Askiisoft (Katana Zero) should make a Zero (Mega Man X) game

data west

Oct 25, 2017
I just finished Katana Zero. The game wears its Hotline Miami influence on its sleeve but about halfway through the game, I couldn't help but feeling how good it felt, how great the graphics were and how great the music was. Particularly, the whole thing reminded me of a more adult Mega Man X game. I know people tend to get real skeptical (especially when it comes to Capcom given their bad history) but I'd love to see Capcom publish a Zero game from Askiisoft. When I played the game, I felt more like Zero did in the cutscenes than I did ever playing him in an actual Mega Man X game. Plus, it's not like Capcom's ever going to make a big budget Mega Man X game.

Either way, everyone should play Katana Zero. It's a ton of fun.