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  2. MochaKoffee


    I imagine they thought it was something more fundamental that was wrong, then they ran into a firm deadline and had to ship.

    Still kind of morbidly funny.
  3. Legacy


    This is hilarious and very sad at the same time
  4. Regiruler


    Goes to show you why external configuration files can be bad news.
  5. BassForever


    And people asked me why I never wanted to go into game design as I got older
  6. visvim

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    I'm really not surprised. I spent almost 6 weeks trying to fix some broken deep learning code because the algorithm kept derping out, and it was only when I was eating cornflakes one morning I noticed a single typo that fucked the entire thing. It's easily missed when you have been staring at it for weeks.
  7. Dennis8K


    To you.

    This was Randy's reaction:

  8. Forsaken82


    Here's the common misconception of game dev in that every bug in a game is missed by QA, and that's not how this works. You are assuming QA didn't bug or raise the issue and 9 out of 10 times that is not the case. It typically falls onto the production staff to decide if the bug was worth the time and effort to fix. My guess is this is purely on the tech side of things in that they didn't know what the problem was and as such decided along wtih production that it wasn't important enough to address.

    As crazy as that last line sounds, it happens. human error is a staple of programming.
  9. Maledict


    This isn’t unique unfortunately. Civilisation 6 had *numerous* bugs that were exactly the same. Misspellings in the ini files meant the AI didn’t know what era it was, didn’t realize how to settle cities, and prioritised religion over everything else no matter what. It’s a big part of why the Civ 6 AI is so utter garbage,

    They haven’t fixed all of those bugs yet either.
  10. purg3


    This is the funnies shit I've read in a while.
  11. GyrosOfWar


    This isn't code. Game code would be much harder to edit. This is just a plain-text .ini configuration file. I'm gonna assume someone stressed out and tired mistyped the value in the configuration file and the game didn't properly validate the input. Validation and proper error handling are often the things that you sort of brush over when you're trying to get a project out of the door quickly. This sort of error can happen very easily. This particular bug isn't a sign of incompetence or lack of professionalism on the dev's part, it's most likely stress and lack of testing.
  12. Anteo


    Frankly im not even sure how QA was going to catch that.
    I asume the devs probably noticed but never got around finding why their AI was even shittier than usual.
  13. I have no words to this, it's almost Rick and Morty
  14. DrKelpo


    this can't be real... nobody freaking noticed that? nobody at Gearbox said "mhh.. wait a second.. those aliens shouldn't be like that.. something must be wrong, let's check the code"?
  15. Nemesis162


    That's amazing.
  16. Exposure


    Yeah speaking as someone who made some relatively complicated mods for XCOM 2, it's really easy to get yourself in the sense of that if there's a fuckup, it has to be in some of the major things you just changed, and maybe if you just take a second or third or fortieth look through it, maybe you'll finally find it.

    Meanwhile the true culprit of one simple typo in a place you considered simple and shouldn't be relevant is silently laughing all the way.
  17. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike

    I want to see a comparison video to see really how different it is. If it makes a significant difference its crazy that that they didn't catch the error before the game shipped.
  18. lemm


    This is crazy, absolutely hilarious and sad at the same time.
  19. Wiseblood


  20. Creamium


    This can't be real. I refuse to believe until there are videos.
  21. gaogaogao


    this hurt sega way more than it hurt gearbox
    2k would still pay for borderlands 3. after all most of the budget went towards borderlands 2.
  22. This isn't a issue of competency. Gearbox even came in for quality reasons. Sega gave them a set date and it wasn't sufficient time.
  23. Derrick01


    Just think, if Randy funneled a few less dollars from this into Borderlands he could have afforded to pay for a QA person to find this.
  24. Smash Kirby

    Smash Kirby

    Well gearbox didn't actually develop the game they outsourced it to another company, a friend of mine was running of working there during that project.
  25. Aevum


    That is absolutely unbelievable. It's the kind of shit pub quizzes are made for.
  26. SJRB



    This is wild.
  27. Anton

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    The DefaultEngine.ini has another typo on the same line as that one, ClassRemapping=PecanGAme.PecanSeqAct_AttachXenoToTether, where the A is capitalised also causing issues and nobody noticed it
  28. TheBaldwin


    Amazing how literally one letter basically ruined an entire aspect of a game.

    Makes me appreciate coders so much more.
  29. Rez


    (a) Don’t ignore your warnings folks

    (b) tools pay for themselves
  30. Bluewind098


    I know people are focusing on why this was allowed but I find this to be fascinating. I would love seeing the ins and outs of Game Development at a technical level even through the lens of sheer incompetence the fact one tiny mistake can break so much and fix it self with a similarly tiny adjustment is wild.
  31. AGrizzlyBear


    I would think so too, but I would genuinely like to hear from someone with QA experience in video games. My thinking is that they would have reported broken AI in testing the product and it was up to someone resolving issues to look for the cause. I have never heard of QA going through INI files though. Maybe I'm wrong.
  32. WieDerrickWie


    As funny as it is, I doubt the game's perception would've changed if the alien AI was a little better.
  33. GyrosOfWar


    Yes, that's definitely a factor too. Usually as a programmer, you have sort of a bias to look at the complicated parts first because those are usually the most error-prone. A mistyped constant, as often as it happens, is often the last place you'll look.
  34. Azure Wanderer

    Azure Wanderer
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    The game still isnt good, people
  35. Creamium


    That original discovery is also 8 months old btw, those mods posts are from november last year. This was out there for months and never blew up. In that thread there's a newer post about a second typo:

  36. Gradon


    "How did QA not find this???"

    They most definitely would have, QA aren't just incompetent monkeys that don't notice cripplingly bad bugs. It's not up to them what gets fixed and what doesn't.

    SEGA were the publishers they and the producers would've been aware of its current progress and the issues that surrounded their final build. People consistently prove in these threads they don't know how game Dev works.
  37. so wait

    The "teather" file does actually exist though? It's just nothing? Did they like, catch that a non-existent file was being called, make a blank one with that name, and call it a day or something?

    I guess the alternative is that someone caught that the file was misspelled, made a new copy with the same name, and then forgot to actually change the references?
  38. flyinj


    Having some kind of debug tool that looked at the .ini would have been helpful.

    But the absolutely mind boggling aspect of this is whoever wrote the AI code didn't even once notice that their AI was broken in the build?
  39. Dennis8K


    I was honestly considering getting the game on Steam right now but......

    Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection $29.99

    Fuck that. I thought it would be like $5 or something.
  40. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    This timeline is a joke.
  41. jcvd2097



    2.99€, If it's worth your time is another thing.
  42. visvim

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    it absolutely would not, the hideous AI was the least of it's problems.

    Fuck, I was one of the poor sods that went media blackout on the game from announcement, and pre-ordered it day 1 without checking reviews.

    Needless to say, when I got playing the game I was completely baffled and deflated at what a fucking mess it was, I remember I used it as a beer mat for a good few weeks I was that pissed.
  43. Neptonic


    All QA does is report technical issues with the game the notice in playtesting, they can't fix them. The devs knew the AI was broken but probably couldn't find the reason.
  44. Alienous


    I wonder if this was a result of the game starting at Gearbox and being outsourced.

    Like, maybe there was a lot of code that didn't seem attached to anything, and band-aids were just put on them. 'There's something here about attaching a tether to an enemy...?', 'Maybe it was a weapon Gearbox were working on, but it isn't in this build. Just do what it takes to make it compile'.
  45. This is so ridiculous I cannot believe it. Fucking Gearbox.
  46. GyrosOfWar


    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but the entries in the INI file don't need to correspond to files. They're just text that the game reads and stores in some sort of key-value data structure. If I had to guess, I'd say that there's a part of the code that decides for each enemy type the type of AI behavior it should use, depending on what it says in the configuration file. If there's no value or an unrecognized value, it'd probably fall-back to the default behavior (which is what happened here).
  47. Spamlynguist


    This cracked me the hell up, Jesus Christ.
  48. Rewind


    I feel like unit tests should have caught this...
  49. Venture


    So wait, did the console versions have noticeably better AI than PC? Or would this have affected them too somehow?
  50. nib95


    Wow lol.