Amazon Germany lists upcoming GTA V Premium Edition for PS4

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Planet, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Planet

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  2. Vishmarx

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    why not....
  3. Wander

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    Oh God if this means a switch version...
  4. Caayn

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    If this is real will we finally see PS4 Pro and XB1X patches.

    KALOSMANI Member

    Why would it mean a Switch version?
  6. Nightbird

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    But why?
  7. Pennywise

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    Would be my guess.
    A patch and some GTA Online stuff included.
  8. Vishmarx

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  9. Chaserjoey

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  10. KoolAid

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    Probably regular GTA with a bunch of Shark cards to justify selling it at full price.
  11. Phamit

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    Probably price of GTAV isn't high enough anymore, so they throw in some stuff and sell a higher priced version
  12. shinun

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    lol mods. that was not a port begging. it is a speculation
  13. Reinhard

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    Let me guess, it will just be the original version with $20 worth of shark card currency and no Pro/X updates...
  14. Planet

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    But why would that justify a full price listing? Even though the game had a relatively stable price over time, you often had good deals and I can't see high demand for paying higher prices just because more stuff is already on disc. Bundles with Shark Cards also are quite common already.

    If we assume this isn't just a bullshit listing, it has to include something of value. If they are making a Pro / X patch exclusive to a rerelease they would get a mighty shitstorm and deservedly so. So what would be in such a box that you can't have with the base version? Strange...
  15. Mendrox

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    Easy - some form of currency for GTA Online, a cool exclusive car, etc.
  16. pelicanUK

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  17. jesu

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    Shark Cards
  18. Ertai

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  19. Planet

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    That would be super scummy, locking such small content behind a full price rerelease.
  20. Pennywise

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    Nah they won't be stupid enough to have a pro/x1 patch being exclusive to this package, but they will certainly offer some exclusive GTA online stuff plus stuff like the Shark Card and the likes.
    Bascially a package for newcomers that are new to GTA and get a good headstart.

    Also there is only the X1/PS4 PEGI and USK version listed, so no need to even speculate about the Switch.
  21. Isee

    Isee Member

    extra multiplayer cash, cars and an apartment?
  22. pld

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    Interesting, maybe we will get a definitive edition for PS4, Xbox (Pro and X enhancements) and a Switch version. So basically the Darks Souls and LA Noire route.
  23. #23
    Probably something like that. There hasn't been any single player DLC, has there?
  24. 2Blackcats

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    No. :(
  25. Mendrox

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    Hello Rockstar! :) It's not like their current GTA Online system is scummy and people spend thousands of dollars so it wouldn't surprise me.
  26. Richter1887

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    The new Rockstar works like that. It is called premium for a reason.What the game comes with will be a couple of cars and weapons, a high end safe house and some kind of business property and GTA dollars.

    New Rockstar sucks.
  27. Bedameister

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    If that means that the base version will get cheaper I'm all for it. Feel like the only person in the world who hasn't played this. I don't need any online crap.
  28. deadmonkeyuk

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    We have a product for people who want GTA single player DLC, it's called Xbox 360.
  29. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    Even that doesn't have it...

    Fucked up.
  30. SolidSnakex

    SolidSnakex Member

    I think he's probably referring to the GTA4 single player DLC. Which is actually likely the reason why we never got it with GTAV.
  31. deadmonkeyuk

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    I was meaning GTA 4 DLC on 360.
  32. Richter1887

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    Oh, I get it.

    Such a shame they didn't make any SP dlc. The game would have gone from a 6 into a 9.
  33. Emperor Ham

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    Vern has been hinting at GTA 5 for Switch since last year.
  34. Isee

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    Sadly no.
  35. BLLYjoe25

    BLLYjoe25 Banned Member

    well that didn't take long. the amount of switch port begging is crazy.
  36. Planet

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    The only interesting prospect of this for me is a Pro patch. I still haven't finished the story. If this is real, a patch would be very likely.
  37. pld

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    That's not a port beg but speculation which is fair considering how often and long a Switch version has been rumored already.
  38. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    I really don't see this happening. If they really wanted to, they could have added it in one of the past updates. The fact they didn't make me feel it would never happen.

    This is real btw.
  39. X1 Two

    X1 Two Banned Member

    You're kidding yourself when you think this will include DLC or anything of the sort when Rockstar is already scrambling to finish RDR2.
  40. MisterHero

    MisterHero Member

    They already do a GTAO Beginner’s Pack on Steam, maybe that’s what it is.
  41. SolidSnakex

    SolidSnakex Member

    They were planning it at some point. But I think since they did the porting of the current gen versions internally and because GTAO took office it just meant that they kinda pushed it aside. Plus like I mentioned, GTA4's had to play a role. While they never gave specific figures for how it did, TT said that it wasn't as successful as they'd thought. So that likely made them hesitant to pull the trigger on more single player DLC given just how well GTAO is doing.
  42. Planet

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    X1 Two
    And you are kidding yourself when you think that Rockstar will just drop GTA V because RDR2 is coming out. It's still selling truckloads!
  43. TheFireman

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    I could see it happening for a number of reasons
    1) They might have wanted to wait until both enhanced consoles were out
    2) Adding enhanced modes along with goodies in a re-release would encourage anyone who swapped (XBO to PS4Pro, PS4 to XB1X) to double dip
    3) Adding enhanced modes means that players on the upgraded consoles will want to try them out, just bringing them online where they can spend money on microtransactions
  44. ManCityX

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    Mentions of a Switch version...

    GTA V is around 63gb in size. Won't be on Switch until the 64gb cartridges are on offer from Nintendo next year and maybe even after they go down in price even.
  45. Nintendo

    Nintendo Member

    Maybe it's the game + DLC in the disc + Shark Card code.
  46. Bedameister

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    How do you know the Switch version has the same size as the PS4/X1 version? because I don't think so.
  47. Tecnniqe

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    Enhanced edition + shark cards = premium?
  48. Pottuvoi

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    Would be nice.
  49. Martl

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    I bet this will set the sales charts on fire.
  50. Caayn

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    Last gen version fitted on two DVDs so about 16GB.