Aaron Greenberg: "Switch the best selling console in December, Xbox One outsold PS4" (USA)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Stygr, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Does Aaron Greenberg not consider Switch a “Gen 8” console? What weird phrasing

    Clearly the "Gen #" classifiers have confused me
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    No surprise. Hope we can get an idea of the numbers next week.
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    The wording makes me think revenue numbers.
  6. Milennia

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    switch gen 9
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    Wow nice Ninty!
    Also damn PUBG is lit :P

    Edit: oh PR.... hmmm lets wait and see.
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    Switch is Gen 9.
  9. Platy

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    Love how the second a nintendo console sells a lot it falls from the generation.

    But the xbox one x is not the "best selling generation 8.5 console" =P
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    Switch is Gen 9. Everyone knows it, no one wants to admit it. Wii U is Nintendo's Gen 8 console.
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    Clutching the bottom of the PR barrel lol
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    Well that's his weird opening statement clarified then.

    Dunno how kosher it is for him to detail the rankings on Twitter like he has done.
  13. Malvingt2

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    Gen 9
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    This is going to be another 20+ pages thread about this tweet wording, right?
  15. Trago

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    So the Switch won NPD last month?
  16. audisio

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    Switch is actually gen 9th... wii u was gen 8th.

    Not in raw power, but as sequel from nintendo go.
  17. FelipeMGM

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    So Switch sold the most units but the Xbox family generated the most revenue?

    Kinda like last November, but with Switch on top instead of PS4

    EDIT: ok, maybe it just beat PS4 in units but wasnt #1 in revenue overall.

    This is weird stuff
  18. Dr. Caroll

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    The Switch is in an awkward position because portables generally aren't placed in traditional generational classes.
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    Aaron proud.......
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    Hold me. They're coming.
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    I assume he's contextualising it as the Switch not being direct competition (which I'm not quite sure I agree with, but I'll accept it's a reasonable position to have)
  22. cw_sasuke

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    Sounds like it - not surprising though.
    November was different because PS4/XBO had massive sales but if all systems are sold for their MSRP the Switch has obv. its advantage.

    Looking forward to see how XB2 did.
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    Generations are almost meaningless at this point and should be disregarded in general. But I guess they can help you spin numbers around..
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    The PS4 has sold a shocking amount of consoles, it makes sense that the market is going to slow down for them a little. I'm sure some people will start picking up the Xbox One as a companion to their PS4s, so that should help Microsoft. However, if they can keep up with the demand, I assume the Switch is going to "win" most months for the foreseeable future. It is the perfect companion system to the PS4 AND it brings a lot of its own appeal. It is going to have some monster years going forward.
  25. z0m3le

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    For those people saying the Switch is a 9th gen console, you could make the argument that it's main feature is more advanced than the other consoles and technically, it's architecture both CPU and GPU is more advanced as well, so for argument's sake, it's not wrong to call the Switch a 9th gen console, especially if you think performance isn't the only metric.
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    What's a WiiU
  27. N.Domixis

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    I guess generations matter again.
  28. z0m3le

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    I think it was a Wii add-on.
  29. Mr.Deadshot

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    Switch sure feels like GEN7 ;)
    Also it's more of a handheld than a console?
    Also console generations are dead. Hat are Pro and X? 8.5?
  30. Zedark

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    Wii controller, right?
  31. FairyEmpire

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    Great result for Microsoft, between PUBG, Forza getting the highest ratings with this season's racing games, Cuphead, the X and all the upgraded games it's a good time to have an Xbox, and sales show that. This year should have some nice games by MS too so we'll see if they manage to keep that pace for a while.
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    God i hate PR speak....
  33. Git

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    Congrats Nintendo you presumably sold the most and resurrected Microsoft's use of generations.

    Why is Greenberg so bad at pr
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    Not surprised, Xbox still has the X launch effect and Nintendo's consoles are usually more boosted on December than the others.
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    No one would like to admit but Switch is 9th generation.
  36. Theorry

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    He clearly says outsold.
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    A miserable pile of failures. But enough talk, have at you.
  38. Chris Walken

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    I have to say i never expected this big turn around from Nintendo, after WiiU and the decreasing of the portable market i thought they were destined to be a third party.

    Well, glad i am wrong, what a console...as a PC gamer 2017 was 50% PC and 50% Switch, that never happened to me with other console since i started playing on PC.
  39. LoyalPhoenix

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    the dude literally said Switch sold the most followed by Xbox then Playstation

    yall need to chill lmao, this is as blatant as can be. This isnt some PR stunt lol
  40. z0m3le

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    Well also PS4's sale price went back to normal right? and it sold more than it ever had in November, so the draw for sales was in November.
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    Are you against a more holistic, proactive approach to integrating, and streamlining, our language?
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    PUBG stimulus package seems to have worked.
  43. Git

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    When's Aaron writing a book.

    1001 Ways to Word it Worse

    Aaron Greenberg: A PR Story
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    Switch is Gen 9. WiiU was 8
  45. fantomena

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    I don't believe anything coming from Aaron.
  46. Zappy

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    He's not. He's interacting with fans (something MS are very good at) over social media. He's actually supplying information requested that he easily could have ignored as a clarification to his earlier tweet.
  47. BumbaT BrowN

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    Good to know all three did really well but it was expected. This next year will be a boon for consumers due to the competition.
  48. panda-zebra

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    xbox very likely sold less in 2017 that it did in 2016, 2015 and 2014. Slowest full year of sales.
  49. FairyEmpire

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    PR talk but it seems to me it's quite clear. Xbox outsould PlayStation. Switch outsold both. Wii U was Nintendo's gen 8 console, Switch was released 4 years after Xbox One and PS4 and is, by all means, gen 9. Not sure why it's so complicated.
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    Thread title should be changed no ? Xbox One didn't outsell the Switch.