1. Remark

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    On amazon rn bout to buy one, is the d-pad still booty cheeks? I don't see myself playing a lot of fighters on the switch but I want at least something competent.

    fuck i meant to spell "buy" you kno what i meant

    - blout monocle
  2. Viking Jesus

    Viking Jesus

    It hasn't been changed, if that's what you mean. I personally never had a problem with it.
  3. TheMoon

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    Xenoblade 2 edition has been improved but all other ones are unchanged, not sure if the X2 change has been channeled back into new shipments of the normal ones.
  4. JetSetRadio


    Are you feeling lucky today?
  5. Azoor


    I bought a pro controller last year and the D-Pad is great, never had problems with it.
  6. Grapezard


    Are you's a gambling man?
  7. Djawed

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    I have a regular and the d pad is good. Bought it 8 months in
  8. Remark

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    You never had it doing the opposite function (pressing up will trigger right on the d-pad etc.)
  9. tomofthepops


    I've got the xenoblade one which is supposed to be the best one and it's feels the same as the normal one really. It's just an ass d-pad in general, I suppose it's ok to use once in a while.
  10. Sirhc


    Haven't had any issues with my Splatoon one, think most issues came from PuyoPuyo Tetris, so if you play alot of puzzle games similar to that maybe be careful.
  11. Sylvalum


  12. Rask


    I've had mine since launch and never understood the complaints. Sounds like some had a manufacturing glitch in them? I'd guess that you're less likely to come across a messed up dpad now than at launch, kinda like the left joycon issues that got fixed over time. Though I don't think Nintendo ever publicly acknowledged a pro issue like they did with the joycon.
  13. TheChristoph


    Never was ass, just different.
  14. Remark

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    I just need something competent for like zelda or something hitting the d-pad then? you think it will cool for that?

    if i wanna play fighters ill prolly pick up that hori pad they released for pokken dx
  15. Kattbuss


    I never play fighting games but I do play some 2D sidescrollers and such and I haven't had any problems with my d-pad. I did buy a new one very recently though so they might have fixed something.

    If in doubt, try it out using the option in settings. If the results aren't to your liking your might be able to return it, depending on the reseller.
  16. Musubi


    I've played like 100+ hours of Bayonetta 1+2 on switch and had nothing but solid results with the pro-pad.
  17. Remark

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    oh well im buying straight from amazon no reseller so ill prolly be cool on returns.

    imma cop rn. thanks guys :)
  18. sorry to add to the topic but is there any difference between the pro and wired controllers, other than wireless and amiibo support (i guess?)
  19. iag


    Wired controllers don't have gyro.
  20. Most third party controllers lack HD Rumble as well.
  21. The Dpad is fine if you do the tape mod and the Xenoblade controller's is a bit better by default. I have no issues with mine, but YMMV.
  22. Puffy


  23. Remark

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  24. fauxcalin


    It’s a perceived problem that is exacerbated by a vocal minority but in reality the dpad is not an issue. I even got one that was coded before a supposed update to the gate, and even that controller tests perfectly on the switch and has never given me a problem. I’d say you’re good to go.
  25. shotgunbob04


    No one has noted any changes to the design, so yes, it's still garbage.

    Get this with a Dual Shock 4 instead. Update the firmware through your computer, set it to Switch Pro Mode (purple LED light), and then you will have gyro controls as well. I never use my Pro Controller anymore except for when I have people over and we need more controllers.
  26. i think it's first party but thanks for the answers guys, i'll do some research as to whether it's worth getting one or if i should just go for the pro.
  27. Mutagenic


    I have the XC2 controller and it's still not great. Pressing down on the dpad specifically is stiff and can trigger other directions. Not a fan.
  28. Smerdyakov


    It still sucks and all the supposed fixes never worked for me. It's totally fine for something like Zelda where you'll just use it every once in a while for item selecting and stuff like that but using it as a main input option for things like Puyo Puyo is infuriating.
  29. goldenpp73


    Isn't there some remedy for the Pro D-pad issue? Thought I read something about it but didn't recall specifics.
  30. Specifically, the D-pad is the subject of the OPs inquiry. The D-pad is used to consume health items in Bayonetta and not for any extensive and vigarous gameplay where accuracy is needed.
  31. Stopdoor


    There is no first party wired controller, heads up.
  32. It's stiff and awkwardly placed, even if you get a perfectly responsive one.
    Mine is acceptable, but I can't really play Puyo Puyo Tetris at the speed I'd like for fear of accidental wrong presses, and my hand starts cramping in a matter of minutes.

    D-Pads are not optimally placed on modern controllers, so even one as responsive as the SNES's isn't going to be as good - and the Pro Controller's isn't that good anyway.
  33. Reinhard


    Xenoblade 2 controller D-pad will feel the same as the original controller, it was just redesigned to not have the wrong input problem the original Pro controller had. Original Pro controller can be fixed by opening it up and putting small amounts of tape around the dpad input area.
  34. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero

    If Nintendo would just let me connect a Wiimote to the thing, I would use the SNES Classic controller.
  35. JetSetRadio


    Give them some credit, nintendo isn't familiar with d pads.
  36. BlueManifest


    Never had a problem with my d pad and I have a launch pro controller, every directon reads properly with no accidents
  37. Lylo


    I fixed mine with insulating tape. It's perfect now!


    Also, everyone who says they don't have a problem should give this program a try:


    It shows perfectly how erract the dpad can be if you have a defective unit. Again, the problem is easily fixable with insulating tape.
  38. Shepherd


    Bought mine 1 week ago. It's flawless. Played Celeste and Crypt of the Necrodancer for a few hours with 0 wrong inputs. I was really nervous, but it seems that they fixed it. Still getting used to the size, though, thing is huge lol.
  39. Mattakuevan


    Never had a problem with mine, pretty sure it was always a factory issue.

    That said, I think more recent versions have ironed out the kinks.
  40. CO_Andy


    I used to be on team "no problem" until a couple months ago when i played a game with lots of diagonal movement. If you say there's no problem then you haven't played the right game yet that'll make you notice.
  41. Pinballsummer

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    It really depends on the games you play. Anyone doubting issues with thier Pro D-pad probably just hasn't played a game like Puyo Puyo Tetris yet.

    Most games are totally fine. It's just the ones thst require quick and accurate movement that can be frustrating. Try the demo, you'll see what I mean.
  42. Grugga Pug

    Grugga Pug

    I honestly never had a problem with it. I played the entirety of Sonic Mania with it and thought it was alright.
  43. MutFox


    I'm still waiting until they release a revision that has a good d-pad.

    Seems there have been revisions by looking at the model number, and some do have a fixed d-pad in the new revision.
    The latest was revision C I believe.
    Unfortunately, it's still a lottery.

    The only difference is that the bump the d-pad sits on is taller in the fixed models.
    Hope revision D makes it so all the Pro pads have a good D-pad.
  44. DrMario


    To my knowledge, the "fix" (which is better but not yet completely resolved) has not made its way into the regular pro controllers yet with any regularity.

    As CO_Andy said above: "If you say there's no problem then you haven't played the right game yet that'll make you notice."
  45. Frecklestein


    Dpad sucks ass. Rest is aces
  46. fauxcalin


    I’ve played tons of games that need diagonal movement haven’t had any issues. Again the whole vocal minority thing still applies cause no one is gonna comment or start whole threads telling the world about how great their dpad is working...
  47. Pinballsummer

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    It was fine on Sonic Mania also. That game doesn't really require the D-pad for intricate movements very often though, so the issues don't become noticeable.

    I think I had a few problems in Shovel Knight. But Puyo was the game that really made me salty.. I play it in handheld only now. Oddly enough it was the first game I played with the Pro controller, ha.
  48. Tsukinopio

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    It's the worst d-pad Nintendo has ever made. Try playing Puyo Puyo Tetris with it and see what happens. I love all of the "WELL ACKSHUALLY MINE WORKS FLAWLESSLY" posts. No, it really doesn't. You're not playing the right game.
  49. Pinballsummer

    Banned Member

    It's very possible you're still playing games where it's unnoticeable. Play Puyo Puyo Tetris and get back to me.

    Exactly. And this is the same on every Pro controller I've used.
  50. Firima


    So much so that I played Celeste on joy-con buttons, and I have the Xenoblade pad. Even Steamworld Dig 2 is iffy.

    Every other aspect is nice though, but for involved 2D games, good luck.