Amazon lists 18 unannounced Nintendo Switch game SKU's (TBA at Nintendo Direct???)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AAMARMO, Dec 31, 2017.

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  1. It would be mostly taking a trip down memory lane for me, too.
    I don‘t give a damn about whatever Activision currently puts out..
  2. casey_contra

    casey_contra Member

    Yeah, he can bit hit-or-miss. But I do need to say I like the guy and the work he does! The best was when he had a part of the key art for Mario + Rabbids as his twitter pic for a little bit before the major leak hahaha. He was a pretty good resource for that one.
  3. doop_

    doop_ Member

    Big if true
  4. Dipro

    Dipro Member

    that's ubisoft suff. his nintendo track record is abysmal.
  5. Plinko

    Plinko Member

    What? Why?
  6. Port or new top-down view Zelda.
  7. SchuckyDucky

    SchuckyDucky Member

    Interesting. Could this be related to that rumored Links Awakening remake? Or maybe a port of Link Between Worlds on Switch?
  8. doop_

    doop_ Member

    So maybe there is a tiny miniscule possibility that the 4chan leak had some kernels of truth. Still take with a grain of salt.
  9. Leo

    Leo Member

    I'd much rather see OoT + MM on Switch than ALBW.
  10. Simba1

    Simba1 Member

    Maybe beacuse ALBW HD Remaster for Switch.
  11. Tsukinopio

    Tsukinopio Member

    4chan rumour confirmed, which means Virtual Boy Wario Land remake confirmed. AW YEAH.
  12. poptire

    poptire Member

    I've got a bad feeling it's going to be a 3DS game. I'll buy it regardless but still.
  13. Porygon

    Porygon Member

    What did it say? :X
  14. Who in the world is that person.
  15. Ugh. I wish they'd put this (rumoured Zelda on 3DS) on Switch instead.
  16. doop_

    doop_ Member

    Yeah, the dude may be lying.
  17. MetalLord

    MetalLord Member

    I think retro is working on a kid icarus game
  18. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle(マリオ+ラビッツ キングダムバトル) - January 18, 2018
    Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang Olympics(マリオ&ソニックピョン AT チャンオリンピック) - February 9, 2018
    Bayonetta・Bayonetta 2(ベヨネッタ・ベヨネッタ2) - February 17, 2018
    Kirby: Star Allies(星のカービィ スターアライズ) - March 9, 2018
    Pikmin 4(ピクミン4) - April 27, 2018
    Yoshi Cut Corner(ヨッシー カットコーナー) - Summer 2018
    The Legend of Zelda: Boss Trackers(ゼルダの伝説 ボストラッカーズ) - Summer 2018
    Project Zero / Fatal Frame Series Latest Work(零 シリーズ最新作) - Fall 2018
    Fire Emblem: The Voice of Life(ファイアーエムブレム 生活の声) - Fall 2018
    Donkey Kong Planet(ドンキーコング プラネット) - Winter 2018
  19. Tregard

    Tregard Member

    Zelda: Link Returns

    ITSMILNER Member

    What would this relate to? the Links Awakening Rumour or a possible Switch port of ALBW?
  21. I'm pretty sure we mean another 4chan leak.
  22. Mitchman

    Mitchman Member

    Link's Awakening Remake incoming. Prepare the salt mines!
  23. This is the referred 4chan rumor.

    "Zelda: Links Awakening DX

    > Zelda Link's Awakening remake
    > Development start early 2016
    > Direct by Hiromasa Shikara and Aonuma is supervising
    > Link's Awakening was one of the most acclaimed games and one of the best selling games on 3DS eShop
    > In 2018 Will be his 25th anniversary and his 20th (DX version)
    > Using the engine from Link Between Worlds
    > The game have some extra features and some changes
    > Will be a huge release for 3DS, with Special Edition and New 2DS packs
    > Also is another Zelda for IOS and Android similar to Triforce Heroes, planned for Spring season

    WarioWare Collection

    > Wario Ware compilation
    > Coming early 2018
    > Development start late 2015
    > Similar premise from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    > The game have a selection of +300 microgames from previous games
    > Microgames that can use the touch screen, gyro, camera...
    > Is also a few new microgames that will use the amiibo
    > There is a new story mode, not just the microgames like Mario Party the Top 100.
    > Is also a brand new Wario Ware for Switch, but still in development

    Wario Land VB: DX

    > Wario Land VB remake
    > Coming in Spring
    > Developed by Skip and Nintendo
    > Development start early 2016
    > Nintendo and Skip come with this after the release of Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, Skip wanted to make another side scrolling platform
    > They choose this remake cause fits perfectly on the 3DS system
    > The game will don't use pixel art, 3D visuals like Kirby, Pikmin, Chibi-Robo!

    Dillion's Rolling Western 3.

    > In the other hand, Vanpool start at the same time the third Dillon game that will release also in Spring"

    ... But seriously, who is that person.

    They just look like an ERA poster...
  24. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    LOL come on.
  25. Harpoon

    Harpoon Member

    Pretty sure people were talking about a different one. This one's false because of the mere fact that Ubisoft now has the Olympics license, not SEGA.
  26. Oh my bad. Too many 'leaks' to keep up with.
  27. Kalas/Xhela

    Kalas/Xhela Member

  28. Kanzeon

    Kanzeon Member

    So who is the guy behind that tweet? Is there any reason for us to believe he's credible?
  29. People will be disappointed when Nintendo announces the Link's Awakening remake for 3DS.
  30. Gobias-Ind

    Gobias-Ind Member

    I would love me some Warioware on Switch soon
  31. Marmoka

    Marmoka Member

    If Link's Awakening Remake is for 3DS ... people will get salty.
    It Link's Awakening Remake is for Switch ... people will get salty.

    I need Ware Ware. I recently played Smooth Moves in my friends' house and it was awesome. We three laughed so hard!!

    And Wario Land VB would be fantastic too!!
  32. sora bora

    sora bora Member

    I would gladly play this game again!
  33. Zippedpinhead

    Zippedpinhead Member

    a link's awakening remake would get me to buy another 3DS game, though I would rather have a dual release of it on switch & 3DS.

    Link's awakening is amazing, intended, speedrun, or Select skip paths they are all amazing...
  34. SchuckyDucky

    SchuckyDucky Member

    They should put it on both, if it's a real thing and that would be feasible.
  35. MatrixMan.exe

    MatrixMan.exe Member

    Awwww, here it goes.
  36. Burdmayn

    Burdmayn Member

    Looks like I came back to this thread at the right time! I'm a bit confused by that tweet though. Why would a request to re-quote reviews of ALBW relate to a remake of Link's Awakening?
  37. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    this is probably for a Nintendo Selects rerelease. I expect a lot of 3DS support this year to be that
  38. I didn't expect Nintendo to return to WarioWare again, let alone on the Switch, but sign me up. It's one of my favorite Nintendo franchises.
  39. doop_

    doop_ Member

    Which one came first, the reddit leak from the soul calibur guy or the 4chan leak.
  40. I have no idea who Pixelpar is.
  41. MatrixMan.exe

    MatrixMan.exe Member

    That would make sense...if that didn't exist already.
  42. TheFireman

    TheFireman Member

    If they're re-quoting reviews, I honestly wouldn't think it'd be for Link's Awakening. It'd seem more likely to be a remake, port, re-release, or direct sequel to A Link Between Worlds.
  43. SchuckyDucky

    SchuckyDucky Member

    It's allegedly being made in the same engine, if it is a real thing.
  44. MatrixMan.exe

    MatrixMan.exe Member

    Oh for fuck's sake. One of my top picks from 2013 to be sure, but the art direction was ugly. The artwork for the game itself was great but the graphics left a lot to be desired.
  45. RailWays

    RailWays Member

    Pretty sure the 4chan leak. The reddit guy bandwagon'd like usual (assuming you're talking about the leakileaks dude).
  46. Marmoka

    Marmoka Member

    I agree here.

    I rather have a Switch version for example, haha. Huge probabilities to get salty.
  47. Scrawnton

    Scrawnton Member

    Even though it should be on both platforms. I can realistically see Nintendo going 3DS only and that is going to be such a shame.
  48. Byakura

    Byakura Member

    Ya that’s what I thought too, until I realized that it was only part of the Nintendo Selects line in Europe, so it’s still possible that’s what it could be for.
  49. Mitchman

    Mitchman Member

    Link's Reawakening would be cool. Have it as some sort of time loop deal, with everyone on the island tripping out on Deja Vu, Wind Fish already hatched, etc. Would love a good mind fuck tbh.
  50. XandBosch

    XandBosch Member

    I'd be pretty down for a Between Worlds Switch port, or a Link's Awakening remake on either system for that matter (would defs prefer it on Switch).

    But I don't see a connection between that tweet and an Awakening remake, why would they use review quotes for a totally different game to promote another one?
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