Animal Crossing |OT| ResettiEra


Oct 31, 2017
With all the UK stores showing off pre-order bonuses for New Horizons, hopefully stores in other countries start announcing some too.


Oct 25, 2017
Those Hori bags/accessories are on sale at Play Asia. I'll probably wait and try my luck on amazon though.
There's more accessories coming too they're all cashing in. Nook really will be rolling with the bells



Oct 29, 2017
I feel like New Leaf came out way long ago, but it was only mid-2013 (US)!
I have been listening to a TON of AC music this weekend (and currently a rainy day mix on youtube).

Starting to make the wait longer for myself when I was doing so good last year to constantly distract myself with other games (Thank you Dragon Quest Builders 2!).

Here's to hoping this can grip me as tightly as all previous entries. Wild World is the one I spent the MOST amount of time with (online play was crazy when paired with an AC-focused message board I frequented at the time). City Folk was such an embarrassment though. New Leaf was nice and not iterative, but the online components just weren't enough of an expansion from WW. Here's to hoping they can really take some hints from other successful adjacent games to bump that experience up.


Oct 25, 2017
I quite like the pins Nintendo UK Store is offering, but they are the most expensive outlet.

Otherwise I may go for a cheaper price and get the Isabelle keyring 356games or Simplygames are offering.