Assassin’s Creed Odyssey |OT| Ἄνδρα ἢ γυναῖκα μοι ἔννεπε, Μοῦσα

Which character are you playing as??

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Oct 25, 2017
This week challenge is kind of cute since I never used the staff and... wow, its actually really fun and has a lot of crowd control moves.

I played the entire game using only Sword and Spear with the occasional Dagger here and there.

Oh and the bow, I love the bow O_O
Oct 27, 2017
So I'm wondering if I got fucked out of the Chapter 7 Trophy?

The DLC says you must complete Act 7 to start, and I can start the DLC but I have no Act 7 trophy?

Maybe someone further in the game can answer without spoilers? I'm currently doing...

The Olympic quest and meeting my mother in Arkadia. I just did the war in Boetia quest line. So basically I'm helping the two Spartan Kings at this poin. Should I have the chapter 7 trophy by now?
Oct 25, 2017
Finished AC Odyssey. The game... damn it was a blast. Of course there is a ton of room to improve but this new direction since Origins is very much in my wheelhouse. I also hope we see more protagonists like Kassandra(or I shouldn't say this given I missed out on like a ton of them between Black Flag and now).
But what I liked about her was a comical confidence that kinda just fit with the fact that she was kinda superhuman. Super charismatic. And dare I say that indirectly this was probably the closest we are going to get to a wonder woman game? Just kinda still makes me dream about the Wakanda Black Panther Ubisoft license teamup.

After the ending it seems the next AC will stay within that time frame in history so my hopes for something for exotic ala China, India etc are for the title after at best. I need to let the AC hunger build up again but this definitely made want to try Origins which I hear has a stronger story.

Oh I think the biggest thing AC should look into in the future is having systems that are not combat reliant in their games. I think that is the thing that can grind people down the most. If you think back to witcher 3 having a very involved narrative around Gwent was incredibly useful to break up the pacing of the core game loop in an engaging way. On the other end of that is how Rockstar does it with just giving out a ton of side activities that aren't as meaningful(not my personal preference). But despite really liking the game I do think having so many objective rely on solely the combat mechanics can wear you down. Story cutscenes are basically the only other big thing that breaks away from that.
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Just an "early 2019". My guess is somewhere near the end of January for the next one. I doubt they will wait too long between each episode.
Thanks. The DLC episode was short, but I understand it's a 3 parter. The added missions and mini-cult was fun while it lasted, also fun because it was localized to one big island instead of having to traverse the entire map :p
Oct 27, 2017
Platinumed at about ~170 hours / lvl 68, have now run out of things to do other than hourglass missions with bloodthirsty requesters. The final pirate mission were a bit tedious, but it did at least lead to sexy times with Xenia I guess. Awaiting more DLC / Tales of Greece but have RDR2 waiting to be started, however I doubt it's going to be quite as fun as this was. Might need a short-ish palate cleanser kind of thing before that.