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Attack on Titan Season 3 |OT| Civil War

Part 2 update
Oct 25, 2017
Got some updates for part 2.
It will air in Japan on Sunday, April 29th 2019(0:10 am). It airs around the same time as the last part I believe, so I expect the US/EU will get it on Saturday, April 28th. https://shingeki.tv/news/archives/4737

The second update is that from the listing on the website, Part 2 will be 10 episodes long. (ep50 -59)
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May 31, 2018
They are managing about 16-20 chapters per 12 episodes. They could do a 12-episode season 4, as that arc is 16 chapters and makes a nice whole. But season 5 is then looking likely to be the end, be it 12 or 24 episodes.
Part 2 being reportedly shorter doesn’t instill much confidence in this theory.
Oct 27, 2017
It's still a little less than 2 chapters per episode (for S3 Part 2). Also it being 2 episodes shorter doesn't really mean anything, they're still getting to chapter 90 of the manga. That leaves us with 24 more chapters to cover so far, and there's likely not much left.
Oct 26, 2017
Wow thats crazy. They are going to adapt 18 chapters in even less episodes than the previous arc. Thankfully unlike the last arc, a lot of this arc is action heavy which would make sense as to why it could be shorter.

As for the future, we are currently looking at 2 more seasons if they stick to just 10-12 per season. I would not be surprised if from now on Wit adapts 10-12 episodes per year. I think they'll be able to catch up by finish the adaptation by 2021, if the manga ends in 2020. It almost makes the delay a strategic move in order to have AOT content every year from now on to keep the momentum going.
Oct 27, 2017
Part 2 being reportedly shorter doesn’t instill much confidence in this theory.
I think it shows that the end of the manga is getting closer. If they believed they'd have to stall a bit more, they would take more episodes instead of clearly unnecessarily reducing the amount of episodes here. Because no way are they going to end this season before chapter 90.
Oct 27, 2017
it seems every season gets smaller, and smaller, like they are having production issues or somehing. idk. im about to fall off of it here soon.
I don't think that. 10 episodes seems to be perfect for this season. I hope that WIT know that they have something legendary in their hands and don't want to rush or drag this season, like they did with season 2 for example.

The next season will be next year I guess and have 10-12 episodes, and then the final season in 2021.
Oct 27, 2017
With GoT and Endgame I almost forgot all about this. This month is insane! Part2 will be fucking amazing, I couldn't help but catch some of it in the manga after Part1 ended, but I didn't want to spoil myself with all of it since the anime is far superior. Only 2 weeks to go :)
Oct 25, 2017
its season 3 in name alone. stealth season 4 come on guys. are you expecting season 4 to start this year? cuz i dont. and i it doesnt then that makes this a de facto season 4 to me.
I mean, it all depends on how much material is left to adapt. There's probably enough material right now to do a 12 episode S4, but the manga seems close to wrapping up, so I could see them doing a S4 that covers the rest of the manga next year.

That's also why S2 took too long and was only 12 episodes, there wasn't enough stuff to adapt.