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Anime |OT| Winter 2019 - Stand with the Mob or Stand with your Friends

Oct 25, 2017
Well funny enough, the studio doing this is probably responsible for 90% of female abs in anime outside of Attack on Titan.
I don't think Attack on Titan actually shows abs that often (hell, S3 severely cut down some abs scenes with Levi/Erwin).

Most if not all the female abs depicted stem from that one Mikasa gif which was from a joke OVA. Unless Titan abs count, of course ;P
Oct 26, 2017
Bloom Into You 1-13
I had wanted to write more about Bloom Into You, but when I read it back I realized that I was getting too personal about it. There is some subject matter the show covers that strikes closer to home than maybe any other anime I've ever watched, and even though it's been many years since it happened, I'm not particularly comfortable opening up about it. But I can say that in that respect, as well as anything else related to the narrative or the script, Bloom Into You excels in a way few other shows have managed to reach, creating a small but thoroughly well-realized cast of very human characters struggling with problems that... are all too real. While I wish the direction of the material could've been stronger throughout, it never really detracts from the material, and the soundtrack does make up for a lot in regards to some of the more intimate moments. I know I was harsh on this show in the past, and while I still think it's a bit of a "late bloomer" in terms of showing its true colors, I still think everyone should do themselves a favor and watch one of the best written anime there is.
Oct 28, 2017
Dogakobo finally awaken to muscle anime girl after doing Uzamaid. If the quality is as good as Uzamaid ending, we're going to get some high quality exercise animation

Mob psycho II 1-2
Its back and it's as good as ever. High quality animation with great writing. Opening and ED not as good as the first one,but it still good

Ueno-san 1-2
This is the kind of trash i want
Oct 25, 2017
Cowboy Bebop
Episode 10.
Before I talk about this episode gotta give a little backstory about myself.
Not many of you know this but at age 16 I was wrestling with my friend (the WWE kind) and he did a move on me which basically fractured my neck, and led to the bone pinching my spinal cord. Basically it made me disabled and paralyzed from the chest down. I was just about to start my junior year, and there was this girl I had a major crush on. When the accident occurred time basically stopped for me, I watched all my friends grow up and go off to college. I watched my older brother and sister get married and move out. It was hard for me and it still is and I wished that I could somehow travel back to 2014, confess my feelings to my crush and just try and do better in life, and school. Even though I went back to high school and graduated I still regretted about the past.

This episode inspired to stop thinking about the past let it go and let time flow. Throw the pocket watch into the water basically. This shits deep bruhs.