The game is never confusing: it teaches you some basic rules, elaborates on them and upholds them throughout the journey. Some of the puzzles are maddening in their clever simplicity and could stump you for a long time, but it's never the game's fault, you're just not thinking outside the box. A surprisingly astute puzzle game with an action-adventure skin.

Game 28: NightSky - 2/5 - 10:18 hours (20/07/2018)

Reached the credits of the alternative difficulty and found all block stars. During the campaign you'll get accustomed to repeat stages over and over dozens of times to get the hang of the physics and especially to fully understand how to reach your objective, in particular early on. As you near completion I was much more quick to get through levels, but there were still a few pretty difficult obstacles to overcome mixed in. The graphics are minimalistic and clean, but are a tad too flash-like for my tastes: they feel cheap. The physics themselves seem accurate at times and absolutely stupid in other cases. The progression is assisted by the introduction of new gimmicks in each new area, which is appreciated, but I felt the game was too long. Finding the secret stars isn't really worth it, because the reward is even more stupidly hard levels and nothing else. A maddening but addictive game, that starts easy peasy and ends up fiendishly hard.

Game 29: Framed - 2/5 - around 1:05 hours (31/07/2018)

Got my revenge. Clever puzzle game introducing some sequence switching innovation in the genre, with a nice artstyle to boot, inspired by noir movies. Some of the puzzles are far too simple though and there's too much repetition going on for my tastes, especially during the ending segment, but I acknowledge there's merit in rivisiting it and having to alter your previous solutions.

Game 30: Framed - 2/5 - around 1:05 hours (31/07/2018)

Started my revenge plan. Solid followup to a nice game, that lacks the innovative push of the first one; in fact there are no new mechanics introduced for the panel switching, while the devs preferred to focus on some sort of short-lived duo mechanic where you have to account for two characters at a time. Not the huge improvement you expect a sequel to be.


Game 31: Mario + Rabbids: Donkey Kong Adventure - 4/5 - around 25:00 hours (15/08/2018)

One hundred percent completed the DLC. Technically, more of the same, but with some nice twists and quality of life changes. There's plenty of content to go through in this expansion, and even though there are some needed new victory conditions added in, the story and bosses are much less interesting and the enemies are still pretty much reskins. The humour and cut-scenes hold up and the new characters are both very different than the rest, especially DK; too bad Rabbid Peach being the same as before is a missed opportunity for more variety. All in all, a great expansion, like we used to get back in the day.

Game 32: Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney - 4/5 - around 20:00 hours (23/08/2018)

Closed all cases. Weird game this one: I've heard countless times how it was disappointing compared to the previous entries, but going through the first three cases I just couldn't figure out why; yes, the third case is kind of boring and too long for its own sake, but nothing that bad. Then, I reached the very conclusion of the game, and things began falling down rapidly: the plot is full of holes, the characters make absurd and unexplained decisions (Apollo's mother abandons him, why? How does Lamiroir end up alone in a foreign country? Why does Phoenix get picked to create a new juridical system? He's not even an attorney anymore! Etc.), the last part of the process can be summed up as hitting "A" for 30 minutes without having to do anything. The game in the end becomes super duper easy, it solves itself and the resolves nothing about the main characters. Still an enjoyable adventure, but a far cry from Ace Attorney 3.

Game 33: Battle Chef Brigade - 3/5 - 09:11 hours (24/08/2018)

Finished the campaign. Such a weird concept for a game: it's Master Chef mixed with a brawler and match-three puzzle game, in a high fantasy setting. The puzzle part is the best honestly, the fighting in comparison is simply too shallow and with too few variables to be anything more than a chore to get to the best part and cook the ingredients you gathered. The plot is surprisingly motivating for this kind of game; you do want to see what's next and you do want to see Mina succeed. The better part of the plot is the tourney struggle though, with the contamination subplot being very underwhelming and thrown together, ending with a very disappointing final chapter and lame villain. The game starts with a bang but gets a tad too repetitive going on: the substructure is quite apparent and distracting from the immersion. The second playable character, Thrash, lives up to its name. Nice adventure with some undercooked elements, which overstays its welcome and lacks in epicness.


Game 34: Super Mario Bros. 3 [replay] - 4/5 - around 06:00 hours (23/09/2018)

Defeated Bowser by completing every single level. I have fond memories of this game and everything came back to me while replaying it. There's an interesting comparison to be had with modern Mario Bros. games: the levels are usually far shorter and involve less pure platforming, especially at the beginning, while featuring much more focus on solving environmental puzzles, traveling through mazes and exploring high and low. The difficulty curve is nigh flawless, with the the latter worlds offering quite a challenge and the last few stages being a pain to complete. You can see how this entry shaped the whole series going forward and how there are many elements introduced here that are still present in the new games. The graphics and music still hold up and the fluidity of the action only takes a hit in a bunch of overcrowded levels. A platformer that surely stands the test of time.


Game 35: The Last of Us Remastered - 5/5 - 17:24 hours (10/10/2018)

Reached the conclusion of the journey, found more than half of every collectible. The closest a game has ever been to be a movie, and that isn't a compliment but simply an assertion. I'm not a fan of a medium trying to ape another medium perceived as superior, instead of playing by his own strengths, but you got to admit that The Last of Us features an amazing story, presented in a nearly flawless way, with raw concreteness. The voice over and acting in general is top notch, never feeling forced; the soundtrack is a folk ballad full of tragedy and sadness; graphics are technically proficient and feature great attention to detail in every environment, locales seldom feel repetitive, assets are almost never heavily reused; nature seems oft lifeless though, with a stiffness and stillness revealing the previous generation origins of the game. The gameplay mechanics are a well oiled machine, providing ample satisfaction to those abiding to its rules, instead of trying to mow down enemies as if they were a veteran soldier. However the combat doesn't evolve further after the first few hours, preferring to throw new weapons and items in the player's way instead. While exploration, cut-scenes and fights are well balanced, the monotony of the game's structure can't help but be felt towards the ending of the adventure. The conclusion has all the big emotional payoffs you'd expect, but solves little, setting the stage for the sequel instead. Left Behind is enjoyable but definitely more on the interactive movie side of things, focusing on the girls' relationship more than anything else, while also being very brief and adding nothing new gameplay-wise. Even with all its faults though, the journey is still a majestic one, that will stay with you for years to come.


Game 36: Prey - 5/5 - 38:36 hours (06/11/2018)

Completed the game with the most empathic ending, checked all e-mails, found all employees around Talos I, concluded all side-missions. It boggles my mind how under appreciated and underservingly obscure this game has been, it's a bona fide masterpiece.

Game 37: Burly Men at Sea - 1/5 - 03:00 hours (15/11/2018)

Chose my own adventures and saw all the endings. The soundtrack is a fantastic take on funny and quirky music, that's the best I can say about the game. There's no point to the CYOA style narration because the ending is the same regardless and the plot is circular: there's no payoff for your choices. The game interactions themselves are mundane at best (click one thing instead of the other, scroll one way or the other, open or close something), the gameplay inexistant, the tone all over the place and the various encounters pointless and completely disjointed one from another. The only thing you want to do in the game is see the various thing that can happen to the crew, pure curiosity, but to satisfy it you have to play the game at least 12 times and sit through that slog of an ending. The game lacks even basic options like brightness, volume, mute or a skip cutscenes button. The dialogues offer no morale, insight, teaching, interesting fact: nothing at all. A waste of a cool concept.

Game 38: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - 5/5 - 15:56 hours (17/11/2018)

Ended Nate's journey, got more than half the treasures and almost filled the journal.

Game 39: Minit - 4/5 - 02:41 hours (25/11/2018)

Stopped the curse, got everything in the game.
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Oct 31, 2017
Reserving myself a little slot here.

Currently playing:
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Steamworld Dig 2


Oct 27, 2017
Game 1: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Ep 1-3 [PC]
9 hours played
Finished 06/01/18
Score: 4,5 (hella)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm was hella amazing!
I absorbed every little bit of it. The characters, the beautiful art style, the enthralling dialogues and touching music.
It's not as good as the pre/sequel, but a very special, emotional adventure game.

Game 2: Quantum Break [PC]
9 hours played
Finished 12/01/18
Score: 4,5 (yes)

Time /......./ flies!
Remedy's unique science-fiction shooter experiment, consisting of both a spectacular game and a stylish live-action series, pushes the boundaries of storytelling in games.
Style and graphics are breathtaking, especially the mirror like time crack and light streak effects. While the gameplay is a bit repetitive, the emphasis on the narrative and motion captured actors is startling.
It deserves your time!
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Oct 25, 2017
In 2014 I finished 28 games.
In 2015 I finished 25 games
In 2016 I finished 40 games.
In 2017 I finished 36 games.

Game 01: Darksiders 2 # This is no place for a horse. (Jan 04, 2018)
Game 02: Wolfenstein: The New Order # I kind of don't enjoy how the shooting feels. (Jan 19, 2018)
Game 03: Delete # It's a neat little puzzle game but really easy and apes some better games a bit. (Jan 27, 2018)
Game 04: Iconoclasts # Love it! (Jan 28, 2018)
Game 05: Metal Gear Survive # It's fine. (Mar 03, 2018)
Game 06: XCOM: Enemy Within # Still great, but it's difficult not to miss some of the QoL changes from XCOM2. (Mar 18, 2018)
Game 07: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age # Still great! Apr 02, 2018)
Game 08: Darksiders 2 (Apocalyptic difficulty) # Really hope they improve the looting system on the next game. (Apr 10, 2018)
Game 09: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands # Boy the writing is terrible. (May 06, 2018)
Game 10: Halfway # It's alright. (May 11, 2018)
Game 11: La-Mulana # Inscrutable! (May 25, 2018)
Game 12: Azure Dreams # It's neat. (May 28, 2018)
Game 13: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon # Dope. (May 29, 2018)
Game 14: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 # It's a LEGO game (Jun 21, 2018)
Game 15: LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes # Another one! (Jun 24, 2018)
Game 16: Deep Space Waifu # It's more of a game than you might expect. (Jun 26, 2018)
Game 17: Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice # Not entirely without merit. (Jun 26, 2018)
Game 18: LEGO The Lord of the Rings # I'm all legoed out. (Jul 02, 2018)
Game 19: Mary Skelter: Nightmares # It's alright. (Jul 25, 2018)
Game 20: Mystik Belle # Gorgeous (Jul 27, 2018)
Game 21: The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary # I miss these games. (Aug 20, 2018)
Game 22: Hidden my game by mom 3 # It's great! (Aug 21, 2018)
Game 23: La-Mulana 2 # Inscrutable! (Aug 30, 2018)
Game 24: Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You # It's neat! (Sep 05, 2018)
Game 25: Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition # Could have been a better remaster if I'm honest. (Sep 20, 2018)
Game 26: Return of the Obra Dinn # Fantastic (Oct 30, 2018)
Game 27: HITMAN: Sniper Assassin # It's alright. (Nov 05, 2018)
Game 28: Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (Deathinitive difficulty) # It is finished. (Nov 29, 2018)
Game 29: Orwell: Ignorance is Strength # Not as good as the first one. (Nov 30, 2018)
Game 30: Hollow Knight # It's alright. (Dec 17, 2018)
Game 31: Assassin's Creed Origins # I kind of miss the bigger cities and more focused games. (Dec 31, 2018)

Let it Die
# 57 hours was enough for me, I'm not going to finish this one. (Oct 17, 2018)
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Oct 25, 2017
I'm claiming this post. I beat 80 games last year, let's see how I do this year.

1. Metal Slug 3 (1 hour)
You pretty much know what you're getting from a Metal Slug game: Bonkers scenarios, possibly unfair gameplay, and gorgeous spritework.

2. Killer Instinct: Season Two (5 hours)
I like how the season two story modes actually flesh out the plot and world this time around, though the amount of characterization we got still leaves a lot to be desired. Still, it feels like Iron Galaxy is experimenting with different types of movesets with their first season.

3. Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone (3 hours)
Another solid if unremarkable hidden object game from Artifex Mundi.

4. Toybox Turbos (4 hours)
This could have been a fun game, but the item set in here is pretty bad. The race is either close and any easy position can render your item useless or too far to target your opponents. No defensive options to speak of, either. It's shame, since this game is rather adorable.

5. Tacoma (2 hours)
Gone Home was an interesting story told in an interesting way, and so is the dev's follow-up game, Tacoma. It is something of a sophomore slump, though, with its game environment not flowing as well as Gone Home's did.

6. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (3 hours)
Not quite as good as its sequel in terms of racetrack variety and single-player structure, but it's a damn fine kart racer all the same.

7. Lara Croft Go (2 hours)
The controls don't translate especially well to a mouse-based set-up, but this is a fun puzzle game nonetheless.

8. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1 1/2 hours)
There's some obnoxious trial-and-error level design in here, and the final level is a pain in the ass with no rings, but this is a very fun platformer even in 2018.

9. Hitman Go (4 hours)
This game has little more than aesthetic similarities to the main Hitman games (although the Blood Money opera house level is a nice touch), but it's a fun and tricky puzzle game nonetheless.

10. Puyo Puyo Tetris (11 hours)
Both Puyo Puyo and Tetris are really fun in this package, but I can't help but enjoy Tetris more.

11. Tekken 7 (4 hours)
I can't speak much to the quality of the gameplay, as I've only played for 4 hours, it seems quite complex, and the game has no tutorial to speak of. What I can say is that while the game does seem fun, the game's story mode is a piece of work. It pales in comparison from a narrative standpoint even to Capcom's recent story modes, and the difficulty is cranked surprisingly high, enough so that I'm seeing even fighting game regulars online telling people to play on easy (I played on medium). I'm not done with this game, though, and I expect to get many more hours of enjoyment and experience from the character stories and the arcade mode.

12. Super Street Fighter II Turbo (5 hours)
With most fighting games that don't have a story mode, my measure of completion is beating arcade mode or the equivalent with every playable character. In Super Turbo's case, beating it with one character took me nearly six hours. Fuck that, I'm not repeating that for another sixteen characters right now. That's mainly because this game's AI, even on its easiest setting, is ridiculously overpowered. It's only because of save scumming that I managed to finish it. And that's a shame, since the game itself seems to be quite fun.

13. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (19 hours)
With this game being one where I can set the AI to reasonable levels, I can actually enjoy an old-school Street Fighter. The art work is great, the cast is great, and of course, the combat is really satisfying. I wish there weren't as many moves requiring odd motions, though.

14. Super Bomberman R (2 hours)
Still pretty fun a year later.

15. Shadowhand (9 hours)
Golf solitaire with RPG elements. Works for me.

16. Rayman Legends (6 hours)
A damn well-tuned platformer bursting with energy and creativity.

17. Rivals of Aether (1 hour)
It doesn't have as much to offer content-wise as Smash Bros., but it's got plenty of great ideas of its own, and it plays well.

18. Kirby: Triple Deluxe (6 hours)
This is not my first Kirby game (hell, I've beaten Kirby's Adventure twice), but I think I have a better understanding now of how this series continues to be popular. There's more to do with each individual power than I initially thought, we're talking full movesets. Throw in some fun boss fights, and you got a nice platformer on your hands.

19. Final Fight (55 minutes)
It doesn't seem to be a terribly complex game, and that's what makes it fun. Just running through this game with infinite continues and wailing on massive crowds of enemies is quite cathartic.

20. The King of Dragons (52 minutes)
You can really see the DNA of what would become the Mystara series in this one. The quick pace of the levels feels odd at first, but you get used to it quickly.

21. Captain Commando (<1 hour)
This is basically Final Fight with cooler weapons. Plus, how many games let you play as a mummy wearing a baseball cap backwards? Not very many.

22. Knights of the Round (<1 hour)
Another beat 'em up in the mold of King of Dragons and the Mystara games. I'm not terribly into the setting, but it's a good time nonetheless.

23. Picross S2 (30+ hours)
Good ol' Picross, always dependable for time wasting.

24. Super Mario Bros. (1 hour)
Played this one many times on many pieces of hardware, including the NES, but this is my first time beating the game. Obviously, some aspects haven't aged especially well, but platforming remains tight to this very day.

25. Kirby Star Allies (5+ hours)
Something to pass the time before Smash Ultimate comes out, and honestly, I think I liked this one better than Triple Deluxe. Having a band of allies accompanying you, including major characters from past Kirby games, makes a delightful difference.

26. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (95+ hours)
Good god, this game is packed to the gills, even by Smash standards. And it plays like a dream, too.
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Oct 25, 2017
Claiming this post. I don't think I could exceed 52 games this year since I'll be putting some time into studying towards a computer/network course. Though if I manage to finish that early and end up with lots of free time after work in the future, eh who knows :V

1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

2. Beneath a Steel Sky (PC)

3. The Blackwell Legacy (1st game in the Blackwell series)

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

5. Blackwell Unbound (2nd game in the Blackwell series

6. Blackwell Convergence (3rd game in the Blackwell series)

7. Blackwell Deception (4th game in the Blackwell series)

8. Blackwell Epiphany (5th game in the Blackwell series)

9. Night in the Woods

10. Glass Masquerade

11. Fallen Legion+

12. Infinos Gaiden

13. Ikaruga

14. Dropsy

15. 99Vidas

16. Iconoclasts

17. Gobliiins

18. Recettear

19. Fight'n Rage

20. Sam & Max Save The World

21. BOOR

21. Goblins 3

22. Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space

23. OK KO! Let's Play Heroes

24. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

25. Amy in Sonic the Hedgehog

26. The Cave

27. Secret of Mana 2018

28. Sonic Adventure DX

29. D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Season 1

30. Chuchel

31. Batman: The Enemy Within

32. New Super Mario Bros. 2
Main 6 worlds completed.

33. Ni no Kuni 2

33. Armed & Dangerous

34. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations

35. Sonic Adventure 2 (PC)

36. Fe

37. Indigo Prophecy Remastered

38. Flix & Chill

39. Alien Storm (MD/Genesis)

40. Binary Domain

41. Bionic Commando (2009)

42. EDF 4.1 Wing Diver The Shooter

43. Rambo The Video Game

44. Wanda: A beautiful Apocalypse

45. Devil May Cry 4 SE
Completed the main story mode as Nero and Dante, but will replay it in the future to experience the other routes.

46. Timeshift

47. Comix Zone

48. Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

49. ESWAT (Gensis/MD)

50. Omensight

51. Dynamite Headdy

52. Ristar (Mega Drive)

53. CHASE: Cold Case Investigations

54. God of War (2018)

55. Shadow Dancer (Mega Drive)
56. Bare Knuckle 3/Streets of Rage 3
57. RAGE (2011)

58. Shinobi III

59. Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

60. Ziggurat

61. Sengoku Aces (Android)
Main game completed as Jane on Easy.

62. Wyv & Keep

63. WARP

64. Waking Mars

65. Shadow the Hedgehog

66. Metal Slug 6

67. The Mummy Demastered

68. Detective Gallo

69. Super Dangerous Dungeons

70. Astebreed

71. Blue Sheep

72. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

73. Cave Story

74. Double Dragon Neon

75. DuckTales Remsatered

76. Freedom Planet

77. Megaman X7

78. Megaman X8
79. DuckTales (NES)

80. DuckTales 2 (NES)

81. Xanadu Next

82. Sonic Mania

83. Grandia II
Beaten in under 35 hours.

84. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

85. The Secret of Monkey Island

86. Layton Brothers
87. Guardians of the Galaxy- The Telltale series

88. The Room
89. Warp Shift

90. Framed
91. Blazing Star

92. The GG Shinobi
93. Megaman X 4

Completed the game with X.

94. The Walking Dead Season 1
95. Deus Ex Go

96. The Walking Dead Season 2

97. The Walking Dead Season 3

98. Unavowed

99. Yakuza 6

101. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

102. Ys IV: Memories of Celceta

103. Rise of the Tomb Raider

104. Steel Empire

105. Cardinal Sins

106. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

107. 428 Shibuya Scramble

108. Loom

109. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

110. Hitman (2016)

111. Darksiders 2 D. Edition

112. Hitman 2

113. Castle of Illusion (2013 remake)

114. Evo Explorers

115. Dragon Quest XI

116. Ode

117. Megaman 11

118. Gunman Clive

119. Ittle Dew

120. R-Type

121. Burly men at sea

122. R-Type II

123. Darksiders III

124. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

125. Jotun

126. Rayman Legends
127. Blue Estate the game

128. The Typing of the Dead Overkill

129. Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls

130. Darksiders

131. Law & Order Legacies

132. Mighty No. 9
Completed main game as Beck.

133. Mighty Gunvolt
Completed with Gunvolt.

134. The Navigator

135. Momodora 3

Beaten on Easy.
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Oct 29, 2017
I'm in this year.


1. Titanfall 2 - PS4 - 6 hours, Rating - 6/10 [01/01/2018]

2. Firewatch - PS4 - 3.3 hours, Rating - 7/10 [04/01/2018]

3. Batman The Telltale Series - PS4 - 7.9 hours, Rating - 8/10 [08/01/2018]


Doom (PS4)
Skyrim (Switch)
Steins;Gate (PS Vita)
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Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Game 1: Final Fantasy IV - 20 Hours
# Started last year. Still a masterpiece and an incredible improvement over 3

Game 2: Another Lost Phone: Lauras Story - 1 Hour
# I guess it was alright. The first game felt fresher.

Game 3: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - 4 Hours
# Doesn't quite reach the heights of Dishonored 2, but it's still pretty great

Game 4: ECHO - 4.5 Hours
# Interesting concept, but it outstays its welcome.

Game 5: Legrand Legacy - 33 Hours
# A fantastic JRPG brought down by an infuiriating final Dungeon

Game 6: Shadow of the Colossus - 4 Hours
# Amazing remake

Game 7: Attack of the Earthlings - 5 Hours
# The humor was garbage, but the Turn-Based Strategy gameplay was nice

Game 8: Nantucket - 4 Hours
# A really cool, but also really short RPG about Whalehunting.

Game 9: Bayonetta 2 - 12 Hours
# Two playthroughs in a row. I don't really need to say anything else about a Platinum action game.

Game 10: Legendary Gary - 3 Hours
# A typical coming of age story wrapped in a cool but slow Turn-Based combat system. It's alright.

Game 11: Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 31 Hours
# Like a less janky Piranha Bytes game. I really liked the historical setting and the combat. Would wholeheartedly recommend the game if it weren't for the developer.

Game 12: Final Fantasy V - 28 Hours
# Still not my favorite Final Fantasy to put it lightly

Game 13: Life is Strange: Before the Storm - 12 Hours
# Liked it much more than the first season, since Chloe is the best. Had some really amazing setpieces and a great final in Episode 4.

Game 13: Final Fantasy VI - 30 hours
# Umpa umpa umpa umpa umpa umpa umpapa, Umpa umpa umpa umpa umpa umpa umpapa, Um, Pa, Um Um pa, Um, Pa, Um Um Pa, Um, Pa, Um Um Pa

Game 14: #WarGames - 2 hours
# Weird concept, didn't quite understood how exactly it worked. Unfortunately the story also wasn't anywhere as interesting as in Her Story.

Game 15: Northgard - 15 Hours
# It's a really nice settlers style RTS with pretty good mission design, it's surprisingly challenging too.

Game 16: QUBE 2 - 5 Hours
# It's a really well designed puzzle game, like portal but without the humor, i very much recommend it especially if you liked the first one.

Game 17: Orwell: Ignorance is Strength - 3 Hours
# As soemone who's played the first one, this felt a bit too samey. Still enjoyable tho.

Game 18: Batman: The Enemy Within - 9 Hours
# One of Telltale's better efforts.

Game 19: Golem Gates - 5 Hours
# Generally a pretty fun RTS, but i feel like the Art, the OST and that every character sounds like Sauron is dragging the game down. A bit more cartoonery wuld've fit the game good.

Game 20: Chrono Trigger - 18 Hours
# Once you install a bunch of mods, the port is almost good

Game 21: Dead in Vinland - 25 Hours
# Really cool survival game with tedious combat

Game 22: Yakuza 6 - 25 Hours
# Not my favorite Yakuza, but the ending was incredibly well done.

Game 23: MINIT - 1 Hour
# Opinion here

Game 24: Behind the Screen 螢幕判官 - 2 Hours
# Opinion here

Game 25: Frostpunk - 6 hours
# Opinion here

Game 26: God of War 4
# Pretty fun action game that's too long for its own good. God of War 3 was better.

Game 27: Pillars of Eternity II - Deadfire
# One of the best CRPG's of the last few years.

Game 28: Quarantine Circular - 2 Hours
# Yet another neat, little, narrative adventure

Game 29: Detroit - 12 Hours
# The presentation is really great, but the writing isn't even the usual cage so bad it's good fun, it's just bland. Oh well.

Game 30: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - 2 Hours
# Not a fan of the child protagonist, but otherwise, well done-

Game 31: Gears of War 4 - 7 hours
# It was alright i guess, i'm definitely missing these more linear games.

Game 32: Final Fantasy 8 - 30 Hours
# Replaying it with the built-in cheats of the steamversion makes the game a lot more fun, fuck the draw system.

Game 33: This is the Police 2 - 20 Hours
# Opinion Here

Game 34: Deaths Gambit - 9 Hours
# Great Game with some flaws

Game 35: Phantom Doctrine - 20 Hours
# A lot of cool ideas, but not all that well executed

Game 36: Not Tonight - 12 Hours
# An amazing, Brexit-Dystopia Papers Please Clone

Game 37: Framed - 1 Hour
# Very cool but short.

Game 38: Framed 2 - 1 hour
# As seen above.

Game 39: Silent Hill 1 - 6 Hours
# As good as ever

Game 40: Silent Hill 2 - 5 Hours
# See above

Game 41: Silent Hill 3 - 3 Hours
# Guess what

Game 42: Donut County - 1 Hour
# Well it was alright i guess

Game 43: Spiderman PS4 - 20 Hours
# Better than God of War

Game 44: Dragon Quest XI - 45 Hours
# A good videogame but also rather uninspired

Game 45: Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 23 Hours
# Opinion Here

Game 46: Valkyria Chronicles 4 - 36 Hours
# Opinion Here

Game 47: Deep Sky Derelicts - 11 Hours
# You can clearly tell that the dev team completely ran out of steam in the second half. Disappointing.

Game 48: The Missing - J.J. Macfield and the island of Memories - 5 Hours
# Opinion Here

Game 49: My Memory Of Us - 4 Hours
# Pretty good

Game 50: The Hex - 5 Hours
# Opinion Here

Game 51: Red Dead Redemption 2 - 40 Hours
# I kinda really hated it at the beginning, but wow did it come around for me. A slow burn, but a very good one.

Game 52: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales - 17 Hours
# Liked the idea, but it was far too easy and too linear.

Game 53: Thief Simulator - 8 Hours
# Very janky, but a really cool concept

Game 54: The Room 3 - 4 Hours
# 1 > 3 > 2

Game 55: Killer7 - 13 Hours

Game 56: Darksiders 3 - 9 Hours
# Better than the reviews would have let me believe. Glad the franchise is back.

Game 57: The Council - 12 Hours
# Blergh

Game 58: Sunset Overdrive - 12 Hours
# Just finished Sunset Overdrive, great gameplay and a nice a s t h e t i c but the humor fell flat on me more often than not.

Game 59: DUSK - 6 Hours
# Opinion Here

Game 60: Bomb Squad Academy - 70 Minutes
# Neat but short
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Oct 26, 2017
This is my year. I know it! Gonna start playing more games on Switch so I can play them when the mood strikes.


Oct 27, 2017

1. Picross S

Currently Playing:
Super Mario Odyssey
Picross DS
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Nov 14, 2017
2017- Main Post (39 games completed)
Main Post (19 games completed)

Game #1: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons [PC] - 3 Hours

Completed - 5 January
Score: 10/10

This was good.
The perfect mix between story and gameplay, the phenomenal soundtrack, the beautiful art, the ending...
Easily one of the best games I've ever played.
Game #2: Halo 2: Anniversary [XB1s] - 8 Hours

Completed - 7 January
Score: 9/10
First time playing the anniversary version of the game, it looks good, it plays amazing, the art is incredible, another amazing soundtrack.
I would be more mad about the cliffhanger if I hadn't experienced it before.
Game #3: Halo 3: ODST Remastered [XB1s] - 10 Hours

Completed - 5 February
Score: 7,5/10
+ Cool story, I like the uniqueness of the way the story is told
+ Incredible gameplay (as usual with Halo)
- Some boring moments when you're playing with the protagonist of the game
Game #4: inFamous: First Light [PS4] - 5 Hours

Completed - 4 March
Score: 7,5/10
+ Protagonist
+ Pacing
+ Gameplay
- Some characters
- Short
Game #5: Halo 3 Remastered [XB1s] - 9 Hours

Completed - 18 March
Score: 8,8/10
Game #6: Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice [PS4] - 8 Hours

Completed - 29 March
Score: 9/10
+ Solid gameplay
+ Characters and performances
+ Incredible graphics
+ Possibly best audio ever
- Puzzles are on the easy side, and not very satisfying to complete
Game #7: Halo 4 Remastered [XB1s] - 8 Hours

Completed - 1 April
Score: 8,8/10
+ Gameplay
+ Pacing
+ Graphics and performance
- A few story missions
Game #8: Uncharted: Lost Legacy [PS4P] - 7 Hours

Completed - 18 April
Score: 9,5/10
+ Gameplay (similar to U4)
+ Amazing story
+ The characters and the bond between the protagonists
+ Amazing pacing
+ Cool puzzles
+ Incredible ending
Game #9: God of War (2018) [PS4P] - 51 Hours

Completed - 18 April
Score: 10/10
+ Gameplay
+ Story
+ Characters (Kratos is incredible)
+ Ending
+ Graphics
Game #10: Batman Arkham Knight [PS4P] - 15 Hours

Completed - 9 June
Score: 7,5/10
+- Gameplay (that becomes repetitive as usual with this franchise)
+ Batmobile (at least in a few missions)
+ Graphics
+ Story
+ Characters
- Becomes very repetative
- "Hidden" ending
Game #11: Late Shift [XB1s] - 2 Hours (via GamePass)

Completed - 23 June
Score: 5/10
Game #12: Allumette [PS4 - Virtual Reality] - 25 minutes

Completed - 14 July
Score: 7/10 (for VR)
Game #13: PSVR Worlds: London Heist [PS4 - Virtual Reality] - 40 minutes

Completed - 9 August
Score: 8/10 (for VR)
+ Good gameplay
+ Interesting Story
- Extremely short
Game #14: Batman Arkham VR [PS4 - Virtual Reality] - 2 hours

Completed - 13 August
Score: 7/10 (for VR)
Game #15: Assassin's Creed Origins [XB1X] - 40 hours

Completed - 11 October
Score: 9/10
Enjoyable story and lore
+ Great protagonist
+ Incredible graphics and presentation
- Some pacing issues
Game #16: Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones [XB1X] - 5 hours

Completed - 13 October
Score: 8.5/10
Good gameplay and graphics
+/- Integral to the game story wise
- Very short
Game #17: Assassin's Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs [XB1X] - 10 hours

Completed - 20 October
Score: 7.5/10
Good gameplay and graphics
- Doesn't really belong to the rest of the game
Game #18: Until Dawn [PS4] - 9 hours

Completed - 1 November
Score: 8.5/10
Amazing characters and story
+ Beautiful graphics (even without Pro patch)
- Inconsistent frame-rate
Game #19: Marvel's Spider Man [PS4] - 35 hours (Platinum)

Completed - 1 November
Score: 9.5/10
Amazing characters and story
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Incredible gameplay
- Uses a lot of open-world tropes (which it didn't bother me that much)

---------------MULTIPLAYER GAMES----------------------------------------------------

Game #: Fortnite Battle Royale [PS4 & PC] - >100 Hours
Game #: Call of Duty: World War II [PS4] - >30 Hours
Game #: EA Sports UFC 3 [PS4] - >30 Hours
Game #: Rocket League [PS4] - >200 Hours
Game #: Rainbow Six Siege [PS4 & PC] - >50 Hours
Game #: Destiny 2 [PS4] - >120 Hours
Game #: Battlefield Hardline [PS3 & PS4] - >50 Hours

Game #: Halo MasterChief Collection [XB1] - >50 Hours
Game #: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds [XB1] - >35 Hours
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Oct 26, 2017
Updated 27-Feb-2018

2015: 36 games beaten
2016: 33 games beaten
2017: 53 games beaten

Currently playing
Assetto Corsa
Assassins Creed Origins
Stardew Valley

Backlog for Feb/Mar
Danganronpa V3
Root Letter
Yakuza Kiwami
Ori and the Blind Forest

#1: F1 2017 (PC) - ★★★★
Quite enjoyed this game mainly due to the career mode and seeing the tracks from real life. However the career mode does become stale a little bit because other teams don't swap drivers. Still buying F1 2018 on day one, unless the Halo is really messed up.

#2: Celeste (SWITCH) - ★★★★
Lovely game with tight platforming and a surprisingly good story. Sadly the B-sides are a bit out of my league so I called it quits after finishing the main levels.

#3 Pyre (PS4) - ★★★★
Platinum'ed it in the end. Somewhere around the 1/3th mark of the game I lost interest but still decided to continue. The game play got really interesting when the CPU picked up it's pace and the stars were introduced. Not a terrible visual novel either!

#4 FIFA 18 (Xbox One) - ★★★

Got it for 'free' when I bought my Xbox one S during the xmas sales. Guess I got over FIFA..It really did not click with me.
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Oct 26, 2017
Diving in aswell. Played a ton of different games last year - hopefully I'll manage to play most of my anticipated games this year with all real life duties aswell.

Completed: 1
1. Assasin's Creed: Origins (1/1 - Xbox One X - around 50 hours) ★★★★
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