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Apple Software Integration Engineer finds placeholder asset in Anthem

Oct 27, 2017
This came across my Twitter timeline and I found it particularly interesting. I don't view it as a reason to beat a dead horse, but rather, wonder how it gets overlooked in a AAA title that was in development for almost seven years?



Oct 25, 2017
Probably something that was lost in a sea of tickets within the bug tracking system during development.


Alt Account
Dec 18, 2018
Honestly, seeing a lot of placeholder assets when playing Gary's Mod on certain maps gave me an appreciation for how hard it is to get a game working. The amount of assets I had to download just to play on all the cool Trouble in Terrorist Town maps...


Oct 27, 2017
I'm more amazed when stuff like this doesn't make it through, honestly. Games are such a ridiculous prospect these days.


Oct 25, 2017
New Zealand
Haha we have had some doozies over the years, but the trick is if you make it super obvious then it will generally get picked up by someone


Oct 25, 2017
Obvious but inoffensive. Something subtle is just begging to be missed in review, and if you can put in the effort to come up with something close to what you need why not just... make the thing?


Lead Game Designer
Oct 25, 2017
I'm a "make it as temp looking as possible just to get it working but obvious it needs to be replaced" kind of guy. But also a "for the love of God put temp in the asset name so it's easy to find what needs to be replaced" guy, too.


Oct 25, 2017
That's... unfortunate, haha. I imagine that thing is gonna get fixed on the next patch.
Also, I find it weird that we need to tell it's an Apple Software Integration Engineer. Like, what?


Oct 25, 2017
It happens and probably far more than people realize. Seems like a whole non-issue that will be fixed.

spam musubi

Oct 25, 2017
It happens and probably far more than people realize. Seems like a whole non-issue that will be fixed.
Someone says something like this every time an anthem bug crops up. We know it's a bug, we know it will be fixed. That doesn't make the fact that this made it into the game any less of a trash fire.


Oct 25, 2017


Nov 9, 2017
These things are often accidentally patched into live service games. Valve games will often have a gigantic red ERROR model in random places.


Oct 26, 2017
You'd be surprised what devs leave in their games

Twilight Princess Dev Notes said:
● It seems like 地形ユニットMOVEBGにスイッチ1の情報は渡されてない。Talk to Sakai-san.
たしかに、 map data 変換時に使い捨ててだいたいOKな情報だからそうなってる気がしてきたけど、

● Regarding layer organization: What are we doing about day and night transitions and 表裏?
・ How are we doing day-night transitions? Slow (like TWW), or sudden (like MM)?
・ 表裏については、もう1つ2つ追加があるかもとか。

● 自動化したい。odemrun引数とかObjectSenderとか使えばできるような気が。
・ memory map の出力。
・ memory bank の配置設定。

● I want to display all collision polygons, in order to review them.
They're displayed in ObjectReflector[/Node/zelda terrain check 内部|debug polygon drawing], but
その場合はリンクのそばの polygon だけなのでわりと残念。
# Now that you mention it, I wonder how Yoshida-san's polygon integration とかの動作確認はどうやってるのかな。

● 2D map pathing:
○ What's going on with the map that displays with D-Up? Just checking.
→ It's moving along. Talk to Iwawaki-san.
→ It's in progress. Yoshida-san's taking care of it.

■ Completed

● 地形ユニットについて確認。What's going on with the semi-transparent polygons?
The mutual overlap with the semi-transparent terrain unit is going to cause problems, そうでなければいいの?
The semi-transparent polygons used for shadows, for example. Is it OK if they overlap with the semi-transparent polygons used for effects and such?
→ That's a no-go. うまく描画されるときもあるけど、それは偶然。
実際には material ソートとの関係で出たり出なかったりするはず。
→ material 名で描画順序を指定できるようにしてもらった。これによって、ディティール表現の
しかし、水面のような真の意味での半透明はやはり不可。 polygon ソートとかしないから。
→ 地形ユニットMOVEBGとして model 描画 object を追加。

● jcc is using a huge amount of memory. Close to 800 MB. Can it be reduced?
→ Iwawaki-san and Matsutani-san have been contacted.
→ They reduced it by around half. I'd like to reduce it a little more, so I'll see about looking into it further.
→ 激減。別物なくらい高速化。

● Regarding demo archives:
○ Can we make them at resource 登録所? From what I've seen, it seems like they're the same as actors.
→ Yeah, we can. They're completely identical.
○ What's xnim_id_conv.pl? It's adding 0x10000 to the arc files' resource IDs, but why?
→ It's to differentiate resources used for objects from resources used for cutscenes.
汎用 actors では、demo data による animation mode 指定を解釈するかどうかも
→ 指定を一度に行えるようにIDを bit 分割する方向で。

● Regarding scene 指定 morning 起動: I'd like to specify the layer in the options as well.
→ Done. Sasaki-san took care of it.

● Regarding scene 指定 morning 起動: --menu=LEVEL2とすると、the stage doesn't get selected.
It seems like nothing happens if you don't designate the room number.
→ Done. Iwawaki-san took care of it.

● What are we doing about particle.xnim registration?
d_particle_name.*同様に、particle.xnimもParticle/mk_arc.batでcvs updateしちゃうか。
→ Done.

● What are the limits for archive file names?
I feel like I heard 7 characters or below... or was that for object registration names?
So, what's the upper limit? DOS8.3 style? Long file names?
# 「W_motion」というのがあるということは DOS8.3 style なのか。
→ Archive names have to be under 9 characters. Morita-san said so.

● Regarding scene 指定 morning 起動: たとえば、
% OdemRun ... -a --noopening --menu=LEVEL3,0
のように実行すると、「LEVEL3」room 0 ではなく "Fire_Dungeon(Room7)" is selected.
ちなみに、this menu 項目は
--------From Here--------
(Beginning Omitted)
(Middle Omitted)
(Ending Omitted)
--------To Here--------
In the event that 同じ directory に属する部屋が異なる表示 title の stage に含まれていた, もっとも後の
stage になってしまうのか?ちなみに、メニューの「LEVEL3」はちゃんと<(3)>になってる。
→ Done. Iwawaki-san took care of it. もっとも前の stage になるように。

● Regarding resource 登録所:
○ What are the SRD PC environments like? Do you have admin access? Can you install ActiveX?
→ Yes.
○ When copying resource files to local PCs, what should the path be? %ZELDA_JMAP_DIR%\rom\DVDRoot?
→ %GCZELDA1_ROOT%/GDEVImage/DVDRoot. It won't work if %GCZELDA1_ROOT% isn't defined.

● Is it OK to process bdl data with bmdcuttex3.exe? 非トゥーン指向という話だけど。Takizawa-san said it seemed like it would cause problems.
→ よい。やっとくこと。 It might have an effect on things like memory reduction.
→ Done. The csv files are empty.

● Particles:
○ I feel weird about leaving old data in dolzel. Should we get rid of it?
→ 処分するならすれば。dolzel/res/Particle directory を空にしてからmk_arc.bat。Talk to Iwawaki-san.
→ Ito plans to 実行 it in the near future.
○ PSceneの group を整理したい。254を残してばっさりと。 Talk to Ito.
→ jmp data で使用されてなければやってよし。 Talk to Iwawaki-san.
→ Ito が実行済み。
○ mk_arc.bat で //d/zelda/dolzel/ に resource をコピーしてるけど、it's really environment dependent. I'm a bit worried.
→ Ito's been notified.

● jccでunionみたいな data は生成できるか?
できるんだったら、イベント data について、zevとstbのときに必要だけど、camera events には必要のない
file name data があるので、それをunionの一方にする。
→ 生成可。 Do that, then.
→ 仕様を提出済み。To 小川-san, that is.

● 2D map pathing:
○ polygon にまったく属さない頂点があった場合、その頂点はたぶん誤り。エラーに。
→ Done. Iwawaki-san took care of it.
○ ラインにも色指定を。
→ jccの対応がまだだけど、それは data 仕様がまだだから。あわせて、2D map pathing 警告をエラーに。
→ Done. Iwawaki-san took care of it.


Jan 25, 2019
This made its way with the recent patch. But this shit happens so it isn’t a big deal