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An Update On The Mod Team!

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The Old Guard
Oct 24, 2017
Hello community!

During the frantic rush before launch, an army of wonderful members volunteered to help us with moderation to keep the forum safe and sane as we took our first steps. They went above and beyond in this task, and it's all thanks to them that we enjoyed such a joyful atmosphere during those heady times. Now that they've safely guided us through our inception, many of these first moderators have decided to step back from the team so that they may spend their time on other pursuits. Each one of them has already received a sendoff from the staff, and they know that we will always count them as friends and comrades.

The team has since been hard at work scouting for new moderators who can lead by example and be helpful, friendly faces in the community. You may have already noticed them posting in your midst. We're very pleased to officially introduce them now:

Professor Beef

We're confident that this second wave of moderators will make our community proud. With the team positioned well for the future, Emily will also be retiring from her position on the mod team so that she can focus on administrative duties. Methuselah will now assume the role of Mod Team Captain alongside Rowlf.

There may be more adjustments to come as personal availabilities become clearer and our member count continues to climb. You can view the current and complete staff roster here.

Best community on the internet, meet your new mods!


On Extended Hiatus
Oct 24, 2017
ResetEra is moving fast these days and I'm thrilled to finally be taking a more hands-on role after doing most of my work behind the scenes. Our moderation team is full of remarkable people, and I'm honored to work alongside them as we continue to guide this community. As a Mod Team Captain, I'll be joining Rowlf who has already helped build a very strong foundation. If you have any questions or queries regarding our moderation please feel free to send a message my way. I'll see you all on the forums!
Oct 26, 2017
I recognize several of these. JaseC will certainly make sure any thread about Saoirse Ronan is unbiased. :p

Good on you guys.
Oct 25, 2017
How many mods are there now? I feel that too many cooks uhhh.. mods spoil the soup no offense. There will be some definite conflict of interest when modding.
Looks like a good bunch of crowds i can work along with.
Too bad a lot of the ''first gen'' moderators waved off, but they did provide it to happen that the sudden jumpstart was done as smoothly as one can be.

Congrats all, and welcome to the ERAtic nature of Reset.

Now my only question is, when will Crazy Buttocks From A Train be back? ;)


Heart & Mind
Oct 25, 2017
How many mods are there now? I feel that too many cooks uhhh.. mods spoil the soup no offense. There will be some definite conflict of interest when modding.
Yeah a mod list and who's actually doing the moderating in a lot of these threads would be nice.
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