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After years of teasing and days before officially revealing, the 2020 Toyota Supra reveal gets leaked. Gracias Mexico.

Oct 26, 2017
Thanks to Mexico, the 2020 Toyota Supra's reveal got leaked

People who drove the test cars compared it to a quicker 86.
Powered by BMWs Z4 engine of 340 hp.

The GOAT before
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Oct 27, 2017
Looks exactly like all the leaks suggested.

..and I still don't like the front bumper. It's WAY too high off the floor and needs a lip kit badly. Rear diffuser and thin (with-wise) spoiler isn't doing it any favors either.
Oct 25, 2017
That's definitely a car. Side view isn't terrible but the back and front are pretty awful.
Gonna lend my support to this take. That front....

I didn't even want to think about the rear... But after a quick review it just reminds me of a prolapse. Yikes.
Oct 27, 2017
Proportions are weird.

It's not hideous, but the design is pinched and swooped in seemingly random spots. Especially the odd brim spoiler...thing...and the hideous Lexus style O face.
Nov 20, 2017
It's probably just the lighting, but the sides look like they're covered in Vaseline. Especially in the first picture.
Oct 25, 2017
Attractive car, wonder how much it will cost. If it's automatic, wonder if it's CVT?
It's the same platform, engine, and 8-speed transmission as the new BMW Z4. Rumor is that it will be priced around $63k for the version with the i6 engine. A version with a turbo 4 is also planned.
Oct 31, 2017
De nada. New Supra looks ugly IMO. And yt link is already down.
Can we just have the old Supra back instead?
Yup. Looks like a car. Albeit one with an ugly ass.
Looks like they crossed a Miata and BMW Z3 hardtop
I agree. for once people here have taste :)

It's like comparing the Lexus LFA to the LC-500. They just took something amazingly awesome and made an ugly version for no damn reason.