Amazon Spain Leaks State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 Release Date + SoD2 Cover Art [Speculation]

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Rychu, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Rychu

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    UPDATE: Undead Labs has released a statement.


    State of Decay 2: May 25, 2018
    Crackdown 3: June 29, 2018

    We can argue that Crackdown 3 might be a placeholder date (but I don’t think so because placeholders are normally 30th or 31st) but I think State of Decay 2 is definitely real especially because it has box art.
  2. Rychu

    Rychu Member Original Poster

    Images are from GeneracionXbox but are legit Amazon Spain Images.
  3. EightBitNate

    EightBitNate Member

    Damn I’m curious what Crackdown was like before the delay.
  4. flaxknuckles

    flaxknuckles Member

    If Crackdown is coming out so soon where are the previews? :|
  5. seiki

    seiki Member

    I don't think those are exact release dates but just speculation
  6. Bear

    Bear Member

    Oh shit.
  7. JaggedSac

    JaggedSac Member

    I was actually expecting CD a bit sooner than that.
  8. Smurf

    Smurf Member

    I down for that!
  9. #9
    June 29th Jesus well at least it’s a date finally
  10. Outrun

    Outrun Member

    I hope that these are accurate :)
  11. Iwao

    Iwao Member

    Is that lens flare on non-existent (a.k.a broken) pane of glass?
  12. FUNKNOWN iXi

    FUNKNOWN iXi Member

    I have been anticipation blowing shit up in Crackdown for many years now, pliss don't break my heart.
  13. janusfilmsfan

    janusfilmsfan Member

    Wow. Didn’t expect state of decay before crackdown.
  14. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz Member

    june is soon?
  15. RoboitoAM

    RoboitoAM Member

    now what are we supposed to look forward to in the nintendo direct
  16. Ctlead

    Ctlead Member

    Didn't they say Crackdown was delayed to a Spring release?

    June 29th is not Spring. :P
  17. Alexious

    Alexious Executive Editor for Games at Wccftech Verified User

    Seems weird, to be honest. State of Decay 2 seems legit, but Crackdown 3 launching almost in July and relatively close to SoD 2? Perplexing if true.
  18. ElNino

    ElNino Member

    If the date is true, it's almost six months away. More than enough to time to get hands-on (unless they already have and it is embargoed).
  19. DaveLong

    DaveLong Member

    Amazon has Crackdown 3 on March 31. :)
  20. Liam1884

    Liam1884 Member

    These are placeholder dates. Not real.
  21. Phreaker

    Phreaker Member

    Nice find OP, I'm really excited for both games!

    Oh :(
  22. OnionPowder

    OnionPowder Member

    8 month delay for Crackdown 3 after so long in development is raising some red flags for me.

    Hope it turns out well.
  23. jelly

    jelly Member

    Crackdown nicely timed for that E3 Halo 6 Beta Announcement promotion.
  24. justiceiro

    justiceiro Member

    29 of june is the last friday of Q2. Sounds like a placeholder to me.

    In the cloud.

    But for me, there still time for the game to get traction.
  25. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    doesn't look placeholder to me
  26. RF Switch

    RF Switch Member

    Dates seem to make sense to me. Sea of Thieves is March so all the exclusives seem to be spaced out nicely and crackdown 3 is the perfect summer game. Even if its not that great i imagine it will still be fun to play during the drought that usually plagues gaming in the summer. Fall is Xbox's biggest mystery
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    A little later than I thought/wanted but I’ll take it.

    Crackdown would technically be delayed again from spring to summer since it’s after June 22

    Gives me hope they have something big for fall since they’d be shippping three big games during first half

    FH4 is a given but what else? No halo 6 this year and for sure no Gears 5. Hmmm.
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    Halo something and forza horizon 4 maybe?
  29. Rychu

    Rychu Member Original Poster

    That is a placeholder Date common for games in Q1-Q2. May 25 is not a placeholder date
  30. Falchion

    Falchion Member

    Wow, June is a long wait....
  31. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

  32. EightBitNate

    EightBitNate Member

    Why say it so dismissively without proof
  33. Brandon

    Brandon Member

    State of Decay 2 before E3 seems like a bad idea. It would make sense for Crackdown 3 to be before E3 unless they've actually made improvements to the game since it was last shown.
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    Maybe a Halo spinoff I guess
  35. Russell

    Russell Member

    Thats a nice cover art for SoD.
  36. ElNino

    ElNino Member

    If I recall, one of the teams only came on a year or so before last E3, so I don't believe it has been in active development for that long. I feel like it existed as a tech demo PoC for awhile before moving to full development.
  37. FUNKNOWN iXi

    FUNKNOWN iXi Member

    It was to add the Battle Royale mode.

  38. Lowrys

    Lowrys Member

    Yes, yes it is. Presumably it's the eye of the person looking out the window. Don't you get lens flare when you're near a strong light source IRL?
    It makes no sense.
  39. jelly

    jelly Member

    That's true. Forza Horizon 4 Japan as the rumour goes, maybe a Halo spin off, Banjo Kazooie 20th Anniversary.
  40. Welfare

    Welfare Member

    And that is another E3 with Crackdown 3. Think the game will need a massive amount of time to sell it.

    Like i thought, Crackdown was the first to release yet turns out to be the last.
  41. Outrun

    Outrun Member

    lol, everything is getting a battle royal mode.... Next up Forza Motorsports BR mode.
  42. pswii60

    pswii60 Member

    No, it's lens flare in the lens in the camera taking the (pretend) photo.

    Also what broken glass?
    I'd imagine God of War will be out in May with Spider-Man not far behind. They need something.
  43. ElNino

    ElNino Member

    Actually... battle royale Crackdown would be amazing, especially if the "zone" was shrunk vertically as well.
  44. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    Is this banjo thing a crash nsane trilogy type remaster? Or new sequel?
  45. Liam1884

    Liam1884 Member

    It's common sense.
  46. CalamityPixel

    CalamityPixel Member

    Sea of Thieves March
    State of Decay 2 May
    Crackdown 3 June
    ??? August

    Maybe the two month game is something MS is trying to do inbetween releases.
  47. Abriael

    Abriael Member

    How is that any different than the OP, which assumes that they're a real "leak" and not placeholders or listing mistakes?

    Incidentally, the box art proves nothing. It's been out for a while.
  48. Vadara

    Vadara Member

    I'm like one of the three people interested in crackdown 3 so this is nice.
  49. Evil Calvin

    Evil Calvin Member

    Last I looked (yesterday) my pre-order date was June 30th (placeholder as it's a Sat)
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    While I’d be happy with Banjo anything, I’d love a new game. Doesn’t have to be 3. Just a new Banjo platformer

    I wonder what Halo spinoff we could get. Battle Royale? Lol idk.