All games with PS4 Pro enhancements

Liabe Brave

Liabe Brave

Oct 27, 2017
Again, my apologies for another long delay. I've added 18 more games to the list (and did a recount, which altered some of the totals). I'm working on the requested glossary and will add it to the OP soon. I'm going back through all the list entries to regularize my usage ahead of that.

Does anyone know if Observation is PS4 Pro enhanced? Soooo cheap on EGS now, but will get it for PS4 if its 4K.
Does anyone know if Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has Pro support?
The official PlayStation site doesn't list either game as having Pro support, though that's not conclusive--they do get this wrong, in both directions. (That is, listed as having support but doesn't, or not listed and does.) However, for both titles my counting of screenshots showed only 1080p. Any benefits would have to be in an area other than resolution (unless the standard PS4 runs below 1080p).

Are you going to update Red Dead Redemption 2's HDR settings reflecting what Digital Foundry said about the latest patch?
I already asked about it time ago but I never received a clear answer. I try again: why RDR2 in the list is reported as 2160c when the final output it's just resolved to 1920x2160p?
Yes, I've removed the "maybe better, maybe worse" formatting from the HDR tag. As for resolution, it's listed as 2160c because the final output does not just resolve to 1920x2160. That's the usual resolution, but larger or smaller portions of the frame are often displaying single-pixel detail in the horizontal.