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Announcement: Forum restructuring scheduled for this Sunday night

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Oct 24, 2017
Hello everyone! Today we'd like to announce an upcoming adjustment to the layout of ResetEra, specifically the liberation of the EtcetEra Hangouts and the creation of a new Entertainment section. We know this might sound scary. Change always is. However, after speaking with and polling prominent community members and thread creators from over 30 of the largest EtcetEra Hangouts, we believe that this step is necessary to ensure the long term health and growth of these communities. The change will end stagnation, encourage more activity on more topics, and give the community room to expand.

Why this Change is Happening

The backbone of ResetEra since day one has been the wide variety of communities that chose to sign up together. We've always believed that when the Hangouts of ResetEra are thriving, the ResetEra community as a whole is thriving. Since launch we've put a lot of work into a number of initiatives to promote the Hangouts, including the Community Spotlights, Community OT Lists, and the ResetEra newsletter.

Nevertheless, it's become a common sentiment that "Hangouts is where communities go to die." This illustrates a simple truth and a core problem with the status quo: The EtcetEra Hangout section is less active and gets less attention than any other part of the site. With the rise of Discord and WhatsApp it's become increasingly hard for threads there to maintain interest, let alone grow it.

EtcetEra Hangouts currently hosts 380 threads in total. By comparison, there are 699 threads in Video Game Hangouts. That makes EtcetEra Hangouts a mere 54% the size of Video Game Hangouts. While we're aware the Video Game Hangouts face some of the same challenges, the data makes it clear that it is the EtcetEra side which is in dire straits and needs immediate relief.

Out of 380 total threads in EtcetEra Hangouts, 107 threads (28%) are locked.
Out of 380 total threads in Etcetera Hangouts, 92 threads (24%) have less than 100 posts.

This means that of the 380 aforementioned threads, only 181 of them have ever been in good health at any point. Furthermore, many EtcetEra Hangouts threads that were active when the site was young have started to fizzle out. If left untouched, the current structure will result in the slow withering and death of the remaining threads.

What the Change Looks Like

First things first, we are getting rid of EtcetEra Hangouts entirely. However, if we were to simply merge the whole sub-forum with the existing EtcetEra main section, many of these communities would be buried and lost forever. In order to make sure that there will be enough space to give these threads a fighting chance, we will also be creating an entirely new top level forum section called "Entertainment."

This new Entertainment section will absorb all threads (including former Hangouts) for topics such as:
Movies, Comics, Television, Sports, Music, Literature, Toys, Anime and Celebrities
The revamped EtcetEra section will be home to threads (including former Hangouts) for everything else, including:
Technology, Science, Culture, Religion, Hobbies, Travel, Health, Fitness, Dating, Family, Politics, Lifestyles, Education, Employment, Finance, Cooking, Food, Fashion, Cars, Pets, Nature, Humor, Random Thoughts, Forum Games, and more
The Layout of ResetEra, Before and After

In 2017 we launched with four categories overall:

  • Video Games
    • Video Games Hangouts
  • EtcetEra
    • EtcetEra Hangouts
We will still have four categories overall after the adjustment:
  • Video Games
    • Video Games Hangouts
  • Entertainment
  • EtcetEra
Where the Hangouts Will Go

The following existing Hangouts will be part of the new Entertainment board:
Wrassle Era, Sports-related threads, Film threads, Music threads, Comics threads, Book threads, Anime, Toonami, Western Animation, Television show threads, Marvel/DC threads, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Transformers, Harry Potter, Lego, Funko, Action Figures, JurassicEra, Disney, My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Super, and many, many more.
The following existing Hangouts will be part of the revamped EtcetEra board:
Mafia, Cryptocurrency, PoliEra, Mental Health, Investment Era, Apple, Android, Iron Era (cooking), Writers Era, ReGals, LGBTQ, TransEra, Men's Fashion, SneakerEra, College Era, Teachers Era, Programmers Era, Art Self Study, Photography, Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, Prehistoric Animals, Learning Chinese, ERA Web Comics creators, Japan Travel, Wristwatchers, Black Culture Community Thread, Asian Era, Fragrence Era, Autism Era, Diabetes Era, Automotive Era, Bicycle Era, Motorcycle-Era, ArtEra, ChristianEra, Socialism, Camping & Hiking, Makeup and Beauty, Meditation Era, KetoEra, RunningEra, all of the city/state/country/nationality threads, and many, many more.
It is important to note that there will not be a Hangouts sub-forum for the Entertainment or EtcetEra sections. Community OTs will not be relegated to their own space; they will be side by side with other threads on a top level forum section. Based on our data, seen below, we estimate that there should be a fairly even split of EtcetEra Hangouts communities destined for both Entertainment and EtcetEra.
The Demographics of EtcetEra Hangouts

Out of 380 threads in ETC Hangouts:

  • 70 threads are Film or Television related (18% of the sub-forum)
  • 58 threads are Sports related (15% of the sub-forum)
  • 24 threads are Music related (6% of the sub-forum)
  • 15 threads are Books or Literature related (3% of the sub-forum)
Total: 42% of the EtcetEra Hangouts sub-forum is dedicated to Entertainment (Film, TV, Books, Music, Sports)
We expect that this change will help rejuvenate old threads and provide broader opportunities for new ones.

Implementation Details

This Sunday at 7PM PST / 10 PM EST ResetEra will be closed for maintenance. During this time the Entertainment section will be created. Every thread in Etcetera Hangouts will be moved to either Entertainment or the main EtcetEra board. We will also move as many entertainment threads as we can from the current EtcetEra section to the new dedicated Entertainment section. This maintenance may last for up to five hours.

We are expecting that it will take a little time for everyone to adjust to this change, but we've adjusted to bigger changes before. Site staff will be diligent in moving any threads accidentally created in the wrong sub-forum. There will be a community thread list for each section stickied at the top of EtcetEra and Entertainment shortly after the maintenance so that people can easily find community threads.

Additionally and crucially, the existing Community Spotlights for EtcetEra will be split into spotlights for both Entertainment and EtcetEra, doubling the amount of non-Video Game spotlights and providing a further boost to these threads.
Oct 24, 2017

1) Where can we talk about political or social issues?

We know that our members are passionate about political and social issues. As long as the threads are relevant, you can talk about them on all 3 boards (Video Games, Entertainment, EtcetEra).

In the #MeToo era, many of the serious threads in the existing EtcetEra are related to entertainment, sports, and celebrities. A change to the structure will not affect much in terms of the visibility of serious stories, and an Entertainment board will still encompass plenty of serious topics.

Past Examples of serious entertainment-related stories include:
Stories about racism (Rosanne Barr, Hulk Hogan, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards)
Sexual assault stories (Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Pixar's John Lassetter, Luc Besson, Creator of Ren & Stimpy, Russell Simmons, Andy Dick, Morgan Freeman, Bryan Singer, Roman Polanski, R. Kelly, Brett Ratner, Lars Von Trier, Louis C.K., Steven Seagal)
"The Loud House" creator Chris Savino fired for sexual harrassment.
AMC's Chris Hardwick accused of sexual harrassment.
Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr's long history of domestic violence against women.
Gal Gadot's controversial views on Israel and Palestine.
Smallville's Allison Mack arrested for sex trafficking.
Actor Paul Walker accused of being a pedophile.
Asia Argento accused of raping a minor.
Actor Tom Arnold claims to have racist recordings of Donald Trump.
Film critic Devin Faraci accused of sexual assault.
AintItCool.com's Harry Knowles accused of sexual assault.
Linda McMahon joins Trump's administration.
Trump criticizes Colin Kaepernick and the NFL national anthem protests.
Kanye West tweeting his support for Trump.
Tiger Woods defends friendship with Trump.
Trump feuding with Lebron James and Jay Z.
Eminem lashing out at Trump.
Marvel CEO's relationship with Trump.
Scarlett Johansson withdraws from transgender role after backlash.
Emma Stone receives backlash after being casted as an Asian character.
Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran is harassed by fans.
Disney fires James Gunn over controversial tweets.
WWE wrestler Chris Beniot murders wife and child.
WWE wrestler Randy Orton accused of sexually harrassing writers.
Tom Cruise and the church of Scientology
Controversy surrounding Apu in The Simpsons.
Stan Lee elder abuse allegations.
Harrassment in the comic book industry.
All of these stories would have been appropriate to post in the upcoming Entertainment section.

2) What if I prefer being able to keep the Hangouts listed separately?

While we have nothing specific to announce right now, we are investigating technological solutions for this and other preferences, to be incorporated into our 2.0 site redesign due later this year.

3) What kind of impact will this restructure have on EtcetEra's activity?

In addition to offering communities a much needed shot in the arm, we expect that a lot of topics that were previously crowded out by Entertainment will have a chance to flourish after being given the extra space.

As far as we can tell the community has outgrown the "two main section" structure and there are all kinds of hobbies, interests, and jokes that no longer get enough oxygen. This is a chance to give them new life.

4) What will happen to our old, locked OTs? Will they be deleted?

No, old OTs will not be deleted. These locked OTs will be moved like all other threads to the appropriate section of the forums.

5) What will happen to Video Game Hangouts?

There will be no change to the Video Games section or the Video Game Hangouts.

6) Will there be any restriction that limits communities from doing weekly/monthly/bi-monthly/season/yearly threads?

No, we have no intention of imposing any new changes or restrictions to this. Communities are still free to refresh their threads either by time or by post count, as they've been doing all along.

7) How will we handle threads that could fall under both Entertainment and EtcetEra?

There may be cases when a news item can intersect multiple categories and be placed in either. If the news is big enough, we will sometimes allow multiple threads on the same story, each for a different section. In general, however, we prefer to stick to a single thread for a single topic and go with the category that seems like the best fit.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Houston, TX
Cool changes, I guess it'll help set us apart from the old place. It's also good that you guys covered every potential base, including discussion for politics.
Oct 25, 2017
This seems kinda extreme and an issue where larger community threads just dominate the front page of the boards. Could the larger, active thread just be moved to a singular "hangouts" pool alongside the Video Game Hangouts?

This seems to be trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.
Oct 25, 2017

Not sure I like this change, and it seems kind of unnecessary. The structure we have now is great and has worked for many years. But I’m open to seeing how things are different.
Oct 25, 2017
I’m pretty prominent around here, if not the most prominent, nobody consulted me about any of this!

I’ll allow it, this time.


Herald of Stoptimus Crime
Oct 25, 2017
I'm all for this change. It'll give some bigger communities more chances to get new blood and hopefully revive some community threads that are dead/dying.

L Thammy

Oct 25, 2017
1) Where can we talk about political or social issues?

We know that our members are passionate about political and social issues. As long as the threads are relevant, you can talk about them on all 3 boards (Video Games, Entertainment, EtcetEra).

In the #MeToo era, many of the serious threads in the existing EtcetEra are related to entertainment, sports, and celebrities. A change to the structure will not affect much in terms of the visibility of serious stories, and an Entertainment board will still encompass plenty of serious topics.

Past Examples of serious entertainment-related stories include:

All of these stories would have been appropriate to post in the upcoming Entertainment section.
This was my first concern, glad to see that it's been thought of.


Oct 25, 2017
Speed Force
So instead of just checking Video Games & EtcetEra for threads and putting community stuff in my Watched Threads, I now I have to read through three boards?

This seems really messy and unnecessary. And as far as 'polling prominent community members' goes, well that doesn't sound shady at all, especially after you nuked the community feedback thread last time (still not a fan of that action).


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
I think it’s important to at least try and see how this works. If it ends up working as intended, then many of the community threads will gain more activity. If there unintended results, and ResetEra becomes worse then it should be changed back. I think the best possible solution would be to vote a month after this implementation.

Unfortunately if you do have that vote you would have to stick by it.


Oct 25, 2017
Cool. Definetly willing to see where this leads, cause I like the concept.

Theres a couple hangout threads I'd love to see revived. Science|ERA| and Climbing|ERA| I'd love to see have more activity in particular.
Oct 25, 2017
Greater Vancouver
I'm not sure how I feel about this change. Will have to see how it plays out in-practice, but EtcetEra always felt like an appropriate catch-all for politics, culture, and the occasional thread about someone with horrifying hygiene habits. I don't think Trump falls into 'entertainment'. It feels like it grossly undersells his impact and how it should be perceived. But similarly, I feel like putting it in EtcetEra now makes it "easily avoidable" when it frankly shouldn't be.


Oct 25, 2017
I like these changes. OT has always been a weird hodgepodge of topics, and the hangout threads either die or are really insular and hidden groups. OT often also feels like a chat board when it's not really supposed to be. These changes should help focus the different boards without overwhelming everyone with too many options.
Oct 25, 2017
Notice how wrestling, the superior form of entertainment, was the first to be mentioned.

Most people don’t browse hangouts in general, they look for a specific thread. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s on the first page or not. By mixing hangout threads with news or general ponderings, I can only see active hangouts pushing new threads off the first page.

How about just a whole board for “bad things happened in the world”?


Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account
Oct 25, 2017

wouldn't that mean that off topic threads, new off topic threads, will be mixed with hang out threads in either entertainment or etcetera? Meaning that if you were to make a thread or look for new stories, you have to parse through community threads?

That's a bad idea when it comes to finding threads of new stories, because then you have to go through pages.

If anything, give community threads a different colored Title so we can atleast differentiate easily without having to read every title.
Oct 25, 2017
There's only so many etc hangout topics to talk about. There's not a million potential community threads with 40k members. It seems like making a change just to make a change. The old etc was a catch all and you were sure you wouldn't miss anything.
Oct 25, 2017
Not a fan, dividing the forums into more categories just splinters communities and in my opinion could have a reverse effect in that people will only visit one category they like and wont post or discover other threads they didnt know about. The cool thing about the two category structure is that it would get me out of my comfort zone and see topics I normally wouldn't look for.

I dont think three categories is necessarily gonna cause that, but if we keep adding more we could end up with grave yard forums no one cares about or looks in with threads on the first page that are 8 months old. It wont be that slow, but I wouldn't be surprised if entertainment is a very slow board.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Southern California
I very rarely go over to etcetera, as a good portion of the content is irrelevant to me or it's content that I don't want to read before I go to work in the morning. But when we get an entertainment section, that's a different story. I'll probably spend just as much time there as I go with video games.
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