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52 Games. 1 Year. 2019.


Oct 27, 2017
39. Streets of Rage 3 (Switch)
Recommend? If you enjoy old-school side-scrolling beat-em-ups
If you have played any SoR or any other 8- or 16-bit sidescrolling beat-em-ups you know what this is, it's more of the same tbh

40. Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox One) - This is a replay
Recommend? Yes, one of the defining games on console
My fourth or fifth playthrough of this game

41. Mario Maker 2 (Switch)
Recommend? Yes, a great take on the Mario formula
I loved the story mode. Was a great addition to an already great package/franchise

42. Devil May Cry 3 (Xbox One)
Recommend? Yes - my new favorite character (stylish?) action game
This genre isn't one of my favorite genres, but I loved the first DMC. This has surpassed that. I can't wait to play DMC5

43. Madden 20 (Xbox One)
Recommend? Yes - if you are an American football fan
It's Madden, you know what you are getting

Currently Juggling Several Games:
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Assassin's Creed
Arkham Knight (Replay)
Octopath Traveler
Guacamelee 2
Ys Origin


Oct 26, 2017

Game #80 - Turok 2 Seeds of Evil
Time: 15 hours

Wow, easily one of the best sequels I've ever played, Turok 2 takes the Turok formula and improves it in every way, creating one of the funnest first person shooters I've ever experienced. It has, or tries to have a story this time around, with some alien lady asking you to do various things, but it's all pretty shit and unnecessary, that's not what you're here for. Awesome weapons, fantastic soundtrack and enemy variety, huge sprawling levels with fantastic map design (except those damn Blind Ones caves, fuck those caves!), just an awesome package all around. The levels are much more varied than the first game, with each of the 6 levels being in different locations, with various jungles, cities, ruins, caves, alien locations and more waiting for you to explore. And explore you must, because like the first game, you really need to explore every nook and cranny of these levels to find not only the keys for the next levels, but also new passive abilities that gate some areas off until you come back with new pwoers (unfortunately this "metroidvania" flavor sounds better than it actually is, as it becomes a bit annoying having to get them all to finish the game and the huge levels dont help this). Better graphics, better enemies, better weapons (cerebal bore!), just a better game and a must play for any fan of the genre, especially compared to the FPS games we get these days (the single player portions at least).

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Oct 25, 2017
69. Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches

I couldn't beat the final mission of Knife of Dunwall properly so I skipped ahead into this XP
I enjoyed this dlc a lot more than the preivous one and is prob. my fav. of the overall game. While using my abilities made the missions easier, it does leave room for the player to utilize other methods to clear them.

70. Metal Wolf Chaos XD

A game of true American Patriotism and Justice.
Blowing up america in the name of its freedom never felt so good.
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Oct 26, 2017
Main Post part 1


24. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - The Pillar - 2 hours
I started playing this DLC in June and finished it only now... Don't ask how the hell this happened, I don't know either. Probably because I got carried away again and kept trying to take more screenshots of Lara. Also, I'm too busy lately and barely have time to play games, hence finishing them, so yeah, I probably won't complete 52 challenge this year.
I honestly can't tell much about this DLC because of those huge pauses, I guess there was more fights and tomb was kinda nice, the only really bad thing was ending where Lara "destroyed" the iron shield by putting it into the fire. Who the hell wrote this crap? Anyway, that's really everything I can tell about this DLC, I recommend to get the main game with DLC bundle because all those DLC rewards are useless if you already finished the main story.


Oct 27, 2017
Master Post

61. The Last of Us - Yearly playthrough of my GOAT. Just as amazing on my 7th playthrough as it was on my 1st. Nothing else I can say that I haven't said already.

62. Yakuza 3 - I love Kiryu. The man oozes charisma and confidence. Really loved the cast of characters in this game especially Rikiya and Mine. Adding Okinawa was a huge plus for me as well and can't wait to play Yakuza 4.

63. Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels - After having no idea the game had dlc and reading a thread on here I decided to give it a good and I'm glad I did. I loved the story and the way it was told. There's not a lot of combat in this 2-3 hour journey, but what's there is good.

64. Control - Really loved this game. Great world building, soundtrack, combat, and story. Everything just fell into place nicely. I would read up on something and later run into it later and say to myself I read this awhile ago! Still have it behind Resident Evil 2 and A Plague Tale Innocence in my GOTY list, but it's a worthwhile contender.
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Chas Hodges

Nov 7, 2017
60 beaten. Last year I hit 79 before failing to make any more progress in November or December due to life events out of my control. Could I hit 100 this year?


61. Space Ribbon (Switch) - 25/08/19 - ~6 hours (100% Mastery, 100% Collection)

We all know how to play racing games. Most of us have also had exposure to 'futuristic' racers like F-Zero, Wipeout et al.

Space Ribbon looks like a regular futuristic racer but tries to differentiate itself with a few mechanical differences - I'd go as far to say that none of them work in its favour. Graphics and sound are nice, but it's the core of the racing itself that doesn't hold up.

Firstly, each track is procedurally (yawn) generated. For the most part this is fine, but there are times, like the bonus cup in F-Zero X, when tracks are made with sudden tangles which result in almost every racer being launched off the road. Next, the finish line of each race moves dynamically, with it being reasonably common for you to drive within inches of winning, before the flag is then spooled off into the distance. This wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the game's most heinous decision.

Inspired perhaps by the pack strategy in horse racing, this is a game which actively punishes you for being out too far in the lead. You're top speed is dynamic, boosted ten-fold when you are slipstreaming behind another racer, and similarly boosted when drifting. On paper, none of these mechanics sound that bad - in theory it would mean you have to carefully plan your break from the pack, then using well executed drifts to stay ahead on the home stretch. BUT, and this is a huge but, the combination of the movable goalpost (meaning racers often pip you to the finish despite you driving a flawless race) and the useless drift feature mean that it never feels like you're fully in control of your own destiny, even on the easier difficulty.

The game was cheap, and is often in the eShop's deep discount sales. I'm not sure why I committed the time to finish this one, especially given the low cost of entry, but it's very hard to recommend. If you get a chance to play it, by all means give it a blast. If nothing else its a very different experience and might appeal as a curio. As a game in its own right though, it's just not that fun.

62. Mimpi Dreams (Switch) - 09/09/19 - ~3 hours (100% Collectibles)

One of the many mobile games that's made the jump to Switch with a barebones port. Mimpi Dreams is a puzzle platformer that has you manipulating level elements using either the touch screen, or the second analogue stick to solve puzzles of create pathways, etc.

It's a charming game, but one that's picked up a few performance issues and bugs in its move to the console. Collectibles required me to replay around half the levels to search for things I'd missed, but I enjoyed my time here due to the game's pretty art and chipper aesthetic. There are a handful of in game 'achievements' I didn't unlock, but they were mostly for things like 'die 1000 times' which didn't really seem in the spirit of the game. Mimpi Dreams also has a one-life challenge mode, but sticky controls and occasionally iffy collision detection in platforming sections means I probably won't be attempting to fell that particular tree.

63. Hello Kitty Kruisers with Sanrio Friends (Switch) - 12/09/19 - ~1.5 hours (100%)

Truly awful. I had the Wii U version, sold it before it became sought after, and endeavoured not to make the same collector's mistake with the Switch.

This cost me £12 and every penny of that was a waste. The game is perilously slow - compared to Mario Kart's speed settings, I'd say the vehicles in this game have 20cc engines. Controls are awful, AI is dreadful. Audio and visuals are a state. I beat every cup and challenge on my first try.

A bad, bad game. Though one that one day may bank me a few pounds!

64. Final Fantasy Adventure (Gameboy) - 16/09/19 - ~10 hours (Credits)

A great, brisk, action RPG that predates Link's Awakening by a good two years. Combat is fun, gear management is fun, dungeons are fun (within reason). The game does get a little oblique at times, and the ability to almost fuck yourself over if you run out of Mattocks or Keys in the late game is pretty aggravating, but I really enjoyed my time with the game.

(PRO TIP: If you end up in a dungeon without the requisite keys to proceed, backtrack until you find an area that will spawn skeletons - they appear in every dungeon as far as I'm aware and drop keys around 50% of the time.)

I played via the Collection of Mana, and fully intend to try Secret and Trials at some point in the future. I don't want to burn myself out just yet though, seeing as the Link's Awakening remake should drop through my door very shortly.

65. Untitled Goose Game (Switch) - 30/09/19 - ~5 hours (Credits+)

What an absolute charmer. Basically a direct control point and click adventure game, where all puzzles relate to item management and manipulating how NPCs react to different objects and actions. Just a joy from start to finish.

The elevator pitch sells you on the game immediately, audio visual design is fantastic, the length is just right so the concept doesn't outstay its welcome, and above all, it's really fucking funny. Very few games nail humour properly - a joke might be funny in and of itself, but very few use the medium properly as its so hard to pace a joke when the player can become distracted at any time. Goose Game uses a combination of its puzzles, its concept and its aesthetics to churn out frequent laughs.

Post-credits you unlock additional tasks which I'm about half way through - they mix up the game well, asking you to consider how items from area may be used in later areas, basically pushing true exploration and experimentation. Lovely.

66. Pilgrims (iOS - Apple Arcade) - 07/10/19 - ~1 hour (Credits)

A brisk adventure game, not a million miles away from UGG above in that it remixes the interface and format slightly, but arguably is still a series of puzzles that have you using items and NPCs reactions to said items to find solutions. It's short, and is intended to be replayed (a gallery of playing cards are revealed when you uncover certain character responses suggesting that there are multiple solutions to several puzzles), but even as a one-and-done- type of game, it's a lot of fun, and a nice way to spend an hour.

67. Sagebrush (Switch) - 31/10/19 - ~2 hours (Credits)

A first person narrative game, or walking sim if you will, about an extremist Christian cult.

My interest was piqued by the fantastic lo-fi art style, low resolution rendering, and low resolution textures that leans into an almost PS1-era aesthetic (but without the texture warping).

The game does a good job at keeping the story moving through the now obligatory text and audio logs, but I was actually really impressed at the games pacing and voice acting. I'm pretty sure this is a relatively low budget project helmed by one person, but in execution it feels assured enough to seem like a game of greater stature.

It's not Firewatch or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, but Sagebrush does a good job at creating atmosphere and suspense despite the absence of other characters.

68. Submerged (Switch) - 01/11/19 - ~5 hours (100%)

I've beaten this before on the PS4, but it's such a unique, plaintive and reflective experience it took zero convincing for me to pick up the Switch port as well.

A combat and threat free game set in a post-'event' city almost completely submerged by water outside of climbable structures that represent capitalist expansion. It's a gorgeous game that fits perfectly between other more action heavy games as a real palette cleanser.

I love the non-linear approach the game takes to 'levels', with each story checkpoint being triggered whenever a building is beaten regardless of the order you tackle them in. I love the pictorial approach to storytelling. I love the foregrounding of wildlife on the world as the element that outlasts humanity.

Highly recommended. Hardly anyone seems to know or play this game and it's a crying shame.

69. The World Next Door (Switch) - 01/11/19 - ~4 hours (Credits)

I enjoyed this game. The puzzle battles weren't as satisfying as I feel they could have been and always felt sloppier than the action / match-3 hybrid suggested on paper, and the story just gave up on itself in the final act (or at least the outcome my choices led me to felt that way anyhow). The package was redeemed though by the gorgeous art, well considered score, brisk length, and well written characters. Teen melodrama with a bit of magic and fantasy.
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Oct 25, 2017
71. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Felt like replaying something old and short and figured I'd try this game again while utilizing SSGSS and editting its .ini files to remove bloom etc.
Visually it looks much nicer, even though it still has some budget-like textures here and there. The game itself is pretty standard with basic combat system. It has some nice cinematic moments and the journey itself is nice, which is backed by a trio of great voice actors' performance with their respective characters.
Oct 27, 2017
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46. Lost Planet 2 - PS3
Completed 8/16/19
Score - 7/10

Very weird game. I don't know what happened int he story since it was all over the place and extremely disjointed. The gameplay is fun but ultimately pretty simple and easy. I remember LP 1 being quite challenging and this wasn't. Really wanted to push you into co-op but I only successfully linked up a handful of times while I played. Curious to see how 3 is after this one.

47. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - PS4
Completed 8/17/19
Score - 8/10

Perfect walking speed! Ha, this game had a pretty interesting story that I ended up appreciating more after I finished and thought about it. The puzzles were fantastic and I really wanted to see where it went. At first the ending left me annoyed and cold but it grew on me and eventually I found to appreciate it more than I originally thought. Good game!

48. Sonic Forces - Switch
Completed 8/22/19
Score - 6/10

I went in knowing it wouldn't be great. It started off alright and I was having a good time until I encountered bug after bug. You can't get too frustrated since you can just continue and try again without ever setting you back too far. The levels would get interesting and then end. Some bosses were fun but ultimately too easy. The only challenge, outside of the bugs, was the final boss. Typical modern Sonic game. At this point...I am holding Sonic Mania as the last Sonic game to play in the series since it is unanimously praised. Unfortunately, I still have many other Sonic games to go through.

49. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan - Gameboy
Completed 8/23/19
Score - 7/10

Played this years ago as a kid and never beat Shredder. Now I realize he wasn't even the final boss. The game is really simple and over in maybe an hour. As a kid this game was everything but times have changed. My nostalgia bumps the score up but I can't see many people enjoying this now a days.

50. Gremlins 2: The New Batch - NES
Completed 8/23/19
Score - 9/10

Absolutely amazing! Fantastic music, great visual, interesting cut-scenes and amazing gameplay. I wasn't sure this one would hold up but for me it really did. It's rare for a licensed game in the NES days to be good...let alone great. They really went for it with the gameplay and really knocked it out of the park. The only thing that hurts it is how hard levels 3,4,5 are. They are extemely punishing in their platforming that you basically have to have the level memorized and perfected.



Oct 25, 2017
72. Enslaved- Daddy Pig's Perfect 10

This got annoying during the final 1/3 if not half of the game. The shooting mechanics are not very good imo esp. when your base ammo deals questionably pitiful damage.
It is a decent stand alone game otherwise, as the 4 'bombs' Pigsy can use offer some decent assistance in combat and for the light puzzle solving in the game.


Oct 26, 2017

Game #81 - Masters of Anima
Time: 8 hours

Wow what a welcome and unexpected gem this was, basically a indie Pikmin with a little more focus on combat and action rpg-y mechanics, this ended up being one of my favorite games of the year, and I just wish it was a bit longer because I felt I was just scratching the surface. You control Otto, a Anima Shaper who is able to control various types of minions, color coded not unlike Pikmin, with each serving a purpose both in combat and in puzzles (you need your guardians to tank the enemies while your archers shoot them from safe positions and your mana sappers sap the enemies and refill your mana for example, and at the same time, you use these guardians to push heavy objects, the archers to shoot out of reach levers or corruption shrines, and the mana sappers to summon giant golems you can control to clear pathways). It all works very well and intuitively, there are 5 types of minions to unlock and use, and 11 levels to explore in the campaign. If you try to complete the side objectives and collect all the items you could get some time out of it, but unfortunately if you just go for the story objective you can finish it in about 5 to 6 hours (took me about 8 as I was collecting everything until about halfway when it started getting trickier and I noticed your leveling up and extra health/mana bar from the various zelda-like collections from exploring dont really affect much in the normal difficulty). Good voice acting, cute story, great look (reminds me alot of the torchlight games with it's top down view and cartoony graphics) and really fun gameplay make this a very easy recomendarion, especially if you are looking to scratch that Pikmin itch.

Game #82 - Ninjin Clash of Carrots
Time: 5 hours

Pretty bummed out about this one, it starts off neat but quickly turns into a frustrating mess that just made me want to delete the game. Ninjin is a mix of runner and bullet-hell shooter, with a great art style (reminds me of Parappa or something along those lines) and some funny writing. Gameplay seemed alright, youre always running but you can dash all over the relatively small arenas, and you can slash and shoot projectiles. It was harless fun for awhile, but like I said, it quickly ramps up the difficulty into ridiculous frustrating levels, as new enemy types have all sorts of random patterns and the screen is cluttered with both projectiles or stuff to impede your view (like rockets that leave smoke trails as they pass), and in later levels the game even starts taking your abilities away from you, which is NEVER fun in any game. It got so bad that I started using the "easy mode" equipable items (which cut your health taken in half but you become unable to get S ranks, but I wasnt even beating the levels anyway let alone getting S ranks), and even with those some of the later levels and bosses were hard. But I mainly did it to get through the game because it was either that or just outright dropping and deleting it like I initially said. The game actually became kinda fun again with the easy mode items, but by then the horrible taste it had left in my mouth wasnt going to go away. I got it very cheap (as do most people that play it I assume) but even at the buck fifty or whatever it was I still wouldnt recomend it. Huge disapointment.

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Oct 26, 2017

Game #83 - Blossom Tales
Time: 7 hours

Back to the good stuff with this one, as it's one of the, if not the best "zelda clone" I've played in ages. While I certainly enjoyed Oceanhorn, this is the game I can safely recomend to anyone needing a proper Zelda fix. Great art style (particularly on the Switch portable, as the smaller screen really does wonders for the very block graphics on bigger screens), good music, a very cute and whimsical story (I really like how they use the granpa telling his grandchildren a story in stuff like recaps when you resume a game, or even in gameplay as sometimes granpa will go like "and then Lily faced off against pirates... or was it ninjas" and you have to choose) and fantastic dungeons really make this a very strong package overall. The only negatives are it's length as it's a bit on the short side (took me about 7 hours for main story and quite a bit sidestuff, at least as I encountered it), and the gameplay is a bit "loose". It's also VERY easy, but personally challenge isnt something I look forward in Zelda games anyway (at least combat challenge). I really liked this, and would easily recomend to any Zelda fan out there, especially on sale.

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Oct 26, 2017
43 Completed

#40: Resident Evil 2 (PS1 Classic) (7/15/2019 ) | 8/10 | VITA | ~ 10 Hours | Recommend: Y
# Overall - 8 | Having played the remasterd first, the origonal was different and fun to play
Gameplay -8.2 | While the camera could be wonky at times, it kept the game tense.
Sound - 7 | Some bad voice acting, soundtrack was good though
Story/Online -8 | Story mamkes more sense than the remastered.
Asking Price- 9| Was very happy that the game was "similar" to remaster but also different. Felt like I got to play two distinct but fun versions of same idea.

#41: Muv-Luv Extra (7/19/2019 ) | 8/10 | VITA | ~ 13Hours | Recommend: Y
# Overall - 8| Game grew on me over time after getting through initial hours.
Gameplay -8 | Straight VN, game had nice features to skip areas you had already done though for other routes.
Sound - 8 | Soundtrack provided some good comedy. Voice acting seemed decent.
Story/Online -8 | Overall fairly okay story with each route providing unique flair to make worthwhile.
Asking Price- 8.67| Enjoyable shorter experience. Think game length fits its content well.

#42: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations (8/18/2019 ) | 9/10 | 3DS XL | ~ 21 Hours | Recommend: Y
# Overall - 9 | A fitting end to the origonal trilogy. What a game!
Gameplay - 8.6 | Great flow, game didn't seem padded in areas as first two did.
Sound - 9 | Its a simple soundtrack but I really enjoy it
Story/Online -9 | Cohesive from start to finish and each trial had unique info
Asking Price- 9 | Loved it from start to finish

#43: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (8/27/2019 ) | 8/10 | 3DS XL| ~ 20 Hours | Recommend: Y
# Overall - 8 | Came in bias it wasn't with origonal cast of characters, left loving the new additions
Gameplay - 8.6 | New focus was hit or miss but game had good flow from start to finish.
Sound - 8 | Wasn't as big a fan of the new soundtrack. There is more tunes but the quality does not match the previous.
Story/Online - 9 | Second favorite AA story out the first four. It wrapped together really nicely and made each case valuable.
Asking Price- 8 | Another fantastic game in the series.


Oct 26, 2017
I dont like to derail this thread with game impressions / question, but fuck me the Ace Attorney games are 20 hours+? And those are the games in that recent compilation?
Oct 28, 2017
I dont like to derail this thread with game impressions / question, but fuck me the Ace Attorney games are 20 hours+? And those are the games in that recent compilation?
They're all around 20/30 hours long.
The recent collection is the original trilogy of games (Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations).
The Apollo Justice one and the others in the series are only on 3DS/Mobile for the moment.


Dec 3, 2017
14. Steamworld Dig (Switch) | 17th June - 6hrs | 4/5

Steamworld Dig is addictive. But addictive in a benign, relaxing way. Coming off some of the harder games I've been playing this year, this was a refreshing draught of gem-collecting, town-building goodness.

Highlight: Those sweet digging sfx
Lowlight: Dropping a rock on your hard-earned gems

15. Steamworld Dig 2 (Switch) | 25th June - 9hrs | 5/5

Steamworld Dig 2 certainly amped things up. Improved visuals, better music, more organic map, richer upgrade mechanics, challenges, collectables. The Metroidvania format can really add a lot when it allows the player to explore and choose what order to tackle goals. Some areas had particularly cool atmosphere. I wouldn't say it's a patch on Hollow Knight, but it was certainly one of those games that you just kept wanting to play a little more. Just to find out what's in the next area, to scour for some remaining resources or gather enough cash for an upgrade. Seriously addicting, but like Steamworld Dig 1, in a good way.

Highlight: Vectron
Lowlight: Dropping a rock on your own dumb self

16. Portal 2 Coop (PC) | 29th June - 9hrs | 4/5

My second time round on the coop. Still enjoyable to muddle through with a friend or loved one. The writing unfortunately takes a hit from the singleplayer. To be honest though, you don't miss it as much when you're playing with someone else.

Highlight: Momentum based puzzles. WEEEEE!
Lowlight: Relying on your partner to reverse the stream carrying you inexorably towards your imminent death

17. Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak (GBA) | 20th July - 10hrs | 3/5

Super cute. Can't lie. This is basically one long set of fetch quests where you acquire either an item or a ham-chat to progress the events of the game. Each ham-chat comes with it's own adorable animation that you perform in tandem with your hamster girlfriend and partner in crime. The actual gameplay kind of drags but I was suckered in by the mission of saving all the sad little hamster broken hearts. Guess I'm just soft.

Highlight: 100+ unique hamster animations
Lowlight: Those animations are unskippable and will play every time you do ANYTHING

18. Overcooked 2 (PC) | 3rd August - 30hrs | 5/5

We loved Overcooked and Overcooked 2 (and its DLCs) was simply more and better. The insane premises for where you could put a kitchen, the unrelenting pressure and the sheer chaos constantly push you just passed the brink of control. And the only thing that can save you is crystal clear communication and wordless delegation. Good luck with that. Btw, what's the deal with those map switches?

Highlight: Chefing up a gorillion dishes before the counter starts in order to brute force your way to 4 stars
Lowlight: Any Kevin level

19. The Witness (PC) | 11th August - 18hrs | 4/5

Playing this made me respect how difficult it must be to tune the difficulty of a puzzle game. In my opinion, The Witness pitches it just right. It's also admirable how many variations they were able to devise of essentially the same line drawing puzzle. We coop'd this as a problem solving duo, and for a single player game this actually worked excellently - which I think is down to the generally static perspective. We particularly liked the more meta solutions that had you combine the puzzle with the environment. The dialogue was awful though. Quoting irrelevant passages about surfing electrons because it makes your game sound smarter is the very definition of pretension.

Highlight: No spoilers but there were some serious eureka moments from environmental clues
Lowlight: That puzzle that you have to solve in a way that also satisfies the previous 1-5 puzzles in that bunch

20. The Return of Obra Dinn (PC) | 21st August - 8hrs | 5/5

Utterly unique. Uniquely engrossing. It's not something you can really speak to much without spoiling the premise. But I will say that the Mary Celeste-esque setting is not something I realised that I wanted so badly. We played this as a coop team as well. The amount of subjective deduction required made for some interesting discussion.

Highlight: When that there mystery solving music kicks in
Lowlight: The ending didn't add much to the experience

21. Devil May Cry 5 (PC) | 21st August - 153hrs | 5/5

Holy moley, just look at that game time. 153 hours and I still want more. I got the last achievement and called it quits for now; have to make room for some other software this year. I've been on-and-off this since release, picking up Sekiro and a few coop titles inbetween but, oh man, is this the greatest character action game or what?

Nero is just next-level compared to his initial DMC4 incarnation. Devil Breakers add a much-needed element of chaos to Nero's previously restricted repertoire. And it gels so well with his aggressive playstyle. I love what they've done with his whole character actually. His cocksure attitude, delicate pride and youthful aggression really come through but then he's also the most sensible of the bunch, playing the straight guy to Nico, Dante and V.

Dante is fundamentally the same old Dante, with the freely switching styles retained from DMC4. However, every one of the 4 main weapons is deceptively packing variety and their own distinct flavour. Alternating modes for Balrog, charging attacks with Cerberus, timing gear shifts with Cavalier and a different goddamn Summoned Sword formation for every single style and weapon variation. It's almost too much. That's not even mentioning the two separate Devil Trigger forms. Faust is basically another weapon as well. Speaking of Faust, I didn't use it much until I had to. And sometimes you really had to abuse the Faust cheese to get an S rank (Mission 10, 12 and 18 come to mind). Not sure how I feel about that, the scoring system is just a little wonky in places. Dante is too-cool-for-school as ever, although his pre-time skip hair sucks.

V is an interesting new addition. Undeniably simple but still pretty badass. Overall, I really appreciate the novelty of an action game with a summoner playstyle. Plus, quoting William Blake while delivering the killing blow to a boss is just the hypest shit. I got an S rank on Mission 14 thanks to V's Gene Kelly impression while Nightmare orbital lasered phantom Cavalier. Such a lovable edgelord.

I admit, it took a long while to make sense of the various combat systems. It was probably a few dozen hours in before things properly clicked - I had to take the time to learn enemy strategies in the Void after bouncing off of Bloody Palace pretty hard. There's just a lot to learn, especially with 3 playable characters. What's great though, is by 150 hours, I felt like I was still learning new things, or at the very least, still improving. In ways, the game didn't really start until having to S rank missions. Which I think is partly a failure of the difficulty system. Basically, before learning a boss's attack patterns you'll inevitably brute force the encounter with Gold Orbs - cheapening it somewhat. The revive system in general is overcomplicated, cheap and has too many sub-menus. Still, like I said, the real challenge is S ranking. Dante Must Die and Hell and Hell difficulties both forced me to adopt different strategies to prevail. Coming back to the Bloody Palace was pretty cool after gaining a lot of experience.

In conclusion, I love this game. It is the standout title for me this year so far. I love the feel of playing it, I love the dialogue, I love Nico and Nero's dynamic, I love the music, I love the RE Engine visuals and I love what a love-letter it is to the fans. Now I just want more content.

Highlight: "The cut worm forgives the plow. What do you say?"
Lowlight: Mission 18 - Godspeed little chicken, it has not been a blast.

22. Doom (2016) (PC) | 29th August - 13hrs | 4/5

Brutal. Manic. Heavy metal. Doom (2016) is a fun Doom-like. Guns can feel a bit lacking in meatiness. Super shotgun is my favourite of the lot. I liked the mix of secret-hunting on sprawling levels, weapon customisation and rune challenges in between frantic combat sections. Samuel Hayden and VEGA's post-production voice-treatment is tasty.

Highlight: Beserker Powerups
Lowlight: Unskippable cutscenes

1. Dark Souls (PC) | 6th Jan - 18hrs | 5/5

2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country (Switch) | 14th Jan - 17hrs | 3/5

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch) | 27th Jan - 45 | 4/5

4. REmake 2 (PC) | 7th Feb - 17hrs | 4/5

5. Zone of Enders (PS3) | 11th Feb - 4.5hrs | 2/5

6. Zone of Enders 2 (PS3) | 24th Feb - 9.5hrs | 4/5

7. Cuphead (PC) | 24th Feb - 13hrs | 5/5

8. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (Switch) | 28th Feb - 40hrs | 5/5

9. Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) | 7th Apr - 14.5hrs | 4/5

10. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) | 22th Apr - 13hrs | 3/5

11. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC) | 14th May - 70hrs | 5/5

12. Final Fantasy V (GBA) | 4th June - 42hrs | 4/5

13. Castlevania (NES) | 8th June - 3.5hrs | 4/5

14. Steamworld Dig (Switch) | 17th June - 6hrs | 4/5

15. Steamworld Dig 2 (Switch) | 25th June - 9hrs | 5/5

16. Portal 2 (PC) | 29th June - 9hrs | 4/5

17. Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak (GBA) | 20th July - 10hrs | 3/5

18. Overcooked 2 (PC) | 3rd August - 30hrs | 5/5

19. The Witness (PC) | 11th August - 18hrs | 4/5

20. The Return of Obra Dinn (PC) | 21st August - 8hrs | 5/5

21. Devil May Cry 5 (PC) | 21st August - 153hrs | 5/5

22. Doom (PC) | 29th August - 13hrs | 4/5
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Oct 27, 2017
I haven't updated in forever. I worry I'm not going to hit it this year

Main Post


2. Tyranny (PC) 20 hours - Not as good as Pillars, and def not as long, but it was enjoyable
3. Yakuza 6 (PS4) 40 hours - I'm conflicted, it's good, but I miss some of the mechanics for the recent releases (0 and the Kiwamis)


4. Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4) 51 hours - Waited so long for it. Story was weird but I loved the gameplay


5. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (PC) 50 hours - I actually preferred Tyranny and Pillars 1 over the sequel
6. The Low Road (PC) 4 hours - quirky, but I had several bugs show up that kept me from enjoying it
7. What Never Was (PC) 14 minutes - I don't know what to say, it's boring
8. Devil May Cry 5 (PS4) 15 hours - I enjoyed the combat, but I didn't go any harder on it yet, so I've only scratched the surface
9. NieR:Automata (PS4) 40 hours - I shouldn't have waited on this game for so long, it's so good
10. Ape Out (Switch) 2.5 hours - Love the style and it's just challenging enough to make me want to play it again


11. Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered (PS4) 20 hours - Still my least favorite Assassin's Creed, but I think I like the protagonist more now than when I first played it
12. Yoshi's Crafted World (Switch) 12 hours - A feel good game, super easy but I enjoyed it for what it was


13. Stories: The Path of Destinies (PS4) 8 hours - I think I got all the paths, though it felt very repetitive after a few
14. Moonlighter (PS4) 15 hours - Really enjoyable and easy management and dungeon crawler
15. A Hat in Time (PC) 10 hours - Beat it before, but I wanted to check out the new DLC, still a fun game
16. Ace Attorney (Switch) 20 hours - First Ace Attorney game, it was interesting, but I'm not excited to play the next two


17. Tokyo Xanadu ex+ (PS4) 40 hours - I thought it'd be a boring game, and while the combat wasn't anything to write home to, I enjoyed the story and the characters
18. Guacamelee! 2 (PS4) 10 hours - Felt a lot easier than the original, and not as interesting (except the chicken parts)


19. Judgment (PS4) 37 hours - Good game, mainly because I love the Yakuza games. I miss the side quest format of Yakuza though
20. The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game (PC) 31 minutes - Uhh...interesting, in a good way I guess
21. Sea of Solitude (PS4) 4 hours - Great to look at, but I found it boring
22. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Fate of Atlantis (PS4) 28 hours - Rough estimate of all the DLC, because it felt like a secondary game on top of the main one


23. Trails of Cold Steel (PS4) 48 hours - Was great up until the ending, then I felt like I was missing context
24. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) 47 hours - One playthrough, Claude forever
25. Firewatch (PS4) 3 hours - Beat it before, but I went through it with the commentary, which gave really interesting context and BTS stuff
26. Deer Man (PC) 15 minutes - Weird and boring
27. Rumu (PC) 2 hours - I expected a puzzler, stayed for the story
28. Jazzpunk (PC) 2 hours - I didn't do any side stuff, for some reason it didn't click with me
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Apr 9, 2019
Main Post

Game #45: Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

Counter-Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists

So this is an older game and one that I have played a ton but I decided to add this to my completed games this year because I havent before and I recently switch to PC from Xbox and so got back into it and saw all the new content I had missed since then (its a lot)
Ill keep it short since the game is a bit older. Its fun competitive objective based multiplayer with a load of different operators all which are divided between defenders and attackers and all of them have something unique that they do. maps are cool and diverse (same with the abilities of the operators for the most part)
Destruction is turned to 11 in this game which is exciting and infuriating when someone has a pin sized hole angled towards objective lol. Regardless strong game with continued support and more coming.

Game #46: Mario Maker 2 (Switch)

If its so easy why dont you make the game then! ....again!

Its Mario Maker 1 but with different designs based on newer Mario games although I wish there was more of that. New pieces to add and now all on the go for Switch!
Its a fun game to have from time to time, if you liked Mario Maker 1 just consider this for the most part the exact same thing but now future proof as its on the new console (no more need for that damn wiiu!) and you can take it on the go.

Game #47: Gears Pop! (Mobile)

Pocket Gears

So this is a game I thought I would end up playing for like 30mins and then dropping its digital ass but...nope. Its actually pretty fun.
Yeah sure at E3 the concept was kind of a joke outside of the obvious appeal to the mainstream mobile market but honestly it kinda works in game. You don't see them and go "oh its a funko pop" it just looks like a cartoony Gears character and the giant heads help distinguish them from all the different characters
Its a fun PVP or PVE (yes horde is in the game!) 3 lane multiplayer game. my only problem tho is at the high level it can start getting pay to win but honestly at least right now there are many people that dont spend anything like myself so its still a bunch of fun. Id reccomend it, its free and hey its Gears to hold you off until the launch of Gears 5 next week!

Game #48: Last Day of June (PC)

Whatever it takes.

You take part in a story of a man trying to do everything he can to avoid the fate he has been dealt with. Its a touching story and one with a great ending if you decide to stick with it. The gameplay though doesnt help, its a little slow and there is some backtracking but overall its a short game which was free on EGS a while back so you
may have it already.

You will try to solve puzzles and find solutions to help this man in his time of need all to save his wife. If you can deal with the slower gameplay this very touching story is worth checking out for sure. Oh and the game looks like it was made in Dreams, its so soft and vibrant so thumbs up to the artists!


Oct 25, 2017
Original post

73. Dark Void

I think this game has a good gameplay concept but it is not executed well. The shooting is more proper when you use ADS as otherwise your shots tend to scatter around.
Missions got boring by the time I got past the half way point too.
I wouldn't mind a new game using its concepts but as is the game is pretty middling.

74. Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz

This is a prequel game to the Jake Hunter series, following a young Jake Hunter/Saburo investigating the murder of his grandfather.
It was a pretty slow VN to go through which kinda put me off playing it for some weeks @[email protected]
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Oct 25, 2017
37. The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa - 31/08/2019

This is one of the most bizarrely compelling games I've ever played. It's like River City Ransom on anti-depressants. A teenager ruining simulator? I don't even know.

Yakuza fans are sure to get a kick out of it, that's for sure.
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Memory Pak

Aug 29, 2018

23. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (2015, Wii U) ★★☆☆☆
Very obviously a product compromised by a hard deadline. Honestly I'm not sure why this had to be a November release for Nintendo in 2015. In its current state it had no business being a big holiday title, especially in the year when they had Splatoon and Mario Maker as evergreen Christmas gift options, plus Xenoblade X as a late-December release. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash should've been delayed at least 3 (or even 6) months.
That said, what is here, slim as it might be, is an okay package. Camelot delivered a game that looks polished in the visual department, with funny details in victory poses and the individually styled tennis rackets. Not a whole lot of characters though, and it's a shame not everyone is decked out in a special tennis outfit. I also miss a GameCube-era intro movie.
Gameplay is pretty good, with around 7 different types of shots at your disposal that function in a rock-paper-scissors way of countering each other. Add in the advanced charge cancels, ultra smashes, and the (rather undercooked) mega mushroom mechanics, and it's clear to see why the follow-up (Mario Tennis Aces) almost plays like a fighting game. At higher difficulties the A.I. offers quite a challenge too.
Where the rushed development is most felt though, is in things like how you can only pause the game during replays, or how there's no options screen to get rid of those replays at all. Additionally, while they technically have 9 different courts here, they're fairly blatant palette-swaps with minor physics differences. Lastly, the single-player mode is very barebones too. Barely any sense of progression, not even a dull tournament bracket - you just face a succession of opponents, with one bossfight at the end which barely deserves to be called a bossfight.
At its core it's a solid game, but it was in dire need of more (worthwhile) content.

24. Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (2016, Wii U) ★★☆☆☆
Amusing and kinda strange point & click adventure game. Play as the titular Mr. Pumpkin and solve various, sometimes rather obtuse, puzzles. Also some light math skills required. Super stylish game in terms of visuals, with its cartoony art style and slick interface, and I also really liked the low-key music despite being very repetitive.
The gameplay however... I'm not sure if I'm just an idiot, or if this game just runs on Moon Logic. There's multiple puzzles I had to look up online which left me wondering what the heck I'd missed, because they seemed like such logical leaps. The game does have an in-game hint system, but you have to play a sort of Google Chrome Dinosaur Game to receive a hint everytime. This gets old fast. Only recommended for staunch genre fans, but at the low cost and short overall length it's worth a gamble if the style appeals to you.

25. Dr. Luigi (2014, Wii U) ★★★☆☆
The Year of Luigi graced us with a new instalment in the Dr. Mario series, with his brother taking up the scrubs after completing his presumed 7-year residency. It's a decent entry too, the addictive match-4 gameplay is back with a couple of modes, and a (surprisingly) still active multiplayer! That said, I do think it also lacks in some basic aspects. There's no real tutorial anywhere besides the software manual which newcomers might find annoying, and there's a real dearth of music here. Just two tunes, seriously? They're very catchy, at least.
Overall though, Dr. Luigi comes recommended by 3 out of 5 surveyed physicians.


Jul 11, 2018
New Jersey
Here's my August update! Beat another 10 games, and it brings me to 52!

#49) Quantum Break (PC)

I mostly played this as prep-work for Control, but I'm really glad I beat it. Super fun game. Love the time stuff. TV show episodes were okay.

#50) THOR.N (PC)

A 30 minute clicker game that was a Humble Original. Really neat atmosphere building, had some cool ideas.

#51) 2000:1: A Space Felony (PC)

Another Humble Original, this time an hour long adventure game in space. Fantastic story telling actually. Real surprise for me.

#52) Gravity Ghost (Ps4)

Really cute platformer with a sad story about moving on. Another one I'm real glad to have played this year.

#53) Idle Theme Park Tycoon (iOS)

Like... it's just an idle clicker game. Super generic. I finished all 169 challenges though so we're going to call that beat.

#54) Control (Ps4)

Holy shit probably my game of the year. What a blast. Great gameplay, great story, great atmosphere, great everything. I loved it. I need more.

#55) Knights and Bikes (Ps4)

A super cute co-op top down adventure game that goes on a bit longer than it should. Still fun though.

#56) Vampire: The Masquerade: We Eat Blood and All Our Friends are Dead (PC)

It's a vampire visual novel told entirely through text messages. It has some fantastic ideas, but also it stumbles hard a lot. The "last boss" is absolutely horrible.

#57) Gears of War 4 (PC)

Prep work for Gears 5 mostly, but this was actually really cool. Gears of War 4 really made me happy to return to the series. Super excited for 5.

#58) The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure (Ps4)

Basically just an Overcooked clone but in VR. That's... actually way more solid than I expected. Not amazing, but a fun local co-op game.


Jan 2, 2018
Main post here

August update

37- Uncharted 4 -15h30m- 5/5

Although didn’t especially like the first ones, I am very pleased with this one.

Great pacing, total eyecandy with the amazing work from Naughty Dog and fun gameplay. Also the game has one of the best closings for the protagonists I’ve seen in a videogame with the post credit cinematics.

All in all, a complete experience to disconnect and relax jumping and shooting with one- liners like the movies from the 90s.

38- Wolf Metal Chaos XD -5h- 3/5

Get an action robot game, put a lot of guns, add bad one- liners and the most flashy scenes and that’s wolf metal chaos.

Fun game.

39- Fire Emblem 3 Houses (Edelgart route/Classic Hard Mode) -60h30m- 5/5

As a longtime fan, I was very skeptical with the first video they showed in E3, but I have to say this is possibly the most complete Fire emblem at this date.

Maybe the game doesn’t have the most complex maps difficulty wise or in the quantity of recruitable characters, but as a whole is a very nice SRPG. The story vastly improved from the previous ones, and that’s good.

I’ll put it in top3 FE games with the GameCube and Wii ones, really surprised and happy with the result.

Although the game feels too easy even on hard mode, it’s a shame the game lacks Lunatic mode from the start.

40- Mario Rabbids -25h- 3/5

Easy XCOM-like game with Mario & Rabbids characters, some puzzles here and there between battles.

Now playing:

-Astral Chain



Apr 9, 2019
Main Post

Blair Witch (PC)

Just an ordinary day in the woods...

Blair witch puts you in the shoes of a man who takes his trusty companion named Bullet into the woods in search of a missing boy.
This being Blair Witch of course things quickly goes sideways for our protagonist as he continues to push on to the nightmares and the unknown of the forest.

Its a cool little adventure game and on Gamepass its definitely one you should play although if you are not interested in Gamepass then please do wait for a sale.
The game last roughly 5hrs for an average playthrough although getting everything in the game will drag it out a bit longer. I enjoyed my time with it and overall my only 2
complaints would be it needs some polish (but by no means is it a complete mess) and the final chapter could have been shortened a little bit. Go play!

Ape Out (PC)

Jungle Beat

Ape Out is a really cool game where you play as an ape (surprise!) and you try to escape different locations varying from labs, office buildings or even large trading ships.
The game also has a really cool art style mixed with unique music you rarely hear something similar in other games, quite frankly it definitely is one of the main appeals of the game

Overall its a cool "Hotline Miami" type game where you kill and throw enemies with a great mix of visuals and music!

Celeste (PC)

Overcoming a mountain

Ok so I have some mixed emotions on this game. I like the characters and the story its telling, the world is a little lame because its all about climbing this mountains so hey
I guess we got a lot more than one could expect but still it all felt rather similar with each chapter just getting essentially one gameplay gimmick separating it and the difficulty was sometimes just kind of annoying.
I find it hard doing diagonal commands on a dpad for platformer but then relying on the thumbstick sometimes caused the character jumping straight vertically or horizontally.

The game is also very challenging, it does provide an assist mode which can make the game an absolute cake walk as I found out as I tested it out but overall you wanna play it as intended
unless you are having a lot of issues of course. Its a pretty short game consisting of 7 chapters (pretty much 7 large levels is the way id explain it) and an 8th chapter you unlock after letting the credits roll.
The game is currently free on Epic as of writing this so go grab it, if not well you will like it if you are into things like Super Meat Boy.

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon (PC)

The Billion Dollar Killing Machine

So this is a game I have owned on Steam pretty much since it came out and yet I never got passed about 20 minutes in.
Well yesterday I finally said fuck it, redownloaded and begun this little FarCry adventure.

Overall its still fun FarCry 3 gameplay with a cool aesthetic that makes it stand out from FarCry even today in 2019. The story is short and cliche but thats the entire point
so as long as you know that going in then you will be fine. Outside of the gameplay and fun cliche story though the world is kind of empty and boring. Nothing like a proper FarCry entry which is to be expected but like damn.
You essentially just have like 20 bases to go clear out and that's what the map has to offer for the most part outside of the main story missions. At this point im sure the game is damn cheap so if you want a short FarCry game then by all means
that being said I would reccomend FarCry 3 or 4 any day of the weak over this since I imagine especially 3 is close to the same price range.

That marks 52 games completed in 2019!! More games to be added of course although maybe at a slower rate.
Its been fun so far entering this little race with myself to see what I can do in a year. Iv had some issues both mentally and around
stopping me from completing earlier but im just happy I did it! Happy gaming to everyone <3


Oct 25, 2017
S.T.A.R.S Beret - 63/52 Games (36 first playthroughs, 27 replays)


Game 53 – Zup! 5 (PC) – 28 minutes – 2.5/5

They added portals. Switching it up a bit, I guess.

Game 54 – Zup! 6 (PC) – 22 minutes – 2/5

Another sidestep/game with no changes.

Game 55 – Zup! 7 (PC) - 24 minutes – 1.5/5

It's Zup!

Game 56 – Zup! 8 (PC) – 20 minutes – 1.5/5


Game 57 – Zup! 9 (PC) – 22 minutes - 1.5/5

Zup! Zup! Zup!

Game 58 – Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (PC) – 3 hours – 3/5

Surprisingly an improvement over the original Doom game. The level design flows better and while there's an increased combat focus at times (the combat is still a mess), the game at least knows not to overstay its welcome. I guess that was in its nature as an expansion pack?

Game 59 – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS4) - ~25 horus – 3/5

The handling of Chihiro as a character was notably worse than I thought it had been and I already expected trash in that regard so that was really disappointing among other things.

Trying to get past that (which I'm not sure I'm able to, completely) the game is pretty solid otherwise. I'd rather the court sections have been executed like Ace Attorney with no mini-games since most of them are bad (and they just get worse in 2) but what can you do. Not sure how common of an opinion it is but I really enjoy School Mode and it wasn't an absolute drag to deal with when going for 100% like Magical Girl Monomi was in the following game.

Game 60 – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations (PS4) - ~20 hours – 3/5

An unconventional Ace Attorney opinion but this is easily my least favorite of the trilogy. The cases outside of the final one leave a lot to be desired and Godot is a trash prosecutor and overall character.

Even still it's pretty solid and I'm always happy to spend time with a game in this series. I'll just be less likely to reach for this one when choosing a random one to play.

Game 61 – Grimind (PC) – 5 hours, 18 minutes – 1.5/5

A physics based puzzle platformer with less than solid physics and platforming. The rest of your enjoyment might hinge on how much you can enjoy the atmosphere and aesthetics. I found appeal for a bit but after awhile I was dying constantly because of how dark things were vs any blatant mistakes of my own and it was getting old. I felt like I was pixel hunting in an old point and click adventure game at times. It wasn't for me.

Game 62 – Zup! S (PC) – 32 minutes – 2/5


Game 63 – Assassin's Creed II (PS4) – 25 hours, 34 minutes – 2.5/5

It's Assassin's Creed. Definitely an improvement over the first game but I remembered this being much better than it actually was. I'm not sure how much of that is as a result of the newer ports/remasters or just the game itself. The platforming felt really clunky in particular. Good luck trying to navigate with precision as the game sometimes calls for when trying to drop down/hang from a ledge will result in Ezio hopping off in a random direction to pounce on someone.

Also this did the same thing the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut did with the DLC and I absolutely hate it. I remember there being a big fuss about the DLC for this game but looking back I think people would've kept their mouths shut if they saw what the DLC actually turned out like. Being forced to go through both bits of content was an absolute drag, especially when I was done with the rest of the game and ready to be done.


Oct 25, 2017
75. Kолапс

Ai caramba.
If you wanted a game that epitomizes everything wrong with PS360 era game design, this is the game to play.
If it was popular for its time, then fine I guess? But nowadays? Hell naw, there are better Eurojanks to put one's time towards.
Enemies were tanky even on Easy, the game keeps sending hordes and hordes of enemies at you, the melee combat is dull....at least it has a nice soundtrack and some lovely visuals from time to time.

Archduke Kong

Feb 2, 2019
Master Post

Games beaten in August:
1. Tetris (iOS) | August 4th - 2 hrs | 5/5
2. Mario Tennis Aces (Switch) | August 12th - 7 hours | 2/5
3. Into the Breach (Switch) | August 19th - 15 hours | 4/5
4. Axiom Verge (Switch) | August 23rd - 9 hours | 3/5
5. Super Mario Bros. (NSO on Switch) | August 23rd - 1 hour | 4/5

Progress so far: 32 games
January - 5 games
February - 1 game
March - 2 games
April - 4 games
May - 2 games
June - 5 games
July - 8 games
August - 5 games

Thoughts on August
1. Tetris - I always joked to myself that I'd "beaten" Tetris if I cleared the screen of blocks (I always tried, but it never happened). Joke's on me, because it happened during a casual playthrough. 5/5, Tetris is great.

2. Mario Tennis Aces - Let's just say I'm glad I didn't pay for this and it came for free during the Game Trials thing on NSO. The controls felt off, and it just never seemed to click. At least the game was pretty, I can appreciate a nice looking Switch handheld game. Still, this was just not for me. 2/5, no thanks.

3. Into the Breach - This game got me into turn based strategy again. The "see the future" mechanic was genius, it made the battles feel more strategic. My only problem is I wish the world and characters were a bit more memorable. I beat a run, I felt pretty satisfied so I'm gonna put this aside for a while and replay it to unlock stuff sometime in the future. 4/5, I'm a fan.

4. Axiom Verge - This was a replay, not much to say about it other than it was a solid "beat it in two days" kind of game. I really liked the original ideas the developer brought to the table (extra impressive since he made the game himself) but anytime the game is paying homage to Super Metroid it kind of feels... fine. I'm curious to see how a sequel works out. 3/5, not bad.

5. Super Mario Bros. - I don't have much to say here except Super Mario Bros. with the rewind function on the NSO app was a nice "no worries, just get to the end" kind of experience. I'll probably forget I did it, but it was a good hour of my life. 4/5, cheating is fun.
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Oct 26, 2017
I dont like to derail this thread with game impressions / question, but fuck me the Ace Attorney games are 20 hours+? And those are the games in that recent compilation?
Saw this real late. At minimum they typically run 20 hours. From checking HLTB on some of the ones I have not played they climb up to 30+ on newer editions.

First three are on all new platforms (Ace Attorney, Justice For All, Trials And Tribulations) are in the recent compliation (IN US on sale for $20 a decent amount). Apollo Justice is DS. If you have (or ever considered) I would strongly reccomend getting a 3DS XL/2DS if you want to play the series. Most of the games are on the DS which all games are compatible on 3DS/2DS and the newest ones are on 3DS. Typically they are also cheaper (Origonal trilogly is on sales for $12 regularily). Right now Gamestop has a deal for used platforms but if you don't want to get one right now check out Nintendo's official Ebay account. They sell refurbished units but they are fantastic qulaity and look new (Also come in packaging to look like new).

From what I have found in the series so far is the farther you get into it the less "bloat" in cases. The first game is good, but has some padding, second game has less and by the third game it really rolls well. The first two games I would play an hour here and there in bed. Third and Apollo Justice game I played actively during the day.


Oct 25, 2017
38. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - 03/09/2019

Why is this stupid baby game making me cry like a bitch

I love the Klonoa games, they're platforming perfection, and while playing this particular masterpiece I think I realized that Klonoa 2 is one of my favourite games. It's weird to realize that about a different game than the one you're currently playing, but eh.

At least Klonoa 2 doesn't make me openly weep.


Apr 5, 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
I'm in this year again, going for my second badge and I do think I have very good chances of completing the challenge again! :) I do have some Game Pass games and DLC in the mix so that I couldn't reduce as much as these numbers indicate, but I'm still +20 for the year and incredibly happy about that. It feels liberating to buy less games and only go for what you really want, in my case Kingdom Hearts III and Sekiro [not beaten yet] so far this year. There's some other stuff I want but not for now.

Anyways, let's start thiiiiiis:


Archive: 2018-1, 2018-2
hltb profile


1.) Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 8 January)
As a big Star Trek fan, Mass Effect's universe has always been the closest a video game offered for me. Citadel is the ultimate fanservice. I loved the party, a must play for everybody! No idea why I didn't play some of the Mass Effect DLC earlier as I finished the main game years ago. But I'm really glad I did, finally! This was the last of the batch to be completed with the other DLC completed late in 2018.

2.) Gris (Switch, 8 January)
A great Christmas present! Colours, music and artstyle define this game. It's a one of a kind experience, highly recommended.

3.) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Xbox One X, 27 January)
My first big game of the year, and I'm a sucker for RPGs. These take very long to count towards the 52 games a year challenge, but soooo rewarding at the same time ;) The Xbox One X version of Morrowind is an awesome visual upgrade and considerably shortens load times from the OG Xbox version. The quest journal is still a mess, unfortunately. As for the game, it was awesome. Yes, you gotta accept some things are outdated by today's standard (quest log, dice roll combat). Other stuff I wish modern games would go back to. Morrowind was true roleplaying, factions oppose each other and you gotta take a stance, heavily impacting your experience. Wayfinding required you paying attention to what NPCs say rather than going to a location on autopilot with a questmarker. Dungeons were handcrafted and unique weapons were rare enough to feel special unlike in TES IV and V. A must play for everyone, even today!

4.) Kingdom Hearts III (Xbox One X, 3 February)
I'm still ranting that Square didn't bring the 1.5+2.5 games to Xbox, but it's great to see this iconic franchise finally on Xbox consoles. To me, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are among the hardest to please. I personally enjoyed KH III a lot, just found the game too easy and the special attack animations lasted forever. Some worlds were better than others. Very cool last part though and I can't wait for the DLC, maybe in that teased section from the very end?

5.) Mark of the Ninja (Xbox One X, 13 February)
Despite buying the game on the 360, how did I never play this game before? Mark of the Ninja is pure gameplay perfection for 2D stealth. Another must play for me personally.

6.) Diablo III (Xbox One X, 18 February)
Similarily to MMOs, games like Diablo III have almost endless replayability in the quest for the best equipment. I played through Diablo III with a friend on couch coop. We had some fun nights but even the higher difficulty settings never hooked us enough to keep going higher and higher. Maybe we missed more good stuff there but there were many other games left to play on my list.

7.) Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 27 February)
One of these games that forever sat in my backlog. Arkham City stays true to the Arkham Asylum formula but transplants it into a bigger city. The game was a lot of fun and even finding collectibles was motivating for me. As Arkham Knight is one Game Pass, I will jump into that title one day, too.

8.) Fallout 3 (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 2 March)
I tried Fallout 3 some time around 2008 or so. At that time, I had little to no experience with shooters and couldn't tell sniper rifles, gnashers, shotguns, machine guns and whatnot apart - and I sold Fallout 3 quickly again. Things have long changed since then. However, playing Fallout 3 in 2019 did not impress me as much as Morrowind did earlier in the year. Fallout 3 also feels outdated in many ways (especially facial and body animations), but my biggest gripe is that SO MUCH in Fallout 3 just doesn't make sense AT ALL. This article sums up my criticism of the game as well. This being said, some of the small stories in the game were great.

9.) Fallout 3: The Pitt DLC (3 March)
What a great DLC this was! The Pitt puts you into a small place full of arseholes. You need to come by, you need to work your way up. That's what I meant about the base game above. I am shaking my head for the game's basic plot issues but it still tells awesome individual stories.

10.) Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC (4 March)
I don't remember much about this DLC outside of many fights.
? (:p)

11.) Fallout 3: Point Lookout DLC (4 March)
In similair fashion to Far Harbor with Fallout 3, Point Lookout sends you to a new location full of fog, mystery... and DANGEROUS environments and foes. Wow, this island nailed what survival really means in the wasteland. I'm not too unhappy that the whole game didn't have such aggressive enemies because it would have made traversal difficult, but I will always fondly remember Point Lookout as one of gaming's best DLCs that (BTW) tells another gripping story.

12.) Uncharted 1: Drake's Fortune (Playstation 4, no date)
Finally got around to play the Uncharted games. They are the definition of a popcorn game for me. Uncharted titles are fun, play great, look awesome. I personally still prefer Lara Croft because I enjoy exploration and puzzles. Uncharted nails that cinematic experience though and I can see why people are so big on this type of game. 1 hasn't aged too well IMO though and thoroughly lags behind 2+3 for me.

13.) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Playstation 4, no date)
THAT TRAIN LEVEL! It's more common now but back in the day it must have blown people's mind away. A lot of other cool setpieces, too. I vividly remember Nepal and Shangri-la.

14.) Uncharted 3: Drake' Deception (Playstation 4, 16 March)
As good as 2, even if the desert setting couldn't match 2 for me personally.

15.) Alan Wake (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 18 March)
I started Alan Wake many years ago but found it too difficult given the little shooter experience I had (as stated above). I finally played it this spring and... WOW! Alan Wake is now one of my favorite games ever. I loved the Twin Peaks setting and the writing. I usually shit my pants in horror games but Alan Wake juuuust was playable for me because I can defend myself (albeit limited) and the next safe light bulb is always just a little further. One particular boss fight also literally HAD IT ALL. It's too bad this game was never X enhanced as it looks much better on PC.

16.) Alan Wake: The Signal DLC (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 19 March)
I still remember much of the main game but not so much from The Signal outside of being really difficult :P

17.) Alan Wake: The Writer DLC (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 19 March)

The much better DLC for my liking. Ends with such a cliffhanger. We need this series to continue. And my personal wish, if I may add it, is that Remedy is so successful it can stay multi-plat so that the most of people can enjoy their future games.

18.) Late Shift (Xbox One X, 31 March)
Always a big fan of experimental game design and choosing your own path in a movie is such a cool idea. The story pans out in so many different directions that replayability is also guaranteed. Choice here matters a lot more than in Telltale games, I think. Recommended.

19.) Final Fantasy VII (Xbox One X, 1 April)
I didn't play games during the PS1 era and went deep into disc 2 some years back on PS4 (these were the bad days where I wouldn't complete games that I had started). Now I finally played one of the greatest games ever. I'm so hyped for the remake next year. Besides ATB and stuff, what I find particulary striking what a timeless story FF VII tells. Mega corporatons, environmental degradation... it's all there. Add both the greatest soundtrack and villain of the Final Fantasy series to this mix and you know why VII is still such a classic. A big head up also to the game's QoL functions to speed up the grinding.

20.) Hyper Light Drifter (Xbox One X, 6 April)
Hyper Light Drifter is one of the best indies ever made. Stylish graphics, tough enemies, great controls, and a cool story told without a single spoken world.

21.) Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series (Xbox One X, 9 April)
Played this game shortly before the TV series finale and it was a great way to get immersed into the GoT universe again. Other than that, it's a typical Telltale game that also comes with certain weaknesses all of their games have, most notably the illusion of really making meaningful choices.

22.) Hellblade: A Senua's Sacrifice (Xbox One X, 14 April)
Quite possibly the game with the best sound design ever made. I'm a sucker for story-heavy narrative experiences, but Hellblade also mixes it with challenging combat. Excited to see the next singleplayer game from Ninja Theory already!

23.) Never Alone (Xbox One X, 14 April)
One of these games I'm not sure why I once bought them, but it's finished quickly and actually teaches its players quite a bit about the Inuit and environmental change. It's nice for what it is.

24.) Divinity II: A Dragon Knight Saga (Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One X, 27 April)
I love the isometric Divinity: Original Sin games, but I also have the dream that Larian one day returns to make a big 3D RPG. Playing Divinity II: DKS this year, I think they could excel there, too. Divinity II is still fun today although outdated in other ways. Larian's writing is always top notch.

25.) The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (Xbox One X, 28 April)
I can relate to the game's little protagonist a lot. Will be interesting to find out how this plot is tied into Life is Strange 2 which I haven't started yet.

26.) Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Xbox One X, 16 May)
Sorry to say this, but FF XII has been a pretty big disappointment for me. I know the game went through development hell, but WTF is this plot? I literally was not invested into any of the game's cast, and I feel like you could easily have taken out quite a few party chars without taking anything away from the (thin) story. I criticized XV as well but the main party characters interaction was great and even made me shed a tear when it was all over. The game has some things going for it though. Battles are fun, it's cool to program and customize your party AI and the world feels vast.

27.) DmC: Devil May Cry (Xbox One X, 28 May)
When DmC was about to leave Game Pass, I wanted to try this series for the first time. This is what I love about Game Pass, it lowers the entry barrier and you can either stick with your choice or move on if you don't enjoy the game that much. I usually even end up buying stuff that I really liked on Game Pass because I want to keep it in the library afterwards. DmC is one of these cases. Playing this entry as the very first one is probably different to many other people who were already accustomed to a certain type of Devil May Cry game and now had to compare this entry from a new dev. I wasn't like that and quite enjoyed DmC!

28.) Sleeping Dogs (Xbox One X, 8 June)
I know China and Hong Kong really well from my studies. Playing a game in this setting was awesome, even though GTA-style games in general and some of the Sleeping Dogs combat are not my favorite.

29.) Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox One X, 23 June)
Devil May Cry 4 left Game Pass soon after DmC... So I played it! Now I finally had the 'real' experience, too. I still prefer Bayonetta's fast-paced action game but Devil May Cry 4 certainly has a lot of qualities, too! Also, the different chars all play so differently.

30.) The Banner Saga (Xbox One X, ?)
I bought and played Banner Saga 1 on PC many years ago but decided to replaye it as soon as I know that the whole series would hit Game Pass. Choice really matters in this game. It nails the immersion of being with a group of people fleeing from evil. Unfortunately, the battle system sounds better on paper than in execution.

30.) The Banner Saga 2 (Xbox One X, 26 June)
The second Banner Saga game continues right after the end of 1. It is still as great but also shares weaknesses with the first entry.

31. Hitman (2016) (Xbox One X, 16 July)
WOW! Talk about another awesome Game Pass discovery. I have always liked stealth games but I didn't expect that Hitman would feel so different from anything I had ever played. I love all the possibilities and different ways to complete mission objectives. The open levels are superbly designed, too. Will play the other Hitman games some time soon for sure, too.

32. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Xbox One X, 20 July)
Another game that hasn't aged too well. There have been many better RPGs released since Amalur, even though it was a decent game back in the day. It's just a title that is way too generic and suffers from mediocre writing. The one thing I still enjoyed playing this in 2019 was the flexible class system and how good the different weapons played. More games with chakrams please.

33.) Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One X, 29 July)
Watch Dogs 2 is really different from 1, but I personally liked the changes made. As a gamer, it's easy to identify with the nerdy hacking crew that takes on all those big mega corporations. The game is a big parody of many things we find in the real world. Watch Dogs 2 also makes some cool changes to the gameplay formula with the drone and the quadrocopter. I also have to applaud Ubisoft for all the little details happening in the open world. It's great fun to listen to the many conversations of NPCs in the city, many NPCs doing all these randomn things from taking selfies to mowing the lawn and drinking coffe, seeing different gangs and the police go at each other - it's all pretty cool. Hyped for Watch Dogs Legion!

34.) Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions (Xbox One X, 31 July)
Not much to add.

35.) Watch Dogs 2: No Compromise (Xbox One X, 31 July)
Not much to add.

36.) Ys Origin (Xbox One X, 2 August)
I really wanted to dig deeper into the Ys and Legend of Heroes franchise and decided to buy Ys Origin in a sale. Similarily to Hyper Light Drifter, I enjoyed the gameplay here a lot. The game posed a really good challenge and the characters play pretty differently.

37.) Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One X, 4 August)
Whatever the reason I never played the Gears of War games earlier, I should have. It's probably a bit too much burning through 1-4 in a single month shortly before Gears 5 launches next week, but I just don't like to hop into sequels of games that I've never played. The remaster for Gears 1 is well done. The first Gears entry is mostly pure gameplay that set standards for cover based shooters, it also has a dark, sometimes even a horror feel to it. Fuck that final boss though, couldn't beat it...

38.) A Way Out (Playstation 4, 11 August)
Played this with a good friend of mine. A Way Out is a unique and new type of experience with two characters influencing each other to enable progression in the game's story. I did expect A Way Out to play inside the prison for a little bit longer. And wow at that final section, it was a real WTF moment. Some other sections really revealed that A Way Out is a small indie title though, specifically those PS2 car sections, oh boy...

39.) Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360 on Xbox One X, 15 August)
Gears 2 improves on 1 in many ways. The squad AI is notably better and the game has some very cool-looking underground sections.

40.) Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360 on Xbox One X, 25 August)
My favourite Gears game yet. The campaign is expertly crafted and changes up stuff regularly to keep the experience fresh. While Gears 3 started out really depressingly with little hope to save humanity, the game builds up nicely towards a really satisfactory ending.

41.) Gears of War 4 (Xbox 360 on Xbox One X, 2 September)
While I agree with the statement that Gears 4 felt very 'safe', the new studio responsible for the series also proved it got the fundamentals of what makes Gears a true Gears game right. The second part of the game is really cool, and I thoroughly enjoy character interaction in Gears 4, too. Hyped for 5 and Kate's fate!


Oct 27, 2017

I usually do this every 10 games, but now that I've beaten 52, I figure I'd make a special exception.

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51: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Genesis Version (Start & End: 8/20/2019)

This is a fun solid little platformer from back on the Genesis days.

Played on PS3.

52: Astral Chain (Start: 8/30/2019. End: 9/3/2019)

I've been eagerly anticipating this game since it was announced. It was what I expected from Platinum, but also not what I expected from Platinum. I'm glad I ended 2019's 52 game challenge on this game. But I'm not done just yet.

Played on Nintendo Switch.
Oct 26, 2017
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25. Rage 2 - 30 hours
Rage 2 is one of the strangest sequels I’ve ever played. Honestly, I’m still not sure why this game even exists - if I was told 5 years ago that Rage will receive a sequel, I wouldn’t have believed this guy even if he was Jesus Christ himself. The first Rage was a good game, but it wasn’t some big seller and didn’t really look like a franchise maker. Bethesda is known for their weird business decisions, but even for them Rage 2 announcement was something extraordinary and it was not clear to the end what will come out of this.

And after the game was released… It didn’t become any less unclear. In reality, Rage 2 is an unofficial Mad Max sequel, only in a different universe and in first person. Almost 80% of gameplay is made by Mad Max template - open post-apocalyptic world, few settlements and dozens of points of interest are scattered around the map, there is upgradable cars and skills you can acquire… Honestly, such similarities is not something surprising, since one of the developers of Rage 2 is Avalanche Studios, the creators of Mad Max, but it’s still funny to see how these games are literally the same in some aspects, there is even some landmarks that look almost identical. The remaining 20% were made by id Software, the creators of original Rage, and it includes shooting and characters.

As you may notice, that’s some really uneven mix - and, unfortunately, it shows. The open-world in Rage 2 is the weakest part of this game, it’s beautiful, but it’s completely useless and only hurts the game. I’m one of those players who love to just wander around virtual words and take pictures of beautiful scenery, while casually clearing the map from those annoying icons somewhat in the background, but even I occasionally got bored and literally forced myself to run through the final parts of the map. Yes, Rage 2 world is undoubtedly beautiful, but it doesn’t feel alive, there is a lot of weird empty areas and expect the main storyline and clearing the outposts on the map, there is not much to do. Basically, there are 2 types of side activities - you either need to clear the area or linear corridor from the enemies, or you need to find the way into a locked building, that’s it. After completing the task you can waste your time and search for hidden chests and datapads, but there is not much point in that.

The repetitiveness of side activities could be not a big problem, because shooting in Rage 2 is amazing. It shows that one of the developers were the creators of DOOM, gunplay in this game is a pure joy, everything exploding and enemies are blowing up like bloody fireworks. It’s ridiculous and that’s why it’s so fun. Not every available weapons and abilities are equally useful and fun to use, but even with the standard pistol-assault rifle-shotgun-rocket launcher set, combat never gets boring and it’s the main reason to play Rage 2. I also liked the music, those electro-industrial tunes reminded me about DOOM soundtrack and it really adds to the game atmosphere.

Rage 2 could have been great, if not the open-world - it really affects the pacing and most of the fights ends way too soon. You can’t jump right back to the action because you need to run around the location you just cleared in order to find missed chests and then you need to drive 5-10 minutes to the next outpost and then repeat the process. Because of that, Rage 2 always leaving a slight feeling of frustration - everything looks cool, but it’s just not enough, and instead of non-stop fun you always have to be distracted with the boring checklist activities.

The good storyline could have help in improving the diversity of the gameplay, but unfortunately, there is not much to talk about as well. Rage 2 starts pretty good, but again, because of the open-world the story is getting harmed by uneven pacing, especially if you’ll decide to not go directly to the right place, but also clean some outposts on your way to the target. I honestly forgot about most of the storyline before I even finished the game and remember the details only because of comics that is shown in the final credits. There is no surprises or at least some extraordinary moments, it all goes very predictable and ends with the typical boss fight. It’s better than the ending of original Rage, but still very far from desirable.

I prefer singleplayer games, but in the case of Rage 2, even I would agree that it could have use a co-op mode, even if it was limited to arenas. Lack of some online component is even more weird, considering that game is positioning itself as so-called live-service with weekly events and constant updates. And, of course, there are microtransactions, but they implemented in such strange way I didn’t even know they exist in this game at all until I came to the store page and saw some Rage 2 Coins available for purchase. When I entered the game and looked closely to the main menu, I finally noticed that “Store” option, but after looking at it closely, I haven’t seen anything worthwhile to spend money, it’s just a bunch of cosmetics-only skins, most of them are not even looking good. Well, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a full-priced game after all, but still, what’s the point of adding this stuff at all? There is also DLCs planned to be released soon, with new missions, guns and map zones, but honestly, I had more than enough after 30 hours I spent on the base game. Not sure how profitable all this stuff, but to developers credit, at least they actually listened to the feedback and fixed some of the game issues with free updates, like the chests are now highlighted in scanning mode and you are not forced to look at experience screen each time you clear the outpost anymore which slightly improved the pacing. Another example of the fact that the best way to play most of those modern AAA live-services is one year later after the release date when all DLCs and patches were released.

So yeah, this is my final verdict - Rage 2 is a good game, but it’s not worth the full price. Wait for sale and price drops and only then go for it, for that money it will be a nice fun experience for a week or two. Rage 2 is not trying to be a new next big thing, it’s more like AAA fast food that some people might enjoy occasionally consume it between visits to restaurants, but you can easily skip it and won’t miss anything important.


Oct 26, 2017

Game #84 - Torchlight 2 (Switch)
Time: 30+ hours

Torchlight 2 joins Diablo 3 in the "fantastic port" club, as the list of portable dungeon crawlers grows on the Switch. I played Torchlight 2 on PC many years ago, and I can happily say this is pretty much a perfect port (for better or worse, more on that later). It looks gorgeous on the smaller Switch screen, as the cartoony art style really helps not feel dated, and the performance is quite good, only really dropping frames when shit gets way too chaotic. Panic Button did a fantastic job with the port both visually and control / UI wise, much like Diablo 3 it works perfectly on console, and the UI is quite funcional even on portable. The game itself is still a great dungeon crawler, if a bit dated by today's standards, as it pretty much has the story / campaign and...little else. A endless dungeon opens up when you finish, and you can start a New Game +, but that's about it, the game has no actual "end game systems" to speak of, which is one of the problems with the "perfect port". As good as it is, its as vanilla as you can get, so there are no new additions or quality of life changes. For example, you still CANNOT fully respec your character (much like the original), which is a HUGE detriment for these types of games, as you want to experiment with builds, and here you simply cant do that (a simple respec potion was pretty much a must have mod in the PC), you also can't change the difficulty, so if you want to raise (or lower I guess) the difficulty, you need to start a whole new character. Still, at around 25-30 hours for the story mode, I would still recomend this as it's still a great game and plays (and looks) wonderfully portable.

Game #85 - Astral Chain
Time: 29 hours

Another great outing by Platinum (I'm not even the biggest Platinum fan in the world to be honest) and I'm really glad I picked it up as it was completely off my radar pretty much until the reviews hit, and it ended up being one of my favorite games of the year. Right off the bat, this has to be the best looking game on the Switch, at least portable (I don't do docked so the Switch is 100% a portable system for me). Just fantastic visuals, solid framerate (30 of course, it's still a Switch heh), great art style, just a awesome looking game all around. The gameplay is actually very different from the "usual" Platinum game, it plays nothing like Bayoneta or DMC, which I think might drive some people away but I loved that about it. It takes some getting used to and the game locks you out of several mechanics early on (its a meaty game afterall), but once it clicks it's a ton of fun. The story couldnt be more "anime", so it's a bunch of incomprehensible bullshit, in the best way (points for the awesome cutscenes that Platinum are known for, they are here in a big way). Add to this a million little details like being able to recolor your gear, your Legions (your pet / mech things) and even your UI (!), a bunch of silly sidequests, a lengthy campaign with post-game content, and overall you get a great package both for people "one and done" with games, and for those that like to keep playing and get the most out of their purchases. Highly recomended.

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Oct 25, 2017
Original post

76. Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

Quite enjoyed the main story in Ishgard in this one, which helped by having a new and great voice acting cast. The missions for the most part are no different than what I experienced during ARR but I wasn't turned off by them a lot as much as ARR.
Def. worth experiencing if one is interested in getting in FF14.


Oct 25, 2017
77. Trine

Really nice Adventure/Platformer game. Light puzzles and various platforming sections, and a pretty basic combat system thrown in. It's a solid game all around even though its jumping can feel pretty janky.


Oct 25, 2017
39. River City Girls - 08/09/2019

It's a great time, I just don't know if it was a $40 CAD great time. It's certainly long for a beat em' up and my playthrough clocked in at about ten hours, and in that time I very rarely felt the game was dragging on or stretching itself thin. Add to that some kickass pixel art and a great soundtrack and I think you've got a game every brawler fan should check out if they can bite the steep price.


Oct 25, 2017
Manila, Philippines
Another massive update, as I've finally gotten myself out from under Fire Emblem's thumb.

Original post: https://www.resetera.com/threads/52-games-1-year-2019.90649/page-2#post-16452864

59. The Hex (PC)
6 hours, beaten 7/7/19
A truly remarkable game from the person who gave us Pony Island. You are investigating a murder in a bar populated entirely by video game characters. To say any more would spoil the fun.

60. Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight (PC)

6 hours, beaten 7/7/19
Another Bombservice game bites the dust. These guys make really great Metroidvanias, and I'm here for all of them. This one was the best one yet! (I'll get to Minoria after the September deluge ends. Help!)

61. Trouble Witches Origin Episode 1: Daughters of Amalgam

100 minutes, beaten 7/7/19
A 360 era shmup with a weird mechanic - you can "block" shots with a forcefield right outta the Matrix. Bonus points: Cotton is available as a DLC character. COTTON!

62. World End Syndrome (NSW)

Around 20 hours, beaten 7.22.19

An average visual novel about a small town murder mystery. Mildly disappointing overall, but still worth the time it took to beat it, barely. It's the kind of game that requires a FAQ by your side if you don't want to waste incredible amounts of time.

63. Crimsonland (PC)

3.5 hours, beaten 8.10.19

I've been on a twin stick shooter kick lately, and Crimsonland is the latest of the lot. It's pretty unremarkable by current standards, and ugly as sin. Still fun enough.

64. A Short Hike (PC)

79 minutes, beaten 8.11.19

Free form exploration of a beautiful island, at your own pace, with the final goal to make it to the island's peak. I never thought a game this short would ever have a shot at making my GotY list. I was wrong. (It's not the top game by any means, but simply making the top 10 in a year this good is an achievement.) This game is fucking incredible! You must play it.

65. Nekopara Vol 2 (PC)

108 minutes, beaten 8.17.19

Yup, we're not discussing this. Next.

66. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (PC)

Around 27 hours, beaten 8.22.19

I finally finished Danganronpa V3! It was killing me not knowing what the apparently super divisive ending of this long running visual novel series was like, and now I can finally put it to rest. I'm somewhere in the middle - I thought some parts of the ending were stupid, but overall I thought it was a pretty good way to wrap things up.

67. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (NSW)

Around 51 hours (1 playthrough), beaten 8.25.19

I will vote for this game as my no. 1 choice on the ResetEra 2019 GOTY festivities. I'll never forget Three Houses as the Fire Emblem game that finally got me over the hump and appreciate a Fire Emblem game in its entirety. Who knew that jamming some Persona in there was all it took?

68. Telling Lies (PC)

5.7 hours, beaten 8.26.19

OK, this FMV game was pretty cool! Much more fleshed out than it's prequel, Her Story, with more real "investigating" to do.

69. Inside (PC)

2.8 hours, beaten 8/31/19

Finally got the chance to beat Inside, scored it cheap from a Humble Bundle. I appreciated the game, but didn't really care much for the ending - I don't really care for Inception-style shit if it doesn't feel earned.

70. Gears of War 4 (PC)

9 hours, beaten 9/8/19

Holy hell, I've beaten an Xbox Live game. 2019 is a helluva weird year, kudos to Microsoft for their PC initiatives. Scored a cheap UWP copy off CD Keys for 2 dollars and played through once in preparation for Gears 5 on Steam. The first part of the campaign was really grating, but the second half pulled itself together nicely. Also, JD Fenix is a douchebag.
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Oct 25, 2017
-72.290091, 0.795254
It's been awhile since I've had a chance to update. It's broadly been a choice of sneak in an hour or two of playing games or spend time writing about playing them and for me the former usually wins!

Below are games 10 - 19:
  • Hypnospace Outlaw;
  • Dark Souls III;
  • Just Ski;
  • Islanders;
  • Ultimate Racing 2D;
  • Katamari Damacy REROLL;
  • GRID: Autosport;
  • Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel;
  • Dark Souls III: The Ringed City; and
Main list is here.

GAME #10: Hypnospace Outlaw
Tendershoot/Michael Lasch/ThatWhichIs Media - PC - ★★★★☆

Completion State:
Completed the story a couple of times, trying to save different/more users (23 hours)

Hypnospace Outlaw is a cleverly presented point and click detective puzzle game, played from the point of view of a silent Hypnospace moderator in the late 1990s. Hypnospace is an alternate history version of the internet, accessed whilst a user sleeps via their Hypnoband.

The task at hand is ostensibly to protect Hypnospace users so they can continue to create their geocities esque sites as they sleep but as with all the best stories, there are in fact more sinister things afoot. I won't touch on the overarching plot as it absolutely spoils the game but I will say it is interesting (though perhaps a little anticlimactic).

It is a little outclassed however by the smaller stories told on the pages which you police. These are the actual stars here: teens with pretend girlfriends; all types of malware; fake psychics; conspiracy theorists; religious extremists and a little boy who loves dinosaurs, this game has a huge number of interesting, weird, delightful and charming characters to "meet" via their often badly drawn, spelt and thought through Hypnospace content.

The core game play loop is essentially solving cases given to the player by the Hypnospace enforcement team using tools to flag user created content. There's a surprising amount of depth and difficulty in solving or piecing together the various cases and some really go to some interesting places. It touches on the moral ambiguity of trying to police the internet and doesn't shy away from making you feel pretty bad for bringing down the ban hammer on people who are technically breaking the good ol' ToS but are far from troublesome.

The ending felt pretty confusing first time around as it builds to a climax pretty quickly and it is more than possible to reach the end without piecing together everything that informs the final scene. It felt a lot better delivered the second time as I found more information in the mid game. The ending is effected by who you ban during the game. To not spoil too much, you essentially ban them to save them but some are more easily saved than others.

Overall it's a great concept with a fantastic and fully realised style. Everything you see or hear is totally in keeping and context and it really works to set the scene of an alternate internet. For me, going back to a modern OS after playing this for an extended session felt really weird, a credit to the type of immersion created by the game. It fully commits to telling the story using a way that can only be delivered in a game rather than a passive cinematic gameplay -> cut scene style. This kind of interesting stuff is why I find such joy in smaller more intimate games delivered by a small team having fun and really going all in on a particular style or vision.

Great stuff.

GAME #11: Dark Souls III
From Software - PC - ★★★★★

Completion State:
Played through with an OP FUG build I have been working on in NG+ and then played through again with a caster in NG++ (30.4hrs)

This is a replay, original comment can be found here.

I still love this game just as much.

GAME #12: Just Ski
Jeff Weber - PC - ★★★☆☆

Completion State:
Reached the cabin (2.1 hours 100% achievements)

This is a cool little physics game where I as the player am tasked with getting a two dimensional skier to the end of a course and safely home to their cabin. The controls are ostensibly simple, move the mouse down to make the skier crouch, move the mouse up to make them extend. This effects the on-screen skiers speed but more importantly their rotation in the air. On the face of it, very easy, but in reality using it to good effect to control the skier in the air and nail landings is pretty damn tricky. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, you can actually cheat it a little with a very specific technique that can make reaching the end fairly trivial but I recommend trying it the intended way first otherwise it loses a little of it's charm.

The single colour [and white] art style and sounds are minimalistic at best but are used well and the overall style is cohesive and interesting. I really like how progress is shown by the sky colour transitioning from colour to colour as I made it further and further towards the ending.

Overall, a short and cheap physics game that's absolutely worth trying.

GrizzlyGames - PC - ★★★☆☆

Completion State:
Played around 10 hours and build some odd looking cities (9.8 hours, 96% achievements)

Ostensibly a city sim but really this is a chilled out puzzle game with a score based leader-board chasing element. It's an interesting concept and certainly a different spin on city builders than I have played before. The devs have a very useful "what is this" type of video on the store page that explains the loop better than I could but I was basically tasked with reaching a certain score in order to move on to the next island. The game offers a limited choice of pieces to lay down with various functions and interactions with other pieces that govern how much is scored for placing them. As the city I created increased in size and complexity, placing pieces became more and more an exercise in compromise to try and maximise the score (or indeed at times minimise the loss). It's one of those easy to do hard to master kind of things that rewards a certain amount of forethought and planning.

It's got a simple, cheery art style with hints of the makers previous game (Superflight). I really like it but it's probably not to everyone's taste.

Overall a very chilled out, bite-sized little thing with an interesting twist on some very tried and true concepts.

GAME #14: Ultimate Racing 2D
Applimazing - PC - ★★★☆☆

Completion State:
Completed the career, most of it on expert, played some custom tournaments and some local multiplayer (13.7 hours)

Simple but fun top down 2D racer with a surprising amount of content.

The game has four modes: single custom races; custom tournaments; a single player career mode; and local and online multiplayer.

Custom races and tournaments allow for quick races or quick races over multiple rounds on any of the 45 tracks with any of the 35 different cars. The track variation is pretty cool with a loads of approximations of real world circuits, from Silverstone to Monaco, all done rather well given the overhead nature of the game and the relatively simple graphics style. There's also a number of smaller kart tracks, some speedway-esque ovals and some alternative historic versions of real world tracks. The 35 different cars are more classes than actual vehicles as within the class there is then a variety of choices that are the same model just recoloured each with different stats. There's no real depth here within classes though as basically the blue one is the slowest and the red one is the fastest. There's no trade off for example where one is fast but handles like crap compared to one which sticks to the road but suffers in top end speed, instead they are really just another way to make the difficulty options more granular.

The career mode has 35 events, one for each car type, which include [optional] qualifying and the main race across one or many rounds. Other than the car type, the events will also vary according to the number of rounds, the length of the races, whether tyre wear is on or off (and to what level if it is on) and whether boost is on or off. The car classes feel different enough that when combined with the race modifiers each event does feel a little different to the last though ultimately the physics are only so deep so don't expect too much real variation, this isn't trying to be a Gran Turismo or a Forza!

I found the career to be pretty fun and once I had worked out how the cars controls, how tyre wear (and thus pit strategy) worked and what difficulty settings to use I found the expert level events to be just the right kind of challenging. I particularly liked the dynamic weather which, whilst simple, really added another interesting layer on top of the basic racing. I can't count the number of times I thought I had an event in the bag but then the weather changed and I missed the right pit stop window. I initially found it a little annoying that the dynamic weather would change when restarting a session so you rarely get the same race twice but this grew on me and it really does add some dynamic challenge.

Talking of difficulty, there were several ways here to tailor the experience to my own skill level. Firstly the overall event difficulty then the general AI difficulty and last but not least the actual car you choose within the class. Overall I tended towards the medium level AI (as the lowest reduces your winnings substantially whilst the highest only nets you a little more in prizes), expert events and the fastest, reddest car. I found at this level I was having some good races within the inherent limitations presented by the top down view.

Overall, if you go in knowing what you're getting - an old fashioned top down arcade racer - there's an awful lot to like here and when you throw in local multiplayer racing for up to 8 it's a bit of a treat.

GAME #15: Katamari Damacy REROLL
MONKEYCRAFT Co. Ltd./BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment - PC - ★★★★☆

Completion State:
Made the Moon and all constellations (7.0 hours, 90% Steam achievements)

It's Katamari Damacy, it's amazing, what more is there to say?

A masterclass in level design. Great style that still hold up. Great soundtrack. Controls have aged poorly but a traditional left stick directional, right stick camera scheme would just spoil the charm as far as I'm concerned.

The story is happy go lucky but it is ultimately a pretty dark fable of terrible parenting, mass consumption and the environmental effect of neglect. Prophetic? Perhaps. The story Keita Takahashi is trying to tell certainly still feels like it has a lot of relevance nearly fifteen years later.

Rolling up all the countries in the world in the interactive credits set to the cheesy but inspiring "we should all work together" music is probably the most grin inducing ending in games ever and despite it's chuckle-worthy delivery is still the right message, the right thing. It's still something to aspire to and something to hope for in the world we are living in right now.

I love you Katamari Damacy and I'm not ashamed to shout it loud!

Game #16: GRID: Autosport
Codemasters - PC - ★★★☆☆

Completion State:
All grid championships completed (44 hours, 47% achievements)

A very solid racing game with a decent amount of content, a pretty good and very adjustable simcade driving model, half decent AI and some nice tracks.

It looks a little old now but that just meant in ran flawlessly even on split screen with a full pack on my very mid range PC. There's lot to do in here based around five main disciplines: touring cars; endurance racing; open wheel racing; tuned car racing; and street racing. The career mode had me starting small in slower cars at shorter events in each of the classes slowly increasing my level to allow me to access longer races in higher level cars. Pretty standard stuff with not a huge amount of personality but the races themselves were always fun. I could do without having to do all types of races to unlock the main GRID championships as some of the classes are less fun than others but that's as much on me as the game.

Beyond the career mode the game has the ability to create custom single player events, custom local split screen events and the usual host of GRID type online functionality.

Overall it's pretty good stuff, it's not for me quite as involving as the original Race Drive: GRID where I really enjoyed having my own team but it's a very solid simcade racing game.

Game #17: Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel
From Software - PC - ★★★☆☆

Completion State:
Completed all bosses (~10 hours)

I read a lot of negative reports regarding this DLC but I broadly speaking enjoyed it.

The more open and directionless snow fields feel challenging and whilst I can see why people might not like the concept of throwing several enemies at you at once it does add a different challenge to the game. The design here still feels fittingly barren in the traditional souls style just conveyed with open spaces rather than run down corridors and nightmarish architecture.

The bosses are pretty good but I expected a little more after hearing so much about Sister Friede. She's hard as hell but has one or two annoying things I hate in bosses (teleportation!) so it didn't really hit with me at the end.

There is some interesting story telling in here though. It's in typical From Software style but that's a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Game #18: Dark Souls III: The Ringed City
From Software - PC - ★★★★★

Completion State:
Completed all bosses (~15 hours)

The very best of Dark Souls 3 for me.

The run from the Ringed Inner Wall to the Ringed City Streets was intense and probably my favourite stretch of the game, and indeed any soulslike game I have played. And when that is followed directly by the journey from the streets to Shared Grave through the Dragon, any one with a weak heart should turn back here. This had my heart beating hard as I hoped desperately for a bonfire! That it all links back round to the Inner Wall shortcut is so nicely thought through. By the time I had unlocked it I'd clear forgotten about that door so realising the loop I'd taken took really surprised me despite this being the Souls bread and butter.

All the bosses here are great too, spectacle and challenge in abundance.

It feels like this was Souls turned up to eleven and a great and fitting send off to the game and possibly series.

SUPERHOT Team - PC - ★★★★★

Completion State:
Completed the story and some of the challenges (~15 hours, 23% Xbox achievements)

What a game!

"I won't say too much" but can't help but mention it's excellent style, great gameplay topped with a dark story executed in a different and interesting manner.

Good shit, just play it.
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Oct 27, 2017
Finished Astral Chain last night. I would be really shocked if it doesn't stay in my top 3 of the year for me. Amazing game and the final two chapters were insane.


Oct 26, 2017

Game #86 - Super Metroid
Time: 10 hours

For being one of, if not my favorite genre of videogame, the DREADED METROIDVANIA (sorry, it cracks me up how some people are so averse to that term), it's surprising I never actually played one half of what gives the genre it's unofficial name (I did play the other half, aka SOTN). Well, with Nintendo Online finally introducing SNES games to it's lineup, I felt it was time to correct this mistake. So, does Super Metroid live up to it's legendary 25 year history of STILL being one of best games in this genre? Well, yes it does, and not only that, playing it now it's quite uncanny how truly ahead of it's time the game was. The game still looks great (SNES era 2D usually holds up to this day, it's no wonder most indies try to emulate the look), the level design is absolutely ridiculous in quality, it's very meaty with a ton of zones and hidden shit, a bunch of weapon upgrades and skill items (a lot mroe than I thought), a million little details that you dont even see in games these days let alone 25 years ago
blowing up the underwater tube with a bomb for example, who thinks of that shit?
honestly this is a near perfect videogame, especially on it's genre, and if I HAD to nitpick, it would be that the timing needed for some of the skills you get (wall jump and super jump) is a little finicky, but like I said, that is just a nitpick in a otherwise near-perfect game. Oh and the soundtrack is amazing, because of course it is.

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Dec 20, 2017
Game 8: Dragon Quest Builders (PS4) | 23 hours | July 24th
Game 9: Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) | 15 hours | August 13th
Game 10: Gears of War (360) | 10 hours | September 9th


Oct 25, 2017
40. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil 10/09/2019

The third member of my holy trifecta of platforming perfection. Klonoa 2's absolute bliss to play, with a simple mechanic that gets built upon in dozens of interesting ways as you make your way through the game's 18 levels. Add to that a surprisingly fun snowboard levels and two Super Meat Boy tier bonus levels of hell, and you've got a winner.


Oct 25, 2017
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66. Titanfall 2 - 6h - 01.08

A fantastic campaign that gets better as it goes. The second half of this game is completely off the charts. And Respawn really knows how to make a shooter feel just right. I only wish there was more of it.

67. The Order: 1886 - 7h40 - 04.08

This is honestly the most impressive game i've ever played. Visually. It's leagues beyond anything else. But apart from the visuals, it's painfully average and kinda forgettable. It also feels incomplete, and not only story wise. I did like some of the characters and the writing is actually good for the most part. I would like RaD to give it another shot but with a lot of changes to the gameplay philosophy. I never really enjoyed playing this very much, but my interest was usually piqued when worldbuilding was happening.
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Brock Reiher

Oct 25, 2017
time for some new stuff after a long hiatus
32. Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii) | 30th May - 3hrs | 4/5
This is just a super jolly game. I don't like it quite as much as the other two, but I couldn't quite tell you why. I think it's because so many of the games consist of four characters standing in a row? But I mean... it's still Rhythm Heaven.

33. SNK Heroines (Switch) | 2nd Sept - 1hr | 3/5
I respect how unabashedly trash this game is. Its like... basically a phone game it's so simplified. There are no modes that aren't shallow as hell. The custscenes are cobbled together. You wonder where all the effort went until you open the customize mode and learn the game is a full-featured hentei photo maker lmao
It's trash but it knows its trash, so it's fine I guess

34. Joe & Mac 2 Lost in the Tropics (SNES) | 7th September - 1hr | 3/5
This game is amazing. I've never heard of it at all, but I love the visuals. Cool dinosaur shit. It's just the right length for what it is too. Only issue I have with it is that the ice level is total bullshit so it loses a point.

35. Star Fox (SNES) | 8th September - 1hr | 2/5
I didn't realize how much Star Fox 64 was the same game as this but better. This game was amazing back in the day I'm sure but it's aged horribly. Especially in the later levels where you're just flying through black space shooting white chunks. I have no desire to go through again.

36. Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (SNES) | 9th September - 2hrs | 4/5
I finally got to beat this all the way through thanks to the wonders of NSO rewind function. It just looks and sounds so cool, and the controls are perfect for what it needs to be. It loses a point tho because it's clearly designed to piss you off. It's not a big deal with the rewind but there's some intential bullshit here for sure.


Oct 25, 2017
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68. The Station - 1h30 - 17.08

I spent about a third of the short playing time stuck in one of the most inane puzzles i've seen in some time. That puzzle being almost the only thing to do apart from wandering around. Other than that, The Station doesn't really offer much else. A few noteworthy visuals, not very interesting documents here and there and that's pretty much it. The environments lack variety and the thin plot exists only to deliver a weak twist. Play Tacoma instead.

69. Knack - 11h30 - 25.08

A really solid brawler that has a very dumb plot and characters. The visuals are uneven, some of the textures look really good and then at times it's like i'm playing an early PS3 game. The gameplay is fine, though it gets a bit repetitive toward the end. I could do without the completely random upgrades. And i wish there was more control over Knack's size instead of it being almost exclusively pre determined for the area you're in.

Some of the dialogue/plotting is really fucking weird though, and there are some very iffy politics in this game. Without getting too much into it, it feels at times like the game is excusing colonialism and genocide. It kinda backpedals it but not really. Heh, it just feels gross.