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Are Trump supporters in a corner they can't get out of?

Oct 25, 2017
There's no point in trying to reach Trump supporters.

It's everyone else that either sat out or voted mostly because they just usually vote republican or didn't really like clinton, etc. etc that you have to hope see what's happening and actually care enough to try and pull out of the tailspin.
Oct 28, 2017
Imagine their reactions when Trump gets impeached, they think the Democratic as an evil organization coup d'etat-ing their innocent president while trying to brainwash them with "fake news"
Oct 27, 2017
Ashland, Oregon
the majority of Trump’s base will double down no matter what he does. From the Trump supporters I’ve had the displeasure of talking to, a huge portion of them are so entrenched in their belief that he can do no wrong that it’s basically pointless trying to talk to them. You can present all the facts you want, and they’ll just say you’re repeating mainstream media lies. Had a guy ask me to name ONE Trump lie the other day (he literally believes Trump never lies). I linked him to WaPo’s ongoing list of all 7,500+ Trump lies/misleading statements and he just ignored it completely as if it were all a conspiracy. These people are DUMB. They’re not about to get any smarter.
I wonder how the people in low income areas are feeling about him now. They're probably getting destroyed by this shutdown.

The Trump people I know are definitely trying to distance themselves. I was talking trash about Donald a few weeks ago and one of my fake centrist( "both sides are bad" but never says anything bad about Republican ) acquaintances didn't argue back. Even though he usually would have done so every other time. I haven't seen him mention anything about politics in a while and he's the one who would always bring that kind of stuff up.

I'm sure most of his people are just gonna keep acting like nothing is wrong though. They can't access being wrong even though they're getting fucked
Oct 25, 2017
Lancaster, PA
They’ll keep being racist/sexist/conspiracist idiots even with out Trump. Hopefully their voices won’t be as loud as they are now, with Grand Wizard Trump giving them a huge confidence boost about being pieces of shit.
Oct 27, 2017
The sad thing is, I don't think very many of them feel cornered. If you've read one "Trump supporter who's getting personally screwed by Trump actions/policies", you've read them all. I have read them all, looking for cracks in that base. There aren't any. Reactions vary from excusing Trump's actions, to thinking it's a mistake (that they forgive him for), to cheering him on anyway.

But the conclusion is the same: none of them are going to vote for someone else in 2020.
Oct 28, 2017
My parents just go "yeah, but Hillary would've been WORSE."

And that's just such a nebulous claim it's impossible to tackle.
That isn't nebulous at all. It's just WRONG.

My wife was just telling me her trump loving grandpa has now turned his love to hate. The shutdown has screwed up his business as he has a lot of government contracts.
Turns out some people have no morals, scruples or ideologies and were willing to back the devil if it made them a buck.
Oct 26, 2017
New Orleans
That isn't nebulous at all. It's just WRONG.

Turns out some people have no morals, scruples or ideologies and were willing to back the devil if it made them a buck.
It's nebulous in that it's entirely unspecific. I can point out dozens of ways Hillary would've been better than Trump, but there are still "other areas" where she'd supposedly have been worse.
Oct 25, 2017
Are you distinguishing between 2016 Trump voters and 2019 Trump supporters?

I personally know a number of people who voted for Trump with misgivings as a high variance play, and pretty quickly regretted it in 2017. But the people who still support him in 2019? They’re hopeless at this point. If they haven’t seen enough by now they never will.
Oct 28, 2017
It's nebulous in that it's entirely unspecific. I can point out dozens of ways Hillary would've been better than Trump, but there are still "other areas" where she'd supposedly have been worse.
Come on. Not to this degree. We are way beyond any of that now. The scale is completely different.

If at this point you still say 'but her emails', you are a bad person.
Dec 29, 2017
I really like your 2 options of either admitting fault or doubling down, but in general this is a human thing, not just a Trump supporter thing. Being self aware of when we're being defensive (or at worse in denial) is really hard. Oftentimes only the person him/herself can find it through introspection and probably therapy.
Oct 25, 2017
one and done.

trump supporters are only in a corner because trump is in a corner. He could call them morons and rapists and they'd agree with him. They are unreasonable and unthinking.

they won't stop supporting trump until after he is out of office, and even then they'll reflect on him as "he made some mistakes but mostly was great for the country and just shit on by the dems and leftist media"
I think the opposite, omce trump is out of office they will casually say how he was a shit president like they always believed it, it would be the george Bush syndrome
Oct 27, 2017
Everything has already been said about the nimrod dingus lemmings following Trump.
That is his base, his unwavering acolytes.
A good section of the GOP and the "regular" repubs will follow Trump and double down 'cause of what he can do for them, the tax breaks and the conservative judges and appointees he's using to wreck havoc on our institutions. They don't care how racist he is, how misogynistic, or corrupt or how he is embarrassing or mentally unfit for office.
Especially the hypocritical evangelicals who proved their so called beliefs are just a whimsical farce or convenience and fantasy, and the hypocritical senators and congressman and their 180 degrees of basic principles proven by on the record quotes on issues not regarding Obama but now Trumpy.
Oct 26, 2017
All efforts should be put into pulling in more non-voters that have been marginalized by either the destructive policies of the GOP or the "sorry can't help you, go back to school" policies of the Dems.
This. Very much this. I can't stress enough how important it is to dedicate resources to engaging non voters instead of wasting time and resources in hoping to change the kind of Trump voters.

If they make the turn on their own then fantastic however, we should not waste a single moment of time on trying to convert them. There are many many more non voters that can be engaged rather than flipped.