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AusERA |OT| 2017


Oct 27, 2017
Cambridge, UK
so a question about internet and wireless and such

When I move back to Aus in Summer, the house I'll be living in currently has a home office close to the front of the house where the phoneline is but most of the computers and devices are down the back of the house.

When I've been staying there in the past, the internet down the back is rather slow and spotty and I've been using an old wifi extender as a stop gap. Now I'm looking for something more permanent to get better internet where i need it (the house is currently ADSL2 but will be switching to NBN (over standard phone lines, the house is about 10 years old so the copper should be OK).

So Better router? Wifi Mesh thing? get cat5 put in the walls from the home office to the back of the house? Get a phone point put in down the back and have the router there? Knock the house down and start again (not really an option).

Also any recs for NBN for South Brisane/Logan would be great too. The place currently has Belong but when i last lived there years ago I had Internode.