Amazon lists Octopath Traveler, August 17th

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Lelouch0612, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Lelouch0612

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    #1 listed the US version of Octopath Traveler with a release planned for August 17th.

    The game will be published in the West by Nintendo and August 17th is a Friday. The games that Nintendo is publishing (1st party + some 3rd party games) are all releasing on Fridays so the date matches previous patterns.
  2. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    So it’s leaked both Octopath and Mario Tennis date...

    I guess this means they will be announced soon?
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    Direct this month hopefully, can’t wait for this
  4. Cocobani

    Cocobani Member

    Please let it be true! That's sooner than I expected.
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    I'll take it if true. Now gimmie dat TWEWY release date

    I have a pretty good feeling we'll at the very least get some release dates for stuff announced during the Direct Mini a couple months ago.
  6. Niko Amii

    Niko Amii Member

    Believable enough to consider it somewhat legit
  7. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    Sales wise summer is the most sensible release window for the game, fall/holiday would be a suicide against Ninty's big title(s) and all the 3rd parties that will be released.
  8. black070

    black070 Member

    Damn, thats a great release date.
  9. Tagg

    Tagg Member

    What's the Mario Tennis date?
  10. John Frost

    John Frost Member

    Is this going to be a 60$ game?
  11. ryushe

    ryushe Member

    I believe
  12. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    That would be perfect.
  13. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    June 22 I believe
  14. Acquila

    Acquila Member

    Greatly enjoyed the demo so I'm definitely looking forward to this.
  15. mrmickfran

    mrmickfran Member

  16. Hail Satan

    Hail Satan Member

    This would be awesome! Much sooner than I expected. One of my most anticipated switch games this year.
  17. dheophe

    dheophe Member

    Is the game's title final?
  18. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    Why is this sooner than expected from some people?

    I was expecting Early 2018 lol. The game was shown off last January
  19. Lozjam

    Lozjam Member

    Why must this always happen..... Sigh....
    I will go set another Chibi Robo on fire then.

    But really. It is my most anticipated title of 2018. I cannot wait for it!
  20. DrakenAstro

    DrakenAstro Member

    This is a nice release date. Not much comes out during this time, so I'll be able to fully dedicate my time to Octopath Travelers.

    I played the Demo and liked what I played so hopefully the full game is great.
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    Hope this is right.
  22. NKnight7

    NKnight7 Member

    Not a bad date, I'm certainly interested in the game. Still need to play the demo.
  23. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Probably the game I'm most looking forward to right now.

    Asano Team are brilliant.
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    That's just about far enough beyond E3 that they can officially announce the date at E3, tbh.
  25. Fanuilos

    Fanuilos Member

    Lets go Final Fantasy XVI
  26. DarkChronic

    DarkChronic Member

    Wow, really? Seemed like this game was still a year or so away.
  27. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    If it’s going to be announced at E3, I doubt amazon would know this early

    I think it’ll be announced sooner...
  28. cyba89

    cyba89 Member

    Where does it state that date on the actual product site?
    All I see is the date listed at that third party seller listing.
  29. Lelouch0612

    Lelouch0612 Member Original Poster

    Why wouldn't it ? The presentation is top notch (VA, great BO...).

    Probably not. We'll know soon with the next Nintendo Direct.
  30. hughesta

    hughesta Member

    I knew the name wasn't gonna change lol
  31. Dekuman

    Dekuman Member

    Late summer, ok.

    Hope we get a direct soon.
  32. Darkmaigle

    Darkmaigle Member

    Sooner than expected but not soon enough!!!!!
  33. BasilZero

    BasilZero Member

    How come Nintendo's always the ones who bring over SE's titles from the team that makes bravely default?

    SE too lazy?
  34. Kass15

    Kass15 Member

    I purposely stopped playing the demo to not spoil the game for me when it comes out. So hyped for this one.
  35. John Frost

    John Frost Member

    Oh ok. I’m not paying 90$ with taxes here in CAD that’s all :)
  36. sora bora

    sora bora Member

    How are we feeling about this, expectations-wise? A return to 16-bit glory days? Or closer to an I am Setsuna level of quality?
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    Loved the demo, I'll be picking this one up after some impressions.
  38. KtotheRoc

    KtotheRoc Member

    Potentially excited. I never played the demo, but all the positive reception has excited me.
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    Awww, was kind of hoping we'd see it in June, would've made for a great summer RPG just like the Bravely games before it (I know Default came out in February but I got it a few months late lol).

    Then again, if the game was going to come out then I guess we would've heard a date for it in the last direct. Nonetheless, super excited that it's only five months off, wonder when we'll get a title.
  40. Brewster123

    Brewster123 Member


    Reset the clock!
  41. Fork

    Fork Member

    Octopath is getting me close to buying a Switch.
  42. mrmickfran

    mrmickfran Member

    It's not just the Bravely team's games, they're also bringing over TWEWY.
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    Well what are you waiting for?!
  44. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    August sounds perfect for Octopath Traveler.
  45. Dremorak

    Dremorak Member

    That makes sense, cool. Hopefully the story and gameplay hold up, cause that demo was great!
  46. Lichtsang

    Lichtsang Member

    Based on everything I have seen so far and the great demo, I would say it's definitely the former!
  47. Lelouch0612

    Lelouch0612 Member Original Poster

    After the demo, I think that everyone has pretty high expectations. The musics are stellar, the battle system is fun and the story engaging. Really looking forward to it.
  48. KtotheRoc

    KtotheRoc Member

    Can I still play the demo? I didn't know that. (I'm also in the middle of a few other games at the moment. But if I can still play the demo, I'll give it a shot.)
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    Yeah it's more than a little dubious.
  50. Tregard

    Tregard Member

    Sweet, really looking forward to Final Fantasy XVI: Octopath Traveller