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Astros GM suspended for one year after it was found that team cheated using technology to win World Series in 2017. (UPDATE: GM and manager fired)


Oct 25, 2017
need to strip their title at the very least.

and they need to investigate the entire league and find out who cheated. it's simple. firing these two is the bare minimum

manfred is not a good commish at all. more worried about optics than actually dishing out appropriate punishment.


Oct 25, 2017
And the Dodgers. And the Yankees. And the...

It's well known to be a systemic issue. I suspect the Astros in particular drew scrutiny because we went from losing 100+ games a season to a World Series win.
The main difference is what most of the other teams were doing is just a more efficient way of doing what has always been done with sign stealing. Point being it can be beaten by the other team changing their signs if they think they've been compromised when there are people on base.

With the Astros system the opponent was not even aware that there was potential for their sign being stolen and relayed because it was with nobody on base and utilizing signaling from people not on the field.


Oct 27, 2017
Beltran has to be let go as well, right? Who in their right mind would trust him to manage a baseball team, let alone the Mets?


Oct 25, 2017
A player had to go to the video room, decode the signal, reach second base and then attempt to relay the signal to the batter. Every team has video room right next to the dugout and since the advent of instant replay has been doing this and before instant replay simply attempted this after the game. The Astros installed a separate camera and monitor and had people from outside the game giving signals to batters. That is a massive distinction.
The funny thing about that is the Astro's didn't have a replay room next to the dugout until they moved it in... 2018 🤔

(it's discussed in Manfred's report)


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
For as boring and uneventful the Cubs off-season has been, at least they aren't caught up in this mess. Now I'm glad they didn't go with Astros bench coach Espada lol


Oct 25, 2017
As someone who lives in houstom but is not a native houstonian this shit is horrible and depressing. The astros were such a relief after the chaos of harvey and now its completely tainted. They should definitely sttip the title.

Players need to be punished for all of this