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Arrow S7 |OT| Supermax changes nothing, Hoss.

God I hate Laurel 1's Canary costume with a passion. They need to make it feel more like comics Black Canary. Weave the fishnet pattern into something so she doesn't actually have to wear them, but good lord it looks like a dominatrix outfit with all those metal rings and hooks which serve no purpose except to make noise while you walk.
Yeah I won't lie I liked the Siren outfit way more.
Oct 25, 2017
I felt that this week's episode was one of the weakest of the season so far. But it was great to see Sarah again in her costume actually fighting for once. But I don't feel like Laurel (no matter which Earth she's from) would ever stand a chance of putting up a good fight (much less landing a blow) against someone trained by the League of Shadows unless she went through similar training.
Oct 27, 2017
The latter is muuuuuch better, and I say that as a fan of how she is on Arrow lol
I'll take Captain screw-up every single time. It's actually hard for me to see her as White Canary anymore.

And where is her flash forward cameo?
Yeah but don't you find it annoying, her character changing so drastically, from LoT to Arrow and then back again?
Oct 25, 2017
Detroit, MI
He's my all-time favorite comic character. It's just too bad they casted a guy who's acting chops are incredibly limited.

Kidding aside, I do think he's done a pretty good job casting. The Flash cast in particular is pretty great. (Wally aside)
Wally is more a case of Keiynan never really seeming too into it, as evident by him coming and going. I still enjoyed him.
Oct 25, 2017
Wally is more a case of Keiynan never really seeming too into it, as evident by him coming and going. I still enjoyed him.
I enjoyed him existing in live-action but he made next to no impact. I can barely remember anything he did.

It would've been more interesting if he was actually Iris' nephew from Joe's jerk son that they just happened to never talk about. Him being so old ruined the dynamic. He's no longer the fanboy who was saved from a shity home life by getting the same abilities as his hero. The closet thing we got to that...was William.
Oct 25, 2017
Glad Laurel-2 didn't bite it and is back on the redemption path

Also while Dinah was going on her "unlike her I didn't fall to temptation" argument I couldn't help but remember that in her introductory episode she kidnapped, tortured and killed an henchman and then murdered a disarmed Sonus to exact revenge.
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Nov 4, 2017
Just watched the episode, Felicity is a good friend to be running around pregnant trying to get through to Laurel.

So there are a bunch of canaries in the future running around and there is a masked person (or robot) hunting them.

Dante being responsible for Emiko's mother death (if true) seems a bit easy.