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Anno 1800 review thread

Oct 27, 2017
It's weird how few reviews are on Metacritic? I'm seeing the game advertised almost everywhere on the net, yet specialized websites barely talk about it.
Oct 27, 2017
My new laptop came 2 hours ago, got it all set up and I just started downloading the game :D
It's just a shame that the Username change doesn't seem to work on the Uplay website :(


Writer at Joypad.dk
Oct 27, 2017
Currently playing through my review copy. Anno is back baby. This is an absolute masterpiece of a city builder
Oct 28, 2017
I really don't want to complain about scores, but i wish a few of the reviews would motivate their scoring better. If you're going to give it 7/10 then throw in some criticism and don't just praise the game. I'm sure the game has bigger flaws than "slightly lacking tutorial" and "not dealing with the politics of the 1800s".
Oct 25, 2017
Nate Crowley’s review at Rock Paper Shotgun is interesting:
After playing through Anno 1800’s early game a few times (I’m one of those ghastly bastards who tends to compulsively restart if things aren’t going exactly my way), I started writing a very different article to the one you are now reading. The issue was, I hadn’t realised I was playing the early game at all. I had the feeling I’d seen the lion’s share of what there was to see, and was ready to pack up and write something along the lines of “great fun, but I’m not sure about replayability”. Then I played some more. And some more. And around six hours later, like someone who’s seen a handful of wasps in their house and so decides to go up into the attic to try to find out why, I was forced to drastically re-evaluate my position. Folks, Anno 1800 is… a lot.

Before I get too heavily into the nuts and bolts, I’ll put it plainly: Anno 1800 is the most impressive city-builder I’ve ever come across. I say that as a serious fan of the city-building genre, too. But I’m going to stop just short of saying it’s the best city-builder I’ve ever played, because I’m not sure yet. It very well might be, but I’m going to have to put in many more hours before I know whether its idiosyncrasies will make me fall hopelessly in love with it, or drive me away entirely. In that sense, it’s a bit like a brooding moneylord from a nineteenth century novel. Which is appropriate, because that’s pretty much what you play as in Anno 1800.
Jan 21, 2018
And IGN:

IGN - 8.1
Anno 1800 is a grind at times, but those moments of “eureka” when I’d figure out production rhythms and layouts that kept me operating in the green were delightful. It toes a difficult line of welcoming strategy gaming novices while also providing gameplay that experienced tacticians can maximize, with a well-crafted story-based campaign adding on to an already tried-and-true sandbox formula. It’s a beautiful game to look at as well with only one minor issue that you have to really focus in on to see. Outright newcomers to this type of game will have a tough go at it, as important elements of Anno 1800 aren’t given comprehensive tutorials, but diligent gamers will excitedly watch hours fly by once they get settled in.