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Akon created his own city in Senegal called 'Akon City'

Red Fire

Oct 26, 2017
And he'll populate it entirely with clones of himself called AKlones.
Think you mean 2000 AKres
Official cuisine is all Akorn based foods.
Only if things go AKOrding to plan.
Are you suggesting that this is A Kon?
How else is his city supposed to have an AKONomy?
That's a pretty wild AKomplishment

I hope the city is AKommodating

I hope he makes his own official language to mirror these puns. Like go full Mortal Kombat cheese.
Here's to hoping they don't use too much Akorn syrup
AKON't believe the President would give him that much land, but from what I've heard he has provided a lot to aid the less fortunate in the past so hopefully he can continue his work with this.
What’s next A Kontry
Feels like a Akon-tradictory mix of his past actions and what he's trying to do now.
I'm dyingggg


Oct 25, 2017
kind of reminds me of Dean Kamen, of Segway infamy... North Dumpling Island:

Wikipedia said:
After Kamen was denied permission to build a wind turbine on the island, he joked that he was seceding from the United States.[3][4] The island's electrical system was later converted to a combination of wind and solar power with the help of Fritz Morgan, Chief Technology Officer of Philips Color Kinetics, operating independently of the regional electrical grid. This was accomplished by replacing all lighting on the island with LEDs, which resulted in a 70% reduction of in-house energy consumption.[5][6] Kamen says that the island is carbon neutral due to solar panels on every building, a 10 kW wind turbine, and a "little" Stirling engine for backup power.[7]

Kamen's secession is not legally recognized, but he still refers to the island as the "Kingdom of North Dumpling" and has established a constitution; a flag; a currency, which is the dumpling;[8] a national anthem, which is the sound of a stone being thrown into water, and a navy consisting of a single amphibious vehicle. The people of North Dumpling are called "Dumplonians",[9] and Kamen is said to refer to himself as "Lord Dumpling" or "Lord Dumpling II". In addition to North Dumpling Lighthouse, the island has a replica of Stonehenge.[3][4]
i think he also signed a non-aggression treaty with Clinton


Oct 25, 2017
Akon signed Lady Gaga, who made him incredibly rich. He probably wasn’t doing too shabby from his own music, but that’s why he kind of disappeared.

Mr Jones

Oct 25, 2017
Well I mean, he's black and a millionaire and did it in the states.

Don't think that many average guys are becoming millionaires in Senegal ffs.
I mean, how he got off the ground is pretty genius. He's getting solar street lights - the kind that you can buy off of Alibaba for 120 dollars a pop, and setting them up around villages and towns. He got 250 dollar solar battery+generator setups - enough to power several LED lights, a few laptops, and charge some phones. You are able to power 20 homes for 5000. He's working with municipalities to get money to do this - he didn't really need to use a lot of his money to get his business off the ground. It is a win win for everyone. Villages are safer with roads and streets being lit, school houses and homes now have electricity where there was no infrastructure. Leaders get support and influence, Akon gets money and influence.

Only thing is, now this dude is starting to get into deep political territory. He's talking about building a damn city. Akon seems like he knows how to play the game, but this is high stakes shit now. You're talking about contractors for water, sewer, and power infrastructure. Contractors for public transportation. Contractors for city layout and building construction. Building a damn city. A lot of hands out, a lot of folks who are corrupt, a lot of folks who are going to want a piece of the pie.

I'm ridiculously cynical about how Akon is going to pull off something legendary like that. If he does it, it will be absolutely historic. If he fails, it will also be pretty damn big.... in a bad way.


Oct 27, 2017
How does mandating the use of his own crypto currency not sound alarm bells? Can’t believe he’s being praised here.


Oct 27, 2017
ps4, pc
i hope it works out for him. not many opportunities like this left in the world. they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but can’t fault someone for trying.