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Assassins Creed Odyssey January Update. New mercenary tiers, level scaling options and more

Oct 27, 2017
What difficulty level? I must be doing something wrong, I 100% Kephallonia, Megaris, Phokis, Attika, Korinthia, Lokris, Argolis and Keos and just arrived in chapter 7 of the main quest... I'm only just past level 35.
Do you go regularly to the boards in cities to do legendary quests that mostly consists of "kill x kind of units" and that are easily done when you are doing regular stuff in that región?
Oct 25, 2017
Hard reset just means powering it off (not rest mode or sleep mode) and then back on again.

Well i did that and i still have the same problem.

It's almost funny really.I am on my horse and there is a mercenary 80 meters in front of me also on a horse and i can't reach him.This sucks.
Oct 28, 2017
It's great Ubisoft is still very much busy with this game. I wish more studios did that and not just kick the game out of the gate and leave it at that.

Small annoyance: still can't get to the orichalcum ore under the wooden bridge west of Athens.
Oct 25, 2017
This patch is by far the most buggy... thing i have played on my PS4.

1. I can't run more than 5 meters without Kassandra stoping to admire the view maybe?The same for my hrose,when i am on a boat or swimming.This means i can't run away from random encounters like wolves etc.If i am on Fort and i need to run in order to avoid exposure then tough luck, Kassandra will just start walking instead and obviously be discovered.

2.I once again fell through the ground and died.This never happened in 120 hour before.

3.The son of Darius at some point gives you some quests and he keeps saying how his father left alone bla bla bla BUT... his father is right there with him near the fire at their camp.One quest was for me to find him in a farm but instead he was right there 3m away from me.

4.There was a reward for a mission and i had to go to four islands near Makedonia.Never mind that it took me ages to actually run and swim to each small island when i got there was a monstrosity waiting for me.3 guards were fused together like some nightmare creature with 6 legs and hands.

5.The " LA LA LA" music when a quest is finished is distorted in almost every mission.

As i said i played this game for more than 100 hours before this patch and i don't remember a single glitch/bug.

Congrats Ubisoft for ruining the game(for me).
Nov 1, 2017
I’ve only done the Divine Intervention one and really didn’t
like it. It’s basically one long fetch quest where you get sent all over to do different things then you have to return to the quest giver after each one and it’s just tedious.

Edit: it’s tedious because you get sent to a bunch of places that aren’t near any fast travel points and neither is the quest giver. You’re hoofing it a lot and that bugged me.
I just did three quests, including The Image of Faith.
It is indeed a pity that with the theme of the hero mythologized by a small village, the outcome is so simple.
That's what I regret about side quests, there are so many that it lacks sustained quests

I still have the impression that it's getting a little better: A Divine Intervention remains the best for the moment, especially with a real choice that varies the quest and some lore on Greek mythology (Gorgophone).

I would have liked them to do quests on Athens and in particular Sparta. There are so many myths around this city, it's the ideal time to exploit them with quests related to this.

Besides, I just came across an item called "Letter from Brasidas"
That's an item you're supposed to get from a mercenary that Lagos sent to kill you. A background quest for the best side character in the game would not have been luxury!
Oct 27, 2017
Can someone tell me if there's any loot benefit to putting level scaling on heavy as opposed to default?

Does difficulty level affect this as well?

Would playing the game on hard / heavy result in more or better loot drops?
Oct 27, 2017
Can someone tell me if there's any loot benefit to putting level scaling on heavy as opposed to default?

Does difficulty level affect this as well?

Would playing the game on hard / heavy result in more or better loot drops?
Higher-level enemies will drop higher-level loot. The quantity will still be the same and you'll get the same kind of item (which, as of a few patches ago, will generally try to match your play style, with exceptions for pre-set drops like the items mercenaries carry), it'll just be lower level. Eventually this won't matter so much because you can just upgrade it anyway, but early on, getting loot at your level will be a significantly better result than getting loot two or four levels below you.
Oct 25, 2017
So they really did it huh. They really force you into a heterosexual relationship with a baby to show that the misthios has ~grown up~ or whatever. Garbage. Fuck Ubisoft. I'll be playing the Atlantis DLC and the 3/Liberation remasters but after that I'm just. Ugh. Ubisoft have a long way to go if they want me to buy any Asscreed games again.