1. SteveWinwood

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    You may have seen this thread earlier: [PC] Frostpunk is $3 on Amazon.com, could be a price error [Up: Dead]

    What you might have missed was the ending: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/8yrgaq/amazon_frostpunk_299_i_think_this_is_a_screw_up/
    The rest is from the PC thread.
  2. Kenzodielocke


  3. FHIZ


    Yeesh. This seems like it could turn into a big problem for GOG.
  4. joe_zazen


    amazon has facilitated piracy for years. Amholes, as they say.
  5. Ja-


    This is messed up on so many levels..
  6. texhnolyze


    Yeah, it's amazing that this is even happening.
  7. GeekyDad


    Trying to wrap my head around which part of this process makes it piracy.
  8. Not GOG as their whole raison d'etre is that they sell DRM-free versions of games, and publishers are aware of that, but it is a big problem for Amazon who are responsible for the legality of what they sell (at least in the UK).
  9. LewieP


    Still awaiting an email from them. They said "6 hours" and that was like 3/4 hours ago. I'll post here what they say.
  10. ShinUltramanJ


    Can’t these keys be deactivated?
  11. StereoVSN


    Can’t developers file a lawsuit against Amazon for this?

    Edit: Actually not sure how his would be handled. What about a DMCA takedown?
  12. FHIZ


    I was thinking more in lines with if this becomes more of a regular thing, I could see publishers and developers being more hesitant to work with GOG.

    Then again, it’s not like a lot of the AAA market is there so maybe those on the platform are more willing to stay? Regardless, hate to see someone abuse the system like that.
  13. LewieP


    There are no keys involved. It's a direct download for an exe published by a third party claiming to be the dev, and Amazon made no effort to verify this third parties' identity.
  14. You must have a pretty loose head, so I will break it down for you:

    • Someone buys a DRM-free copy from GOG
    • Replaces some text files with their own, repackages the game as their-own distribution
    • Sells it on Amazon undercutting legit resellers
    (also leaves the customer in ruins because the copy doesn't work with patches or online features)

    The act of copying the game, without the permission of the publisher, is piracy.
  15. Illusion



    They use to be so great in customer satisfaction but now it's nothing like it used to be. Maybe you just need the right person at the right time of day who can actually figure out what's happening and take it somewhere.
  16. SteveWinwood

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    noun: piracy
    1. the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea.
      synonyms: freebooting, robbery at sea;
      "piracy on the high seas"
      • a practice similar to piracy but in other contexts, especially hijacking.
        "air piracy"
      • the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work.
        plural noun: piracies
        "software piracy"
        synonyms: illegal copying, plagiarism, copyright infringement, bootlegging
        "software piracy"
    no those only work against small youtubers
  17. Conkerkid11


    How is this GOG's problem?

    Amazon needs to revise how they go about selling downloadable products.
  18. Mindfreak191


    Well the fact that someone is taking the GOG version of the game (which has no DRM) and just repackaging them into a different installer and then selling it is considered piracy, it's not even up for debate....
    There are no keys to be deactivated, GOG games have no DRM, the seller probably buys the game on GOG, get's the files and then just repackages them....
  19. Kitschy Kitty

    Kitschy Kitty

    Wow that's fucked up and Amazon needs to take action.

    Although I don't think telling some random CSR is going to resolve this, they probably just think you're insane. It needs to be escalated to people higher-up, especially if it's a wide-spread issue.
  20. LukarWuff


    Aw shit. I bought Battle Chasers Nightwar last night since it was so cheap, I didn’t think it wouldn’t be legitimate.

    Is there any chance of Amazon giving a refund? Because I’m uninstalling the game as soon as I get home.
  21. LewieP


    I got escalated to a supervisor, but yeah my plan is to work my way up the chain, all the way to bezos if I have to
  22. joe_zazen


    sure, but theyll pop up again. Amazon's system is set up to maximize revenue, not ensure legitimacy. thats why you can always get 'Birkenstocks' for $40/pair no matter how many complaints are raised. They dont care and it helps kill retail.
  23. It would be even juicier if amazon were giving pirated games as part of their Twitch promotion.
  24. GeekyDad


    • User Warned: Advocating piracy.
    * Someone buys car.
    * Replaces various parts with aftermarket junk
    * Resells it on eBay

    Your last comment I can see being a real issue, but I think the industry's arguments about what does and does not constitute piracy is horseshit. Too much grey matter in my opinion.

    And "legit resellers"? That's semantics of the worst kind.

    EDIT: Questioning the status quo is NOT advocating piracy. Mods shouldn't be so trigger happy. This is a discussion forum, no? It's about discussing things. Not cheerleading.
  25. Lucifersam597

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    Thevwholec3td party sales allowed in Amazon is kind of the wild west. You can find bootleg cds as well
  26. Publishers put their games on GOG in the full knowledge that there's nothing stopping someone from downloading a copy of the game's GOG installer from somewhere and getting the full game for nothing. This is something new and different (and more equivalent to counterfeiting), and the problem is that someone else is making money from it, and that because Amazon are selling these downloads themselves, people (understandably) think they're buying the game legitimately.
  27. clay_ghost


    They are selling pirated software, i think once this got sorted out everyone will get a refund.
  28. TheEnd


    Just because it isn't a cracked copy doesn't mean that it isn't piracy.
  29. BernardoOne


    They DRMfree builds, not keys.
  30. ShinUltramanJ


    How much did you pay? $15 is generally the sale price.
  31. joe_zazen


    you will also find now that the are dominant and the only place many shoppers even look at, that even their prices arent the greatest. These trends will continue as online (and off) competition decreases.

    It came as a big surprise to me just how bad a deal Amazon can be for shoppers. i wish i had my links handy. if anyone is interested let me know and i post them when back home.

    oh, and they really put the screws to manufacturers
  32. LewieP


    These were not third party sellers, they were sold by Amazon directly.

    Specifically it was "Amazon.com Services, Inc." as the seller.
  33. texhnolyze


    And they don't even have to buy the games in the first place. I don't believe people who do this would buy them.

    I'm sorry?

    Can you actually multiply the car so that you can sell it infinitely to your customers?
  34. Your opinion is horseshit, nothing grey in here.

    You don't understand the difference between the property and license to the game.
  35. Ryder9


    welp, guess I won't be buying games from amazon ever

    i really wish they had a competitor so I don't have to buy from amazon ever, google express can't come faster here
  36. Bjones


    You can’t make unlimited copies of that car.
  37. BernardoOne


    This is not selling keys from phisical copies you bought.
    This is literally actual piracy where you literally download a game and infinitely copy it and sell it. This is 100% unquestionably piracy.
  38. Wowfunhappy


    If they took the time to repackage the game in their own installer, they could probably also download a crack from the internet.
  39. ryushe


    Shit, when I finally decide to pick up BattleChasers, this happens.

    Gonna ask for a refund later.
  40. Does that mean Amazon will pay the actual maker of the game as well.
  41. Yarbskoo


    They're not selling a single physical item that they own, they're selling digital copies of a game that they do not own the copyrights to.

    That's literally all piracy is. Copyright infringement.
  42. Lucifersam597

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    Ouch that's bad
  43. AuthenticM


  44. ShinUltramanJ


    Usually when you purchase a digital game from Amazon the key sits in your digital library.

    What does the pirated software have? A link to a download or just an .exe file?
  45. Mendinso


    Slighty off topic, but Amazon had been selling a bootleg set of the Ghibli releases, which GKids owns. I just checked and it SEEMS it finally was resolved, but apparently GKids had been fighting for awhile with Amazon with getting it removed. It had been up there for months, and yet it took forever for Amazon to do something. It was to the point that it was in the 500s for Movie & TV (which is very high, to note) and within the top 5 of Anime. So Amazon was profiting off of it.

    So yeah... they seem to not really care about these issues.
  46. Labadal


    I saw Wario64 post a deal for Battle Chasers: Nightwar from Amazon. It was 90% off. I guess that's one more game to add to the list. It was also DRM free.

    ShinUltramanJ Battle Chasers was 90% off, which is $3.
  47. LewieP


    A link to a direct download. I've not clicked it myself, for obvious reasons.
  48. Looks like this... no key like the rest of the stuff in my amazon library.

    Edit: here's a link, I guess imgur doesnt work here?

  49. SteveWinwood

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    I gave up on trying to buy a battery for my phone through amazon around a month ago because it was all just fake shit according to reviews. Pretty frustrating. But I guess batteries plus got a sale so.
  50. What a shit show. I'm glad I hesitated on grabbing one of these.