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A Crash Team Racing Remake may be announced at The Game Awards 2018 (Update: Eurogamer confirms)

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Nov 4, 2017
So recently there was a 4Chan Leak that made its way around the Crash Bandicoot fandom:
4Chan leaks are usually fake 99.99999% of the time but this one was interesting for implying that the reveal would be on December 6th (Game Awards).

Around this time, Activision have also started to send "Crashmas" cookies to random internet personalities:

This is not far off from how Spyro Reignited was teased, with "Falcon McBob" sending Dragon eggs to various internet personalities.

This one's the clincher for me:


Looks like Crash is getting his ass in gear on December 6th.

MOD EDIT: Eurogamer weights in

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Oct 27, 2017
Here's the interesting bit: It seems that only PlayStation employees/HQs are receiving the Fluffy Dice so far, the one embedded in the OT and this one from Germany

Oct 28, 2017
Oh please be true!

Also, I hope the roster is made bigger. Add in Tawna, Komodo Moe, N. Brio, Koala Kong, etc. I remember was always strangely annoyed at only having one of the Komodo Bros in the game.
Oct 25, 2017
*starts crying of joy*
There's two ways this should work:
- Make a perfect copy of the CTR's driving feel
- Make turbo mechanics even more broken
Oct 28, 2017
Oh man..if they keep the exact same mechanics and give it the N. Sane Trilogy graphics treatment..be still my heart.
Jan 28, 2018
I know but I have a feeling that's not longer the case and Activion can freely do anything with CTR.
Ehm, i was saying the opposite with the "lol" at the end.
Crash is Activision now, CTR might be PS exclusive for 1 year tho
Oct 8, 2018
About the platforms, isn’t CTR still a Sony property unlike crash and Spyro? So this means it’s a PS4 exclusive isn’t it?
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