'Agony' Dev (Madmind) facing financial issue, "Agony Unrated" cancelled


Oct 26, 2017

We regret to inform you that our company is currently struggling with financial problems. Due to technical and legal reasons, Madmind must cancel the development of Agony Unrated. Part of the team will continue to support Agonyon Steam and consoles by publishing new patches.

Regarding the Xbox One patch - we have managed to find and fix the bug that was present on the Xbox One X console. We have sent the improved update to our publisher, who will pass it to the Microsoft today or tomorrow and we are expecting it to be approved in the next couple of days.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will get another patch this week. It will introduce many fixes and a highly refined lighting system.

In case you have no idea what Agony Unrated is:
Agony Unrated will be a separate title produced and published by Madmind Studio and without the involvement of any publishers. It features additional content and changes suggested by you – our community – as nothing is more valuable to us than you.

We are doing our best to offer Agony Unrated to as many people as possible. Our goal is for each person that already owns Agony on Steam to be able to buy Agony Unrated with the biggest discount possible on that platform – 99%orrelease it as a free DLC. We are currently talking with the Steam representativesto make sure it is doable.

Agony Unrated will be released about three months from now and it will include all the updates from the standard version of the game.

Agony Unrated also brings:
· Additional sounds in the game and the cutscenes.
· Additional erotic animations for characters in the backgrounds.
· High-resolution textures and models – without any censorship.
· All the scenes that have been removed from the standard version of Agony.
· Agony Mode unlocked from the beginning.
· Additional content for Agony Mode (Setting – The Forest, Boss Fight – Baphomet).
· Succubus Mode unlocked from the beginning.
· Additional animations for Succubus Mode.


Oct 27, 2017
I think they would have profited more if they made a porn game instead of whatever Agony turned out to be.


Oct 25, 2017
It seems that in trying to capture the essence of hell they have found themselves in their own personal hell of their own making.

I guess they succeeded in capturing hell's essence after all?


Oct 26, 2017
Hmm What? If only the Steam new rules arrived befroe the release of the game. Things could have been a little better.


Oct 30, 2017
I didn't back it, but I would be lying if I said I wasnt generally interested in the concept back when they first pitched it. It's a shame the final product came to what it was.


Oct 25, 2017
That's too bad, I would've liked to try the Unrated version just to see how far they go. Not surprising it was cancelled considering the reception to the original game.
Oct 25, 2017
Eh, that sucks to hear. I was initially looking forward to the game when it was first announced, but it does not look good. Despite that i never get happy when studios shut down.


Oct 25, 2017
Topeka, KS
Darn it, I was really looking forward to the unrated version. I know the game is kinda crap, but crap with extreme content is something I can still manage to work my way through.

Creepy Woody

Nov 11, 2017


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah. At very first hearing of it, I thought it was a Doom rip off and thought ah it might be worth a whirl. My interest was completely dropped at "hell walking sim". Then this other stupid shit about the game, no thanks.
We always knew it was gonna be a walking game with stealth and puzzle sections. They never made that point obtuse. There was also a steady stream of hype for the game with every showing. But it all seemed to have collapsed when the game actually released and turns out, it's shit.


Oct 25, 2017
Not surprised. The base game was complete hot garbage, so people probably refunded as soon as they turned it on. An "unrated" version of Agony wasn't going to turn a garbage game into a gem. It woulda just turned it into rapey garbage.


Oct 25, 2017
I haven't played it, nor will I ever, but from everything I heard about it and from the first trailers, it looked like a stealth horror and turned out to just be a hellish rape simulator.
From what I've seen there's not much demon rap going on. It's mainly a stealth puzzle game.

That's bad

The unrated stuff sounds like they were just going to double down on the titillation since they wont bother to fix the game


The Fallen
Oct 30, 2017
I’d never heard of this game before, but ignoring the bad reviews, I’m not sure if this kind of game is destined for financial success regardless. Is there really a big market for games where i spend what little free time I have traipsing through a nightmarish hellscape? Morning traffic is bad enough...