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52 Games. 1 Year. 2020.


Oct 25, 2017
5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - 18/01/2019

SotN is always going to be fantastic but losing the extremely cheesy voice acting in the PS4 version is a crime.


Oct 1, 2018
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10. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - Awesome. Loved it. Even though its short it hit me right in the feels. Can not wait to crack on with LiS2. 4/5

11. The Stanley Parable - Straight up voice acted/mind controlled walk sim. Enjoyed it for what it was although it lasted mere minutes, I went back and replayed it in different ways. Think I got this in a humble bundle or something many moons ago. 3/5

On with The Last Door (Season 1) now and I've just played through the first episode and loved every second.


Jun 29, 2019
Here a recent purchase that I grabbed due to sounding interesting. Beatdown for the PS2.

Last pic doesn't do it justice since I can't really snap pictures in a beat em up without dying. Game pretty fun, reminds me of Yakuza at times with random people attacking you on the street while exploring a town. Do want to revisit this sometime.


Dec 30, 2019

#5: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (beaten 1/18/20) | Steam | 4/5 | 77 hours | Played with Whimsicalish
This is a video game about two travelers navigating through a civil war. One is looking for love and one has lost his memory. Oh wait..
I didn't "break" this game as I have read it is pretty easy to do since it was the first time I'd played it. I ran into some issues in some fights where they would be ridiculously hard and then the next dozen fights would be no problem. I liked this one a little better than the first one but they weren't THAT different. If you like the Trails games, this is another good entry. I am as caught up as I can be on these now (minus the Japanese only entries) and am looking forward to the third one coming out in March on Steam.

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Dec 30, 2019
05 | Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2

PC Steam | Jan 18th | 77 hrs | 4/5

Played the first game last year with Lobotomaxx side by side. We enjoyed picking different character to fight so we had slightly different play styles and special character scenes. I did enjoy this game over the first. The first was too repetitive. While this rpg is linear in direction, it felt more open. You have tons of items, orbments for magic and skills, and equipment to customize how you want to play.

They pushed more mech battles in this game than the first and I did not enjoy that gameplay. It felt uninspired. Just hit and heal over and over. It was either frustrating or not even a challenge. But the characters, voice acting, music, and story are wonderful. This was a memberable experience.

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Oct 25, 2017
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First update, going to do 5 at a time

#1 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 7.5 PC - 14 hours
Feels like it needed a few more months in the oven, a lack of identity and technical bugs start to overshadow the simple but enjoyable story and combat

#2 Max Payne (Replay) 8.0 PC - 5 hours
Felt like blasting through this one again, as fun and difficult as ever. The quick load button got used more times than I would like to admit

#3 DUSK 8.5 PC - 8 hours
A year or so ago I played and loved the original Quake for the first time and this goes right into the same bracket. Fast, tight gameplay and quality level and sound design. I'm looking forward to the steam workshop integration to play more levels.

#4 Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls 7 PC - 1:40 hours
A very decent retro platformer/beat em up. Basically a mix of Mega Man and Shovel Knight, it's a bit easy but short enough to blast through in one sitting. Plus it's completley free.

#5 Into The Breach 9 Switch - 45+ hours
So I went into this not really knowing how much I'd like it and it ended up having me hooked to my Switch over Christmas. I think the game is pretty outstanding, just expertly designed mechanics. The unique aspect of minimizing your losses, making 200 IQ plays, unlocking all the achievements and the incentive for doing so.. it's just so addictive. the map designs are great, the all the classes have their advantages and disadvantages , playing and learning them all was a joy.


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Oct 25, 2017
Got another update ready!

#5 Bloodborne – Completed 1/6/2020 PS4 – 26 hours
#6 Dragon Quest – Completed 1/7/2020 SNES – 10 hours
#7 Dragon Quest II – Completed 1/12/2020 SNES – 15 hours
#8 The Outer Worlds – Completed 1/18/2020 PC – 16 hours
#9 RiME – Completed 1/19/2020 PC – 4 hours

Bloodborne - I've had this on my backlog for nearly 5 years, and I bought it at launch... I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't get hooked back then. Well, since I went through DS3 and Demon's Souls last year, I figured it was high time that I finally played through Bloodborne, and I did. Great game, probably my second favorite behind Demon's Souls now.

Dragon Quest - Not much to say. It's the start of the series, and pretty simple. I enjoyed it, but I'm never touching it again.

Dragon Quest II - This is also pretty archaic, but when the game wasn't being too cryptic for its own good, I actually really enjoyed it! I probably liked it more than DQ1.

The Outer Worlds - New Vegas, in space. I enjoyed it, though it definitely felt too easy. Also, optimization is actual garbage for AMD cards. My laptop runs the game better than my desktop... ironic, considering the splash screen has AMD branding.

RiME - I remembered hearing that the game's PC version had some performance issues, but I didn't really see that in my playthrough. Besides some framepacing issues in the starting area, it seemed to be a locked 1440p/60 at max settings. I enjoyed it way more than I expected. Beautiful art, amazing soundtrack, and a great twist with the story at the end.


Oct 25, 2017
9. FEAR 2 Reborn

Short DLC campaign that involves Fettel as the primary story focus. Oddly enough he sounds like Mark Hamill :V
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Oct 25, 2017
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This the first time i participate and though i doubt i will complete 52 games i will still give it an honest try.

#1 Metro: Exodus (PC Game Pass) | 6th Jan | 4/5

I loved my time with Metro Exodus, i was always engaged in what was going on in the story and the gameplay never got stale for me. I read online about some disappointed Metro players who didn't welcome the much bigger areas compared to the very linear structure of the first two Metro games. Not me though, i welcomed the more open and less linear approach. Not to be worried though the game still has plenty of sections that will remind players of the dark and claustrophobic tunnels of the Metro.

With Miller this game has one of my favorite characters of any game i've played. He is such a flawed, but still very likeable character and my emotions towards him kept changing, going from wanting give him a good beating to feeling sorry for him. The other characters are also mostly good but Miller just steals the show.

The weapons were mostly fine and felt good to use though i thought the arsenal could have been bigger and more inventive design wise. I was also a bit disappointed in the enemy designs, just didn't feel like anything special or not seen before with few exceptions.

Still it's a great game and my favorite in the series.

#2 Unavowed (PC Game Pass) | 8th Jan | 5/5
I have a very peculiar taste when it comes to point and click adventure games or adventure games in general. I'm not the biggest fan but a few games in this genre managed to leave an impact and even become one of my favorites, like Ghost Trick for example.

As i began Unavowed i was a little surprised how unashamedly it bathed in its fantasy elements, presenting them without a hint of embarrassment, much to my delight. This game uses and intertwines many of the known fantasy tropes and mixes them quite well together. You will encounter fire mages, jinns, demons, greek gods and even different dimensions, really this game has it all. And this all while the main plot of the game is very serious, with lots of tragic events. And it is this disparity that makes this game so special.

Of course the game also has quite a few humorous moments that will make you laugh. The characters are another strong point of Unavowed. They feel very well realized and get a lot of development. Mandana is my absolute favorite and i don't know how much i should talk about her because i want peeps to get to know her themselves. Let's just say she is one of the most no-nonsense characters in videogames and i love her for it. The other chars are also amazing like Logan and KayKay, their interactions always lighten the mood.

The puzzles you will find in this game are on the easier side and won't hinder your progress for long, but they keep you engaged and are a welcome change from all the talking.

After Gemini Rue Wadjet Eye did it again and made another great game with Unavowed. Technobabylon is next on my list and i'm sure i will enjoy that one as much as i did these two.

#1 Metro: Exodus (PC Game Pass) | 6th Jan | 4/5
#2 Unavowed (PC Game Pass) | 8th Jan | 5/5


Oct 26, 2017
#3 Judgment | 1/19/2020 - 25 hrs | 5/5
I finally got around to playing a Ryu Gotoku Studio game and wow, why did I wait so long. Amazing story, characters and environments. It makes me want to move the Yakuza games up on my backlog because I loved it so much.

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Oct 25, 2017
Gonna aim to finish up Braid tomorrow, because holy hell were some of these puzzle pieces a pain to get for me the first time I played it on PS3 XP
...or I could just say 'eff it' and just stop having gotten as many puzzle pieces as I have just now, hmm....


Oct 27, 2017
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Weekly Update 3:

No games finished this week, but made good progress in 2 of them and started a 3rd.

Death Stranding - Chapter 5 and about 30ish hours in.

Baldur's Gate - Also in Chapter 5. Think this will be the one I'm done with next.

Chrono Trigger - 1st playthrough in over a decade. 4 hours in.


Jun 29, 2019
Today game is Wave Race Blue Storm

Never played it back in the day but liked Wave Race on the N64 so I had to get this. Game pretty fun, I imagine I could easily finish this since it just a arcade racer.


Oct 29, 2017
Essex, UK
5. Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (PSVR) - 4.5/10. This felt like a first-year PSVR "experience" that somehow tripped and fell into 2019. Super super basic as shooter, offers virtually no difficulty whatsoever and lasts like 90 minutes. I've had it rented for like 2 months but found it so dull I never finished it. Now I can send it back to Boomerang :)


Oct 27, 2017
11: Ninja Gaiden II. End: 1/19/2020. 11 Hours. Loved.

Ninja Gaiden II is a hot mess of a game, and I loved every moment of it. It has some of the best combat ever done in an action game. It is unpolished, to the point that I still can't believe they released it as is even back in 2008. And it is so much fun.
May 25, 2018
#3 Judgment | 1/19/2020 - 25 hrs | 5/5
I finally got around to playing a Ryu Gotoku Studio game and wow, why did I wait so long. Amazing story, characters and environments. It makes me want to move the Yakuza games up on my backlog because I loved it so much.

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I haven't played any of the Yakuza games, but I bought Judgement. I haven't played it yet. So it's fun to play without playing any of the other yakuza games?


Oct 25, 2017
Manila, Philippines
Original post

The January batch was getting unmanageably large, so I decided to dump it all and continue the rest of the month's games in another post.

January 2020 (Games 1-18)

1. 1 Screen Platformer
(1/1/2020, Steam)

Kicked off the new year with a completion, which has become tradition at this point. 1SP is a short but pretty enjoyable platformer that takes place on a single screen (a scrolling screen, with no transitions or levels). The three characters represent different playstyles – one for a vanilla time trial, the second requiring you to collect a special pickup to proceed (which increases the difficulty of the platforming, obviously), and the third requiring you to reveal 100% of the map (!!!), Symphony of the Night style, to unlock the exit. My first playthrough with all three characters was great fun! I attempted a fourth run in hard mode but the split second timing required to progress wasn’t for me.

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider
(1/5/2020, Xbox Game Pass PC)

replay, previously beaten on Steam
Decided to quickly run through ROTR on Game Pass to refresh my Tomb Raider memory for an ongoing playthrough of the sequel, Shadow of the Tomb Raider (and to earn Xbox Live achievements, because I’m an idiot). It’s still as good as I remember, although in hindsight the plot really falls apart near the end of the game, and it devolves into a fairly chaotic cover shooter, in the style of the crappier installments of the Uncharted series.

3. Wulverblade
(1/5/2020, Steam)

replay, previously beaten on NSW
Beat the Switch a few years back, got in the mood for a beat em up so fired up the Steam version, which I hadn’t yet played. Wulverblade is gory and intense belt-action beat em up (read: Streets of Rage), but is often entirely too hard for its own good. Enemy AI is cheap as hell, and some of the later bosses are truly aggravating.

4. RefRain – prism memories
(1/5/2020, Steam)

A really good doujin shmup set in the insides of a computer, with the unique shtick being able to destroy enemy bullets using your ship's special ability (MEFA2). You get extra bits of plot for skilled play (told through "emails" sent on the in game messaging system). Note: Not recommended for people who aren't at the very least acclimated to modern bullet hell.

5. Donut County
(1/6/2020, Steam)

While I wasn’t a fan of this game’s dopey, “oh, look at me, I’m so random” humor, the gameplay is still quite fun while it lasts. Essentially, it’s Katamari Damacy, but instead of a giant ball of crap you’re playing as an ever expanding hole in the ground (sucking up smaller items makes the hole big enough to hoover up progressively larger pieces of junk). The game ends right at the sweet spot when its gimmick is about to wear thin - a solid game, certainly.

6. Raging Justice
(1/7/2020, Steam)

An intentionally low budget sidescrolling beat em up that plays like the game version of a D-Movie. Maybe the jankiest one I’ve ever played – but somehow it’s not satisfying jank like the legendary Streets of Fury, this is your regular, appalling, poorly thought out jank. For some inexplicable reason, I somehow own this on both Steam and NSW. What the flying fuck, I need to stay away from the NSW sales tab.

7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered
(1/11/2020, PS4)

I have a soft spot for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as it was the first competitive multiplayer game I ever really got into on console. I only beat the campaign here though, and while some parts still stand out as great examples of mission design (“All Ghillied Up” is still fantastic), a lot of the other set pieces are a lot less impressive that they were in my memory. Maybe because the “FPS action movie” template made popular by West & Zampella has been iterated on by countless other titles since, including some from the COD franchise itself?

8. The Song of Saya
(1/11/2020, Steam)

I finally pushed myself to suffer through the remaining half of Song of Saya just to say that I finished it. Which is not to say that it’s not good – it’s an excellent horror/suspense visual novel, albeit one that’s almost entirely devoid of a game component (there are only two choices total in the entire game, from my recollection). But it’s just so heavy to push through – the most brutal, nihilistic visual novel I’ve ever played, by a long shot. I thoroughly enjoyed what I played, but I’m never launching this game again.

9. Way of the Passive Fist
(1/11/2020, Steam)

A curious beat em up in which you can’t attack your enemies directly; you can only parry their attacks, Street Fighter III style, then gently push them over when they’ve tired themselves out. It’s very enjoyable, and you can customize the difficulty of various parts of the game to your liking (You want a more lenient parry window? More health pickups and checkpoints?) to get the perfect difficulty. This game gets pretty hard if you’re not a parrying vet though, I’ve played more than my share of Third Strike and the back half of WotPF was kinda rough.

10. Soul Calibur VI
(1/11/2020, Steam)

Another late completion - I bought this at launch but only managed to power through the story campaign now (I spent most of my time playing online, and in the CAC "RPG" mode). While SC6 is one of my personal favorite entries in the series (and definitely my favorite fighting game of the last couple of years), I must say that the single player content is some of the dullest stuff I’ve ever been forced to trudge through. Bamco seems to be acknowledging that the single player stuff brings people in, but they definitely went with quantity over quality here. So much of the story content feels slapped together to pad out the playtime, and by the end I was skipping over 100% of the story vignettes as it wasn’t worth slogging through the boring “stories” just to view the (admittedly glorious) cutscene art.

11. Subsurface Circular
(1/11/2020, Steam)

replay, previously beaten on NSW
A very strange, short adventure game by Mike Bithell (of Thomas Was Alone fame), in which you play as a detective robot who is embedded in a subway train seat. You investigate a central mystery by questioning and interacting with the various other (mobile) robots who get on and off at each station. Exceedingly well written, and ends at just the right time.

12. Karateka
(1/12/2020, Steam)

A modernized remake on the old Jordan Mechner proto-beat em up (with the added bonus of, uh, also having been developed by Jordan Mechner). You get three “lives” to battle through a gauntlet of enemies, each life being represented by the three suitors trying to save the Japanese princess - the first being her true love (a “Prince Charming” archetype), and the last being some thug who fancies her. It’s fairly rote and inoffensive, with its greatest sin being an overreliance on countering enemy attacks; essentially, the entire game is successfully reading and parrying enemy strings, then mashing attack to deal damage until they start blocking. I still had fun, though, and it’s dirt cheap.

13. Assemble With Care
(1/14/2020, iOS)

A completely touch-screen based game about the simple joy of disassembling broken stuff and fixing it, wrapped up in a warm, if fairly cliché plot. This was absolutely worth playing, give this a shot if you’ve got Apple Arcade.

14. Caladrius Blaze
(1/14/2020, Steam)
- replay, previously beaten on PS4
One of my favorite shmups ever, Caladrius Blaze offers an amazing amount of replayability - like 9 characters, each with their own suite of special moves and regular shots, 3 different modes (original, arrange, and arcade), and heavily customizable difficulty (the game is as easy or as hard as you want it to be, and makes an ideal entry point for shmup beginners). Fair warning that the game has some pervy content (you can “break” the clothes off the mostly female boss pilots by skilled play, all strictly PG-13), but otherwise Caladrius Blaze comes highly recommended.

15. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
(1/18/2020, NSW)
I want to say I love everything about Hyrule Warriors, but I can’t – my biggest sore spot with this game, and the main reason why it’s taken me this long to finally clear out the campaign, is that the large-size bosses are tedious and have entirely too much HP. They feel shoehorned into the game – think a regular 3D Zelda boss, with all the pattern watching and item using that requires, then drop them into an engine unsuited for such boss battles, and quadruple the HP. Aside from this one tedious point, HWDE is a really excellent game with a fun OST, and as much replay value as you can tolerate (thanks to the Adventure mode, which is definitely not for me). Switch portable performance is very solid.

16. The World Next Door
(1/18/2020, NSW)

A strange combo of narrative adventure/mild RPG elements with a quirky take on match three gameplay. I actually enjoyed the tropey plot somewhat (human from the present day gets locked away in an alternate universe, works to return to “our” Earth using the help of her outworlder friends) , and the combat is pretty entertaining - you can switch match three symbols around the board and trigger combos to attack your enemies, the catch is you’re doing all of it by moving your character around the game board yourself. It’s the indie game version of a McDonalds meal – cheap, reasonably satisfying, while not being particularly “outstanding” in any way.

17. Parascientific Escape: Cruise in the Distant Seas
(1/18/2020, 3DS)

This short adventure game is like a really, really bad Zero Escape, that is somehow even more anime. That about describes it; the post game epilogue has the saccharine lead characters threatening a sequel (which is probably already out, as this is a pretty old game), which I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for (so I can stay far away from it).

18. Gekisou!BenzaRace-ToiletShootingStar-
(1/19/2020, Steam)

I’ve played a lot of middling to bad games for previous years’ editions of the 52 Games challenge, in the name of clearing the crap out of my backlog. But this – this – just might be the worst game I’ve ever “completed”.

Take note – I came in wanting to like the game, because it’s a game about people racing around on flying toilets while taking a dump. The idea was solid enough for me to buy it sight unseen, clearly. But it’s just execrable, complete shit.

The UI is barely functional and looks like it was made in Visual Basic. The screen is extremely busy at the best of times. The camera sucks. The AI is completely braindead, and appears to be screwing up on purpose to let you catch up (either that, or they’re getting caught up on the extremely awful course design. The handling of your magical flying toilet vehicle is atrocious. The game is so buggy I’ve clipped into the back of the roadside scenery on several occasions, and become unable to continue. I managed to tolerate enough of it to finish every course just to say I did (placing first every time, naturally, despite running into every possible roadside ornament and falling into every possible lake). I could go on and on about how much I hated this game, but I’ll stop here for my mental health.
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