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Amazon Fresh & Grocery Delivery Services



Oct 27, 2017
I've started using this. Amazing! I still supplement but this is good for the basics.
Yeah, glad there is another believer. I'll occasionally supplement stuff too, but it is so nice to have the bulk of my shopping done and waiting for me when I get home from work.

I love the convenience of technology.
Oct 25, 2017
Is it cheaper than actually going to a grocery store? If so I'd look into it, if not, I'll walk my happy ass to the store lol
Price is competitive for nearly everything. I stopped using it because at the time Amazon’s price for milk was crazy, 7.50 for a gallon which is $5 more than at a grocery store. I have kids, we go through a lot of milk. It looks like the price has gotten better, now $4, grocery store is $2.30.