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Action Figure ERA |OT| Abandon all cash, ye who enter here

Oct 26, 2017
Any recommendations for a good hulkbuster that isn’t Hot Toys (though I’ve been eyeing that too)?

Edit: I’d like something 1/12 or bigger and max around $500, though that’s flexible
Can't go wrong with the Figuarts Infinity War Hulkbuster. It's not 1/12 scale but is still pretty large and has good reviews. Costs $400 on Amazon.
I also found another figure based on the Age of Ultron version by a company called Comicave that while isn't as good as a toy as the figuarts it's bigger and more detailed. Costs $520 on BBTS.
Oct 28, 2017
MAFEX Hulkbuster is also not good. I saw a youtube review of it by D-Amazing and wew it looks bad, engineering-wise. Figuarts looks the best.
Figuarts is way undersized, though, or at least the AoU one was.
Also, D-Amazing did a pretty bad job of reviewing the articulation. He doesn't seem to know that there's a piece of armor on the back of the ankle that lifts out of the way to help the foot articulation (like the one in front) He also completely missed that there's a ball joint on a peg at the shoulder that lets you pivot the arms forward and back like a butterfly joint without using that weird pop-out joint.
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Oct 28, 2017
I'm venturing into the world of action figure collecting. First purchase is a NECA T-800 figure. The gatling gun is pretty limp. Any recommendations on how I can straighten it out?
Run hot water over it, bend it into the right shape and then run cold water over it while holding it in place. Repeat if necessary.
This process is not perfect.
An extreme solution would be to replace the barrels with brass tubing.
Oct 25, 2017
I shouldn't have found this thread, my wallet is weeping horribly

Ah shit, I didn't know they were doing Beatrix.

She's going to be in a two pack with Steiner isn't she? God damn.
Hilariously enough she is in a two pack with Freya, who don't like each other very much.

Also friendly reminder that the figma inkings finally go out next tuesday