Amazon lists 18 unannounced Nintendo Switch game SKU's (TBA at Nintendo Direct???)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AAMARMO, Dec 31, 2017.

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    AAMARMO Member Original Poster

  2. jon bones

    jon bones Member

    Let's get it!!
  3. ZanderEzekial

    ZanderEzekial Member

    How many of these are F-Zero?
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    It begins :p
  5. Joule

    Joule Member

    smash + gamecube adapter is one of those probably maybe
  6. Moppy

    Moppy Member

    Hella pumped for "Switch Title 27".
  7. Takahashi

    Takahashi Member

    I'm hyped for Switch title 29!!!
  8. Heartskips

    Heartskips Member

    Please be good games.
  9. AerialAir

    AerialAir Member

    Bring it on! The Switch already has a good library of released/announced games, but it still needs more to keep the momentum.
  10. udivision

    udivision Member

    Has Amazon done this before?
  11. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    Get me smash port
    Mario maker port
    Donkey Kong port

    Do it.
  12. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    Disregard this post.
  13. GasProblem

    GasProblem Member

    I want to see those special editions.
  14. Dr Wily

    Dr Wily Member

    Finally Switch Title gets the sequel it deserves
  15. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief Member

    Getting 'Secret PS3 exclusive' flashbacks here.
  16. RailWays

    RailWays Member

    lol I was coming in expecting leaked titles.
    Bunch of placeholders instead. I don't doubt that there will be a bunch announced though
  17. silva1991

    silva1991 Member

    That's alot of late ports
  18. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

    David Wise time! (portable Tropical Freeze is the only real dream)
  19. DNAbro

    DNAbro Member


    AAMARMO Member Original Poster

    True, but with the rumored Nintendo Direct for January kinda strange they popped up all of sudden. Feel free to change the title of course.

  21. Tambini

    Tambini Member

    The pictures say "just announced at the Nintendo Switch event, box art coming soon"
  22. Arthands

    Arthands Member

    13? I count 14 titles there (Project Octopath Traveller excluded)
  23. LordKano

    LordKano Member

    It may be because it's using the same art/icon as the one from the last January event.
  24. Stealth

    Stealth Banned Member

    You only think 13 games are going to get announced in all of 2018? I think this is an amazon mistake but your scenario is just as unlikely hah.
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  26. pld

    pld Member

    Switch Title 30 has to be Mother 3. I mean 3 + 0 = 3

    Come on, Ninty!
  27. mickdundee96

    mickdundee96 Member

    too many sequels for my taste
  28. udivision

    udivision Member

    Oh, seems weird.
  29. Shroki

    Shroki Member

    It was either Amazon or Gamestop that had a bunch of placeholders found before E3 last (?) year, for games that weren't yet revealed.

    So there's definitely some precedent.
  30. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    Oh. I didn't even notice that. Disregard my post.
  31. mutantmagnet

    mutantmagnet Member

    I wonder how many will be budget titles.

    STGHMAAV Member

    Hopefully, one of them is Sonic Mania physical edition. I didn't bought the game yet just because a retail version could be a think.
  33. shira

    shira Community Resetter Member

    Excite getto!
  34. Silky

    Silky Member

    Every single direct
  35. schuelma

    schuelma Member

    I would assume these wouldn't all be Nintendo published games because that's a lot
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    That's... a novel way to ''leak'' new titles.

    Hopefully one of them is the new Retro game; stop with the delicious looking barbecues and give us the goods people!
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    Damn Nintendo going in hard on the 'Switch Title' franchise.
  38. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    I never said that? When did I say 13 games for the whole of 2018? Don't put words in my mouth.
  39. spekkeh

    spekkeh Member

    Metroid Prime 4 confirmed 2018 release, NICE.
  40. Vidiot

    Vidiot Member

    Switch title 7 was the peak of this series. Frankly all theses sequels are unneeded. How about some new IPs.
  41. Mediking

    Mediking Member

  42. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    Switch Title 30 is gonna be G O A T
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    Switch Title Sports

    Let's go.
  44. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker Compassion is manifold. Moderator

    I suspect we’ll see these during the January Direct. It’s just a feeling I have. I’ve never been wrong before.

    I am literally only ever wrong.
  45. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief Member

    Okay, hang on, is it an event or a Direct?
  46. Mpl90

    Mpl90 Member

    Do we know how long these have been up? The logo used is the same one for last January's NS Presentation, I think. But of course that can be used as a general placeholder since it's not specific.
  47. Luke_wal

    Luke_wal Member

    Holy crap, they do!

    So many of them being above $59.99 is weird to me, because it implies it’s either a lot of games with special editions/bundles or a couple of games with multiple enhanced SKUs, which to my memory, Nintendo almost never does.
  48. Shroki

    Shroki Member

    Unless they're announcing a new console, they only have directs. So I'm guessing "event" just means that.
  49. Kouichi

    Kouichi Member

    I hope one of those is Smash.
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    January direct is so close I can taste it.
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