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52 Games. 1 Year. 2019.

Jan 6, 2019
Main Post

06. Resident Evil HD Remaster | 11 hours | 7/10 | 1/31/19

This game holds up much better than I expected, the camera and voice acting are pretty bad but that's part of its' charm. I wanted to play through it before going through RE2 (which I get tomorrow) and I'm glad I did. It was fun. Played as best girl Jill of course. I love this style of game where as your journey evolves and you find new places you also find items which help further your journey in the old places, it's backtracking done right. Not much else to say, definitely still a classic.
Jul 11, 2018
New Jersey
Here's my January update! Main Post is here.


1) Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD (PlayStation 4)

Easily the weakest Kingdom Hearts entry I actually played. Enjoyable still, but had issues and some terrible boss fights. What on Earth was that story?

2) Vane (PlayStation 4)

Oof. Fantastic first 15 minutes, then quickly devolves into being terrible.

3) Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage- (PlayStation 4)

Short but entertaining prequel game. Very excited to see more Aqua.

4) 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PlayStation 4)

This feels more like the first episode in an episodic game than a full game. Kind of disappointing.

5) Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PlayStation 4)

Everything I could have wanted in an Ace Combat game. May have seriously replayed 5 as my new favorite entry.
Oct 25, 2017
S.T.A.R.S Beret - 8/52 Games (4 first playthroughs, 4 replays)


Game 6 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut (PC) – 41 hours, 54 minutes – 3.5/5

This started off really well but loses steam badly once you hit the DLC through the end of the game. The DLC itself is bland while overstaying its welcome while the ending of the main game falls into the same pitfalls the original game did (too many enemies, condensed level designs) to a further extent. Things were topped off with 4 ending choices that each felt unsatisfying for different reasons.

Mostly loved my time with this before the last 3 or 4 hours, still. Boss fights and the social battles were a drag but everything else was right up my alley. Loved traveling around the hubs, exploring for different pathways and the like. Spent most of this playthrough being stealthy and nonlethal, in fact I thought I had finished without killing anyone or raising an alarm but I didn't get either achievement. I'm curious where I messed up.

Game 7 – Metro Last Light Redux (Xbox One) – 14 hours, 20 minutes – 3/5

Pretty decent but it loses a lot of character that was found in the original game for me personally. The increased focus on combat (the forced bits near the end of the game especially) weren't what I was originally drawn to Metro for and I could've done without them. Absolutely loved the outdoor levels again.

Still really unsure about Exodus but I hope they lean more heavily on the exploration and world building than any combat based stuff. I guess we'll see in a bit.

Game 8 – Tomb Raider: Chronicles (PC) – 6 hours, 8 minutes – 2/5

I've played the TR series since I was a child and I've finished all of the games multiple times but for whatever reason I never actually saw the credits/fully beat this one. I can kinda see why now.

More of the same from the previous games but with less pleasing level design and challenge plus a much shorter length.

Unlike the previous games, however. There were glitches all over the place in this one. Ones involving the game becoming unbeatable if you save in the wrong spot in the last level (in more than one spot to top things off) are a mess and really harm the overall enjoyment.

Not sure I'll ever return for this one.


Oct 25, 2017
-72.290091, 0.795254
I literally finally beat the game in nightmare mode. Pretty much agree with everything stated. The combat is snappy and smooth. The music and art style is on point. The little lores here and there have me intrigued enough for me to want learn more about this world.

I've been hooked and now that I've beaten it in the highest difficultly, it's time to finally put this game down lol.
Good job, nicely done.

Is nightmare a literal nightmare? I'm not the most coordinated of folk but got through normal eventually. I want to play more but I think upping the difficulty may just frustrate me.

Re. the lore, I particularly liked the chap behind the door shocked "they" finally put him on the "right" side.

Have a good weekend all. It's snowy and cold here in the UK so a good excuse to play some games indoors.
Nov 14, 2017
Good job, nicely done.

Is nightmare a literal nightmare? I'm not the most coordinated of folk but got through normal eventually. I want to play more but I think upping the difficulty may just frustrate me.

Re. the lore, I particularly liked the chap behind the door shocked "they" finally put him on the "right" side.

Have a good weekend all. It's snowy and cold here in the UK so a good excuse to play some games indoors.
Nightmare is and it isn't.

It isn't in the sense that by the time you reach that mode, you should have more cells put into having a higher chance of enemies dropping broken items.

It is in every other sense of the way. Harder enemies that you would meet at later stages will now appear in earlier stages. You take more damage. As you go up in difficulties, it will ramp and cap you from having less fountains for recovery, to less flasks provided, to eventually none at all. Finally, most hits will cause Malaise and food will usually also cause Malaise.

The game will still frustrate you lol, but it is fun torture. Let me know if you need any tips or help and I'll be happy to share. :)
Oct 26, 2017

Game #21 - Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea Episode 1
Time: 2 hours

Even tho the internet has a hate-boner for Bioshock Infinite (or the Bioshock series in general it seems, bizarrely enough), I still loved the game, and have nothing but fond memories of it. I never got around to playing the dlc because, well that's what happens with me and games, I move on after I finish and never go back once the DLCs are finally out, even tho most of the time I buy the season passes (lol). Anyway decided to finally play it and I really liked it. Burial at Sea sees Booker return to Rapture, which was a nice nostalgia trip (can you be nostalgic for 12 year old games? And holy shit Bioshock is 12 years old?), with the task of finding a girl called Sally with the help of a very Noir looking Elizabeth. In fact, the whole thing has a awesome noir look, it's still gorgeous with very vibrant and colorful areas (but also very gloomy and creepy when needed), gameplay is still the same fast paced mix of guns and plasmid "spells", and the story, while short, is really cool, especially the ending, oooh boy that ending got me, working nicely as a HUGE cliffhanger for episode 2, but strangely enough, also on its own. Great stuff if a bit on the short side (apparently episode 2 is longer, we shall see soon).

Game #22 - Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea Episode 2
Time: 4 hours

The conclusion to Burial at Sea, and the conclusion to the Bioshock series if you will, as it ties Infinite and Bioshock 1 (as usual it mostly ignores 2) with a neat little bow. I know most people don't like that but I think it's well done, I really like Elizabeth (who you play in this DLC), and it was cool to see all those old characters again. Gameplay wise it actually feels a lot different too, as Elizabeth relies more on stealth and even has some new plasmids and weapons, which Booker didnt in the first DLC. It's also much longer clocking at around 4 hours if you explore (and there is a lot of side content lore-wise to explore if you dont follow the critical path). Overall it's a great send off to the series in my opinion, and a fantastic piece of DLC.

Main Post
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Dec 4, 2017
Reserving a spot

Currently playing on:
1. Devil May Cry 3: SE (DMC HD Collection for PS4)

Might start or continue last playthrough:
2. Gravity Rush 2
3. Just Cause 3 (PS4)
4. Mafia 3 (PS4)
Jan 2, 2018
Main post here

Full January update

1- YS Felghana - 7h57m - 4/5

More YS, more hours of fighting and jumping fun.

Also, amazing OST as you can expect from Falcom games.

2- A Way out - 8h - 3/5

Interesting co-op game to play with people, good start but after the first hours loses a lot of strength imo.

3- Bladed Fury -3h- 4/5

Beat-'Em-Up 2D with beautiful art based on the Chinese vs Mongols war. Really short game but the gameplay and bosses fights are quite good.

4- The cat Lady - 8h- 4/5

Super creepy and dark point and click adventure, I enjoyed the dark and gore style of the game, and the characters really grow on you.

Not for everyone tho.

5- Persona 3P -59h39m- 5/5

It goes directly to my top10 best JRPG ever, amazing cast members, great pacing and history and one of the best OST I can remember.

Although the tartarus park is not pretty, at least in the PSP one you can climb it quickly.

6- Resident Evil 2:RE (Leon A) - 9h13m- 5/5

Superb remake, you can feel the devs love put into the game in all the details in every corner of the adventure. It really shows how to make a GOOD survival horror, great pacing, amazing atmosphere and even a little hide & seek.

Candidate to be one of the best in the year.

Now playing



-RE2: Claire B
Oct 27, 2017

12. Retro City Rampage DX (Switch) | 1st Feb - 10 hrs | 2/5
Fun at first but gets tedious a couple hours in. I would have given 3 out of 5 except that final boss was ridiculous. Must have taken be 30+ trys.

I'm still plugging away at Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Hoping to get it done in next couple of weeks.
Oct 25, 2017
Main Post

January Update!

Game 1: Gris (PC) | 3 Hours | 01/01/2019 | 8/10

A nice little 2D platformer with an artstyle that is worth the asking price alone. A beautiful looking game that uses its imagery to tell its story, all the while having good platforming mechanics behind it that make it a joy to play.

Game 2: The Messenger (PC) | 12 Hours | 01/03/2019 | 9/10

A game that I would consider to have a lot of flaws but I found to be oddly compelling in a way. The fantastic controls and fun level design of the first Ninja Gaiden inspired part of the game carried the absolute slog of the metroidvania back end that occasionally becomes fun when you discover a new area every so often.

Game 3: Return Of the Obra Dinn (PC) | 7 Hours | 01/04/2019 | 9/10

Fantastic adventure game. The story of the Obra Dinn was very compelling partly due to the way it is told in having to find corpses on the ship to progress the story. Its music and sound design also elevates the experience in a way I didn't think it would. The real meat and potatoes of the game in figuring out all the crew members and their fates rewards a keen eye and logical common sense thinking and it's incredibly rewarding when your thinking syncs up with the games logic.

Game 4: Minit (PC) | 84 Minutes | 01/05/2019 | 6/10

A little top down Zelda-like with a fun little twist that it does well. It didn't really compell me much to do any more than just beat it and I kind of accidentally found the final boss but I can't say my short time with Minit was regrettable by any stretch.

Game 5: Pikuniku (PC) | ~4 Hours | 01/21/2019 | 7/10

Quirky game where you're an armless thing that exists to kick things. Gameplay is simple but rewarding and kicking things is very enjoyable. The optional platforming areas and the secrets hidden around are cool and help flesh out the overall package. The optional co-op levels are also incredibly fun and worth your time and would help elevate the game if I didn't need to use Parsec to play online.

Game 6: Sprout (PC) | 11 Minutes | 01/26/2019 | 5/10

A free-to-play game the Steam discovery queue gave me during the winter sale. The equivalent of going to your local library and reading a kindergartner's book. Nice and free but nothing to write home about.

Game 7: Gizmo (PC) | 87 Minutes | 01/26/2019 | 8/10

It's kind of weird to give a one level proof of concept demo this high a score but at the same time I don't think I ever felt so compelled to 100% a demo and really master its movement. It's a good ass linear 3D platformer with great momentum based movement and some solid design. It has some quirks to work out but if this was a full game it could earn high marks from me.
Oct 28, 2017
After failing miserably for the past 2 years, despite a decent first attempt with 34 finished games in 2016, I am more motivated than ever to complete the challenge this time. Here's to success!
1. Cuphead (PC) | 6th Jan - 11hrs | 5/5
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) | ?th Jan - ?hrs | 5/5
3. Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) | ?th Jan - ?hrs | 4/5
4. Gris (PC) | 2nd Feb - 5hrs | 4/5
5. Hitman 2016 (PC) | 5th Feb - ?hrs | 4/5
6. Salt and Sanctuary (PC) | 16th Feb - 24hrs | 4/5

In Progress:
Hitman 2
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Oct 25, 2017
Manchester, UK
My first update for the year, six games in January means that I'm about on track so far - let's hope that I can keep things that way, or ideally start to push a little ahead!

1. Yono and the Celestial Elephants (Switch) - 1 January 2019
Complete playthrough. Yono and the Celestial Elephants is an utterly charming game, with simple, bright and colourful graphics and an unchallenging plot. The gameplay is somewhat in the style of a 2D Zelda game, which is what attracted me to the game, and on that front it's serviceable enough, but very much on the easy side - to the extent that on occasion Yono can start to feel somewhat tedious; it is, however, quite short (taking somewhere around 3-5 hours for a full playthrough), so this feeling doesn't become too pronounced.

2. GRIS (Switch) - 1 January 2019
Full playthrough, all in-game challenges completed. GRIS (pronounced "grease") is a beautiful 2D puzzle-platformer, very much selling itself on its art style - and here, it definitely excels, to the extent that I'd almost recommend the game just to experience its depiction of the story, themed around the supposed "five stages of grief. I say "story", but there's very little here that's explicit - GRIS leaves the player to infer its story for the most part, and its commendable that this is quite possible.

Gameplay, while perhaps not the key focus for the game, is still decent, though never overly challenging. A good few of the puzzles can be interesting to solve, helping to aid with how GRIS depicts its story and theme; the presence of collectibles and optional 'challenges' help to add an incentive to explore each area and a little more longevity.

3. Burly Men at Sea (PS4) - 1 January 2019
Platinum trophy earned (all 12 routes completed). Burly Men at Sea is a somewhat simple game telling the story of a group of sailors in pursuit of treasure. Gameplay consists of moving the titular three 'burly men' left and right through the environments, then interacting with specific trigger points to progress the story. There are essentially just three important decisions to make in the game, with other actions being for the most part linear in how they progress the story. For its low asking price, it's decently entertaining to see how the strange experiences of each of the 12 paths through the game plays out, and the player is very much encouraged to replay the game to see the different alternatives (at the end of each path, the story effectively loops back on itself).

4. Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps - all three episodes (PS4) - 6 January 2019
100% of trophies earned; 100% in-game completion rate. The City that Never Sleeps is an great expansion to what was already an excellent game, adding greater longevity alongside additional plotlines that expand nicely on the story from the base game, including a deeper exploration of some key characters. The gameplay remains for the most part the same as the base game, so there's ultimately nothing new to the combat - but there are some well-designed major new encounters and a couple of new variants for the regular 'crime' scenarios in each district. For anyone who enjoyed the base game, I'd very strongly recommend this.

5. Spyro the Dragon (remaster) (PS4) - 13 January 2019
Platinum trophy earned, 120% (maximum) in-game completion rate, all skill points earned. I've never previously played any of the Spyro games, but found this to be a great introduction to the series. While the game at times betrays its age with occasionally 'clunky' controls, for the most part this is a very well-done remaster - comparison screenshots highlight just how significant the graphical upgrade is, while there's also been a nice enhancement to the soundtrack and few notable 'quality of life' improvements including an in-game minimap and assistance with locating nearby collectibles.

In comparison to the superb Super Mario 64, Spyro the Dragon shows less variety and creativity to its levels and the challenges posed to players, and Spyro's moveset is much more limited, but this is a very high bar and Spyro remains a very entertaining, charming experience in itself - certainly it's done enough to have me looking forward to playing its two direct sequels.

6. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (remaster) (PS4) - 23 January 2019
Platinum trophy earned, 100% (maximum) in-game completion rate, all skill points earned. Moving on to the second game in the original trilogy, there's a decent increase in polish and variety in level design, but for the most part this more of the same - in a good way. Another very enjoyable 'collectathon' 3D platformer.
Oct 25, 2017
Main Post

17. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - 11h - 30.01

This is a very uneven game. Even taking into account its age, there are a few things in here that i don't think are very good due to the design itself. About half of its levels are extremely long and repetitive copy pasted corridors, indistinguishable from one another. I think almost all of the interior sections are very poor. On the other hand, when you get outside, it becomes a fantastic wide open shooter, and its movement and gunplay really shine. The vehicles are also a lot of fun, the Warthog in particular. The feel of the game is just perfect and i can only imagine how much of a revelation this was in 2001. The gameplay and the world itself are pretty much above everything else here. Although i also had a problem with balance. There are difficulty spikes everywhere. I breezed through the majority of the game but fuck Two Betrayals, honestly.

The story itself is pretty rote, but the world Bungie created is pretty interesting, and also cast Mass Effect under a new light for me. Basically

Protheans are Forerunners. Reapers are Flood but robots

Unless i'm missing something. Which i probably am. The characters are paper thin, though Cortana has some good lines. Master Chief's voice work is bad by today's standards.

One thing that i will call out as being absolutely inane and really infuriating is the Halo Channel nonsense. Most of the time it just won't work, but when it deigns to function it's a buggy, featureless and completely worthless thing.

This all might sound pretty negative, but in truth i really liked it and understand some of its limitations are in the context of its time. This was also the only Halo game i had ever played before (on PC), so i now have the entirety of the series ahead of me and i'm pretty excited about that.

Deleted member 1759

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Oct 25, 2017
Main Post

#7: Quarantine Circular (PC) | 1.8h | Jan 24 | ★★★

I guess you can call it the sequel to Subsurface Circular. At least it takes place in the same universe sometime after the events of Subsurface. It's a text-based adventure with lots of choices which lead to different endings. Story and characters are well written but I was hoping it would introduce some more new mechanics. Still enjoyed my time with it. But with games like this, I prefer to just play them once and stick with the choices I make and the ending I get. I think I liked Subsurface a bit better. Mainly because that one was a new experience, a bit longer and I just preferred the setting. Quarantine is still a good "sequel" for people who already liked Subsurface.

#8: Rainswept (PC) | 4.3h | Feb 03 | ★★★½

In Rainswept you play as a detective who comes into a small, sleepy town that just experienced its first murder in a very long time. It's an adventure game where you explore and talk to people. You investigate. But you don't just investigate a murder, you also investigate your mind because you still struggle to come to terms with a trauma you experienced in the recent past.

Rainswept tries to tackle some heavy topics such as suicide, depression, and trauma. And I think it does a rather good job with it. One character reminded me of a person I know and the way they were portrayed was almost too accurate. Kinda creepy even.

But let's talk about the game itself. I really enjoyed the visuals. Sometimes they felt a bit off and it looked like they could use some more polish but it wasn't a big deal. The music was nicely done as well and fitted the atmosphere (that it also helped to create). And the characters were well written and their behavior was believable most of the time, especially when it comes to certain aspects of mental health issues. But there are also things I didn't like that much. There are some plotholes in the detective story/the explanation of the crime which left me kinda unsatisfied. Also, the puzzles were really easy or, well, pretty much non-existent.

It took me a bit to get into the game but once it "clicked", I just wanted to keep playing and see how it ends.

#9: All Our Asias (PC) | 1.7h | Feb 03 | ★

Boring, bad controls, doesn't look good ("PSX-like"), backtracking with super slow movement. Yeah, I'm definitely not part of the target audience for this game. But at least it's F2P and short.

#10: Hitman: Sniper Challenge (PC) | 0.3h | Feb 03 | ★★

It's ok. I guess? At least it's one less game in my backlog now.
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Oct 25, 2017

Game 01: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - 3/5 - 22:47 hours (27/01/2019)

Defeated Marluxia and finished the main quest.

Game 02: God of War - 5/5 - around 50:00 hours (31/01/2019)

Finished the journey, platinumed the game.


Game 03: NieR: Automata [Route C] - 4/5 - 26:48 hours (09/02/2019)

Got my platinum with all endings and basically everything else in the game, but a few data, achieved.

Game 04: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories [Reverse/Rebirth] - 3/5 - 06:41 hours (10/02/2019)

Defeated Ansem and filled the D report.

Game 05: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 5/5 - around 210:00 hours (18/02/2019)

Banished Calamity Ganon from Hyrule, completed all shrines, found all outfits.


Game 06: Pikuniku - 3/5 - around 04:00 hours (12/03/2019)

Completed the adventure and got all but one trophies.

Game 07: Kingdom Hearts II - Final Mix - 5/5 - 50:08 hours (17/03/2019)

Destroyed Organization XIII and saved all worlds.


Game 08: Adventures of Lolo - 4/5 - around 04:00 hours (16/04/2019)

Game 09: Kid Icarus - 2/5 - around 05:00 hours (25/04/2019)


Game XX: Resident Evil Remake - 5/5 - around xx:xx hours (xx/xx/2019)

Escaped the mansion.

Game XX: Magic the Gathering: Arena - 4/5 - around xx:xx hours (xx/xx/2019)
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Oct 25, 2017
Main Post

Here's my update for the month.



1: Return of the Obra Dinn - 8 hours

An inventive puzzle game where you play an insurance adjuster who has to discover the fates of all the crew members on a ship by reliving a handful of their deaths. The atmosphere of the game and the visual style is killer and it’s a joy to walk around time-frozen epic moments on the ship to try to figure out what happened or is going to happen to everyone. On the downside, moving between memories and the UI in general is cumbersome and gets really annoying towards the end when you don’t have memories directly related to specific crew members but need to review several other memories to search for clues. Identifying the last third of the crew felt too much like guesswork rather than deduction which wasn’t fun. I enjoyed the first 2/3 quite a bit though, and it’s very unique.

2: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - 4 hours

I didn’t play any of the original Wonder Boy games back in the day but the absolutely beautiful art style of the remake drew me to it. The music is great too, and the game lets you toggle original & updated versions of both the graphics and music instantaneously with dedicated buttons. It was a neat trick and having the toggle be so quick meant that you could always reference what the original art and sound for an area was to appreciate just how much inspiration they took out of the simple original 8-bit graphics. The gameplay however hasn’t aged super well, with awkward movement and combat typical of retro games, and it’s fairly short for the asking price.

3: Dead Cells - 18 hours

I started this last year shortly before it came out of Early Access and, while the combat and pace of the game were great, the game felt like it made the critical mistake common of roguelikes where unlocking new items for future runs made your overall item pool worse because the items ended up being bad. The game has come a long way since even then, it feels like, and there are few useless items & a pretty steady drop rate for new item recipes to unlock. Huge improvements have also been made to the passive abilities you can unlock, timed gated, and hundreds of other aspects of the game. It’s clear they are really listening to community feedback and are dedicated to improving the game, so plaything through it this year was a really pleasant surprise.

4: Book of Demons - 8 hours

A cool take on a Diablo-style game which tries to make the game more accessible by having floors follow branching linear paths rather than allowing free movement. The game seems like it was designed for mobile devices, both because of the simplification of the genre and an emphasis on gestures rather than typical input, but it’s only available on PC for the moment. There are some cool ideas in having the UI be a part of combat (tapping shields to break them, tapping ability cards that were knocked out of place to restore them, etc.) but the things they’ve added that make the game different from other games in the genre often get in the way and are frustrating. Annoying mechanics (such as enemies with large health pools that can only be damaged 1 heart every ~10 seconds), getting stuck inbetween things or being unable to dodge attacks because the limited movement, etc. The game has a good deal of variety for enemies and mini-boss mechanics, but also feels very repetitive and pretty grindy overall. There is a high requirement of floors to clear before each boss and they don’t feel different enough or rewarding on their own. The game is really missing the loot-chase part of the genre and while you can find new ability cards with different rarities and effects, they usually feel at-odds with your existing abilities and aren’t much fun.

February & March Post
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Oct 25, 2017
#7 Syphon Filter - 7.0 PS1 - Feb 3rd - 7.30 hours
I was sort of expecting this to be a bit of a nightmare to play, control wise, watching video of it before playing but honestly the controls are fine, generous auto aim and first person aiming for headshots make it a breeze and overall it holds up well. The level design was good even if a lot of the design of these buildings made no sense..and shocking people with the taser until they caught fire was fun. Only problems were some difficulty spikes late on and I did feel the game had it's best levels in the first half of the game.
Jun 8, 2018
Main post

4. God of War | Playstation 4 | 25hrs | January 21st | 5/5
Alright, I can see why this has so many game of the year awards now. It's a game that maintains a consistent level of quality throughout the whole experience.

5. Super Mario Odyssey | Nintendo Switch | 7hrs | January 25th | 4/5
I've played a bunch of 3D Mario games as a kid but could never really get far in them. Odyssey's mechanics with cappy are great though. I do not want to be shaking my joycon around to do stuff though, everything surrounding those mechanics was awful.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | Playstation 4 | 20hrs | January 28th | 3/5
I tried the game out last year from a friend and liked it quite a bit. It has great gunplay as always. They snuck in microtransactions in now though so they can honestly fuck off with that. Sold the game once I had enough of it. Still prefer Black Ops 3 in the end.

7. Battlefield V | PC | 20hrs | February 3rd | 1/5
Irredeemable garbage. I tried really hard to like this game. I kinda just hate every change they've made in this entry, coupled with most of the maps being awful. Then they conceded to bigots and the "muh authenticity" people so now the game has bland customization options because people freaked out when they saw women and prosthetic arms.
Genuinely upset I got this on PC too because I can't sell it now.

Willing to come back to it once Firestorm is out and see if they've made any improvements to the MP though. Will re-rate then.
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Oct 25, 2017
-72.290091, 0.795254
Let me know if you need any tips or help and I'll be happy to share. :)
It sounds hard as nails!

I think I'll pop the first boss cell at some point and work my way up from there. I think it's going to be one of those games I revisit now and then when that particular mood strikes me.

Thanks for the thoughts and have a good week.

Main Post

4. Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Done platinum-ing RE2make this weekend, amazing game with creepy atmosphere and solid gunplay. Spend about 30 hours to get platinum, time well spent. Now I'm gonna go back to RE4, time to finish some unfinished business.
How were the optional challenges? I like a little min-maxing here and there and the "complete the game in x number of steps" achievement intrigues me for all the wrong reasons!!
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Oct 25, 2017
10. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (19 hours)
Okay, yeah, I can see why people love this one. Great spritework, great music, a great set of characters (why does nobody ever talk about Necro? He's awesome!), and of course, that legendary gameplay. Gill is all sorts of bullshit, though.

Full list to date
Oct 25, 2017
16. Shovel Knight

This got really tough by the 2nd set of stages and just upped the difficulty, but I managed in the end. Well deserving of its praise though it won't be for everyone.
Gotta give credit to them for adding in a gender swap option allowing one to play with the cast all being female.
Oct 29, 2017
Main Post

Game 1 . Prey (2017) - Dec 20 to Jan 5 - 20 Hours - 5/5 - XBO
- Prey was an incredible way to start the year. It felt great to play. Had a good mix of jump scares, thrills and just eerie moments perfected with amazing sound design. The ability to play it your way was great and really aligned with the theme of the game. The story was gripping for me and I loved all the audio logs, alternate Earth timeline and and all the emails. Made the universe feel alive. One of my favorites of this gen.

Game 2. Resident Evil Revelations - Jan 5 to Jan 10 - 5.5 Hours - 3/5 - PS4
- Never played Resident Evil before and this was my first one. The universe kind of intrigued me and I think I'll go back and play more of the series. The game itself wasn't the greatest but had some fun moments and frustrating bosses. Looking forward to playing the better games in the series.

Game 3. Destiny 2 - Jan 11 to Jan 23 - 14 Hours - 3/5 - PC
- Enjoyable and kind of addicting but the gameplay loops was extremely simple, the story was kind of boring like the first (except you didn't have to look it up) and the final boss was incredibly easy. The franchise always seems to have potential but the base games have both felt like misses. Maybe I'll go back later in the year and try the DLC.

Game 4. Castlevania III - Jan 15 to Jan 26 - 5 Hours - 2/5 - NES
- I really didn't like this one. I felt it harder to control then the first one, too many constant deaths that drove me nuts. I understand that people love the deliberate nature of the controls and feeling like a tank and no take back on any action but I feel like there is a good reason games moved away from that. I had a bunch of deaths where I don't know what killed me or how I died and it just wasn't fun anymore. I plowed thru and it didn't feel worth it, glad it was short. I see the appeal of these Classicvania games but they really aren't my cup of tea.
Oct 26, 2017
Weekly update 5!

Just one game this week. Got roped into playing through the Mass Effect trilogy again and after one last playthrough made up my mind about being absolutely done with Mass Effect 1. Still have runs left in 2 and 3 so even if I beat them again now it won't count for this. But eh, I am having fun so the backlog can wait. I was gonna cram in a short game just to get it done but that felt wrong. If I play only Mass Effect for two months because I am enjoying it, then that is what I should do.

16. Mass Effect (PC) | 30th Jan - 500hrs | 4/5
The 500 hours are probably not close to what I have actually spent on the game but it will have to do. 30+ playthroughs. Paragon, Renegade, Paragade and Renegon, I have been everything. I have heard every word and every tiniest sigh of this game's dialogue and I have explored every single nook and cranny. I have scouted every planet with the Mako and I have romanced everyone with anyone I could. I had planned more runs, Shepards to take into the much less played 2 and 3, but I decided it has to end at some point. I will use a save editor to bring "new" Shepards into 2 instead. I know what every single choice is so putting in the flags for every one of the planned Shepards (11 of them) should be a piece of cake.​
People think I am crazy but there is just something with this game that spoke to me. And it has been that kind of game that I come back to because I know it, because it is so familiar that it feels like a comfort item. It's the game I turn to when everything else feels overwhelming. I bombard my mind with new experiences constantly and sometimes I just need a break from that. This game, the characters and the music especially, makes me feel good. It's by far the best game in the trilogy for me. It works both as a start to and epic saga and as a complete story by itself. I can't give it a 5 tho because there are still things about it that could have been better, things even I get a bit annoyed with. The inventory and equipment system for example. But apparently it isn't a big problem for me in the end...​


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Oct 25, 2017
5. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - 03/02/2019

I constantly umm and err on whether this game or Nocturne is the better game. I think DDS needs to be judged as a duology and I remember not liking DDS2 as much, so I think I'll save my judgement until I play the second game again.
Oct 26, 2017

Game #23 - Devil May Cry 3
Time: 8 hours

This might just be the most improved sequel to a videogame that I've ever seen in my life, after that abomination that was DMC2, DMC3 turns it around and is easily the best of the original trilogy, if not the entire series (I'll have to replay 4 to know for sure), and certainly the first one in the series I can say I love. I finally get the Dante I always heard about and saw referenced, the arrogant cocky young brash Dante, with a ton of stylish cutscenes I was expecting the series to have after coming from the Bayonetta games, and the best gameplay it's had. Throw in a meaty campaign, great level and enemy variety, tons of weapons, and all the challenge you could possibly want from a game, this is just a fantastic action game all around.

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Oct 27, 2017
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13. Dragon Age 2 - Replay of the game (along with all 3 playable dlc) that introduced my favorite character in the series Garrett Hawke. Although Varric and Leliana aren't too far behind. The samey dungeons remind me of the original Mass Effect which also had the same problem. The characters are the games strong point with the story/lore not to far behind. Like all Dragon Age games it also has a beautiful soundtrack.
Oct 27, 2017
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5. Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps - PS4
Completed 2/1/19
Score - 7/10

Still fun for the most part. It's really more of the same of the main game with a less interesting story. I enjoyed part 1, thought part 2 was okay and was kind of over part 3. I couldn't stand Screwball and found each episode the challenges got worse. It's still worth playing if you enjoyed the main game but maybe wait for a sale.

Oct 26, 2017
vitormg - 7/52 games

I have been following the thread for a few years now, but I've never actively participated. Last year I beat 17 games, and it was already more than most years. Hoping to be able to beat the challenge this year or at least enjoy some great videogames on the process of trying!
1. Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS) | 7h | Jan 01 | 5/5
2. Overcooked (PC) | 11h | Jan 08 | 4.5/5
3. Into the Breach (PC) | 18h | 5/5
4. GRIS (PC) | 5h | 4/5
5. Titanfall 2 (PC) | 6h | 4.5/5
6. Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuana) (PC) | 4h | 4/5
7. Aviary Attorney (PC) | 6h | 5/5
Jan 17, 2019
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#6. OPUS: The Day We Found Earth (Switch)

Charming, but unfortunately the story feels quite underdeveloped. The gameplay is simple, functional, and ultimately kinda just feels like padding between the story bits. Redeeming it somewhat are the very nice visuals and the fact that it's an extremely short and cheap affair. It was interesting enough that I'll be checking out its sequel, but I can't quite rate this game "good" overall... though it's not bad either.

3/5 - "So-so"

Also, for shits and giggles, I decided to compare my pace to last year... And wowsers, I beat my 6th game of 2018 in late September. To be fair, most of the games I've beaten this year have been very short... but still.
Oct 25, 2017
17. Hard West

A turn based strategy game akin to XCOM but in a wild/weird west setting. The game consists of 8 scenarios where they take the turn based strategy concept that all scenarios use and applied a small twist to it. Inbetween combat you are shown a map where you can travel to certain points to buy items or play a short scene where your choice can affect whether you get an item or not. It is in this map section that the variance appears, in Methods of Madness scenario for example, you can obtain blueprints in order to unlock more weapons and items by clearing certain requirements.
While the game has a 'choice' mechanic, it doesn't affect the overall game and progression much as generally one could get by with what tools the game had offered them to start with.

It was a nice experience that made me feel one step closer to being prepared for XCOM :P

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Oct 25, 2017
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#11: Red Trigger (PC) | 1.1h | 04 Feb | ★★★½

Nice Portal-inspired first-person puzzle game. It's rather short and the mechanics don't change during the game but it's also free, so I can't really complain.

#12: KC:D – Band of Bastards | 4.4h | 05 Feb | ★★★½

Finally a Kingdom Come DLC where I can say that I got my money's worth (it probably helped that it's also cheaper than the previous two). This DLC is more combat focused and has some cool new characters. I would have liked to see a bit more content, especially dialogue-wise, but 7€ (bundle price) are a fair price.
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4. Sunset Overdrive The Mystery Of The Mooil Rig (DLC) (XB1) 4 hours 3/5
Glad I played the after the above mentioned Robots dlc. I really enjoyed the main and side quests so much more.
One of the side quests is a highlight for the whole game it involves a well known bad flim director who needs you to raise money for his next disater flim;
The water dive bomb is the best new feature that gets added once you start the dlc.
New enemy types actually are more fun vs the other dlc and one thing both got right were creative designs for their boss fights at the end of the main quest in both.
I was glad to get a resolution to the Fizco Co. storyline as well
I think this is a a reflection of cut content from the main game as the Rig seems well designed to be played around with much like the amusement park area .
I am fine with the 8 hours i spent in the post dlc but i don't think unless you really enjoy Sunset Overdrive like I did you should buy these after the main game.
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Jan 24, 2019
How exciting! I was doing a similar challenge on Reddit, so I will also post my progress here on ERA. Hopefully I've got the format down..

Master Post!
1. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (X1) | 4th Jan - 10hrs | 4/5
2. Marvel's Spider-man (PS4) | 3rd Jan - 19hrs | 5/5
3. Gears of War 2 (X1) | 19th Jan - 8.5hrs | 4/5
4. Hitman 2 (PC) | 23rd Jan - 23hrs | 5/5

My rating guide
★ : Pretty terrible. I'd be shocked if any game got this because I would almost certainly just drop it like a hot potato. Does everything badly
★ ★ : Meh. It has some redeeming features here and there, but mostly poorly put together.
★ ★ ★ : Good! Overall fairly pleasing. Maybe it is too short/long, weird controls or bad story but... worth the time
★ ★ ★ ★ : Great! A game that is very interesting or just very good at what it wants to do with little standing in the way.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★: Exceptional! Everyone interested in gaming as a medium should play this. It has very few flaws or some aspects are far above and beyond what other games like it accomplish.
Oct 27, 2017

6. God of War (PS4) | 2/4/19 - 28hr | 9/10
My first experience playing a God of War game. The gameplay was sublime. Felt really responsive at all times, and I was super happy with how they used the "son" button during the game. Some downsides were the cliched dead wife and general lack of enemy variety, but overall it was a great game with a pretty good story.


Oct 25, 2017
-72.290091, 0.795254
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GAME #05: Rock of Ages
ACE Team - PC - ★★★☆☆

Completion State:
Completed story, saw credits (4.7 hours, 37%)

I bought this after I saw Rock of Ages 2 being played by GiantBomb a while ago. It looked fun but I wasn't sure if I'd dig it so I picked up the first game for cheap to try it out. Having now played it through and bought the sequel I'm happy I saw the quick look as this is a really silly, fun little game. It really is quite surprising what can be done with a simple concept.

The basic premise of the single player mode is loosely based on the greek story of Sisyphus (destined to forever push a boulder up a hill as punishment for his hubris and trickery) except in this version Sisyphus must roll his boulder down increasingly complex courses to smash the gates of his opponents castle whilst his opponents do the same to him. To try and stop Sisyphus' enemies between each roll the player can set a number of obstacles, traps and weapons on the opponents course. These range from static towers, to angry elephants, to ballistas, to gold mines to raise cash for more obstacles in later turns. It's all fairly simple but it's good fun and can bring about a few moments of high tension on the more tricky levels. It's also worth playing through simply to see the really nicely done Monty Python-esque short skits before the level begins

There is some multiplayer here as well but I've not tried it as I really only wanted to play through the story mode for fun.

All in all, a fun little game, worth a play through and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into Rock of Ages 2 later in the year.

Oct 26, 2017
A couple of entries that don't really have an ending and I usually reserve these "ongoing" games for the end of the year but I'm well ahead of schedule so I might as well put them in now.

Game #24 - Diablo 3 The Eternal Collection (Season 16)
Time: Ongoing

Picked this up again for Season 16 and did the season goals with a Demon Hunter (N6M4 build) and it's still super fun. Definitely something I will return to throughout the year, probably every season with at least one different class. Switch version continues to be my go-to as not only is it a fantastic version of the game, the idea that I can just grab the Switch and do a couple of greater rifts is just perfect for the genre. Will update throughout the year if / when I play more seasons.

Game #25 - Cultist Simulator
Time: Ongoing

Probably the most surprising entry this year, certainly one of the most interesting, this board / card game has completely hooked me lately. As the game itself tells you, "explore, take risks, you won't always know what to do but experiment and you will master it", and this is very true. There are zero tutorials in the game which some might find frustrating, but the sense of discovery as you learn more and more about the rules of the game is quite exhilarating. I've gotten around to understanding it fairly well in my 15 hours or so with it, I can avoid most fail states, but I'm still unsure of most win conditions (I managed to win one game, but as the game itself said, it was just a "minor victory"). Great look and sound design too for what is basically a simple board game, it creates a creepy and unsettling vibe. And great writing on all the cardand event flavor texts. Just a very engrossing and different game that has burrowed it's way into my head and I keep thinking about it when I'm not playing... t͓͚̣͉̟̬h̢̭̯̞ͅe ̠̠all͝u̶͇͖̘r͚͘ḙ̦͎͞ ̺̺̰̰̀o͓̗͍͕͙͔̲͝f̞͍̪̳̹̖ͅ ͕̟̦t̠̰͇͙̪̘͎̀h̘̟͎̹e̜̰͔̟ ͏a̠̯̤͈͞b͏̝̜̠̜̟̖̺ỵ̱̼̤̯̗̕s̛̤͖̩̭͓s͜ ̗͍͉͍i͕͚s̴͉̠̬̼̝͓̞ ̲͓͍̺̬̫ş̤̻̫̞t̖̩͎r̳̖͘o̬̳̗̗ń͖̙͈̖͔͈̞g͏̲̤͍̣.̦̫.̵̠̳̳̼̙.̀ ̦̦͖͇ͅt̤̳̗̪̻h̸̪e ̡mo̵̙̠͉̩̙͖t͚h̼s̴̹̠̳͇̦ ͙̱̰̩ẉ̵̻͎̘̮o̟̤̟̣̭̞̖͢n͈̟̙'̬̱̱̭͕t̩͖̥̼ ̶̙s͡t͖͔̹̱̟̲̲o̻͜p̺͙͓̲̪ͅͅ ̡͎̘͉̲̠b̶̫̝͇ú̗̥͍̩̦͍̣z̡̹͎̫̭͎z̞͝i͇̼̭̤̱̰͈͞n̢͍̩̰͈g͎̗̟͢.̻͍͕.҉̖̜͖̟̖͓̯.͚͔̘̻̘̼̩m̩̰͜y̡̘ ̙̩̕b̶r͉̜̩͎̺a̘̳̹͎i̪̱͓͞ń ̬͚͕̭it̰̞̹̙̪ç̰h̲̹͇̠̺̮͖e͕̦̩̹̪̰͞s̳͖̬̹͠ͅ.̝̩̠͍̤.͙͉̪͇͎̗.͖͔̹͍̼

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Oct 25, 2017
3. Soma - Finished on 2/5/2019 Time: 10 hours

I was really intrigued by the story. It was an interesting take on existentialism, a topic which is not covered very often by video games. In the end, I ruined the story for myself because I looked at too many opinions and analysis on the internet after I have seen the credits. I shouldn't have done that because then I realized how lackluster the story was if you look at it closely. Oh, and I realized that I didn't like the amnesia gameplay anymore. The hiding in the dark from monsters becomes old really fast and whenever such a section came up I tried to rush through it. All in all, a nice experiment but I wouldn't start a second playthrough.

4. Iconoclasts - Finished on 1/29/2019 Time: 12 hours

This was a really cool game. A mixture of jump'n'run, metroidvania and visual novel (because there is a lot of dialogue) in pixel style. A lot of bosses, a big world with lots to explore and an interesting story. I know the tweak system was designed that you can play through the game without ever using it, but I think it could be a little more in the spotlight in order to try different combinations for different bosses. The bosses were actually a lot of fun. Can recommend.

5. God of War - Finished on 1/25/2019 Time: 20 hours

Now I can understand why it has won so many awards last year. It is definitly the game of the year 2018 alsongside RDR2. Everything is perfect, from the combat to the lore. I always liked god of war and I think it was the right decision to go with norse mytholgy. The only thing I can criticise are the ravens. They are just well hidden collectibles. You don't even hear a line of dialogue when you "collect" them all. I would like them to have a more meaningful role. Only one thing to do in my save game: Defeat the valkyr queen.

Coming up: If I can make it, it will be Hitman. Otherwise, DMC5.
Oct 27, 2017

13. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (XB1) | 8th Feb - 71 hrs | 5/5
I loved this game. Not since Assassins Creed 2 have I been this happy with the series. Honestly it doesn't even feel like an AC game. Feels more in line with Skyrim or Dragons Age. Kassandra might even be better than Ezio as a protagonist.
Oct 26, 2017

Game #26 - Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
Time: 7 hours

Hard to comment on this these days as I basically only did Arcade mode and Story mode to get prepped for the main event Revelator 2, as with most of these fighting games, only the most recent one really "counts". So I'll save my thoughts for the full game when I get to that, and for now, I will comment on what I did here. Arcade mode is a short prelude for the Story Mode, where you do 8 fights with a few cutscenes. Story Mode is weird because it is completely gameplay free, it's literally a 5 hour visual novel, with crazy production values since it uses a lot of the game's amazing assets and visuals. The story is incomprehensible anime mess, especially since it pulls from all the previous GG games, but it's still cool and flashy. The rest (as in the actual game) like I said ill probably comment more when I get to Rev2, but it has amazing graphics and soundtrack, great gameplay but its just completely outdated content wise and the only reason to play it is to go through the story mode really.

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Oct 25, 2017
6. Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 01/02/2019

This game is good because it's about Barry Burton shooting zombies until his daughter loves him again.

Occasional moments of flabbiness aside, ReRev2 is a top tier RE, and it's sad that people really don't give it the time of day since I feel that it's a more natural evolution from survival horror to action than RE4 was. Combat is tight and weighty, and ammo is scarce enough that you really can't be sloppy, demanding skill from the player and full use of the game's crafting mechanics. Add to that some of the most hilarious poe faced self awareness in the franchise's history, turning memes into legit gutbusters and at times hilariously inspiring, and you've got yourself a winner that gets unfairly maligned as just another RE game.
Oct 26, 2017
Weekly update 6!

Another one game week. I have yet again been spending most of my time with games that won't show up here for ages. Gotta mix it up a little as soon as I am done with this playthrough of Mass Effect 2.

17. WitchWay (PC) | 7th Feb - 9hrs | 4/5
What an adorable game! First of all, the look of it is just great! Especially the animations but also the overall colorfulness and nice pixel art. The actual puzzle mechanics are simple but that doesn't mean the puzzles themselves are! I really liked the level of challenge in the rooms. Sometimes it can be very frustrating to reach a point where I just go "how the heck is this supposed to work?", but when it is then followed up by a sudden realization of how to solve the puzzle it can feel so nice. And this games feels nice! Beating the game wasn't too hard. Figuring out how to save all the bunnies was a bit harder. Finding all of the eyes? That took me some time! How the rooms are connected to each other and where all the shortcut leads and so on is confusing at first and I got lost a few times, but it is fun to explore.​


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Oct 26, 2017
01. Iconoclasts (PS4, 2019/01/13, 13h32m)

This metroidvania action puzzle platformer is like a SNES HD game on steroids. The stunning sprite work and animation are rivaled by super nice writing, endearing characters and very interesting story: lots of social, class and religious reevaluation. Iconoclasts isn't perfect, but there is a lot to love.

02. Space Pirate Trainer (Steam VR WMR, 2019/01/27, 7.5 hrs)

The player stands on a spaceship landing platform and needs to destroy waves of target practice drones, which happen to shoot back. Their numbers and size will increase with each wave. Space Pirate Trainer? Yeah, no, more like deceptive nerd trainer. My lower back, gluts, arms and shoulders are still sore thanks to all the room scale bullet(-time) dodging and dual wielding action. Presences is spot on. VR's 3D gives the necessary depth perception. The controllers rumble provides a sense of gun recoil and energy discharge. The presentation is amazing. The space port backdrop adds scale, the soundtrack fuels the "tearing shit up" vibes. The gameplay is frantic and can be overwhelming, but applying the given arsenal in clever ways makes hell of a difference.

03. Grim Fandango Remastered (Steam, 2019/02/01, 10.2 hrs)

It's been a while since I revisited this classic. Grim Fandango is still one of the best point'n'click adventures ever made. Story, writing, voice acting, art direction, puzzles, everything is top notch. They did a good job with this remaster: 3D elements are rendered at higher res, bitmap graphics and movies upscaled as good as the source material allowed. This film noir romp in the day of the dead setting never fails to delight.

04. The Red Stare (Steam VR WMR, 2019/02/10, 3.7 hrs)

It's 1950s USA, communists are the enemy and it's the player's job to hunt them down. You're a special agent, which is observing an apartment block on the other side of the street. You receive orders and hints via phone and fax. Your only tools are a polaroid camera, a white board and some documents. There are two missions, one is a pretty brief warm up and the second a bit more complex and challenging. The experience is nicely done, piecing together the evidence, narrowing down suspects and making hasty life/death decision is a lot of fun. The sense of presence and immersion is very good. Not sure why this game is free, but it just sweetens the deal.



Nov 29, 2017
Post for Finished Games
Previous VLog

Jesus. Once again I played games that I never mentioned here first....
They are good to draw my attention. But no regrets. I enjoy the majority of them.
Plus I bought many other games in Steam's Luna New Year Sale, so expect many sudden appearances on my lists!


Vision Soft Reset
A very interesting Metroidvania game: You can control not only time [classic rewind ability seen multiple times in games], but you can also see the future. Specifically you can see when an enemy/Boss attack and avoid the damage in time. Also the Protagonist is really unique. Not gonna spoil it cause it was very surprising. However even saying that it have some difficult spikes that made me stop playing. Suggest it buy it with a heavy discount.

Psyvariar Delta
A Bullet Hell game with a twist: You level up your spaceship and keep the fire power even if you die! Quite refreshing I will admit. No need to pick up power ups to make more damage. Plus the game have 3 different versions to play and Blanche from Cybattler game. Blanche is the best option btw. Need to play Cybattler for that reason. Anyway, an enjoyable game!

Fear & Hunger
*No site, NSFW Pictures inside*
Oh, Jeez. This will be really difficult to describe the feelings I have about this game... It is like you taking the Theme of Dark Souls and Berserk Manga, mashing them together, and then SCALE THE FUCK UP the difficulty and disturbing nature of these games. Congratulation!!! You played Fear & Hunger!!! Now leave your PC and take a shower to clean yourself from the Sins you commited to play properly the game. But let me start from the beginning: You first select a character which also have a very sad past. It become even more sadder base the choices you make before start normally the game. Yes! It start like a "Choose Your Adventure" type of videogame and base of what you selected you take some traits. And you soon you will realise after some playthroughs you get some "sweet" traits if you act as much evil as possible. How do you feel about devouring corpses btw? After this section, you start properly the game. When I say you start properly the game I mean the game doesn't explain nothing to you. Not even a real tutorial like in Dark Souls. You are on your own for figure anything in the game. Like in Dark Souls but even more than that!!! But this is why also it is VERY enjoyable! Also you must not see it as a pure RPG game. It is a survical horror to its core a first. You are really weak and you should avoid confrontations with the entities in these dungeons. Plus you must find food for your hunger, drink potions to "fix" your mind after you experiencing the horrors and find herbs to heal yourself. Now about the difficult part to even justify to play the game...the very disturbing things you encounter...I think the people who read Berserk or something similar, they will enjoy it a lot. For the others normal players.....Jesus. From the get-go one of the enemies you fight [which I highly suggest NOT do at first] have a GIANT visible penis and while you are fighting him sometimes you see the message "The stinger is pulsating". That right. The Prison Guard want AND CAN rape you if he win the fight. Btw...he rape you after he cut your legs so you can't fight back!!!! Thankfully you survived......while you crawl with your two arms because you can walk anymore...This that I wrote was NOTHING in comparison of other things you will see and DO to survive!!! So...I suggest to play the game, but please take into account the heavy NSFW nature it have.

Let's change the atmosphere and see a cute videogame, shall we? Not exactly cute, but for sure colorful and more light-hearted than the majority of other games. With that said, I will be honest. I liked the game, but I was expecting a "twist" from other cute games I played. You know what I am talking about. If you don't, cool. Better to go as "blind" as possible to this kind games.

Odd Island
If your first thought after looking these characters above was My Little Pony, you are not entirely wrong. The Artist/Developers had created many MLP fanart before working to this game. The majority of the characters are cute as fuck, but deadly. It is a simple Roque-like videogame which you shoot everything to see at sight and a lot of dodging. The simplicity made me enjoy it so much. Also it is REALLY cheap!!!

Double Cross
I will admit the reason why I love this game is the really enjoyable grabbing hook merchanic. Even if the gameplay have only some different interesting moment and the light investigation sections of the game are welcome, every time I use the grabbing laser hook is an enjoyment. Highly recommend it. Finally I LOVE the design of the heroine.

El Phoxxxo Goes To School *NSFW Videogame*
Ok guys/girls! History lesson!!! This game is a test for the real game a Dev wanted to release, named "Puppy Love". It is about a Fox trying to get a girl to a festival because he is horny as FUCK!!! For a test game, is it quite really cool!!! I highly suggest you to go play it, THEN play the normal game!!! Funny game at its core.

Puppy Love: Tonight's the Night
And here are the final results after the test game "El Phoxxxo Goes To School"!!! Pretty cool eh? This hidden gem was made around 2012 and it is essencially also a big cross-over between furry characters from Fur Affinity site. The story is a more serious version of "El Phoxxxo Goes To School". Likecable characters and they are A TON of them for a small Visual Novel! It have 4 persons you can ask to come with you on the festival, which 2 of them are very well hidden. It have unique gameplay merchanic which I forgot to mention to the test game: As you can see in the picture there is a "Confidence" meter. You must keep the meter as high as possible because if this go to zero, you lose!!! Must play!!!

Raiden III: Digital Edition
The first game I bought from Lunar Sale. I remember I played the first Raiden in the past, so I decided to start with 3D version of the game. A solid SHMUP....but I forgot that the story is about small fairies controlling airfighters!!!


Tiny Metal
A 3D Turn-Base Strategy game in the same spirit of Advance Wars series. Started this one before start playing Wargroove. Played 5 maps. So far so good. Love the characters and the tutorials are serviceable. But I will admit there is a fear maybe it will get repetitive very soon.

Sadly I didn't had time to play Overwatch on these days. Maybe later.

Monster Prom
At last!!! I played a LOT of this game again...and I enjoyed every minute of it!!! The extra stories I got from the new updates were glorious, especially the one from the Arcane Book. That was unexpected to say the least. I still have some events I failed to earn which I got from the Christmas gifts aaaaand....the ORGY!!!! I at last got the ok to earn this scene!! YEAAHHH!!!

Purrfect Date
I didn't started playing again after I wrote about Chapter 2. We will find time eventually. However...I just saw for the first time the trailer....it was weird.

Go away! Don't fill me with guilt for not playing you for so long!!!


Resident Evil HD
I wonder....shall I play this one first or...

Cold Fear
...THIS one!!! I always wanted to play this game and I bought it very cheap!!!

Final Fantasy XIV
Need to prepare myself for this journey. I know I will enjoy the game [I hope] for many days.

Another journey I must prepare myself...let's take it slow...

Nairi: Tower of Shirin
...I don't have excuse for not playing this one sooner...AAARG!!!

Nowhere Girl *NSFW Videogame*
Another VN I want to play. That all.
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