Animal Crossing (1.8M sold) drives the switch to its highest sales week ever in Japan (392K, higher than launch week)


Oct 25, 2017
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I know 2 seperate families that suspiciously aquired a switch for every family member(4 and 5 respectively), just in time for ACs launch, almost like they just dont want to share an island.
haha yeah..I decided to main the family switch with my wife and daughter! Since my lite would be a different island and would only EVER be handheld.


Oct 30, 2017
Animal Crossing has been a huge franchise in Japan since Wild World on DS. Wild World and New Leaf are among the top 10 best-selling games ever in Japan with over 5m units sold. New Leaf launch, further, was hampered by stock issues: it would have no issue in opening above 1m. Worldwide the franchise has been big (5-6m units for both Wild World and New Leaf) but not as in Japan even though it cultivated a pretty strong and dedicated fan following.

I think that many reasons played into this result:
  • high quality game;
  • game can played both on TV and on the go;
  • great strategy in nurturing the fanbase over the years with spin-offs and merchandising;
  • new mainline entry since New Leaf 7 years ago;
  • Animal Crossing characters in Smash;
  • Switch is a popular platform;
  • mobile game is moderately popular;
  • Friday was a public holiday.
This is a pretty good summary. Would the Covid-19 pandemic have also played a part in these sales at all? Something for people to play indoors?

Not to downplay its' success either way. Nintendo really marketed it well. New Horizons had a lot going for it before this pandemic even happened.

This is arguably the best game in the franchise too.