"______________" gets remade as a live action/photorealistic flick, and you're pissed. What movie is it?


Oct 27, 2017
I dunno, Toy Story or something? I wouldn't get pissed though, usually my reaction is "why on earth would they do that?" and then realize the answer is always "money".


Oct 25, 2017
It already happened.

It's called The Last Airbender.

And I didn't get pissed even when I saw the reviews. I just had a wrinkle of hope that there could be some form of entertainment out of it.

I was wrong.
This was my answer. I’ve never seen anything miss the mark so badly as this movie. They didn’t get a single thing right.


Oct 27, 2017
Not sure I care enough to be pissed, but I swear if they made a live action remake of The Sword in the Stone, it would almost certifiably suck.
Have you seen this?

I don't see a problem, really. The 1963 animation is based on a TH White novel. After writing the novel in 1938, White later expanded it to a four volume work for adults on the topic of King Arthur, The Once and Future King. Parts of that work were dramatised as the musical Camelot, which was filmed with an all-star cast in 1967.