August Wrasslin' |OT| Blood & Guts


Oct 27, 2017
Oh nevermind that'll work!
What I'd do is for either Debut or a later week nmake a deal with TNNT and run Moxley/Omega commercial free... you want to get eyes on your tv product?
Yeah, the only thing that would suck about that though is that the womens title match would probably no longer main event.

It might not have in the first place but I don't think it has any chance if Omega vs Mox is on the debut episode.


Oct 25, 2017
I just hope Moxley is alright for the long term.

You can’t help but feel this was the G1 taking its toll on him.

data west

Oct 25, 2017
I'm more interested in All Out production-wise than match wise. Most the shit on there looks like a stinker, honestly

PAC vs Omega might be cool
Page vs Jericho? lmao
Cody vs Tye? lmao
Best Friends vs Chikara? who care
Lucha Bros job to The Bucks for the 5th time
Edgy Triple Threat

Private Party vs Angelico & Jack Evans will be sick

Uh so this is better than the original match
Not when you're trying to win over casual fans though


Oct 25, 2017
PAC vs Kenny, damn I was expecting some meh announcement after the news but that's an upgrade.

Feel bad for Mox, he had a lot of momentum.


Oct 25, 2017
At least now they can use Mox vs Omega in a big TV main event to draw for a future show I guess.
Honestly that'll be a better feud with them on TV doing things regularly. It started off super hot and Moxley cut a 5-star promo, but they haven't done anything for a month outside of a good, but not great Kenny promo about the match.


Oct 25, 2017
Turning Mox vs Kenny into PAC vs Kenny with the possible option of running Kenny vs Mox on your first national TV show, is turning a loss into a massive win. MRSA is fucking awful, I hope Mox gets well soon


The Million Post Man
Oct 25, 2017
I really wanted to see Moxley coming off of his G1 run but PAC is a much better match for Omega

Dick move announcing that when I’m trying to get secondhand tickets though